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The Scott's Bass Lessons Podcast

The Scott's Bass Lessons Podcast

If you?re a bassist ? you?re in the right place. World renowned bassist and educator Scott Devine in conversation with some of the best and most well respected bass players around the world.


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195 - SLAP BASS?! Don't make me SLAP. Why you MUST (Part 2)

There are scores of cool slap bass players out there, but who are the truly great ones? In today?s episode Scott and Ian finish up their talk about slap bass, and why you need to check out their brand-new slap program, the Slap Bass Accelerator. If you want to get properly geeky about all things slap bass, this episode is most certainly for you.

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194 - SLAP BASS?! Don?t make me SLAP. Why you MUST (Part 1)

Slap bass is the ultimate in-joke of bassists everywhere. But it?s also an amazing rhythmic tool that can be found in everything from Flea?s thumps to the sublime grooves of Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. In the first of a two part special, we trace the course of its Marmite appeal and pick our top 3 slap bass players that you need to hear!

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193 - Can you be JUST A BASSIST?

Despite there being countless benefits, many bass players never think beyond learning to play their first instrument. But for the few that do, a whole world of opportunities awaits. In this episode, Scott and Ian debate over whether or not you should learn to play more than just the bass, and unravel some insights that just might convince you to go for it.

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192 - Are Cruise Ship Gigs A BIG MISTAKE?!

Playing bass on a cruise ship is a great chance to hone your chops, save up some money and see the world. Sounds like an amazing gig, right? Cruise ship life can also be intense with long working hours and no days off for months. Ever wondered if gigging on ships is really worth it? In today?s episode, Scott and Ian talk through the pros and cons of gigging at sea!

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191 - Can You Spend THOUSANDS Of Dollars on Basses But Actually Make Money?!

If you take a punt on an electric bass as a financial investment, how do you know which one to invest in? In terms of making money, big returns are far from guaranteed. But still, if you stick to the biggest names and time your purchase right, you may get lucky and have a hit on your hands. In today?s episode, Scott and Ian discuss whether you can predict which brand is going to be worth the big money.

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190 - Change The Way You Consume Music. It's CRITICAL

Turning on the radio or pushing play on your favorite Spotify playlist often means a few minutes to relax, but if that's the only way you listen to music then you're missing out on an invaluable skill that every bass player should have. In today?s episode, we dive into the science behind intentional listening, and how it can give you the full sonic picture as a musician.

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189 - Is The Golden Era of Boutique Basses Over?

If you?ve got a few thousand dollars to spend on a bass, the chances are that you?re looking for more than just another bog-standard 4-string. This kind of money gets you into boutique territory and a world?s worth of luxury instruments. However, with a big budget comes a big responsibility. In this episode Scott and Ian dig into what the future holds for boutique brands like MTD, Ken Smith and Fodera Guitars.

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188 - We bought matching 6-string basses... BUT WHY?!

Many of us will want to own a certain axe because it?s what our favourite bassist plays, be it Victor Wooten?s Fodera, Flea?s Fender Jazz Bass or Nathan East?s Yamaha. We?ve all done it when choosing gear. In today?s episode, Ian and I compare notes on our newly found Ken Smith basses, and discuss what makes them the most playable basses that money can buy!

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187 - Getting Creative with FX: Q&A

Have you always been curious about effects, but just don?t know where to start? Clever use of a stompbox can transform even the most ordinary bass tone into classic. In today?s episode, Ian Allison answers your questions about how they work and some of the obscure differences between them - plus, he offers some pointers for finding your own tone. Time to get stomping!
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186 - 2 Weeks Of CRAZINESS (A Peak Into The Future Of SBL)

From geeking out on Michael Jackson?s Earth Song to meeting Marcus Miller, upcoming Slap Accelerators to a dedicated SBL marketplace, in today?s episode Scott and Ian take a deep dive into SBL?s future plans. So grab your coffee, take a seat, and let?s go!
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185 - Is the bass amp DEAD?!

Most bass players can?t afford to shell out thousands of dollars on a wall of classic amps to do their creative bidding, yet a good amp sim can save you tons of time and money. Run your bass through one of these plugins and you?ll have hundreds of iconic bass tones at your fingertips. In this episode Ian sets out to compare the flexibility of both recording options.

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184 - Are Church Gigs Worth It?

As gloriously varied as it is hugely popular, playing bass on a church gig is no small feat. In this episode, Ian Allison takes a closer look at church music: what it is, what you should expect and some of the best bass players to listen to.
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183 - Tony Levin: How he Rewrote the Rule Book

Tony Levin?s intuitive bass work can be heard on Peter Gabriel?s ?Sledgehammer? or Kate Bush?s ?Don?t Give Up?, while his talent pool as a gifted multi-instrumentalist has also been tapped by the likes of King Crimson, John Lennon, Paul Simon and David Bowie. In this special interview for Bass Space 2022, Ian Allison looks back over his remarkable career.
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182 - Chuck Rainey: Mind-boggling Session Stories from a Bass Legend

In this episode Ian Allison talks to Chuck Rainey, one of the most admired bass players in popular music. Chuck has played and recorded with the likes of King Curtis, Sam Cooke, Etta James, The Supremes, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Steely Dan, Roberta Flack and Quincy Jones. This is an excerpt from Bass Space 2022.
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181 - Is Spotify Evil?

Having 70 million songs at your fingertips has never been easier, but is Spotify evil when it comes to paying artists? There are various opinions floating around about the platform, but the opportunity for musicians to reach a larger audience and potentially get paid is surely a good thing? In this episode Scott and Ian set out to debunk the biggest myths about one of the world?s most successful streaming services.
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180 - Hubert Eaves IV Interview

Normally bass players are ALL chops or all groove. Hubert Eaves IV has it all. It was back in 1997 when we first discovered his bass playing thanks to Erykah Badu Live. In this episode Ian and Scott talk to Hubert about the making of that incredible album. Who said pocket has to be boring?
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179 - Polygamy and Bass?

Every bass player is on a quest to find their perfect bass. While the stars might align for some players who find the one perfect instrument, the rationale for owning not just two, but many different bass guitars, can be pretty easy to argue, as Ian and Scott explore in this episode.
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178 - Breaking the Rules

Life is a series of choices. And while there isn't an official rulebook for playing bass, there are a few tried-and-tested traditions that we often feel obliged to follow. But following a rule just because it?s there isn?t always the best step forward. In this latest episode, Ian Allison explores how breaking the rules can sometimes help make you more successful.
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177 - Are Bass Solos Over?

We?ve all had that moment when we hear a huge sounding bass solo for the first time, and it just blows us away. We?re talking Cliff Burton on Metallica?s Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth), Jaco with Weather Report or Flea with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Bass solos might be less fashionable than they were a generation ago, but they still draw us in every time. In this episode Ian and Scott talk you through all you need to know.
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176 - From Boston To Berklee with Oscar Stagnaro

An integral part of Paquito D?Rivera?s band for many years, Oscar Stagnaro has been a Professor at the Berklee College of Music in Boston since 1988. He?s been largely responsible for the school?s development of Latin education, and in today?s episode he tells Scott about his move to the US and his Surf Rock roots.
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175 - New Bass Day

Whether it?s your very first bass, or another one to add to your collection, buying a new axe should always be an exciting time. Regardless of whether you got a new bass yesterday or 50 years ago. Today, Ian and Scott come together to celebrate a ?New Bass Day? for Ian, and discuss some of their newly found bass heroes.
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174 - Making Money as a Musician

The sheer number of different revenue streams available to musicians is higher than it?s ever been in the past. But do you really need god-like knowledge to kickstart your career and grow an income as an artist? In this episode Ian and Scott tackle the topic of how to make money with your music.
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173 - 4 string vs 5 string. Which is Better?

5-string basses seem more popular than ever?so what?s all the fuss about? If you?ve been thinking about getting a 5-string, or maybe even a 6-string bass or beyond! There are a few things that are worth considering. In this episode Scott and Ian discuss the pros and cons. Who knew that adding an extra string could complicate things so much?
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172 - Should You Stop Listening to Jaco?

Jaco Pastorius is arguably the most ground-breaking electric bassist in history, and at some point we?ve all been propelled to chase down a way to get that sound! But have you ever worried about becoming just another Jaco-alike bass player? In today?s episode Ian and Scott discuss whether it?s time to stop listening to the greatest bass player who has ever lived.
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171 - Are wedding gigs a CURSE?

Dodgy sound, meddling relatives, DJs who talk too much ? every band has had bad wedding gigs and each one presents different annoyances and challenges to try and overcome. Yet weddings are still such a great way of earning an income for musicians. In today?s episode Ian and Scott talk you through all you need to know.

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170 - Scott's Journey With Focal Dystonia with Scott & Ian

Scott always gets asked the same two questions: 'Why do you wear the glove?!' and 'Should I try wearing one?' He hasn?t always wanted to tell the full story, but he wants to tell it to you now. In today?s episode Scott reveals some of the key hurdles that he?s had to overcome as a result of a condition called Focal Dystonia, and the rehabilitation process that got him back to playing bass!

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169 - Does Your Bass AMP Even Matter? With Scott & Ian

What a stupid question, right? As bass players, there are few things more satisfying than pulling the trigger on a new bass, but would we be better served expanding our amp collections instead? Will a new amp really make your bass sound any better? In today?s episode Ian and Scott talk you through a couple of different viewpoints that will help you determine how you might spend your hard-earned money. A new bass, or a better amp?

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168 - A New Way to Play: In Conversation with Charles Berthoud

Charles Berthoud has enjoyed a rapid ascent to bass stardom largely thanks to the success of his YouTube channel (Charles currently has more than 1,000,000 subscribers, 40,000 TikTok followers and 107,000 following him on Instagram). But it?s not all about stats on social media; his virtuosic bass chops and his battles with fellow YouTuber Davie 504 continue to push the role of the bass forward. In this interview Charles sits down with Jonathan Herrera to talk about his time at Berklee, his early recollections of Victor Wooten and the power of social media.

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167 - Has Being A PRO Musician Changed FOREVER! With Scott & Ian

Social Media continues to revolutionize just about everything we do - and the music industry is no exception. But one question has so far gone largely unanswered - can you still succeed without a huge following on social media? In today?s episode Ian and Scott share some pros and cons of the rise of social media.

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166 - Does Gear EVEN MATTER! With Ian

Every bass player dreams of finding that perfect instrument, but does gear really matter? Will it get you a better gig? Or help you to become a better bassist? It?s a question that often causes a bit of a stir in the online bass community. So in this episode, Ian Allison delves deeper into when, and if, gear really matters.
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165 - When Should You QUIT The Day Job? With Scott & Ian

Is there ever a ?right time? to quit your day job and follow a full-time career in music? Being a professional musician sounds amazing, but can you really make enough money? And what if it just gets old like any other job? If you are already asking yourself these questions, then you?ve probably decided that one day you want to change your life and follow a career in music. In today?s episode Scott and Ian run through some of the key things to consider before quitting your desk job.

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164 - Why Is JAZZ So SCARY? (And Who Cares?) with Scott & Ian

It?s understandable when casual music fans have no idea what?s going on in jazz. No other genre divides people so greatly ? but why? If you?re outside of the jazz circle looking in, wondering why it can be so intimidating, then this episode is for you.

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163 - GET. YOUR. SH!T TOGETHER With Scott & Ian

In today?s episode Ian and Scott share some great tips that will help streamline your bass playing roadmap. Want to manage your time better? Organize your brain space? Or make some literal space in your studio? Here?s how fine-tuning your workflow can help get you there.

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162 - P Basses Vs. J Basses. Which Is Best For You And Why. With Scott & Ian

So, you?re wondering what the differences between a Fender Jazz and a Fender Precision really boil down to, right? They might have come off the same drawing board, but if you think they sound the same, you're wrong. They probably feel the same to play? Wrong again. In today?s episode Scott and Ian try to settle a debate that?s raged on for decades.
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161 - A Bass Player's Studio Checklist with Scott & Ian

Did you grow up dreaming about your favorite bass players tearing it up in the recording studio, hoping you could one day do the same? Working in a recording studio is quite different to practicing at home - some of the habits that you've picked up over the years just won't apply and you need to make sure you're properly prepared. In today?s episode, Ian and Scott run through their essential studio checklist.

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160 - Can You Play Bass Without Reading Music? With Scott & Ian

Reading music is a subject that can strike fear into the heart of many aspiring musicians. It?s a tough skill to learn, but do bass players REALLY need to read sheet music? If your ambition is to be in a three chord punk band then you won?t be too worried. But there are TONS of great benefits, as Ian and Scott explore in this episode.

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159 - Sound Craft: In Conversation with John Davis

Born in Newport, Rhode Island, John Davis is a master of synth-bass tones and electronic music. A multi-faceted bassist with Jojo Mayer?s Nerve, John has developed an extraordinary facility to emulate almost any sequenced synth bassline from his bass guitar and pedalboard in real time.

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158 - Doubling Down On YOU with Ian

Learning to invest in yourself could be the best move you ever make as a musician. By making small changes, the positive effects can be huge! In today?s episode Ian talks through some of the key decisions that he made to help change his life for the better.

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157 - Do You HAVE To Transcribe? With Scott & Ian

?Should you or should you not write down everything that you practice? Transcribing for the sake of filling up pages with dots might make you feel like you?ve done your homework, but it won?t necessarily teach you as much as you think. In today?s episode, Ian and Scott discuss the ins and outs of learning by ear.

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156 - Does AGE Actually Matter? With Scott & Ian

There?s often a lot of pressure to ?make it? as a young musician and it can sometimes feel that if you haven?t found fame by age 21, then you?re done for. While breaking into the music industry at an older age can be a daunting venture, there are countless artists who?ve proved it?s possible. In today?s episode Ian and Scott set out to show that age doesn?t matter.
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155 - When You're Crippled By FEAR with Scott & Ian

Having stage fright doesn?t mean you?re not meant to perform or that you?re not good at what you do, but you should know how to tackle it so that if it ever strikes, you?ll be ready! In today?s episode Scott and Ian discuss how to face your fears and achieve your goals.

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154 - Shooting at the Wrong Basket with Ian

In today?s episode Ian answers your questions about his favourite Jazz Bass, his first-call stompboxes and how his bass playing career all started on the basketball court in 7th Grade. Find out all of that and more in this episode!

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153 - Scott?s Business Blueprint (How to Make Money Online)

Thinking about starting a new online business? Now is the perfect time to make it happen. And if you?re reading this, it?s likely that you?ve already come up with a few ideas. In today?s episode Scott talks you through his own blueprint for making money online.

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152 - Finding The Sound: In Conversation with Larry Grenadier

Having worked with an array of jazz greats while still a teenager in his hometown of San Francisco, Larry Grenadier rose to prominence in New York during the 1990s, performing alongside Joe Henderson, Charles Lloyd, Pat Metheny and Paul Motian.

Whether you know him best for his enduring partnership with the Brad Mehldau trio, or as part of the group Fly with Mark Turner and Jeff Ballard, Larry has built up a reputation as one of the finest double bassists in jazz. In this interview, he talks to Jonathan Herrera about his thoughts on technique, tone and the secrets of improvisation.

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151 - How to Create Killer Content (Part 2) with Scott & Ian

So how do you choose the best social media platform? It?s impossible to be active on every social media outlet out there. In today?s episode, Scott and Ian are hoping to get rid of some of that pressure you're feeling and simplify the process of creating your own content.

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150 - How to Create Killer Content (Part 1) with Scott & Ian

The content you post on social media has the power to turn your followers into fans, but how do you compete with a never-ending flow of viral videos? Elevating your production value is one way to increase your chances of finding an audience among the noise. With that in mind, let?s take a look at some of the gear that Ian and Scott recommend for today?s content creators.

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149 - The 10 Commandments to Keeping the Gig with Scott & Ian

Congratulations! You nailed the audition and you got the gig. Now the real work starts! Although there?s no substitute for mastering the set list, being part of a successful band requires more than hitting the right notes. Just like you did your homework before the audition, there are some concrete steps you can take to make sure you stick around for the long haul.

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148 - The 10 Commandments to Getting the Gig with Scott & Ian

For any aspiring bass player, playing live is one of the best ways to really level up. But isn't getting a gig really hard? Getting your first gig needn't be difficult if you follow the ten commandments laid out in this episode. With these ten tips you?ll have the knowledge and resources to take the stage in no time!

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147 - The Gig Triangle with Scott & Ian

Ever heard of the gig triangle? The idea is to use three characteristics (good pay, great songs and the hang!) to help figure out what works and what doesn't work for any particular gig. So, how balanced is your gig triangle? Are you hitting 3 out of 3?  In this episode Ian and Scott explore what might be holding you back.

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146 - Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Effects Pedals with Scott & Ian

The search for the perfect bass sound has taken bass-kind from the swamps of analog fuzz to today?s age of digital ?perfection?. In today?s episode Scott and Ian examine the main types of multi-fx and chart the unstoppable rise of the stomp box. Enjoy the episode!

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