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Train Wrecks ft. Dustin Zahn

Train Wrecks ft. Dustin Zahn

Train Wrecks is a talk-show styled podcast presented by Dustin Zahn which hosts guests from the electronic music industry with a strong emphasis on Techno and House music.


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Episode 054 – Markus Suckut

Markus stopped by to give us some insight to his artistic process on this week's episode!
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Episode 053 – Kyle Geiger & Vincent Neumann

Spend a couple hours with two of techno's most humble dudes!
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Episode 052 – I/Y

I'm back after a 3 month hiatus! What better way to celebrate than with a 3hr train wreck with Berlin's I/Y?!
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Episode 051 – Gabriella Vergilov & Eric Cloutier

Gabriella is having a break out year on various labels, including those from both Dustin and Eric Cloutier. The three recently sat down for a little introduction!
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Episode 050 – Emmanuel

The prolific producer joins us to discuss his musical approach to music production and running successful record labels.
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Episode 049 – Cassegrain

In this episode, the duo behind Cassegrain discover why having a friend like Dustin might be detrimental to your health!
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Episode 048 – Truncate, Hyperactive, Mike Gervais

The train derailed at Zahn Central Station after a long weekend in Berlin!
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Episode 047 – Cinthie

The Berlin-based Watergate resident has built a reputable name for herself in House music. Here's her story!
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Episode 046 – Anthony Parasole

2017 was one of Anthony's biggest years yet. He's back to tell us all about it!
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Episode 045 – Tijana T

Belgrade's Tijana T steps up to talk about her history as a DJ, journalist, and vocalist.
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Episode 044 – Raíz

Vidal Vargas of Raíz joins us to discuss their history and the rise of L.A.'s Droid Behavior.
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Episode 043 – Train Racks (Studio Nerd Edition)

A whole episode dedicated to studio-related topics, featuring interviews with Cari Lekebusch, Gary Beck, Ambivalent, Luis Flores, and Paul Birken!
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Episode 042 – Freddy K

This lifelong techno-devotee helped inspire Italy with his infamous Virus radio show. These days, his highly in-demand DJ sets are helping to inspire clubbers across Europe or at the very least, inspire them to call in sick on Monday. Tune in!
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Episode 041 – Secret Cinema

The Dutch DJ/Producer behind many hits and aliases stopped by to give us a little insight on how it was all done!
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Episode 040 – Ambivalent aka LA-4A

After a long hiatus, the podcast is back and Ambivalent has stepped in for round two!
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Episode 039 – Yotam Avni

Yotam Avni has had a breakthrough year! Here's your chance to find out more about one of Israel's most promising new talents.
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Episode 038 – Par Grindvik & Peder Mannerfelt

Sweden's Par Grindvik & Peder Mannerfelt sound off on their latest albums and Dustin remembers Mika Vainio.
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Episode 037 – Christian Smith

Christian Smith dropped in to discuss techno, DMC turntablism, and why Luke Slater is such a bad ass!
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Episode 036 – Matrixxman & Setaoc Mass

Train Wrecks returns! Matrixxman and Setaoc Mass stop by for a long one!
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Episode 035 – Cari Lekebusch

What happens when Zahn gets a rare interview with the 'godfather' of Swedish techno? A lot of questions about life, Kung Fu and video games!
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Episode 034 – DJ Hyperactive

During his recent visit to Berlin, the Chicago Techno veteran sounded off on the past, present, and future of Techno music!
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Episode 033 – Regal

Enemy Records' artists Regal and Z.I.P.P.O are two artists making their way through the ranks on the global circuit. Get their perspective on yesterday's Acid and today's Techno!
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Episode 032 – Radio Slave

Radio Slave and Dustin Zahn sound off on studio work, ghost producers, DJ polls, and above!
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Episode 031 – Eric Cloutier

The Bunker NY resident stops by to chat about his trajectory through techno, including his new label "Palinoia"
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Episode 030 – Developer

Los Angeles' Developer drops in for a rare chat about all things techno, whiskey, and stories from the DJ booth.
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Episode 029 – Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb)

The Nitzer Ebb and Fixmer/McCarthy vocalist goes in-depth about the ups and downs of being in the music industry for over 30 years.
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Episode 028 – Black Asteroid

Black Asteroid discusses his unique outlook on techno, his taste in fashion, what motivates him in the studio, and of course, the sunglasses.
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Episode 027 – Terence Fixmer

Fixmer goes in-depth on his industrial roots, his diverse discography, and working with Douglas McCarthy in a post-Nitzer Ebb world.
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Episode 026 – Ian Pooley

Ian Pooley stopped by to chat about the early days, studio work, and all things techno and house!
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Episode 025 – Patrik Skoog

Patrik Skoog's diverse career spans a variety of aliases, numerous genres, and over 100 releases. Recently, Dustin caught up with Patrik to figure out what makes him tick.
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