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CNS Podcast

CNS Podcast

CNS Podcast is a podcast broadcasted by the Department of Clinical Neuroscience at Karolinska Institutet. To subscribe to our podcast via iTunes please visit


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Episode 4: Targeting the Dopamine System to Treat Alcohol Dependence

In this episode we meet Pia Steensland and Nitya Jayaram-Lindström from the Centre of Psychiatric Research, Department of Clinical Neuroscience to discuss their research on the evaluation of a dopamine stabiliser OSU6162 for alcohol dependence. Their translational studies show that in alcohol dependent patients OSU6162 reduces craving for alcohol and the animal studies demonstrate that OSU6162 normalises the level of dopamine in the brain reward system, following long- term alcohol consumption which could be the mechanism by which this compound mediates in effects. We discuss the implications of these findings for the indication of alcohol dependence and future directions with regards to OSU6162. To read more about on the studie visit and to read more about their research in general visit
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Episode 3 "Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy" with Erik Andersson and Erik Hedman

In the third episode of CNS podcast we meet psychologists Erik Andersson and Erik Hedman and discuss Internet-based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (ICBT). Both Erik and Erik are pioneers within ICBT and have developed treatment programs at the Internet Psychiatry Clinic at Karolinska University Hospital Huddinge. If you would like to know more about Internet-based CBT, please visit If you have any questions or comments you can contact us at [email protected], or
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Episode 2 "Suicide After Release From Prison" with Axel Haglund

In the second episode of CNS Podcast we meet Axel Haglund who is a specialist in general psychiatry and PhD-student in Bo Runesons research group. We discuss his brand new article ?Suicide After Release From Prison: A Population-Based Cohort Study From Sweden? which is published in Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. If you want to read the article visit or if you want to read more about the research conducted in Bo Runesons research group please visit . For questions or comments regarding the podcast please contact [email protected]
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Episode 1 Therapeutic Immune Design with Hans Grönlund and Guro Gafvelin

In this premiere episode of CNS Podcast we meet research group leader Hans Grönlund and researcher Guro Gafvelin from the Therapeutic Immune Design-group. Hans and his group is world leading in their field of research and in the search for a cure of allergy to pets, which affects 10-15% of the Swedish population. We discuss how they conduct their research, a possible future vaccine against pet allergy and much more. To read more about the group and their research please visit . What would you like to hear about in the next episode of CNS Podcast? Please send us your feedback to [email protected], or
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