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Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

The Jack Kornfield Heart Wisdom hour celebrates Jack?s ability to mash up his long established Buddhist practices with many other mystical traditions, revealing the poignancy of life?s predicaments and the path to finding freedom from self-interest, self-judgment and unhappiness.


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Ep. 105 ? The Obstacles of Climate Change

Jack Kornfield shares stories of his dear friend and teacher, Ram Dass, and then explores how we can overcome the obstacles of climate change by honoring our interconnectedness.

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Ep. 104 ? The Fertile Darkness

Jack Kornfield illuminates the fertile darkness of winter solstice as he talks about why it?s the perfect time to start anew and let what truly matters in your heart come into the light. 

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Ep. 103 ? Right Livelihood and Redemption

In this dharma talk, Jack Kornfield reminds us to bring loving-awareness to all our actions in life as he ties together the concepts of Right Livelihood and redemption.

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Ep. 102 - The Wisdom of the One Who Knows

Jack Kornfield offers a reflection on our Buddha-nature and the wisdom of 'The One Who Knows'.

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Ep. 101 - The Dragon and the 10 Gowns

On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack shares a story of transformation as he talks about how to be in this human incarnation and navigate the river of impermanence. 

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Ep. 100 - Love & Impermanence with Mark Coleman

Fellow teacher Mark Coleman joins Jack Kornfield for an exploration of ways that we can harmonize with impermanence by meeting change with an open heart.  

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Ep. 99 ? Planting Beautiful Seeds

Jack Kornfield shares a dharma talk that looks at the seeds of lovingkindness and awareness that we plant through mindfulness and meditation practice.

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Ep. 98 ? Timeless Awareness and the Mystery of Identity

Who are we? In this dharma talk, Jack explores the mystery of identity and how meditation can open you up to the freedom of resting in timeless awareness. 

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Ep. 97 - The First Noble Truth

Jack explores the concept of dukkha, which is the Buddha?s First Noble Truth, and how we can open our hearts to all the joy and suffering of our incarnation.

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Ep. 96 ? An Homage to Goenka

In this special episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack Kornfield honors the life and wisdom of his early Vipassana teacher, S.N. Goenka.

S.N. Goenka was a pioneer in making Vipassana meditation widely available to a secular audience. Over 170 meditation centers have been established around the globe in his honor. Goenka was an inspiration and teacher to thousands of students from around the world, including Joseph Goldstein, Sharon Salzberg, Ram Dass, Daniel Goleman, and many other western spiritual leaders. Discover the legacy of S.N. Goenka:

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Ep. 95 - Poetry in Dharma with Alison Luterman

Poet Alison Luterman joins Jack for a beautiful duet as the two take turns reading poetry and talking about the power of words and creativity.

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Ep. 94 ? The Dharma of Climate Change

With an open heart and clear vision, Jack talks about the difficult subject of climate change, our deep connection to the natural world, and how we can make a difference with love and compassion.

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Ep. 93 ? Mindfulness, Identity, and Incarnation

In this dharma talk, Jack uses the topic of identity as a lens to understand the practice of mindfulness and explore the beautiful mystery of this incarnation.

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Ep. 92 ? Stories That Open the Mind, Mend the Heart and Lead to Joy

In this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast Jack Kornfield shares stories that open the mind, mend the heart and lead us to joy. 

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Ep. 91 ? Living with a Peaceful Heart

Jack Kornfield gives a beautiful dharma talk about the quality of equanimity and how this ever-changing world needs people whose hearts are at peace.

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Ep. 90 ? Healing Through Loving Awareness

In this talk, Jack Kornfield shares wisdom on the quality of mindful loving awareness that brings both healing and liberation.

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Ep. 89 ? Searching Inside Yourself w/ Chade-Meng Tan

Jack is joined on stage by Chade-Meng Tan for an exploration of how spiritual practice and the search inside ourselves can guide us through our human predicament.

Chade-Meng Tan (Meng) is an award-winning engineer, international bestselling author, thought leader, movie producer, and philanthropist. Meng led the creation of a groundbreaking mindfulness-based emotional intelligence course at Google called Search Inside Yourself and is work has received eight nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize.

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Ep. 88 - Realizing, Overcoming, Liberating

This time on the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack Kornfield shares teachings from The Buddha about the process of realizing, overcoming and liberating that comes from mindfulness practice.

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Ep. 87 ? Uncovering Life?s Beauty with Poetry & Art

Jack Kornfield reflects on the beauty of life and the true nature of the Self that is revealed through poetry and art.


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Ep. 86 ? Entering with an Awakened Heart

In this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack shares what the story of the bodhisattva Vimalakirti can teach us about meeting the difficulties of life with an awakened heart.

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Ep. 85 ? Enlightenments

This week on the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack looks at the many enlightenments that each of us is capable of and explores why the possibility of liberation is such a taboo in many circles.

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Ep. 84 ? Tag Team Dharma with Sylvia Boorstein

Jack Kornfield shares a conversation with Sylvia Boorstein around taking the Bodhisattva vow and staying in touch with our Buddha nature as we navigate our journey of awakening.

Listen here:

Sylvia Boorstein, MSW, Ph.D. is the author of numerous books on Buddhist philosophy and meditation practice, including That?s Funny, You Don?t Look Buddhist and Happiness Is an Inside Job: Practicing for a Joyful Life. She is a founding teacher of Spirit Rock Meditation Center in Woodacre, California. Sylvia has been teaching nationally and internationally since 1985. Her personal emphasis in teaching is the integration of mindfulness into everyday life.

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Ep. 83 ? A Story of Inspiration and Wisdom

Jack shares the story of the Buddha?s final days and teachings, a story of inspiration and wisdom that offers a bigger picture of our place in things.

Find show notes and resources here:

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Ep. 82 ? Respect for All

This time on the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack examines the inner beauty and liberation that comes from cultivating respect for all beings.


Find show notes and resources here:

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Ep. 81 - Fostering Creativity

Jack Kornfield explores the liberation available when we cultivate our creativity through the practices of an open heart.

Find show notes and links here:

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Ep. 80 ? Big Sky Meditation

This week on the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack introduces us to a particularly beautiful practice, known as the Big Sky Meditation, that guides us into a quality of presence that is entered through the doorway of sound.

Find show notes and links here:

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Ep. 79 - Remembering Ajahn Chah

On this special episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack reflects on the life and teachings of his teacher Ajahn Chah.

Find show notes and links for this episode here: Chah

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Ep. 78 - Nachiketa and the Lord of Death

On this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack shares the adventure of Nachiketa and the Lord of Death and examines the lessons it has to teach about our own journey of awakening. 

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Ep. 77 - Path of Inner Development

In this talk, Jack looks at how the path of inner development can help us navigate life's difficulties.

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Ep. 76 - The Three Gateways to Freedom

This week, Jack gives a talk exploring the different dimensions of mindfulness as gateways to freedom. 

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Ep. 75 - Opening to Generosity

Jack examines what happens when we open ourselves to generosity through sharing our gifts and by receiving the kindness of others gracefully.  


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Ep. 74 ? The Heart of Compassion

This time on the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack invites us to explore the quality of the awakened heart known as Metta.

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Ep. 73 - The Garden of the Heart

On this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack looks at the way we tend to the garden of the heart with mindfulness and meditation practice.

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Ep. 72 ? Exploring the Eightfold Path

In this episode of the Heart Wisdom Podcast, Jack explores the liberation offered by the Noble Eightfold Path.

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Ep. 71 - The Essence of Buddhist Psychology: Cultivating Loving Awareness

Jack Kornfield continues with part two of his Essence of Buddhist Psychology series by examining the quality of compassion necessary to cultivate mindfulness and loving awareness.

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Ep. 70 - The Essence of Buddhist Psychology: Part One

This week Jack begins a multi-part series that explores the essence of Buddhist psychology.

Jack?s teaching looks at how Buddhist psychology can help us live amidst the reality of impermanence by cultivating inner peace and equanimity.  

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Ep. 69 - A Foundation of Resolve

This week, Jack examines the quality of resolve and dedication known as adhitth?na, one of the ten p?ramit?s in the Buddhist tradition.

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Ep. 68 - Path of Joy

On this episode of the Heart Wisdom Hour, Jack looks at how the depth of meditation leads us on the Bodhisattva path of service, love and joy.


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Ep. 67 - Who Am I?

On this episode, Jack looks at how the practice of loving-awareness allows a profound shift of identity from a small limited sense of self to one of spacious wisdom.


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Ep. 66 ? Levels of Liberation

This week, Jack examines how the deepening levels of mindfulness and Loving Awareness can free the heart and mind.

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Ep. 65 - Dharma in Uncertain Times with Trudy Goodman

Jack is joined by Trudy Goodman for discussion about practicing mindfulness and Dharma in uncertain times. 


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Ep. 64 - Mystery

On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack embraces the great mystery of life and freedom it offers.


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Ep. 63 - The Perfection of Patience

This week, Jack reflects on the Ten Perfections of Buddhism and Khanti, the perfection of patience.


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Ep. 62 - Energy to Awaken

On this episode, Jack helps us find the energy to awaken by exploring the practice of Right Effort.


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Ep. 61 - Letting Go

On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack helps us better navigate the mysteries of life and death by letting go of our attachments.


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Ep. 60 - Vastness and Love

On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack explores the threefold training in Buddhism which shows us the vastness and love within when we quiet ourselves.

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Ep. 59 ? A Bodhisattva in the World

Live from the Spring Insight Meditation Retreat at Spirit Rock, Jack gives us practices to walk our own Bodhisattva path. A Bodhisattva is one who has tread the path to freedom laid out by the Buddha and dedicates their life to sharing that with the world. On this episode of Heart Wisdom, Jack shows us ways to find the Bodhisattva within us all and the gateway to liberation.
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Ep. 58 - Frank Ostaseski: Starting with the Fruit

Jack is joined live on stage with Frank Ostaseski to talk about rethinking our perspective on life and death and starting with the fruit of practice.
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Ep. 57 - Surprising Delights of Renunciation

On this episode of the Heart Wisdom podcast, Jack shares the surprising delights of renunciation. It may be difficult to equate happiness and renunciation. This week, Jack helps us realize the surprising delights of renunciation, and where in our life we can already find this happiness.
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Ep. 56 - The Joy of Virtue

This week on Heart Wisdom, Jack discusses the joy of virtue. Virtue is one of the many qualities essential to the awakening of one's true nature. Jack breaks virtue down to its most fundamental levels and shares the joy of virtue and living a life of integrity.
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