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The SBL Podcast

The SBL Podcast

If you?re a bassist ? you?re in the right place. Join Scott Devine and Ian Allison from SBL as they dissect every aspect to being a bass player - professional or hobbyist - from basses and gear hacks, to musicianship and gig tips, all the way to mental health and what the future might hold for the music industry.


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105 - Emergency Episode... All your burning questions

There?s a reason more people listen to Guns N? Roses than Victor Wooten, and it?s not because Duff McKagan is better at playing arpeggios! But still, good technique is something that every bassist should add to their skill set, and in this episode, I?m answering all of your questions surrounding our Technique Accelerator. I hope it gives you a little extra time to check out the course ? and to find your next breakthrough on the bass!

In this interview you're going to learn:

Why are we talking up our Technique Accelerator?How I developed my own technique (with a little help from Gary Willis).Why we?ve included a bunch of free bonuses with the course.Why might it not be for you?And much, much more!
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104 - Demystifying the DI / Ian SUCKS at reading / Have Short Scales FINALLY had their 15 Minutes?!

In this week?s episode, Ian tells us about his experience playing with a full orchestra and navigating the social and musical intricacies he encountered, including confronting his imposter syndrome around classical musicians, the challenges of reading standard notation perfectly and everything in between. Additionally, he goes on to break down the basics of what you need to know around DI?s - Direct Inputs! 

In this episode you're going to learn:

About confronting imposter syndrome when playing in a classical spaceWhy being able to read music can be a true benefitAll the things the DI has to offerAre short-scales finally over? Are they still a thing?And much, much more!
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103 - Drama in the Bass Community / Why Technique is Important / Scott loses the bass of a lifetime

We love the bass community and will always maintain that it is THE best community in music to be a part of. BUT. Every now and then even our community members show an uglier side. In the world of content and running (online) businesses in particular, garnering hate online is almost too easy and, unfortunately, we did have a bit of a run-in with just that a little while ago.

But, lessons can be learned in every scenario and we hope you?re able to take away as much from this as we did!

In this episode you're going to learn:

Some mindsets to adopt when dealing with online hateHow haters can actually prove helpful!How much your bass playing may actually rely on techniqueAnd how some people actually might just ?have it??How Scott ALMOST got his dream bass..?And much, much more!
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102 - What if it ISN'T a Fender? Scott Abandons the P bass! Technique is EVERYTHING!

Are Fenders really the best option, especially when you?re looking to play professionally? Maybe not? In today?s podcast, we?re exploring why your bass doesn?t HAVE to be a Fender and some alternatives that can come close in sound and vibe. AND why you may not want a Fender style instrument at all! Is there such a thing as the perfect sound? The perfect bass? Can you love a sound on someone else but not yourself? Does it, in fact, actually all come down to technique, rather than the bass you?re playing?!

In this episode you're going to learn:

About some basses and bass brands that come close to the Fender style and vibe, in various budget bracketsAbout where you might want to look if you?re intentionally NOT going FenderAll kinds of ways of thinking about bass tone and how you might find YOUR OWNWhy Scott is turning away from the P bass?How it all ultimately might come down to techniqueAnd much, much more!
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101 - Is he playing the MOST HISTORIC gig ever?! Amos Heller

A veteran of the Nashville studio scene, Amos Heller has occupied the bass chair for Taylor Swift?s backing band The Agency since 2007. Whether you?re a Taylor Swift fan or not, when Amos agreed to check in with SBL after the record-breaking Eras tour, we knew we were in for one of our most fun and entertaining interviews to date!

In today?s episode, we get a full run down on Amos Heller?s gig with one of the biggest pop stars in the world.

Amos Heller YouTube Channel:
Amos' Latest Video:

In this episode you're going to learn:

How Amos got the gig with Taylor Swift.What life?s like on the highest grossing tour of all time.Why Nashville is the place to be for studio work.His top tips for making it as a pro bassist.And much, much more!
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100 - The Truth About Tone Wood / Getting Into Bass Building / Purchasing A Cheap Bass

We were delighted to welcome Wil DeYoung, Carey Nordstrand, Spencer Lull and Joe Zon at our luthier panel discussion at Bass Space 23 this year. The session was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the summit and a true pleasure to attend, as four masters of the field dug into all of the different aspects of being a bass builder.

In this episode you're going to learn:

How much tone wood truly affects your toneSome solid entryway strategies for getting into building your first bassWhat to keep in mind when purchasing an affordable bassThe story behind Michael Manring?s Zon HyperbassAnd much, much more!
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99 - Ra Diaz: The Blueprint to Getting the Gig

When it comes to naming bass players with a unique style and approach to the instrument, Ra Diaz is well and truly up there. Having formed one of Suicidal Tendencies? most exciting rhythm sections alongside legendary Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo, Ra?s work with nu metal band Korn is also indelibly etched on the rock landscape for all to see. Sounds like the perfect guy for anyone looking to improve as a bass player.

In this episode you're going to learn:

How being a real fan is always the first stepWhy success is a long gameThe right attitude to preparing for a gigHow Ra came to be part of Suicidal Tendencies & KornAnd much, much more!
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98 - Why Sucks / Analog vs Digital pedals / YouTube Channel Update

Is buying a bass guitar online a bad idea? If you?re anything like us, you probably browse the guitar sections of both brick-and-mortar stores and online fairly often! Also in today?s episode; we explore the pros and cons of digital and analog stompboxes, and walk you through the tactics we?re using to grow our YouTube channel.

In this episode you're going to learn:

Buying basses online? why it sucks!Did Scott really choose a Tokai Jazz over a Fender?Analog vs digital pedals: who wins?Who would you love to see on our YouTube channel?And much, much more!
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97 - Billy Sheehan Talks Rock Bass Technique And The Key to Creative Practice

Whether you know him best as part of Mr Big, Talas, The Winery Dogs or as the guy from David Lee Roth?s Eat 'Em and Smile, Billy Sheehan is one of the most recognisable rock bassists of his generation. 

In this special interview from Bass Space 2022, Billy talks us through the ins and outs of his rock roots, how he likes to plan his practice and how he developed his ferocious string bending skills.

In this episode you're going to learn:

- How Billy maintains his three-finger technique.

- The one piece of advice he would give to his younger self.

- Why his practice routine has become way more focussed.

- The inspiration behind his Yamaha Attitude Bass.

- And much, much more!

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96 - Ian's New Sig Bass / Scott Gets Roasted in the Studio and MORE

Any signature bass guitar is one of a kind and unique. However, it entirely depends on what side of the fence you are. In today?s episode Ian unveils his own collaboration with Mike Lull Custom Guitars! Scott also speaks about his recent studio project and shares some early details about the next one!

In this Episode you're going to learn:

Why Ian has launched his own signature bass.And how many minutes it took to sell out!What bass Scott used in the studio.Some of the challenges he faced.Why there?s a new level of Players Path coming! And much, much more!
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95 - Sleeping on Alembic / Vintage Vs Modern Basses / Scott's New Bass Hero

Ever since Jack Casady first used an Alembic to hot-wire his bass sound with Jefferson Airplane, boutique builders have maintained legendary status throughout the bass world. But can the right player make any bass sound good? In this episode, we discuss one of the most recognisable and idolised bass guitar designs of all time (and Scott?s new bass hero who played it.

In this episode you're going to learn:

Why we?ve called out Alembic in recent episodes.Who is Scott?s new bass guitar hero?Do vintage basses actually sound better?Why Ian rents out his upright bass.And much, much more!
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94 - Are Signature Basses DONE?

For some bass players, there's no better way to capture the legendary sound of their idols than bagging a signature axe with their name on the headstock, but are things about to change? In today?s episode we dig into what the future holds for signature basses.

In this episode you're going to learn:

How signature models help manufacturers sell more basses.Who was the first bass player to get one?What made them a standard perk of bass stardom. Are they a blessing or a curse?Why Irn-Bru is nothing like La Croix.And much, much more!
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93 - Why does everyone always talk about JAZZ?!

Learning about jazz might not be at the top of your to-do-list, especially if the only time you hear it is when you go to Starbucks! BUT if you want to get really good at bass then jazz is the ultimate genre of music to learn. In this episode, Scott explains how learning some jazz can unlock a musical superpower!

In this episode you're going to learn:

Why all musicians should study some jazz.Why Scott used to suck at functional theory.Why you don?t need to be a Jazzer to take part in our Jazz Accelerator.We send virtual high-fives to Gary Willis and Michel Camilo.And much, much more!
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92 - Is Versatility on the Bass Overrated? Well, it depends?

Can you play heavy metal and smooth jazz and pop, all in one day? Or are you strictly the bassist for one act and one act only? It used to be taught that versatility would equal more opportunity for success in your bass playing career, but is that still the case? In today?s episode we ask if it?s actually better to flip this idea on its head and focus your energy in just one direction!

In this Episode you're going to learn:

Why Ian has always valued versatility.How to know which path is right for you.What Scott learned from a Gary Willis ?mic drop moment? Why you need to check out drummer Dave ElitchAnd much, much more!
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91 - Traveling with a bass is a Nightmare!

A bass player?s worst nightmare is traveling with their bass and having it lost or broken. Even with airlines allowing guitars as a carry-on, it can still be up to the staff to decide to allow it or not. In today?s episode, we share our air-travel horror stories and our top hacks for traveling with your bass safely! 

In this episode you're going to learn:

What?s the best way to fly with your bass?  Pro tips for getting through TSA airport security.What?s a pink tag? And why you should always ask for one. Gig Bag vs. Hard Case? And much, much more!
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90 - Tube Amps - Heaven or Hell?

Bootsy Collins, Robert Trujillo, Cliff Williams, Krist Novoselic, Sting ? they all relied, or still rely, on tube amps for their signature bass sound. And yet, the decision between solid-state vs tube amps is not one we take lightly. In today?s episode we examine the key differences between the two, covering areas like tone, cost and practicality, to help you figure out what might be best for you.

In this Episode you're going to learn:

Why Scott?s a massive fan of tube amps.The key differences between tube amps and solid state amps.Weight - why are tube amps heavier?And does a heavier amp mean a bigger sound?What makes Ampeg?s SVT so popular?And much, much more!
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89 - Quintuplet or just FEEL IT?! J Dilla Time on Bass | The Rob Mullarkey & Richard Spaven Interview

Rob Mullarkey has mastered the worlds of groove and odd-time signatures on the bass guitar, but how do those skills translate when playing with a drummer? In today's episode, we sit down with Rob and one of the most unique drummers in hip-hop and drum ?n? bass, Richard Spaven.

And did I mention there are a few tips of the hat to J Dilla? And exclusive performances? Yep, click here to watch. 

In this episode you're going to learn:

How Rob approaches odd time signatures and beat displacement.What exactly is the ?J Dilla Feel??The octave pedal Rob uses for his gig with Jacob Collier.What Richard Spaven looks for in a bass player.And much, much more!
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88 - How to get people to give a sh!t about your music in 2023

More music is being produced today than ever before. In 2022, 22 million new singles hit Spotify. That?s a new song every 1.4 seconds! In today?s episode, we dig into some tips and tricks to help you stand out from the crowd in 2023.

In this Episode you're going to learn:

How to reward people for listening to your music.Do you need a pre-launch strategy? Why some fans enjoy feeling like part of the process.How Scott and Ian are preparing for their own album projects.And much, much more!
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87 - Budget versions of the greatest basses EVER!

Unsure about how much to spend on your next bass? In this episode, we dig into the reasons why some bass guitars are so expensive and other guitars are more affordable - and what this means for the modern bass player on the hunt for a new axe.

In this Episode you're going to learn:

Are expensive bass guitars really worth it?How simple guitar mods can transform a budget-friendly bass.Is there an affordable alternative to a Rickenbacker?Can a Peavey Cirrus really compete with a Ken Smith?And much, much more!
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86 - The Henrik Linder Interview: The Secret of Dirty Loops

For today?s episode, we catch up with Henrik Linder to talk about his gear, his awesome band Dirty Loops, and how he developed his monstrous bass technique!

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Some of Henrik?s trickiest bass parts from Dirty Loops!Including Just Dance, Baby and Circus.How he learned to slap.Why Hadrien Feraud loves his hair!And much more.
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85 - Neck through vs bolt on . . . which is SUPERIOR?

Bolt-on? Neck-through? All bass guitars are essentially the same, right? Wrong! Many bass players say that bass guitars with bolt-on necks have a punchier attack than neck-through designs. In today?s episode, we?re going to highlight the pros and cons, so that you can decide which you prefer ? or maybe you should have one of each! 

In this Episode you're going to learn:

Why do most people start out with a bolt-on bass?Why neck-through basses are more expensive.The neck join that was popularised by Leo Fender.Where Fodera?s deluxe (dovetail) option came from.How Billy Sheehan modded his bolt-on Yamaha.And much, much more!
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84 - Emergency NAMM debrief (it was a blood bath!)

Every year, the world's rock 'n' roll music equipment manufacturers, distributors and retailers descend on the town of Anaheim, California, to attend the NAMM show. It's a pure, unadulterated gear fest, showcasing everything that's planned for the coming year. In today?s episode we talk through all the new bass gear and goings-ons you need to know about!

In this Episode you're going to learn:

What made the pick of the crop from this year?s show.The reason Ian couldn?t test a Rickenbacker 4001.Which Italian builder is making the lightest bass cabs EVER!Should a film be made about Olinto basses?Why everyone should check out Philip Conrad.And much, much more!
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83 - How He Got the Weezer Gig: Scott Shriner

We could quite happily tell anyone who will listen that Weezer are our favorite band. Scott Shriner has held the bass chair since 2001 and has always stood out among the group?s history of bassists. His rock-solid pocket playing brings an extra edge to Weezer?s tone, which is why we think you?ll love this episode as we dive into Scott?s bass playing and career with Weezer.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

How Scott got the gig with Weezer.What it?s like sharing a stage with frontman Rivers Cuomo. Why Scott isn?t afraid to experiment with bass tone.What he learned from studying with Gary Willis.Why Kemper Amps make him sad.And much more!
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82 - How to choose the PERFECT BASS

When it comes to bass guitars, there?s a massive scope in style and sound for you to explore. It can be subjective, sure, but certain styles of music tend to work best with certain kinds of basses. In today?s episode we delve into what makes a bass guitar perfect for the gig.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

The backstory behind Scott?s new album.Which star-studded musicians he has invited to take part.Why he needs a new bass for the project.Why it has to be a 5-string! And much more!

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81 - She plays 3 notes and the crowd goes WILD: Blu DeTiger

Blu DeTiger, bassist and social media star with 1.4 million fans on TikTok, recently took to the stage to announce her first full-length album, which is due to drop later this year. Bursting with talent, Blu has amassed millions of views with thumping bass covers of hits by Prince and Megan Thee Stallion. In this episode, we sit down with Blu to uncover her story, how she got started and her upcoming partnership with Fender. 

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why Blu left New York University to pursue a career in music.What happened when she started taking her bass to her DJ sets.How she became famous on TikTok.What has Blu been working on with Fender?And much more!

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80 - So you wanna be a bass teacher (and earn more money)

If you?re a bass player and you feel ready to earn some extra cash by passing on your skills to others, setting up as a teacher could be a really good move. But how do you become a bass teacher? What credentials do you need? In this episode, we walk you through the minimum requirements for teaching as well as some steps to get you started.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why you should become a bass teacher.Do you need a qualification?How do you get students?What?s the first thing you should teach them?And much more!

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79 - Why Janek REFUSES to play a signature bass (ever again)

Is a signature instrument still a standard perk of modern bass stardom? Janek Gwizdala has attracted his fair share of signature models over the years, including basses for Fodera in 2012 and Mattisson Basses in 2017. In this episode, Janek explains why he has since turned his back on endorsement deals, and why he?ll never make music just for social likes.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

All about Janek?s new F BassHow he became ?the pedal guy?Why Janek deleted all of his social mediaWhat happened to his daily vlog?And why he refuses to play a signature bass (ever again)

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78 - 5 bass guitars EVERY bassist needs

Whether you're in the market for an active 5-string or a custom-built classic, choosing the right bass guitar can be difficult. How do you know what?s the right one for you? In today?s episode, we list what we think are the 5 best bass guitars you can get your hands on. 

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why every bassist needs a Jazz BassWhen you might need an active 5-stringWhy a P Bass might be a better option for studio playersShould Scott buy a Rickenbacker?And much, much more.

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77 - Her Bass player CANCELLED, so she picked up the bass and fell in LOVE: Adi Oasis

NYC-based singer, songwriter Adi Oasis is also an incredible bassist. Her performance for music platform Colors has racked up an astounding 1.5 million views on YouTube! What you might not know is that Adi started out on guitar and then jumped to bass later in life. In today?s episode we get the backstory on her biggest and best career moments so far.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

How Adi got her start on bass.Why she?s a huge fan of Curtis Mayfield?s music.What it was like opening for Anderson .Paak.How Bootsy Collins inspired her to jam with an envelope filter.And much, much more.

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76 - Will AI Fundamentally Change Bass Playing Forever?!

The role of artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a part of everyday life, but what can bass players expect from the rapid growth of apps like ChatGPT? The AI can be directed to impersonate the style of specific individuals, and even used to write a bass line ?in the style of Paul McCartney?. In this episode, we?re going to explore the potential impact of AI on the music industry and what it means for bass players everywhere!

In this episode you?re going to learn:

The implications of artificial intelligence.What it means for creative individuals.Will data-driven music replace musicians for good? The AI chatbot everyone?s talking about.How Ian got hooked on a Japanese anime TV series.And much, much more.

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75 - Pink Floyd, Michael Jackson & Madonna?s Bassist?! - The Guy Pratt Interview

In today?s episode Guy Pratt talks about his stint with Pink Floyd, studio dates in LA with Madonna and Michael Jackson, and the 1964 Jazz Bass that he got from The Who bassist, John Entwistle. Heads up: there?s even a cameo question from The Darkness' Justin Hawkins!

In this episode you?re going to learn:

How Guy landed the gig with Pink FloydWhat he played on Madonna?s Like a Prayer.All about his go-to Jazz Bass (christened ?Betsy?)His infamous session for Michael Jackson?s Earth Song.And much, much more.

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74 - The Confusing World of Bass Pickups - SOLVED Part 2

Looking at bass pickups, but confused by all the terminology? There?s a whole world of mystery surrounding what pickups do and how they can affect your sound. Such a big subject requires a concise explanation, then, doesn?t it? In today?s episode Scott and Ian venture back into anorak territory on the topic of bass pickups.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why we?re not keen on Fender?s PJ pickup setupHow Leo Fender made waves the Music Man StingRayWhy Rickenbacker pickups hum constantlyWhy Mike Lull Thunderbird-style pickups ruleHow Scott discovered Journey's Don't Stop Believin'And much, much more.

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73 - The Marcus Miller Interview: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

A modern master of the electric bass, Marcus Miller has been landing dream gigs for the best part of 40 years. So when he stopped by our London studio to talk about Miles Davis, playing bass on that Luther Vandross mega hit and the fallout from slapping Jaco?s Teen Town, we knew it was an interview we had to share with you.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why Marcus is a true genius of the bass guitar.Which tracks are a must-listen from his incredible discography.Including the classic Luther Vandross hit ?Never Too Much?What happened when legendary trumpeter Miles Davis called.How he developed his signature line with Sire Instruments.And much, much more.

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72 - Is this the New Way of Making Money as a Musician?

Making money as a musician can be tough. The industry is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up with all the latest trends. But if you?re willing to try your hand at building an online audience, you?ll find a wealth of opportunities that you can tap into. In today?s episode, we look at some social media hacks that you can use to get the most engagement possible.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Which bass influencers should you be following?The importance of social media for musicians.How to monetise your brand as it grows.Why everyone sucks when they first start out.And much, much more.

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71 - The Confusing World of Bass Pickups - Part 1

Hey, Scott here... and we?re back with another brand-new podcast for you!

At some point, we all wonder what life would be like with different pickups in our bass. Yet it?s the ONE thing that most of us dare not mess with! Even to experienced bass players, terms like impedance, inductance, resonant frequency and ohmic load can make things pretty confusing. In today?s episode, we dig into some of the technical basics and get to grips with everything a bass player needs to know on the topic of pickups.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why pickups are important.How they impact your tone.Does the positioning matter?Series vs Parallel wiring.Single Coil vs. Humbucker. Which is Better?And much, much more.

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70 - We're giving away $50,000 worth of bass gear?! WTF! (full gear breakdown)

Ready to win $50,000 in awesome bass prizes? Up for grabs is Scott?s Ken Smith Black Tiger 6-string, Ian?s StingRay 5 and a 1978 Fender Jazz Bass! Our latest giveaway is also a great opportunity to help us raise money for Pencils of Promise, which is a global organization that brings life-changing education to children living in poverty around the world. To date the SBL community has raised over $173,000 and this year we're trying to raise even more! Find out everything you need to know in today?s episode. 

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why are we giving away $50,000 worth of bass gear?From a Collector Series Jazz Bass to a Dingwall D-Roc!How you can enter (and gain bonus entries).Why Eric Clapton is still awesome!And much, much more.

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69 - Sing?! Don?t make me SING. Why you MUST

Being able to sing and play bass gives you a real head start on those who only work the fretboard. Even if you think your singing voice sounds like a strangled cat doing karaoke, everyone can learn to sing, and bass players absolutely should! But it can also be a daunting challenge, whether you have a dynamite voice or can barely carry a tune. In today?s episode we dig into some top tips to maximize your magic as a singing bassist.


In this episode you?re going to learn:

The benefits every bassist can get from singing.

Why it takes practice.

How it can help you get more gigs!

And much more?

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68 - Why Scott is going to therapy. Seriously.

Freud never put anyone from SBL on the couch, but when it comes to life as a bass player, there can often be a sense that you need to remain outwardly grateful, even if you?re struggling. In this episode, we talk through the effects of negative self-talk, the addictive nature of social media and why Scott is heading to therapy.

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203 - From Charlie Parker to Prince: The Ben Williams Interview

When Ben Williams won the prestigious Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition in 2009, he did so by impressing a panel of judges that included bass greats Charlie Haden, Ron Carter and Dave Holland. Lately he?s been keeping himself busy with a host of impressive side projects with artists like Pat Metheny, Sting and vocalist Syndee Winters. In this episode, we get the lowdown on his career so far, and how he juggles life as a bandleader, singer, songwriter and bassist.

In this episode you?re going to learn:

How Ben got started with the double bass. Why he always wanted to be like Prince. How he approaches upright bass and bass guitar.All about his new project, Butterfly Black.And much more.

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202 - TSA took EVERY SCREW out of my bass

Every touring bass player?s worst nightmare is arriving at their destination only to find their precious bass case smashed to smithereens. Even with airlines allowing guitars as a carry-on, it can still be up to the crew?s discretion. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure that your bass makes it in one piece. In this episode, Ian shares a TSA horror story along with some of his top travel hacks.

 In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why you should give your bass some extra padding when you fly.Which is the best bass case to invest in.How to successfully board a plane with your bass.Why you should never check your bass in at the gate.

And much more.

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201 - The Search for Excalibur (Scott?s Album Bass Search!)

What makes a truly great bass guitar? Is it the way it plays? The way it sounds? How it was built? Or is it all in the hands of the player? Scott and Ian are the knights in today?s virtual round table discussion, and the first thing they?re turning their attention to is the myth that it?s all down to the wood!

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Why Scott is still searching for ?excalibur? 

Do basses from different eras really have a different vibe?

Why you should commit to just one bass.

Scott gets super geeky over fingerboard inlays and pickup placement. 

And much more!

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200 - Richard Bona: "I?m a student of music until I am gone"

Richard Bona is arguably one of the greatest bass players since Jaco. He?s someone you can learn a LOT from at any level of your playing. In this special interview recorded for Bass Space 2022, we tracked Richard down to Mark Bass HQ in Italy, to talk about his long-standing love affair with the bass. 

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199 - This bass is (was) a NIGHTMARE! The worst we ever bought

We all love our bass guitars, right? But what if your dream instrument sounds off? Or your longtime favorite bass isn?t playing as well as it did the day you bought it? By repairing instead of replacing, you can bask in the glory of knowing that you?re the kind of bassist who?s axe would survive an apocalypse movie. In today?s episode, Ian and Scott run through the basses they?ve transformed from duds into dream machines!

In this episode you?re going to learn:

Ian reveals the worst bass he?s ever bought (it?s not what you think)

Why Scott?s 1974 Jazz Bass behaves like the Millennium Falcon

Ian?s Gaffer tape hack for treating noisy pickups

Why it?s OK to invest in a bass that isn?t perfect

And much more.

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198 - How to RECORD your bass (at home) and get a BADASS sound on a budget

Recording your bass at home can be a complicated process if you?re just starting out, but luckily it?s within easy reach of anyone with a smartphone! In today?s episode Scott and Ian talk through everything you need to know before you hit that red button, including what gear you need, how much it might cost, and what to expect during the process. 

In this episode you?re going to learn:

The simplest ways to record for social media

Why Roland?s audio mixer for smartphones is so awesome!

All about Ian?s favorite DI pedals

Why we?re revamping the SBL YouTube channel

And much more...

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197 - Scott buys the most INSANE bass. EVER!

Most of us instinctively know when we need a new bass, and it?s all so easy to devote time and effort to finding the next best thing, but starting your own bass collection can easily spiral out of control and end up costing you if you don?t think it through. In this episode Scott and Ian talk through the pros and cons of guitar collecting, including the INSANE bass that?s kicked off Scott?s own habit.

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196 - So the music album is dead? Not so argues John Patitucci

To many musicians making an album has always been the epitome of their art, but with digital streaming taking a hold of the industry, do full length albums still matter? That depends on who you ask! Having recently released the first live album of his incredible career, John Patitucci has put together one of the standout recordings of 2022.

In this episode, we quiz John about his need to still be making albums, the basses he?s played over the years, his chance backstage meeting with Jaco Pastorius, and his Italian tour with Chris Potter and Brian Blade!

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195 - SLAP BASS?! Don't make me SLAP. Why you MUST (Part 2)

There are scores of cool slap bass players out there, but who are the truly great ones? In today?s episode Scott and Ian finish up their talk about slap bass, and why you need to check out their brand-new slap program, the Slap Bass Accelerator. If you want to get properly geeky about all things slap bass, this episode is most certainly for you.

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194 - SLAP BASS?! Don?t make me SLAP. Why you MUST (Part 1)

Slap bass is the ultimate in-joke of bassists everywhere. But it?s also an amazing rhythmic tool that can be found in everything from Flea?s thumps to the sublime grooves of Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten. In the first of a two part special, we trace the course of its Marmite appeal and pick our top 3 slap bass players that you need to hear!

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193 - Can you be JUST A BASSIST?

Despite there being countless benefits, many bass players never think beyond learning to play their first instrument. But for the few that do, a whole world of opportunities awaits. In this episode, Scott and Ian debate over whether or not you should learn to play more than just the bass, and unravel some insights that just might convince you to go for it.

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192 - Are Cruise Ship Gigs A BIG MISTAKE?!

Playing bass on a cruise ship is a great chance to hone your chops, save up some money and see the world. Sounds like an amazing gig, right? Cruise ship life can also be intense with long working hours and no days off for months. Ever wondered if gigging on ships is really worth it? In today?s episode, Scott and Ian talk through the pros and cons of gigging at sea!

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