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Medical Medium Podcast

Medical Medium Podcast

#1 NY Times Best Selling Author - Medical Medium Podcast - Originator of Global Celery Juice Movement - Helping People Heal and Overcome Illness How many people do you know who struggle with their health? Chances are, whether they show it or not, most of the people in your life do. And chances are, you?re one of them ? whether you?re dealing with anxiety, depression, endometriosis, pcos, acne, eczema, psoriasis, autoimmune, thyroid conditions, lyme disease, brain fog, or fatigue. You?re far from alone. Living with symptoms has become the new normal. Much of the time, people coexist with their ailments, accepting them and never questioning why science and research hasn?t offered answers, as suffering has become the status quo. Sometimes though ? an increasing amount of the time now ? people?s symptoms start to impede their quality of life. They start to lose joys and privileges. They join the hidden army of those stuck at home or even in the hospital with mystery health issues. As they consult doctor after doctor and expert after expert and have trouble functioning on a day to day basis, their spark starts to go. They lose hope. No one is safe from becoming ill. With what were up against in today?s world and what that?s doing to our bodies, nobody is guaranteed that one day down the road, they won?t develop their first set of symptoms when they least expect it. This knowledge is not about living in fear. It?s about not living in denial. Join Anthony William, the Medical Medium, for this eye opening podcast, where he shares unique, original, advanced medical information decades ahead of science and research, that millions all around the world are already using to heal, and overcome chronic illness. If you want to keep the wool over your eyes, this podcast isn?t for you. Anthony William, the Medical Medium, the originator of the global celery juice movement and #1 New York Times best-selling author of the Medical Medium Book Series, including his newest book Medical Medium Cleanse to Heal, was born with the unique ability to converse with the Spirit of Compassion, who provides him with advanced medical information that?s ahead of research and science. Anthony has over 30 years of experience working with countless individuals, and helping doctors solve mysterious health cases.


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037 Ep. 3: Plot To Take Down Medical Medium

On Episode 3: Plot To Take Down Medical Medium We are digging deeper and deeper into the recordings of a group of people who call themselves an ?elite? group and the ?inner circle? intent on taking down the Medical Medium and the Community. Leaders of this elite group are competitors and rivals of Anthony William and have fed a journalist at a mainstream media outlet a story about the Medical Medium that they have described as a ?journalist?s dream.? Their plan? A disparaging and misleading article that will almost certainly omit key facts, and will fuel bids on a documentary, with the ultimate goal of casting out the Medium Medium to bring about a ?post Medical Medium era?. Members of this ?elite? group have been trying to recruit others in the space of health and wellness so that they can direct them to take medical medium information for their own businesses in health and not have to cite it back to its original source (medical medium).
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036 Ep. 2: Plot To Take Down Medical Medium

On Episode 2: Plot To Take Down Medical Medium We are digging deeper into the recordings of a group of people who call themselves an ?elite? group and the ?inner circle? intent on taking down the Medical Medium and the Community. Leaders of this elite group are competitors and rivals of Anthony William and have fed a journalist at a mainstream media outlet a story about the Medical Medium that they have described as a ?journalist?s dream.? Their plan? A disparaging article that will fuel bids on a documentary, with the ultimate goal of casting out the Medical Medium to bring about a ?post Medical Medium era? with this ?elite? group at the helm.
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035 Ep. 1: Plot To Take Down Medical Medium

What you are about to hear may not be easy for many of you, this isn?t the normal Medical Medium podcast episode. The Medical Medium podcast does not normally have guests, but we have learned that a group of rivals and competitors have been working on a plan for over a year to take down Medical Medium and the Medical Medium community and they have been caught red handed. In this episode you will hear our guest talk about this plot that she uncovered.
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034 Body Swelling: Fluid Retention, Edema, Lymphedema, Tissue Expansion

So many people are uncomfortable, struggling and even suffering from swelling, fluid retention and bloating but not everyone?s swelling, bloating, and fluid retention is the same. Everyone is also experiencing something additional happening within the body that is causing a thickening of tissue, organs, and joints that has very little to do with aging. This is when someone changes as the years go by, everything including their head starts to widen, expand and internal organs start to thicken and swell. This metamorphoses happens regardless of gaining extra pounds because of additional fat on the body. Lymphatic drainage is becoming very popular as more and more people including younger people are trying to manage their own swelling problems. But what isn?t known is that it becomes a vicious cycle that never ends because the true core issues and problems creating the swelling, bloating and fluid retention are not being fixed, so constant management therapies such as lymphatic drainage and massage have to be on a regular basis in order to manage and regulate the swelling, but yet the real problems are never solved. This drives people into getting lymphatic drainage for relief and to get manual squeezing to move around fluid and toxins but requires constant body servicing, every week for some people, every day for others or once every two weeks for another. As the lymphatic system and body is being squeezed, most of the toxins end up recirculating right back into a toxic liver, one of the original sources of the swelling problem to begin and since the liver isn?t being properly addressed, the toxins end right back up into the lymphatic system causing the same swelling that leads the person right back at their lymphatic drainage therapists office for another round of squeezing. Chronic fluid retention, swelling and bloating are more complex and more to do with other aspects of the body that are talked about in this comprehensive episode you can?t miss? For more information visit
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033 Soul Light Infusion Meditation

This is a powerful soul-healing meditation from Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes to mend fractures in the soul that have collected throughout the years as you experienced hardships, losses, betrayal, broken trust, and times of being misunderstood, or if you fought battles against injustice in your life and lost, or if you feel you have lost a piece of your soul and you are searching to get it back. The Soul Light Infusion Meditation helps mends fractures within your soul. As fractures mend, your soul is healing. This special meditation helps your soul regain missing precious lost pieces of itself that may have been pushed away from you in times of struggle, loss, and hardship. It elevates your spiritual force as a light being in this world. Old wounds from the past will not have a grip upon your soul as they once did after completing this meditation. No one owns your soul but you, and you have every right to heal your soul. You can repeat this powerful meditation daily, or as many times as needed to bring peace and healing to your soul. Find out how to do this powerful healing meditation in Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes and learn how you can heal your brain and soul in both Brain Saver and Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes. For more information visit
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032 Save Your Brain: Before It's Too Late

We go through life looking at everything we can see in plain sight, and then we pick and choose the things that feel most important to us, or we choose things we need, and then protect those very things. But what about what we can?t see? What about what we can?t touch? And yet, the thing we can?t touch or see is so very close to us that it resides in us, but we do not protect it. We can even avoid it without realizing it. What is it that is of extreme importance, and yet we don?t see it? It?s the brain? your brain, and it?s so close to you that it sits right in the center of your head, and of course you know this, almost everybody does, but somehow it?s not always something that we are trying to save or protect. There are tools we don?t use that we need and there are techniques and therapies we don?t know about that are critical to protecting, restoring, and saving our brain. In this episode I tackle the brain, what to bring on a hike, and how the two newest Medical Medium books, Brain Saver and its companion Brain Saver Protocols, Cleanses & Recipes, can change your life. For more information visit
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031 Aliens: Prophets & Monsters

We are at a point in history where it is well established, and even accepted, that there are UFO?s flying around the Earth?s atmosphere and in the skies above us, and that extraterrestrials are real. But what else is there to know? What about early civilizations? Did people back then have any knowledge of other lifeforms, or lifeforms that looked humanoid-like, and were not normally here from this earth? How were ancient civilizations involved with Aliens, and to what extent? Not only do we have the extraterrestrials to think about, but what about other creatures existing among us, creatures that aren?t your everyday wildlife? Are they aliens or something else entirely? And maybe the most important question: How did we all get here? Are we a result of evolution, or were we created with more intent? Were we created by God or the Earth? In this episode I share my story of what happened to me decades ago and how it changed many things for me. For more information visit
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030 Intermittent Fasting: The Downfall

Why do so many people struggle with their eating, trying different diets and weight loss gimmicks? Because they don?t feel good in some way, or they don?t want to keep gaining unwanted weight, or they are struggling with an eating disorder, or maybe they are just looking for an optimum way of living and want the most beneficial diet out there that they can find. This is when many stumble across intermittent fasting. Some people do very well with intermittent fasting at first and they get results in different areas of their health, but how long does it last and at what cost to the body? What price do they pay down the line that they were unaware of, while all along the style of intermittent fasting they adopted seemed so smart and even science-based? It then caused the opposite results, instead, bringing them right back to where they began, confused about what, when and how to eat. It?s no secret that the majority of intermittent fasters live on stimulants throughout the morning and afternoon, consuming mainly coffee, espresso, matcha tea, chocolate, green tea, kombucha tea and more. They live off of caffeine and sometimes large amounts of it. Is this good for the body?withholding food? Is it good to withhold even healthier foods while supplementing with caffeine and other stimulants? And what is the fallback that comes weeks, months, even years later for so many who have tried intermittent fasting. Fasten your seat belts and strap yourself in before you listen to this episode, the information you will hear will be eye-opening and health-protecting. For more info visit
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029 Eating & Confused: Trying To Use Food To Heal

Do we listen to our body? Or are we just listening to our consciousness? Is our consciousness conditioned to choose the foods our body doesn?t want to eat? Does our body want the same foods our consciousness wants? No one should be judged upon what they are eating. In today?s harsh world it?s easy to lean on comfort foods and use them as a drug to get by. At the same time, we kind of are aware that our body really doesn?t want ice cream, chicken fingers, cheesy pasta, cheeseburgers, pizza, and chocolate. And what about our stomachs, do our stomachs want the same choices of food we want? Do our stomachs want beer and barbecue, chicken wings, cakes and cookies, donuts, macaroni and cheese, crab cakes and tuna fish sandwiches? Do our stomachs understand the term moderation and what our brainwashed conception of moderation is? Let?s face it, there is a huge disconnect between our mind and body, and many people go through life believing that their body is telling them what it really wants when it comes to food and drink. People often think about what they need, but don?t realize it may not be what their stomach or body needs, and yet their stomach and body have no option but to live with the choices of the mind and consciousness of that person. Even then, that person?s choice in food may be what they are told to choose, especially by others in the realm of health, who are also recommending foods they think the body needs, and they themselves are in the same situation as the people they are recommending to. Everyone is stuck in a cycle of not knowing what their body wants or needs. Listen to this gripping episode about our digestion and how food works inside of our gut.
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028 Natural Flavor Scam: You've Been Had

Have you noticed yet? There is an increasing amount of products you consume that have some form of natural flavors in the ingredient list on the bottle, package, or container. So many of us want pure, clean, organic, non-GMO foods and beverages, and we look at the labels so we can admire the goodness we are nourishing our bodies with. But when it comes to the words "natural flavors,? the question comes to mind: what are we ingesting? The truth is, no one in the world of health really knows. It?s very similar to perfumes, parfumes, fragrances?no one really knows how many dozens, hundreds or even thousands of ingredients, chemicals, and agents, are inside that fragrance. Likewise, something very interesting transpired when natural flavors came to town: the disappearance of another long time staple that was in almost every food on the market place. What is that staple? MSG. Is it possible that there?s been a game of bait and switch in our food freedoms? Were choices made that you had no part in making? And what about our loved ones, families, friends and the people we care about the most, are they consuming these mystery ingredients? Many people who are struggling with a symptom or condition, or battling a chronic illness, care greatly about what they put inside their body, and for good reason?they struggle enough. Find out more in this gripping episode on natural flavors?
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027 Raw Honey: Too Much Sugar?

Too many times you hear out there, ?stay away from honey, it?s all sugar,? but is it? Food Science and research would have you believe its made out of all sugar, and most health professionals would have you believe that as well, but honey isn?t just made up of just sugar. It?s a powerful plant medicine, and the sugar in honey is the healing glucose your body utilizes to function and your brain utilizes to restore itself and stay fueled. Not all water is the same, not all food is the same, not all supplements are the same, not all people are the same, not all souls are the same, not all friends are the same and not all sugar is the same. Lumping honey into an ?all sugars are the same? basket is not an insightful message to say the least. Honey is in a league if it?s own, not only because of the long standing history of it being a true survival food for humankind for thousands of years, but a survival food with multitudes of phytochemical compounds undiscovered by medical science and research. The bee gathers nectar and pollen from dozens of plant sources a day, and along with this nectar and pollen comes a battery of true natural medicine. Yet, what if you?re vegan and you?re told to stay away from honey? Is the bee truly an animal? Are you sure about that? Is science right about everything? Or is a bee being classified as an animal just another mistake out of the thousands of mistakes science makes on a decade by decade basis? Raw Honey is teaming with medicinal life and the process of how this plant medicine is truly created is an awakening. Hear this compelling episode about honey?
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026 Nutritional Yeast: Is It A Beauty Or A Beast?

Nutritional yeast has always been heralded as a highly nutritious food source, but is it really? Or has nutritional yeast only just gotten good for us because the word ?nutritional? was placed in front of the yeast and we are being fooled? These days nutritional yeast is thrown on almost everything that is in the healthy snack food arena to give fun foods an extra tasty kick. Many people who love their ?Nooch? never want to let it go and they believe nutritional yeast is highly nutritious and they are giving their body something it really needs to stay healthy. For many, this gives them permission to be generous as to how much nutritional yeast they consume, and leads to lots of ?Nooch? in and on everything they eat: hummus, mac and cheese, oat meal, rice, dips, dressings, chips, cookies, cakes, salads, soups, sauces, and pretty much sprinkled on everything. Sounds so good and innocent, doesn?t it? But what is it that we don?t know about this fortified tasty yeast? What is it we should know? Surprisingly, there is a dark side to Nooch, and there are reasons why many who use it get so addicted. Learn how the nutrients in nutritional yeast are not compatible to our bodies, how unhelpful it may be if you are battling symptoms and conditions, and just how unhealthy this food really can be. If you?re someone who eats nutritional yeast, or someone who doesn?t realize they eat it, because nutritional yeast is an ingredient they are not paying attention to in the foods they order or eat in restaurants or snack on with healthier packaged foods, then this is going to be an eye-opening episode for you?
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025 Healing Story: Alyssa Degati

Millions of people either have or know somebody who has struggled with the symptoms and conditions of a chronic illness from a young age. In this podcast I talk to someone who not only began her battle against debilitating symptoms at the early age of nine, but someone who fought this battle against illness for over a decade. From pulmonary embolisms, weight gain and eating disorders to hot flashes, fainting, blood clots and more, Alyssa Degati had no shortage of conditions that no amount of visits to the doctors and specialists could fix. To the point of depression, Alyssa had lost all hope. That is, until she was introduced to Medical Medium information. Listen as Alyssa and I discuss her tumultuous health issues throughout her youth and young adulthood, how she was able to overcome and how her experiences inspired her music. Learn about different conditions and how Medical Medium information could also help you heal. To learn more visit: including: - Join the Medical Medium Newsletter for Exclusive Weekly Videos - Discover the Medical Medium Book Series - Connect with Medical Medium on Social Media
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024 Avocado: What You Don't Know About The Avocado

The avocado was not always a favorite in the alternative health world, nor was it even a favorite in the conventional health world. It was considered bad for the heart, or even toxic, and likewise labeled as a feared food in medical universities. What most people don?t realize is that avocados do have health positivities but also have health drawbacks?health drawbacks that are far different than any concern or fear of the past. In this podcast episode I talk you through these details and explain why the avocado could be a beneficial healing tool for some, while also being an unfavorable tool for others. Discover why the avocado went from such a feared food to one of the most trending health assets, and why this trend is not as one-size-fits-all as it may seem. I talk about Omega-6?s and how food science is lacking when it comes to the avocado. This episode goes into the nuances behind the fats from avocados and what those fats can do for you. Additionally, learn the recipe containing avocado that is a great substitute for breast feeding, and why. All this and more, listen to find out what the avocado craze is really about. For more visit: including: - Join the Medical Medium Newsletter for Exclusive Weekly Videos - Discover the Medical Medium Book Series - Connect with Medical Medium on Social Media
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023 Breathing Light Meditation: For Healing The Mental, Emotional & Physical

When we learn how to access the light from above for our healing, we empower ourselves in a way that can alter and change how we feel. Working alongside the light from above to allow our bodily systems to engage in healing enables us to speed up repairing old wounds emotionally and physically, and to reroute the body?s energy grid in order to ignite profound changes and levels that are deep within the core of our body?s foundation, strength and reserves. When we learn how to accept, receive and guide this divine light with our consciousness, this divine light can enter our organs, bones and bloodstream, opening the door for transformation, recovery, healing, movement forward and freedom with what we struggle from. This can provide us a sanctuary of safety within our emotional and mental consciousness. Learn how to access the light and make a profound connection that can help change your life. For more visit: including: - Join the Medical Medium Newsletter for Exclusive Weekly Videos - Discover the Medical Medium Book Series - Connect with Medical Medium on Social Media
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022 Banana: Worst Food On The Planet?

The banana is far from the most liked food out there in the world of health. Bananas are hated greatly because of their natural fruit sugars, something that is feared by almost all health practitioners. Sugar is the enemy of the health and wellness world. But is it that bad? In this podcast episode I answer that question and go deeper, diving into the why behind the banana?s grim public image, and how the same people who tell you to stay away from bananas are also the ones promoting chocolate in the health world. I discuss the things that food science doesn?t know or doesn?t want you to know. Learn about bananas: what roles they play in your body, their soothing effects, what they have to do with anti-viral compounds, and so much more. I don?t hold back in telling you the harsh truths about why science and research chooses not to invest in learning about the medicinal properties of some foods. We talk about what might be feeding the pathogens causing your viral inflammation, how the starch in bananas interacts with other substances in your body and what it means to get a high potassium reading on a blood test. Understand how bananas can help you with your chronic illness. Get excited for this week?s episode. Learn what nobody ever taught you about the banana. For more information visit
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021 Teeth: Everyone's Getting Drilled

There are millions of people sitting in dentists? offices around the world getting their teeth drilled. Crowns, implants, bridges, fillings, root canals, veneers and tooth repairs are a common theme while the causes of teeth problems are still a mystery. In this podcast episode we uncover that mystery, peeling the pages apart and dissecting what it is that has led people astray when it comes to the health of their teeth. We get into the grit of fruit fear, how it came to be that fruit was associated with teeth problems and why it is named to be the enemy of teeth. I talk about mineral deficiencies and how we accumulate them over time. See why one kid in high school may be eating the same diet as another high schooler, but one gets three cavities and the other gets fifteen. Discover what I mean when I say that teeth are like time capsules, tiny enamel blueprints of not only our own past but that of our family line. I break down how our teeth become porous in a way that x-rays may not be able to detect, and what this has to do with the pathogens in and around us. Understand what critical nutrient our gums thrive off of, and what you can do to strengthen your teeth. Don?t miss this insightful episode. Press play and tune in to some hard-hitting truths about your teeth. For more information visit
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020 Lemon Water: Is It Really That Bad?

There are many misconceptions in the realm of health. One particular misconception is lemon water harming our teeth. In this episode you will learn about the abundance of healing properties that lemon water possesses. I uncover how lemons came to be the scapegoat of people?s health issues and illnesses, especially dental problems, when really there are other real and worse threats to your health that could actually weaken your teeth and bones. Discover the flushing and cleansing effect of lemon water, and the common misconceptions when it comes to dental health. You?ll see how Medical Medium information made the vital connection between drinking 16 to 32 ounces of lemon water in the morning and the purging of toxins in the liver. I?ll show you how lemons actually fight against tooth decay, and reveal what foods and beverages are really deteriorating your teeth, such as vinegar. Listen to answer the common questions of whether lemon water should be consumed hot or cold, whether lemon juice replacements are the same as the real thing, and why millions are now drinking lemon water. Discover how this Medical Medium tool, when used properly, can help you heal. You don?t want to miss this enlightening episode, so fasten your seatbelts and expand your knowledge about the power of lemon water. For more information visit
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019 Supplements: Do or Don't?

There isn?t a one size fits all when it comes down to chronic illness. Some people have one symptom that keeps them up at night and others have over a dozen. While one person may focus on foods for their healing process, and that be all they need to rid their symptoms, someone else may need to do the same plus multiple cleanses and supplementation. When it comes to supplements, there are those who have had uncomfortable experiences with supplements, whether they were taking supplements with toxic fillers, or the supplements they were taking were not specifically geared towards fixing their health issues, and these experiences could make someone shy away from the opportunity to heal, especially when the right answers and more helpful supplementation comes along. To find out more about why good supplements are important and how they play a role in the healing process of the chronically ill, enjoy the Medical Medium advertisement-free podcast, no interruptions. To learn more, visit
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018 Blood Draw: Bloodletting & Vampirism

Many people battling symptoms, conditions, or chronic illness are subjected to routine blood draws and tests. How can these routine blood draws affect the body? In this episode, I uncover important truths about blood draws and reveal why the blood testing and donation system is broken and outdated. I explain how blood testing affects the immune system and why this can be dangerous, especially for the chronically ill. Find out how to determine the amount needed when getting your blood drawn and tested, and learn how much of your blood is discarded and wasted, and how very little of your blood is used for the testing process. Listen as I share what variables should be considered before getting a blood test and how gender can affect these variables. I cover what to ask for from your doctor when it comes to getting your blood tested and how best to protect yourself before and after a blood draw or blood donation. To learn more, visit
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017 Stargazing Meditation: Finding Yourself

The stargazing meditation is a powerful guided meditation that can help you heal from emotional struggles, broken trust, broken promises, emotional stress, betrayal, wrong-doings, and disappointments. These very emotional blows can make us doubt ourselves, make us wonder if we are good enough, or make us believe that we don?t deserve good things in life. As our soul gets injured here on earth by emotional struggles, we often develop PTSD, depersonalization, anxiety, and depression. The stargazing meditation can give relief in many ways to anyone living with an emotional struggle. In this episode you will feel what it?s like to float on a cloud and get a direct view of the stars. You will learn how to gain back emotional strength. I describe how self-doubt can be instilled in our soul and hold us back in many ways, and how this meditation can help us rise out the self-doubt and eliminate fear from our being. In this meditation you will see what your soul looks like as you travel on a spiritual journey to the stars. Completing this meditation will allow you to reconnect to a part of you that can help restore your spirit, heart, and soul. Please do not perform this meditation while driving or operating machinery. To learn more, visit
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016 Potato: The Nightshade Healer

Potatoes have gotten a bad rap for far too long. In this episode, I uncover important truths about potatoes and debunk theories and misconceptions about this healing food. I reveal how potatoes have become the food to blame and why it is not a good idea to consume potatoes covered in cheese, sour cream, milk, butter, mayonnaise, oil, or lard, and blame the potato for weight gain, diabetes, and insulin resistance. You will learn the truth about rising A1C levels and why potatoes are not the cause. I explain how potatoes are an anti-viral food and can help with many health symptoms and conditions including lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis, neurological Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), Reynaud?s syndrome, vertigo, POTS, endometriosis, PCOS, and fibroids. I reveal how the glucose in potatoes can strengthen the central nervous system and why potatoes are crucial for anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, OCD, and anyone going through an emotional struggle or hardship. I explain how potatoes do not cause inflammation in the body. Discover why potatoes should not be feared because they?re a nightshade. Learn where you get the trace mineral zinc from in a potato. You will learn how potatoes affect the good and bad bacteria in the intestinal tract. Find out how potatoes can help with the aftereffects of food poisoning. I share valuable information about how potatoes can soothe the digestive tract and help to heal Crohn?s, colitis, IBS, celiac, ulcers, gastroparesis, esophageal spasms, cramping, bloating, and other digestive disorders. Listen as I share the best ways to incorporate more potatoes into your diet and use this incredible food to aide in healing many health symptoms and conditions. To learn more, visit
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015 Fruit Picking Meditation: Healing Anxiety and PTSD

This Fruit Picking Meditation is a powerful, guided meditation that can help heal anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS), and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), as well as rebuild your spirit, heart, and soul. Learn how the sacred act of fruit picking and taking the time to focus on nature?s rhythms can activate trust and faith within your soul; this can rewire your neurons, reverse anxiety, and heal PTSS and PTSD. Reconnecting with fruit picking is like reconnecting to your soul?s very existence, and can help you find your way and live your life freely. The Fruit Picking Meditation is for anyone who does not have access to picking fruit, whether that is because of the time of year, or other circumstances. If you have picked fruit before, this meditation will let you experience it once again, reigniting your past experience, and activating healing in your soul. If you have never picked a piece of fruit in your life, the Fruit Picking Meditation will be just as powerful and healing for you. Please do not perform this meditation while driving or operating machinery.
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014 Anxiety: They Say It's All In Your Head

Anxiety has many causes and triggers and can be different for everyone. Someone may have a sense of discomfort, unease, feeling no desire to keep moving, not wanting to ever be still, difficulty around crowds, feeling of nervousness, sweaty palms, or the inability to fall asleep easily because of racing thoughts. Another person could be on the bathroom floor, unable to move, body feeling numb, while trying to breathe into a paper bag. The range of anxiety isn?t 1 to 10, it?s more like 1 to 100,000, because that is how many variations of anxiety exist and how everyone can feel it differently. The symptoms of anxiety can range from mild to moderate to severe, and unless you?ve been in someone?s shoes who has struggled or suffered with anxiety, can you really understand what they?re going through. In this episode, I reveal the ten most common triggers for anxiety and how to avoid them. I describe how emotional struggles, hardships, and emotional stress can be both a trigger and a cause for anxiety, and how this can affect the emotional center of the brain. I explain how anxiety can relate to an existing health symptom or condition, such as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis (MS), lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme disease, POTS, dysautonomia, sarcoidosis, Sjogren?s syndrome, Hashimoto?s thyroiditis, eczema, psoriasis, endometriosis, migraines, vertigo, tingles and numbness, aches and pains, tics and spasms, ringing in the ears, dizziness, jaw pain, neck pain, eye floaters, and blurry eyes. Learn more about how toxic heavy metals can play a role in having anxiety. Find out which fruits, leafy greens, herbs, wild foods, and vegetables are really helpful when healing anxiety, and which foods can be harmful and are best to avoid. Listen as I share specific healing tools that can help manage, control, and heal anxiety. Many people have to live their life around anxiety. Anxiety can rule their every waking moment, and can determine what they?re going to be able to accomplish in a day, and leave someone feeling hopeless. Very little about anxiety is understood to this day; but in this episode, you can learn the true causes of anxiety, and tools that can help you head into a direction of healing and putting anxiety behind you forever.
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013 Mold: The Crazy Maker

Going down the mold path is not easy for anyone. It requires a certain mindset to be able to live your life and at the same time, live with the mold around you. How do you battle an invisible invader that instills so much fear in people, and can worsen health symptoms and conditions? The mold today is not the same mold of yesterday, the mold today is much stronger than mold ever was in our history. This mold runs on a frequency, emf, radio signals, and energy emitting from power plants; it thrives on technology and has adapted and lives by this power. Mold can trigger someone who is seemingly healthy and has had no health problems before but can especially trigger someone who is already struggling with an existing health symptom or condition. We don?t always have full control over our environment or surroundings, but there are ways to fight against mold exposure while living with the mold itself. In this episode, learn how mold can be a trigger for many health symptoms and conditions, including tingles, numbness, dizziness, ringing in the ears, eczema, psoriasis, body pain, migraines, acne, Hashimotos, anxiety, depression, heart palpitations, brain fog, Lyme disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, lupus, multiple sclerosis (MS), UTIs, sinus infections, bladder infections, sore throats, and more. I reveal how the immune system goes after mold spores in the bloodstream and what healing tools to incorporate to help rebuild the immune system and defend yourself from mold sickness.
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012 B12 Trick-or-Treat: You Don't Get It From Meat

Truths about B12, where it comes from, and how it works inside the body are revealed in this episode. I explain why B12 is one of the most important nutrients of our time and why it is just as important as Vitamin C. You may have heard that B12 comes from meat, chicken eggs, and other animal products, but there is more to the story than that. In this episode, I uncover the different sources where B12 comes from. Are vegans in danger of being deficient of B12, versus animal protein eaters? Learn how environmental exposure such as pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, air fresheners, scented candles, and other toxic substances can weaken our B12 reserves. Find out how emotional hardships, betrayal, broken trust, and broken relationships can play a role in diminishing B12 reserves. In this episode, I describe why B12 is critical for the central nervous system, brain function, and neurotransmitters. You will learn how the liver plays a role in B12 production. I uncover the two main causes of why we are B12 deficient. Find out how B12 works in different creatures, such as chickens, cows, lamb, pigs, goats, quail, turkeys, rabbits, salmon, crabs, clams, and oysters. Learn how living foods such as spinach, parsley, kale, lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, pears, and berries play a role with B12 in the body. Listen to learn more shocking truths about B12 and how it plays a critical role in healing and recovery from any health symptom or condition.
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011 Apple Cider Vinegar: Teeth Dissolver

Discover how apple cider vinegar can affect the body, especially if you are someone who is living with eczema, psoriasis, acne, vitiligo, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, thyroid disorders, Lyme disease, or any other symptom or condition. I describe the relationship between acetic acid and bacteria inside the gut, and the effect acetic acid can have on the stomach. Does apple cider vinegar strengthen digestion or weaken digestion? I reveal how apple cider vinegar can aide in weight loss. In this episode, you will learn the difference between apple cider vinegar, red wine vinegar, white wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, and other vinegars, and which is the best choice. Is apple cider vinegar something you should be consuming if you?re someone living with any health conditions? You will learn why apple cider vinegar can be helpful for some people living with acid reflux and bloating. I reveal the effect apple cider vinegar can have on your teeth. Listen to learn more important information about apple cider vinegar, what things it can be good for, and the potential effect it can have on your body.
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010 Neurological Symptoms: Body Pain, Dizziness, Tingles - oh S*it!

I reveal neurological symptoms, their true cause, and how to heal. You will learn what causes mystery neurological symptoms and conditions, such as tics and spasms, fatigue, dizziness, nausea, jaw pain, head pain, neck pain, body pain, tingles and numbness, humming, buzzing, ringing in the ears, vibrations, tightness of chest, tightness of throat, panic attacks, anxiety, feeling of being on a boat, Lyme disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, autoimmune, multiple sclerosis, and dozens more. Neurological symptoms will be described so you can learn how to identify them easily and understand the true cause of why we can experience these symptoms. With this information, you will be able to relate and identify with the kind of neurological symptoms you have. I uncover why the autoimmune theory is not an answer for your neurological symptoms. In this episode, you will learn about the vagus, phrenic, trigeminal, pudendal, vestibular, tibial, and sciatic nerves and the role they play in your body. I reveal what causes these nerves in the body to become inflamed and what neurotoxins are. I unveil how certain foods can be a trigger for neurological symptoms, and how we can easily replace these foods so we can move forward with our healing. Learn how everyone has toxic heavy metals in their body and how they?re contributing to these symptoms and many more. Listen to find out more critical information about neurological symptoms and how to heal.
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009 Brain Fog: Knock, Knock. Who's There?

Brain fog, its true causes, and how to heal are revealed in this episode. I debunk the current theories of what is believed to be the causes of brain fog. Learn about the different levels and variations of brain fog, from mild to extreme, and how difficult they can be. With this information, you will be able to relate and identify with the kind of brain fog you have. You will learn about toxic heavy metals and viruses in the body, and how they play a role in brain fog. I reveal triggers for brain fog and the stress they can put on the brain, body, and immune system. Find out what happens when we have toxic heavy metals in the brain and how this can result in potential memory issues. Is your diet worsening your brain fog? Learn what foods are best to remove from your diet if you suffer from brain fog. I talk about caffeine and the effect it can have on your brain fog. I share important healing tools that can assist your body in removing toxins and viruses, feed and support your brain, and help you heal from brain fog. To learn more, listen to this episode.
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008 Free As A Bird Meditation: Uncage Your Soul

This guided Free As A Bird Meditation provides an escape from the very difficult emotional challenges we?re facing every day, and within ourselves, so we can gain clarity and lift the residue off our soul. This meditation is a chance to break free and become emotionally strong, and can be particularly helpful if you are someone who feels stifled, unheard, misunderstood, trapped, suffocated, or even down right stuck, feeling cooped up, and unable to travel or get into nature. This meditation can also benefit those who feel trapped or limited by their chronic illness or debilitating symptoms, or who are stuck on mattress island or couch island, and feel their life passing by, unable to do the activities and life events that their friends and family are doing with ease. In this episode, I will be talking about the cage that builds around our soul from emotional hardships, and how this cage can disconnect us from ourselves and others, holding us back from who we are. This Free as a Bird Meditation rids your soul of the cage wrapped around it, leaving your soul open, free, and uncaged. Completing this meditation has the power to bring you in touch with a part of yourself you haven?t been connected to in years. I recommend making this meditation a regular part of your spiritual growth and healing. When you practice flying free, nothing can hold you down, or get in your soul?s way. Please do not perform this meditation while driving or operating machinery.
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007 Coffee, Matcha & Chocolate: Abusive Relationship

Caffeine has been around since ancient times, through a variety of plant sources, but there?s a bigger story to how it?s used now. The addiction that we have with caffeine is not just ceremonial anymore, like it was for hundreds of years, all around the world. Nowadays, we use it as a crutch to get by, because people don?t feel well, and are struggling from focus and concentration issues, brain fog, fatigue, energy issues, forgetfulness, grogginess, and physical discomfort. We use it now to mask our everyday symptoms. Sure, people who feel good still consume caffeine, but more people who don?t feel good, are consuming it to survive and get through their day. In this episode, I reveal why we are addicted to caffeine, and how caffeine can mask health symptoms until they potentially get worse. Find out why more and more women are experiencing hair thinning and hair loss at a young age. How caffeine can affect the body and lead to nutrient deficiencies, weight gain, loss of libido, and more. Is caffeine slowing or accelerating aging? I reveal how caffeine can affect the aging process. I uncover the truth about coffee enemas, and how they can affect the body. How caffeine consumption can affect spiritual experiences. Why is caffeine hard to let go? Find out more about how the body reacts during caffeine withdrawal, and what wild foods, leafy greens, fruits, herbs, and supplements are best to assist the body and ease withdrawal symptoms. Listen to learn more about caffeine use, withdrawal, and how to restore your health, and replace coffee, matcha tea, and chocolate with healing foods and supplements.
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006 Moon Meditation: Healing Emotional Wounds

This guided Moon Meditation will connect you with the moon?s powerful ability to heal your soul. It?s not easy when you feel misunderstood, betrayed, wronged, ignored, insecure, or less-than. It?s not easy when it feels like anxiety is getting the best of you, depression is ruling your life, or you feel disconnected from the world because of hurt you have experienced. When you need help that is not from this world, you can use the moon as a sanctuary from worldly troubles. This Moon Meditation helps pull out the poison of hurt in your body that is hindering you. In this meditation, you will be put back in touch with your essence, realigned, and rewired. When you apply the right tools, freedom is in your hands and you can rise out of the ashes. Please do not perform this meditation while driving or operating machinery.
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005 Eggs: Eaters Lose All

I reveal why removing eggs from your diet is critical for healing. Learn the secret truth about what the medical industry did to your favorite food, the chicken egg. Find out about the history of what happened to our eggs and why they are a favorite food for viruses and bacteria. In this episode, I reveal why avoiding eggs is crucial when struggling with any illness, symptom, or condition, such as brain fog, acne, Lyme disease, lupus, fibromyalgia, cysts, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, eczema, psoriasis, anxiety, tingles and numbness, or migraines. Did you know you are eating eggs in foods you don?t realize contain eggs and they?re feeding pathogens in your body over time. Medical research and science is unaware that viruses eat food. In this episode, I describe how viruses eat and the ?feeding frenzy? going on in your liver and body when you consume eggs; how this creates a stagnant, sluggish liver; and the importance of detoxing your liver. Listen to learn more life-saving information about eggs and how to support your body in healing.
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004 Air Fresheners, Scented Candles, Colognes & Perfumes: Killing You Smelly

Learn how air fresheners, scented candles, colognes, perfumes, and other chemical fragrances can potentially affect your health and well-being, and what you can do to protect yourself. More people now than ever before are using chemical fragrances in their homes. In this episode, I reveal why this is, and how people have been trained to enjoy the smell of these chemicals. I talk about the potential effect air fresheners have on the immune cells in your body and limit your body?s ability to fight viruses, which is unknown to medical research and science. I explain how air fresheners, scented candles, and other chemical fragrances can possibly affect the nervous system, and why it is a good idea to avoid them if you have symptoms and conditions such as anxiety, depression, dizziness, eye floaters, brain fog, tingles and numbness, tics and spasms, jerking, burning skin, migraines, eye floaters, body pain, fatigue, Lyme disease, lupus, MS, or fibromyalgia. You will learn how chemical fragrances have the potential to affect the lungs, reduce oxygen capacity, and feed viruses in the liver. I share important healing tools that will assist your body in removing toxins and help you become less chemical sensitive down the road. Listen to learn more about chemical fragrances and how to protect yourself.
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003 Brain Meditation: Letting Go Of Fear

This guided Brain Meditation is a powerful tool for letting go of fear and ridding fear from your soul, spirit, and heart. We don?t realize that when we go through life, our soul becomes injured from betrayal and broken trust, creating fear within us. Fear can get in the way of who we truly are and who we aspire to be. Fear hinders the bridge between our soul and our physical brain; this bridge is the connection that allows us to feel safe, trusting, and secure. This meditation is about taking control of your life and not letting fear run you or own you in any way. This Brain Meditation helps mend and strengthen the bridge between your soul and body, so that fear and broken trust won?t hold you back. Please do not perform this meditation while driving or operating machinery.
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002 Fruit Fear: They Lied To You

Fruit Fear is one of the largest, greatest deceptions of our day. In this episode, you will learn about the history of the war on fruit and why fruit is critical for your health and survival. Did you know your brain requires sugar to function? Did you know there is a reason why you crave sweets, or foods with hidden sugars like pizza or pasta, during highly emotional situations? I cover this, as well as how to use fruit to heal from neurological symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, chronic fatigue, and more. I share important information about high-fat diet trends, intermittent fasting, and why fruit is the most anti-aging food on the planet. Listen to learn more about the importance of fruit for your body and how to use it to heal.
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001 Chemtrails: The Sky Is Falling

I discuss shocking truths about Chemtrails, how they affect all of us, and what your body needs from you to protect your health. You will learn about the hidden history of Chemtrails and secrets behind the planes you see in the sky. Flocks of birds dying all at once, losing our bees, and sea life washing up on the shore ? what?s the deal? What are we really breathing in when jogging in the mornings? Is there anything in our rain besides water? Why are the Polar Caps melting? Are Chemtrails affecting weather and climate? In this episode, we will discuss the dirty secret behind red tides and the real reason why our skies are no longer a rich blue. Listen to learn more important information about Chemtrails, what your body needs from you, and how to protect yourself.
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000 Medical Medium Podcast: Welcome

Join me for the eye-opening Medical Medium Podcast, where I share unique, advanced medical information on all levels of health and healing that is decades ahead of science and research. This podcast is about pulling the wool back from our eyes, and revealing the scary truths we?re up against on planet earth.
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Power Of Leafy Greens - Radio Show Archive

Leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, Swiss chard, mâche, and watercress deserve accolades for the power they hold to restore your health and yet they are often overlooked. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn how leafy greens can help you heal and how much of them to eat.
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Celery Juice & Slow Metabolism - Radio Show Archive

Weight gain and difficulty losing weight is commonly blamed on ?slow metabolism?. However, this is misinformation. Weight gain has nothing to do with metabolism and everything to do with an overburdened liver. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn the truth about metabolism and weight problems, and how celery juice can help.
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Truth About the Ketogenic Diet - Radio Show Archive

Is the keto diet safe? Why do some people feel okay on it and others don't? What's the long term affects of the keto diet? What's the deal with the keto flu and keto breath? Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to get answers and learn the truth about the ketogenic diet.
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Celery Juice & Toxic Heavy Metals - Radio Show Archive

Toxic heavy metals can cause or play a role in many different chronic illnesses and symptoms, including migraines, depression, anxiety, eczema, psoriasis, vitiligo, ADHD, autism, Parkinson's, eating disorders, addictions and more. Celery juice has a special function in disarming toxic heavy metals. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn more.
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Celery Juice For Teeth Problems - Radio Show Archive

No matter what diet you eat or what you do for your health, it's almost impossible to avoid teeth issues at some point over your lifetime. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn why almost everyone has some teeth problems and how celery juice can help.
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Celery Juice For Autoimmune & Neurological Conditions - Radio Show Archive

Struggling with a neurological and/or autoimmune health problem such as ME/CFS, multiple sclerosis, or Parkinson?s? These conditions are not caused by the body attacking itself. Lyme disease is also caused by something different to what medical communities believe. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn the truth about these conditions and how celery juice can help.
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Celery Juice For PCOS, Fibroids, & Endometriosis - Radio Show Archive

Fibroids, endometriosis, cysts, breast density, and other reproductive health issues are more prevalent today than ever before. In truth, nine out of ten women have at least one reproductive health issue right now. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn how celery juice works to help these health conditions and many more.
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Celery Juice For Eczema & Other Skin Conditions - Radio Show Archive

People all over the world are posting their stories of how they have healed eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions with the help of celery juice. It's celery juice?s undiscovered healing properties that are responsible for so many people seeing improvement. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn specifically how celery juice helps heal the body and skin issues.
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Fears About Celery Juice - Radio Show Archive

Do you have questions about celery juice or have you heard conflicting information? Get the answers to your questions and concerns about celery juice. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn more about celery juice?s special sodium, whether it has oxalates or sugar, and more.
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Rumors And Myths About Celery Juice - Radio Show Archive

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation being spread about celery juice. This misinformation is tragically stopping many people from healing. It?s critical to learn the truth about celery juice and to dispel the rumors and myths.
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Why 16oz Of Celery Juice? - Radio Show Archive

For decades, Medical Medium Anthony William, the originator of the global celery juice movement, has been recommending that people drink 16 ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach every morning. Why? Because it works! Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to find out why 16 ounces specifically is important.
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Oxalates Debunked - Radio Show Archive

Have you been told to avoid certain leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, or herbs like celery because they?re said to contain problematic oxalates? This is a common myth that?s preventing many people from getting the healing benefits these foods offer. Listen to this Medical Medium Radio Show to learn the truth about oxalates.
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