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CORE - Core Gaming for Core Gamers

CORE - Core Gaming for Core Gamers

Hosted by podcasting vet, Scott Johnson, Jon Jagger and Beau Schwartz. Weekly, on the frogpants network.


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CORE: Supplemental, with Jon Jagger

Hey look! The one CORE host that doesn't currently have COVID did a quick show for ya'll! Enjoy!
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SPECIAL: A conversation with Chris Metzen

SPECIAL: A conversation with Chris Metzen: I really think you?ll all enjoy this interview. A lot has happened since we last had this opportunity, and we talk about it all. And yes, even the Blizzard stuff you have questions about. Enjoy!
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CORE 340: Marriage and Dog Life

Big show, let's start with that terrible McCrispy gaming chair. We try and figure out what a AAA John Wick game might look like. Nintendo's next hardware move. We played Marvel Snap, OW2, Among Us VR, Soulstone Survivors, Against The Storm, REV: Rose DLC, Signalis, Fortnite, Iron Man VR, more Sinners and Saints, Runner, Desktop Dungeons, and more! Emails and texts and Dear Martha too!
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CORE 339: The Reality, Virtually Speaking

PSVR2 has a price and a release date, and we have thoughts. Sony also lost people but gained revenue. Capitalizing on your awesome characters and worlds. We played Overwatch 2, Marvel Snap, Red Dead 2, Despots Game, Void Scappers, Huntdown, Zomboid, 7 Days to Die, SIGNALIS, Curse of the Dead Gods, Return of the Obra Dinn, and Saints and Sinners VR. Plus texts, emails, and MORE!
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CORE 338: WAD are you doing here?

CDPR is making a Witcher 1 remake. You can play Doom WADS in a browser now. Marvel Snap should be called Marvel Scratch. Diablo and Jay Wilson, a retrospective. Founders of Rocksteady are OUT! Phil Spencer is no fan of the current metaverse. Xbox prices might rise after the holiday. More on the Disco controversy. Dear Martha! We played Overwatch 2, Marvel Snap, Red Dead 2, Despot's Game, Brotato, Fornite, FFX, Necrosmith, Rare Replay Collection, and Prodeus! Emails texts and more!
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CORE 337: Always Be The Big Guy

Suddenly, there was a LOT of Silent Hill stuff. We go through it all. Sims 4 goes free to play, but we have some theories about stuff. Sony freaks out the Bloodborne community. That Bayonetta voice over mess. Dear Martha back with another retro mag review! Scot and Beau played a lot of OW2. Beau and Jon really liked the Darktide test. We all played Marvel Snap! Scott also played The Mortuary Assistant, Nier Automata, and Vampire Survivors 1.0. Jon played Fortnite! And Beau played the tutorial for Crusader Kings 3. Your texts, emails and more!
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CORE 336: McCassidy McDonald

Big night of content! Meta Quest Pro thoughts, a new Valve VR set, Nvidia un-launching products, new Steam app, EA and their new app, Simpson's Waterworld game is real, Switch Games on Steam Deck according to Valve, and a Dear Martha! Plus, Scott and Beau played Overwatch 2, No Man's Sky, SCORN, while Jon moved on to FF10 and Fortnight! Oh and now we have ALL beaten CP2077. Emails and more!
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CORE 335: Optimism Glasses

Lots on tap today, so get to listening! The Mario Movie trailer hits. CDPR announces three more Witcher games and a CP2077 sequel. Dead Space trailer hit. Disco Elysium is a weird thing. Intel ARC cards are pretty good for the money! Overwatch 2 launched with some trouble. Dear Martha Review! Scott BEAT CyberPunk, played Baba is You, Asteroids Recharged, and Slime Rancher 2. Jon played CP, beat FF9, and got a Steam Deck! Beau played Dyson Sphere Program and Dead Effect 2 VR. Emails and more!
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CORE 334: See Stadia Ladia

More trademark stuff. Google killed Stadia today. AMD and Intel have some stuff to show. Overwatch 2 is doing some stuff for toxic players. DND had a big day. Skull and Bones got pushed again. Last of Us on HBO lookin tight. Dear Martha! Scott played Shovel Knight Dig, Grounded, and Prodeus, oh and Novadrift. Jon got a Steam Deck, played CP2077, and more. Beau played Blade & Sorcery and Original Sin 2. A brand new mashup and more! (fixed)
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CORE 333: Stay Awhile and Glisten

Big week, big leaks! GTA 6, and Diablo IV get some leakage. Cyberpunk becomes a top seller again with some help. NVIDA announces all the new GPU stuff, plus more. Logitech gets into the portable business?sort of. Ted Lasso coming to FIFA. PSVR2 will NOT work with PSVR games. Spider-Man Miles Morales coming to Steam way sooner than you thought. Gloomhaven is free right now on Epic. Dear Martha! Scott played Cyberpunk 2077, Metal Hellsinger, The Darkside Detective, and Electrician Sim. Jon played CyberPunk also?eventually, and Return to Monkey Island! Beau played HL2 VR, Omega Strikers, and Divinity 2! Emails and more!
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CORE Special: Gaming Chairs with Nicholas De Leon

Hi all! A little something extra for you today. A bonus episode with Nicholas De Leon at Consumer Reports, talking about all the gaming chair hype, and the ones they tested, and which one you might want to invest in.
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CORE 332: Paul Phoenix Sucks

On the menu today, breakdowns of everything we saw and heard from this week's Direct, PS State of Play, and beyond! And how TWO GoldenEye re-releases are going to work. Plus games we played! Scott played CyberPunk 2077 and You Suck at Parking. Jon played all the FF games, plus Metal Hell Singer, and Beau spent all his time in Grim Dawn. Loads of emails, dear marthas and more!
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CORE 331: Artificial

More AI talk and what games will do with the tech. CyberPunk gets a single expansion. Steam Deck goes far in EMU world. James Gunn just about did Hitman. New AC games hitting this weekend. Twitch changes. Drama at Sony and MS over CoD. New controllers! Tencent bought a ton of Ubi stock. Scott played Kingdom's of Amalur: Re-Reckoning, Cursed to Golf, Gunfire Reborn, Jetpack Joyride 2, GW2, Cyberpunk 2077, The Ascent, and Into the Breach. Jon played GW2, Opus Magnum, and Disney Dreamlight Valley. Beau played The Ascent, Grim Dawn, and got a new display!
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CORE 330: Guild Again

Scott is on vacation! That that did not stop Beau and Jon from talking about a load of new stuff! ABK buyout happenings, Halo Infinite infiniate addon delays. GamePass family sharing. LG and Corsairs hot new bendables. UbiSoft confirms next AC game is called Mirage. The Cyberpunk show is good? Games they played and WAY more! On this episode of CORE!
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CORE 329: Picking Lydia's Brain

Time to sum up GamesCom! Plus, there's a new PS5 elite type controller coming. We talk about the big Phil Spencer interview. Dear Martha! Scott played Hard West 2, Guild Wars 2, and Farthest Frontier. Jon played FFIX and FFIV. Beau played Skyrim VR ALL week long. Your emails and more!
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CORE 328: Turn On The Color

We take a look at all the DND stuff that came down today, plus the rather large update we got regarding Diablo IV. Dear Martha. Scott BEAT a game! He played all the Netflix games, plus played and beat AC Origins. Jon played Cult of the Lamb, beat FFVIII, and a little cooking sim. Oh and Spiderman. Beau played a LOT of Skyrim VR with mods. Emails and more!
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CORE 327: Joe Bump

The tongue twister animated CORE special. MS and Sony goin at it. Diablo 4 stuff leaked. Inflation means games are the cheapest ever. Not enough people are playing those Netflix games. Live action Pac-Man! Forespoken got CHEESY. And a CRAP ton of games this week!
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CORE 326: Jeff is the worst

Sony has things to say about Call of Duty. Tencent wants more Ubi. Blizzard and Netease are not at ease with each other. Steam says stop showing off. Multiversus is a weird thing. Automata door again. Snap pulls back. Dear Martha 20 year letters from EGM. Scott played Symphony of War, Red Faction, Bear and Breakfast, Haiku, and more Outriders. John cracked open another FF, Mega Man X, and beat As Dusk Falls. Beau nears the end of Alyx. Emails and mashups and more!
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CORE 325: Mods Down!

Mow lawns for free on Epic. Neir is having a moment, and no one knows what's real or fake. Cloud with a dress can be yours. Knights of The Old Republic Remake is in weird trouble. Meta Quest 2 is going $100 more in a few days, and we have thoughts on that. Square Enix has issues. VRChat is in termoil. Diablo Immortal is making BANK! Dear Martha! A TON of games this week, and way more!
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CORE 324: Blowing Steam Up Your Deck!

This show is too big to try and sum up properly, but suffice it to say, we talked about a LOT of stuff today regarding Romero's new FPS, Ubisoft cancelling a load of stuff, Marvel Snap controversies, Square not knowing their own games, SoulFrame, and loads more. Including a HUGE round of Scott's Steam Deck experience so far, and TONS more after that. Just listen and get it all!
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CORE 323: Mtn Dew Man vs Pepsi Man

Playstation wants you to win space points! Skate 4 will be free to play, and pay to look good. Dragonflight went Alpha today. Power Wash Sim is out of early access and on Game Pass now. Bayonetta 3 gets less naked. Nintendo goes hard on making movies. Skyrim gets a MP mod. Unity CEO stirs the poop. Dear Martha goes hard on Zelda. Scott is playing , Crash 4, and Dinkum. Jon playing Gordian Quest, and some usual games. Beau played Omega Pilot, and spent a bunch of time in VR Chat. Emails and more!
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CORE 322: Unnecessary Breathing

Heroes goes into full maintenance mode, and we have some thoughts. Do you want the Amico? Companies going to gamescom in Germany. Weird happenings in FF14. Mike Ybarra talks about making a million a day with Diablo Immortal. From sends something TO a fan. Robocop: Rogue City is coming and Scott is losing his mind about it. EA made a really dumb tweet. Dear Martha! Scott played Gordian Quest, Drill Dozer, FF7 Remake, and Pokemon Pinball. Jon played FF7, FF7, and FF14. Beau finished Gordian Quest and spent a LOT of time in VR Chat! And MORE!
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CORE 321: Retrograde

Steam Deck specs changed. Did Valve notice? Ron Gilbert says, "sorry, you all suck, just wait for the game". PS+ getting some good stuff in July. Blizzard bought the Spellbreak people. Nintendo did a mini direct, and it was all about those 3rd parties. Beau has some interesting stuff happening in gaming in Canada this week. Scott played Iconoclasts, Bloodstained, Forza, Tsushima, and Super Ember Kaboom. Jon played BOTH kinds of FF7's, Grim Dawn and FF Tactics. Beau played Gordian Quest. Oh and we all are still playing V Rising. Emails and more!
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CORE 320: The Burning Itch

Amazon and their game giveaways for Prime Day. New data on how gamers feel about certain brands. Epic gives us a tool to play nice with Steam players. Insults online put you in jail in Japan. Working in VR sucks. You can finally get a 3080 at a decent price. Scott played Grim Dawn, D2R, D3, Fall Guys, Raft, and V Rising. Jon played Shredders Revenge, FFVII Remake, and Vampire Survivors. Beau played FFVII Remake, D3 Necro, and is learning C# for fun! Plus your emails and a great mashup!
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CORE 319: No Salt Lost Here

We try our hardest to sum up last week's game announcements tonight. There may have been no official E3, but it sure felt like E3 anyway. :) Microsoft, Square, Blizzard, PC Gamer Show, etc etc etc. Too much to type here, so here you go! ENJOY!
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CORE Coverage of the Xbox 6-12-2022 Event

With Scott Beau and Jon! Enjoy!
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CORE 318: Flashbacks

We cover all the Gamesfest stuff from today, including highlights of the biggest games and announcements. Another big convo about Diablo Immortal one week later. Devolver stuff as well. Gamepro letters with Martha! Scott played V Rising, Shipbreaker, and Card Shark. Jon played V Rising and moved to a new apartment. Beau played V Rising and Catalyst Black. Oh yeah, emails too!
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CORE Special: Summer Gamesfest 2022

Just a little bonus content, with Scott watching the Gamesfest stream live, and giving his takes as we go!
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CORE 317: Immortaly Speaking

We talk a lot about Diablo Immortal. What did we think? It's complicated. Sony held a State of Play today, and we are here to break that all down! Lots of Warhammer 40k stuff this week too. Dragon Age 4 has a title now. Star Wars games got some big updates this week too. Sonic is going full Breath of The Wild. Dear Martha too! Scott played Card Shark, Shipbreaker, and Diablo Immortal. Jon played Fortnite, Diablo Immortal, and V Rising. Beau played V Rising, Diablo Immortal, Catalyst Black and For the King. HUGE show tonight!
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CORE 316: Twisting Your Metal

For the King 2 announced! We're pretty excited about that news. Plus, the Twisted Metal TV show and how things are going with it. Daybreak WAS making a Marvel MMO but canned it. Death Stranding 2 was announced...sorta. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is STILL being worked on, they promise. 61% of the 222 BILLION dollars in the games business was made by mobile titles. Sheesh. TikTok is getting into games now too. Raven went Union despite Activision not wanting them to be, and MS says they will support it post purchase! Dear Martha Gamepro letter. Scott played Shipbreaker, Rogue Legacy 2, House Flipper, and Circuit Superstars. Jon played all his usuals. Beau played SC2 and Catalyst Black! Your emails and more!
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CORE 315: Me and My Bunny

Marvel Snap got announced! PS+ games are now known for the launch. Old World is on Steam finally. New Steamworld games are good by us! King's diversity tool is terrible. Scott played Escape Sim, Bakery Sim, and House Flipper Pet DLC, as well has Teardown, Rogue Legacy 2, and RoundGuard. Jon played the start of Chaosgate, got further in FF7 with mods, and a lot of Slay the Spire. Beau played a CRAP ton of Heroes of The Storm! We also had some great emails tonight.
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CORE 314: Smelden Ring

BIG show today, featuring a LOT of your emails! Yep, we did the email show we've been promising! Plus some stuff on Epic and editing Fortnite, Starfield and Redfall delays, cloud gaming without the console, mouth haptics, project Cambria, Outriders news, and a LOT of gameplay talk. Tuck in. Today is a BEAST!
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CORE 313: Legendary Porkchop

Blizzards new mobile game. Square-Enix and their recent moves. Fortnite back on apple stuff via MS. Stone Cold loves Breath of The Wild. Dear Martha Retro Magazine Letters. Scott played The Gunk, Rogue Legacy 2, Bakery Simulator, Warhammer 40k: Chaos Gate, Bugsnax, and Chernobilite. Jon played The Stanley Parable: Ultra Delux, Hand of Gilgamech, the Ace Attorney Trilogy, Road 96, and Kentucky Route Zero. Beau played a LOT of stuff on his Meta Quest 2, including mods for pc games and Battle Sister. A great new Mashup and more!
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CORE 312: A Little Too Spreadsheety

Diablo Immortal will be on PC. We have some thoughts on that. Also, Sonic got really weird this week and has fans in a tizzy. Warcraft Mobile title being announced next week. Sonic 2 is the highest grossing film in the US for a video game movie ever. Overwatch 2 mp beta happened. We have thoughts on that. A load of Gamepro Dear Marthas today. Scott played and beat Steamworld Dig 2, and started another run of Quest. Jon played Return of the Obra Dinn, and Vampire Survivors. Beau also played that as well as Dune: Spice Wars! Your emails, a mashup and more!
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CORE 311: Needs More Torso

We start things off with a look at what Blizzard showed off for their new WoW expansion. Plus, D&D Direct, and how delayed Baldur's Gate 3 is. Plus what DND games are hot right now. Some old gamepro dear Martha reviews. Scott played Stacklands, and Panzer Corps 2. Jon played No Man's Sky and some other regulars. Beau played a lot of Solasta. Your emails and loads more!
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An interview with Blizzard about Dragonflight

Jeremy Feasel to be precise. Enjoy all the details about the new WoW expansion! I also did a short video of my impressions today as well.
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CORE 310: Hiccup Joe Has Cash

D&D Beyond bought by Hasbro! No Man's Sky gets even bigger today. Xcom 2 free on Epic this week. Solasta adds free coop and a bunch of other stuff for fans! Shipbreaker coming to Gamepass in May. Dear Martha Reviews NOT be be missed today. Scott played Psychonauts 2, The Show 22, Steamworld Dig 2, and Car Detailing Simulator. Jon played FF14 6.1, Vampire Survivors, and Chrono Cross Remaster. Beau FINISHED Elden Ring! Emails and more!
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CORE 309: The Three Fingers Ending

Remedy is remaking Max Payne 1 And 2 Following New Agreement With Rockstar. Ron Gilbert is making a brand new Monkey Island. Dune Spice Wars is coming this month! The next Tomb Raider will be in Unreal 5. Epic and Lego want kids to be part of the metaverse. Dear Martha review of 7 Days to Die. Scott played Weird West, Spider-Man Remastered, Monster Sanctuary, Escape the Fold, and Demeo for PC. Jon played Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, finished FF6 and started Chrono Cross, Steamworld Dig 2, and Prey. Beau played Elden Ring! Your emails and much more!
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CORE 308: Cutting Edge Horse Unit

Playstation has finally told us how PS+ is changing in June. Speaking of June, E3 is officially not happening, virtual or physical. Might be done for good. We have thoughts. Diablo Immortal is up for pre-order finally. Also a June release. More games as art! Dear Martha! Scott playCed Tsushima, UnMetal, Kirby, and The Huntdown. Jon played Tiny Tina's Wonderlands, FF6, and Weird West. Beau played Valheim and Elden Ring. Emails and more!
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CORE 307: And Burritos

We sum up a load of GDC stuff for ya, so you don't have to. Including all the awards they gave out. Also, Sony likely to unveil their new sub next week. GTA+ is a thing. New Witcher game under development. Fortnite removes building. Sonic controllers are hairy. Stranger of Paradise is effed. Dear Martha! Scott played Tsushima, Kirby, and Castlevania. Jon finished Elden Ring, played Tunic, and Steamworld Dig. Beau played Tiny Tina's Wonderlands and Elden Ring. Emails and more.
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CORE 306: Commit To The Helmet

Square-Enix continues to be clueless about how streaming works. Yo FromSoftware, please don't launch heartbreaking ambush patches at 1130pm. EA not doing an "e3-adjacent" even (EA Play) instead just gonna do stuff whenever. Halo TV show seems like it might be...good? "Games heralded as great art" on wikipedia (Part 2). Dear Martha Review for Orc Massage. SCOTT played Tunic, Tetris Effect, & Axiom Verge. JON played Elden Ring & Tunic. BEAU played Elden Ring and is now closing the book on Lost Ark! And lots more including your emails!
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CORE 305: Game Art and Art Games

Beau got a HOT new PC and built it from the ground up, and we're here to share the process, especially in a time where getting a good GPU is harder than ever. Also, Advance Wars reboot got delayed. We talk about the deeper reasons why. Super Nintendo World is coming to Hollywood next year! Square puts a LOT of stuff on Youtube this week. We have a BIG conversation about games heralded as great art. Plus Scott played Elden Ring, Forbidden West, Axiom Verge, and more. Jon played Elden Ring a LOT, and some more progress in his run of FFVI. Beau played DOOM Eternal again on his new rig, and still loves it. Still found time to give Tarnished Grail another look. Mashups, Steam Reviews, emails and more!
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CORE 304: A Big Cup of Dumb

Epic buys BandCamp and it's hard to figure out why. Bungie says "hard no" to Destiny on Steam Deck. Gabe Newell is playing FF14, and hand delivering Steam Decks with a tiny mask on. Pokemon goes full Scarlet and Violet this fall. HUGE discussion of all things Elden Ring. Dear Martha Steam Review. Scott's Games: Fire Emblem on GBA, Forbidden West on PS5, the Kirby & The Forgotten City demo on Switch, Bombslinger on everything, and Elden Ring. Jon's Games: Elden Ring. Beau's Games: Elden Ring. :) Emails and more!
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CORE 303: You Shoulda Put an Elden Ring On It

Bye bye Bethesda launcher. We barely knew ye. SquareEnix says they needed more millions sold. Elden Ring seems to be reviewing incredibly well. Street Fighter 6 has a logo and pants problem. Walton Goggins joins the Fallout cast on Prime Video. Scott played Forbidden West, Mario Golf, Streets of Rage 4, and a bunch of fighting games. Jon playing FFVI on stream this week, along with 14, and Elden Ring. Beau is still into Lost Ark, but only just. Emails about switch stores and more!
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CORE 302: Patch my 'Simon Says', you cowards!

Cyberpunk might be the best it's going to get this week. Forbidden West is getting the buzz you expect. Baldurs Gate 3 is a 2023 game like it or not. More No Man's Sky updates! No rude words in Wordle. Lost Ark hits some Steam records. Legacy of The Sith seems neat! Dear Martha! Scott played Mutant Football League, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, and Advance Wars 1 and 2, and a LOT of Wargroove. Beau and Jon played Lost Ark. :)
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CORE 301: Found Ark

We break down all the Nintendo Direct news this week, and celebrate Kirby just like you should be doing. MS clarifies some Call of Duty things. A dear Martha steam review! And then a TON of talk about the games Scott played in VR this week, but MOSTLY a long hard look at all things Lost Ark.
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CORE 300: Moist Nickels

Sony is buying Bungie, and we have ideas on why they paid so much for it. That and Wordle going to the NYT, GamePass not charging you when you are not using it, Lost Ark getting out finally next week, Dear Martha reviews, and more! Scott played ESO, VR Maze Gobbler, and Dying Light 2. Beau played Valheim and Wild Rift. Jon played Deathloop, Guardians, and finished FFV. Emails and more!
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CORE 299: Finish Cap Dat Minish Cap

Respawn going hard on Star Wars, Blizz announcing an un-announcement, The Rock doing new game movies, buying lock lifted for FF14, Ubisoft gets out of the Battle Royale business, Epic will keep giving you free games this year, and Windows goes all Android soon. Dear Martha Steam Review! Scott played more Tsushima, as well as Minish Cap on the GBA and Donkey Kong Country on the SNES. Jon is all about Guardians and FFV. Beau's journey continues in Valheim and Wild Rift, while building a new PC with some help. Emails and more!
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CORE 298: Cream of The Month Club

Microsoft news. Big news. Huge news. And we go deep into all of it and what's up! XCOM people starting a new studio. Steam Reviews. Tsushima, Infamous Second Son, Papers Please, Wordle, Final Fantasy V, Halo Infinite, Valheim, Wild Rift. Your emails and way more!
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CORE 297: 3D, Fancy Dudes, Same Bombers

Fallout TV series on the way, and we have thoughts. Police fired over Snorlax catching. Playstation ending PS Now cards, and we think that means something big coming. Wordle and why it's so big. Xbox1 is done being made. Shipbreaker has a 1.0 in sight. Dear Martha Reviews! Games we played: Ghost of Tsushima, Loop Hero, Final Fantasy, Death's Door, Valheim, Wild Rift, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon, Super Bomberman R, and more! Oh and why you might wanna keep waiting for Baldur's Gate 3!
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