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Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices. Talk and Tech for Developers, Life-long Learners, and Technologists.


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Testing mobile devices with robots with Mobot's Eden Full Goh

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What If? 2 with Randall Munroe

In association with Outside In, we are thrilled to share this conversation with Randall Munroe and Scott Hanselman. The #1 New York Times bestselling author of What If? and How To answers more of the weirdest questions you never thought to ask!

Buy What If 2Watch the video of Randall and Scott on YouTube
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The Work Ahead with Blind Engineer Sameer Doshi

When engineer and author Sameer Doshi interviewed remotely for his current job at Microsoft, he was nervous about only one thing: Telling his future employer that he?s blind. He was offered the position, and even after starting he didn?t mention that he?s blind until he needed to put in a request for the special software that helps him do his job. Four years later, he has moved up the ranks to a management position and is thriving. He talks to Scott about tech accommodation, and his new sci-fi book The Work Ahead!

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Celebrating the Second Edition of Code with Charles Petzold

The classic guide to how computers work has been updated with new chapters and interactive graphics! Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software, 2nd Edition by Charles Petzold is now available. Charles explains why he added chapters, reordered content, incorporated new examples, and updated descriptions in his best-selling book.

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Engineering Leadership and Refactoring Monoliths with Kirsten Westeinde

Kirsten Westeinde is a technology enthusiast and a lifelong learner. She is a development manager at Shopify, where she solves challenging web development problems every day. She talks with Scott about her career at Shopify moving from Software Developer to Senior Software Development Manager. They also chat about the Shopify's Journey from something different!

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Sonic Pi Live Coding Music Synth with Sam Aaron

Sonic Pi is a new kind of musical instrument which enables exciting new learning pathways in the classroom! Not only can you create music quickly and "live code" your music to change when performing, but you can also use Sonic Pi as a way to learn coding in a more creative way rather than focusing on abstract concepts or working with data.
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C64 OS - A new operating system for the Commodore 64 with Gregory Naçu

C64 OS has one goal. Make a Commodore 64 feel fast and useful in today?s modern world. It's a very high bar. The C64 was introduced in 1982 and has an 8-bit, 1MHz, 6510 CPU with just 64 kilobytes of directly addressable memory. It has a screen resolution of 320x200 pixels, and a fixed palette of 16 colors. But, it is an incredibly versatile machine. And it enjoys an active userbase and a great variety of modern hardware expansions. How did Gregory Naçu do it in 2022?

Buy now!

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Why the C64 Demoscene matters with Clay Token's Bilgem Çak?r

The demoscene is an international computer art subculture focused on producing demos: self-contained, sometimes extremely small, computer programs that produce audiovisual presentations. When was the last time you coded something that fit in 4k? How about just 1024 bytes? Bilgem Çak?r is one of many folks still making the Commodore 64 sing and do things you'd never expect, 40 years after the computer was released. Why is this kind of coding important or interesting in 2022? Bilgem offers his perspective as game studio CTO, long time demoscener, and C64 demo record holder.

This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp. Give online therapy a try at and get on your way to being your best self.

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Learning to code 6502 assembly in Pikuma's Gustavo Pezzi

Gustavo Pezzi wants to teach YOU (and everyone) how to 6502 assembly on 40 year old machines! There's something amazing about coding on the absolute metal and owning the entire machine/stack. teaches the learn the fundamentals of computer science and mathematics in creative and dynamic ways using older game consoles and teaches things like graphics and physics without large frameworks.

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Creating Tech Courseware with Lemonerdy's teen CEO Eden Wilson

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Building and Scaling Geo-Distributed Cloud Apps with Denis Magda

Denis started at Sun Microsystems and Oracle where he worked on JVM/JDK and led one of the Java development groups. After learning Java from the inside, he joined the world of distributed systems and databases, where he's remained ever since. He talks to Scott about how to build large horizontal cloud apps that are geo-distributed and truly global.  

Cloud availability zones and regions are not immune to outages. The zones go down regularly, and regions become unavailable during natural disasters or human-caused incidents. If an availability zone or a larger area goes down, so does your application?unless the application functions across multiple geographic locations. We'll discuss availability and reliability patterns used by architects whose apps managed to withstand major cloud outages. 

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Growing your career via technical content creation with Mohammed Osman

Mohammed Osman strongly believes that blogging greatly improved his my career and encourages everyone to give it a try. Things like content research, learning SEO, hosting your own sites and blogs and lead to job opportunities, speaking opportunities and more! He talks to Scott about how he's used this blog to teach (and learn) Azure and help get folks all over the world Azure Cloud certified!

The quiz: Free Azure certifications guide:


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Learning via Personal Challenges with Lisi Hocke

Lisi Hocke commits to a personal challenge every year, publicly! This is a great way to encourage accountability and learn and improve public. She commits to one challenge per year and a continuing learning journey. Scott talks to Lisi about getting out of our personal, professional, and technical comfort zones and getting better through accountability and learning partners!

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Redpoint's Erica Brescia supports Tech Founders

Erica Brescia co-founded Bitnami, and later joined GitHub as COO. She's also on the board of directors of the Linux Foundation. This week she talks to Scott about how VC works, where the money comes from, how one moves from idea to funded, and how companies like Redpoint help support founders.

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Mark Thompson wants you to win

Mark Thompson wants you to win. He talks to Scott about the scarcity mindset and why it's the wrong way to think about a career in technology. Your winning doesn't mean Mark or Scott loses.

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Failing Safely with Ramón Huidobro

Ramón Huidobro is a Developer Relations Strategist, Developer Educator and Public Speaker with over a decade of experience in Software Engineering. He talks to Scott about how to learn - and fail - safely and comfortably in public.

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Rust for Beginners with Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a Principal Software Engineer at Microsoft and as a Board Director at the Rust Foundation. Rust is a low-level statically-typed multi-paradigm programming language that?s focused on safety and performance. In a world of C and C++, why should you use Rust? Why does Rust shine and what problems does it solve?

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The future of supply chain with Ox's CEO Charu Thomas

Ox optimizes fulfillment operations by automating manual tasks and increasing workforce efficiency. Ox's CEO Charu Thomas started thinking about this space in college and then ended up founded a company in Northwest Arkansas!

As a second-year undergraduate, Charu took her concept to Thad Starner, a professor in Georgia Tech?s College of Computing, who also was the technical lead/manager for Google Glass. The resulting research won the Best Paper Award at the 2018 ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) International Symposium on Wearable Computers.

This episode was produced in partnership with the ByteCast!

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Journey Foods makes Tech with Biologist and Entrepreneur Riana Lynn

Journey Foods is a SaaS company that supports product management and intelligence services for food businesses. They are changing food science inefficiencies and problematic supply chains. Scott talks to biologist turned multi-hyphenate entrepreneur Riana Lynn about our food supply, how we understand it, how it's analyzed and thought about, and how it can be improved with software.
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Engineering Stack Overflow with Roberta Arcoverde

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Enabled Play for everyone with Alex Dunn

Enabled Play helps people turn anything into a new input for their computers, game consoles, and more. Powered by offline, private, and personalized Artificial Intelligence and distributed services ? all packed into affordable devices and apps. Imagine playing Elden Ring with just your facial expressions! Or enabling keyboards, mice, and game pads with whatever devices will best set you up for success. Enabled Play enable folks with disabilities, different levels of abilities, basically everyone to be their best selves on any device. Scott talks to Alex Dunn about the ideas and goals behind his company, how he built it, and how Enabled Play is about Work, Life, and Play for everyone.
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3d Printers work everywhere with OctoEverywhere and Quinn Damerell

Quinn saw a problem and connected a community. Folks like Gina at OctoPrint (Episode 470!) have made our 3D Printers wireless, but OctoEverywhere means you can connect to OctoPrint safely and securely from anywhere! How did Quinn make this service, scale it, and what's it like to have a side hustle that helps tens of thousands?

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3D Movie Maker Forever with Foone Turing

Foone Turing is a self-proclaimed "software necromancer" not only bringing classics back to life, but also breathing new life and community into older software and hardware. Foone and Scott recently worked with Microsoft to get Microsoft 3D Movie Maker released as Open Source. We'll hear about Foone's plans for 3D Movie Maker going forward, as well as why the community has such strong feelings for this funny 27 year old piece of software!
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Writing Ballad and Dagger with Daniel José Older

In 2014 Daniel José Older was an EMT in New York City, today he's the author of 19 books, the most recent being Ballad & Dagger (Outlaw Saints, #1). He sits down with Scott to talk about being a creator in public, how social media has changed how the public interacts with authors, what his creative process is like, and how Young Adults are his favorite audience because they will absolutely tell you the truth about your work.

Ballad & Dagger - Outlaw Saints, #1
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Power Platform School with Tricia Sinclair

Tricia has over 10 years of experience in implementing CRM solutions in various roles from Consultant to Architect. The Power Platform School works with adults from the BAME community, providing training on the Microsoft Power Platform as well as mentorship from industry professionals, during an 8-week program. Tricia is super passionate about the Power Platform and in this episode, she teaches Scott about its power and flexibility.
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Towards Trustworthy AI with Beena Ammanath

Trustworthy AI is an essential resource on artificial intelligence ethics for business, government, and society at-large.  In her book, Beena Ammanath draws from her extensive experience across several industries and sectors in data, analytics and AI, the latest research and case studies, and the pressing questions and concerns business leaders and society have about the ethics of AI. Scott talks to Beena about what AI - and organizations - need to do to gain our trust.

Book: Trustworthy AI by Beena Ammanath
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A Software Tester's Career Path with Nicola Lindgren

My blog:

Twitter: @NicolaLindgren

How Can I Test This?

Starting Your Software Testing Career: (paperback can be bought on Amazon)

Testing With Charles Proxy Blog series :

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You're not gonna need it with Appsmith's Arpit Mohan

Appsmith is the first open-source low code tool that helps developers build dashboards and admin panels very quickly. Scott talks to Arpit Mohan about how some things in software engineering are overengineering and YAGNI - you aren't gonna need it! Maybe the solution is far simpler than you'd think it is.
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Cross-platform UIs with C# and Avalonia with Dan Walmsley

Considered an open-source cross platform spiritual successor to WPF, Avalonia provides a familiar developer experience allowing you to leverage years of pre-existing knowledge and investments! Scott talks to Dan Walmsley about the project and their goals. - website + docs - github - telegram community chat - twitter - plasticscm - gritgene (film industry special effects editor) - github blog post (git credential manager using avalonia) - open source desktop Zune clone. - wordle avalonia clone (desktop, mobile, web) - complete walk-through video
Länk till avsnitt with Lydia Hallie and Addy Osmani is free book on design patterns and component patterns for building powerful web apps with vanilla JavaScript and React. Lydia Hallie is a full-time software engineering consultant and educator that primarily works with JavaScript, React, Node, GraphQL, and serverless technologies and Addy Osmani is an engineering manager working on Google Chrome. Together they teamed up with some web friends from around the world to bring us a new way to think about Patterns in JavaScript on the modern open web.

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Site Reliability Engineering with PagerDuty's Stevenson Jean-Pierre

Scott talks to PagerDuty's Stevenson Jean-Pierre about the art and science of Site Reliability Engineering. What's the role of the SRE in today's modern DevOps lifecycle? How do they interaction and share ownership (and uptime!) of your apps and sites? Who carries the pager in 2022?

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How kids learn how to Code with MakeCode's Kiki Prottsman

Kiki Prottsman is a multihyphenate! Computer Science Educator, Artist, Author of several books, and above all, engineer, Kiki has been helping young developers level up with computers for as long as she can remember. Scott talks to Kiki about how kids learn, the importance of Systems Thinking, the fact that coding with Blocks is not given enough respect, and that jumping into code is far easier and more accessible than most folks realize!

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Pyjion, a JIT compiler for Python using .NET Core with Anthony Shaw

In this episode Scott talks to developer Anthony Shaw about Pyjion (pronounced "Pidgeon" like the bird) a JIT compiler for Python that uses .NET Core technology for speed! We discuss the concept of JIT'ers in general, look at the Python JIT ecosystem, and explore the work that Anthony is doing to make Python as fast as possible by any means necessary!  in-browser compiler!  source repo! PyCon talk ?Why is Python slow??
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From Broadway to Engineering to Product with Liana Leahy

Scott talks to engineering manager Liana Leahy about her journey from Broadway to Technology...and why it was the absolute right and most obvious move! How does Liana's stage and screen experience make her a better more empathetic technologist?

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Standup Comedy is a Real Job with Alex Falcone

Alex Falcone is making it happen! A Portland comedian who now lives in LA because that's the next step for comedians just released his album "Vanilla" that you can enjoy on streaming services everywhere! How is this a real job? Scott talks to Alex about the creative process, running out of jokes, and the power of friendship.
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What does it take to go fast? with Fastly's Inés Sombra

Inés Sombra is the VP of Engineering of Core Systems at Fastly, and she knows how to go fast. She talks to Scott about the needs of the product, the business, and the engineering team and explains the processes needed for YOUR organization to go fast.

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Flutter for Windows with Google's Chris Sells

Flutter for Windows lets you deliver cross-platform, beautiful, tailored apps that are compiled to machine code and run natively on your devices! Scott talks to Google's Chris Sells about Flutter for Windows, how it works, how it's architected, and how it can help you!


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Voice for Everyone with Hillary Juma from Mozilla Common Voice

Common Voice is a crowdsourcing project started by Mozilla to create a free database for speech recognition software. The project is supported by volunteers who record sample sentences with a microphone and review recordings of other users. Community Manager Hillary Juma talks to Scott about how the system works and why it's so important to enable all languages and voices with the power of Open Source!

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Modern Code Generation with Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler is Head of Developer Engineering at OneSignal and has a deep interest in code generation. He has helped migrate large systems from Python 2 or Python 3 using code generation and code transformation. Using tools like Yellicode, Python Future, and others, Jordan's team has been able to accelerate software development. We'll also talk about OpenAPI-generator, a tool that takes OpenAPI/Swagger and generates idiomatic SDKs in any language.

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Landing Your First UX Design Job with Sharon Onyinye

Sharon Onyinye is a Product Designer, UX Specialist, and Educator. She's released an e-book "Landing Your First UX Design Job" and chats with Scott about how to think about design, how to get started, as well as the differences between UX, UI, PhotoShop, Figma, and other tools in the space. How do designers most successfully, ahem, "interface" with front end developers?

Learn from Sharon, here's here list of resources/booksLanding Your First UX Design Job
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Rachel Lim on Fine Tuning OpenAI

OpenAI has the ability to create custom versions of GPT-3 tailored for a developer?s application. Developers can use these fine-tuned iterations of GPT-3 subsets to efficiently produce results specific to their workloads with a single command. Scott talks to Rachel Lim from OpenAI about how these large language models work, what they are useful for, and why tuning them is so important!
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Game Console 2.0: A Photographic History with Evan Amos

Evan Amos is a video gaming photographer of high-quality stock photography of video game consoles, which he releases into the public domain. Known for contributing these images to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, Amos has recently release The Game Console 2.0, a book with extremely high-quality photos of classic (and modern) consoles. Why is it so important to share and preserve history in this way?

The Game Console 2.0Find Evan Amos onlineThe Vanamo Online Game Museum
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Exploring COVID Vaccine response with Shawn Carbonell, MD, PhD

Dr. Carbonell has been a Scientist for decades. He is an evangelist for STEM careers, science communication, and scientist-CEOs. ?Learn On TikTok? Creator. He is Oxford-educated with both an MD and PhD as well as Post-doctoral work. He dropped out of Brain Surgery to focus on curing brain cancer and a drug he invented is being tested now!

Check out his lab tests on his own body where he explores his response to the COVID booster weekly on TikTok

Find Shawn at:

Brazen Bio: https://brazen.bioBrazen Capital: https://brazen.capitalCure Glioblastoma: https://www.cureglioblastoma.orgTikTok: socials:
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Redefining Imposter Syndrome with Maya Bello

Maya is a software engineer who has worked at companies like Intuit and Slack. She's also taught game design as well as Java and OOP techniques as a Tutor at UCSD. She runs a successful YouTube channel and often mentors newbies. However, she's struggled with Imposter Syndrome. In this chat with Scott, Maya asks "why not me?" and considers how to redefine Imposter Syndrome and make it a superpower rather than a problem.

Subscribe to Maya on YouTube!
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Building Oh My Posh with Jan De Dobbeleer

I love a great command prompt and so does Jan De Dobbeleer. Building on the "Oh My" naming style, Jan started On My Posh on PowerShell and later brought it to all shells. Scott talks to Jan about open source, Go, and the fun in bootstrapping a community.

OhMyPosh.devScott and Jan create a new Segment for OhMyPosh that interfaces Nightscout for Diabetics
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Quitting your Job to Build a Game Studio with Bria Sullivan

Bria Sullivan is the CTO and Founder of Honey B Games. She took the leap and quit her job at Google to chase her dream full-time! Since then she's created a number of successful mobile games including Milk Tea Mania and Boba Barista Idle. She talks to Scott about taking that leap, how she did it, and how she plans to grow in 2022.
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Multi-Platform Apps with Uno Platform's Jérôme Laban

Uno Platform is an open source cross-platform graphical user interface that allows WinUI and Universal Windows Platform (UWP)-based code to run on iOS, macOS, Linux, Android, and WebAssembly. Scott talks to Jérôme Laban about the importance - and the flexibility - of this Uno Platform and what it can do for you.
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Race & Gender in Silicon Valley with Stanford's Cynthia Lee

Join us as we go behind the scenes of a year of big headlines about trouble in Silicon Valley. We'll start with the basic questions of who decides who gets to see themselves as "a computer person," and how do early childhood and educational experiences shape our perceptions of our relationship to technology? Scott talks with Stanford CS Professor Dr. Cynthia Lee about this and more.


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David Copperfield's History of Magic - in partnership with Microsoft Outside In

Microsoft has an internal lecture series called Outside in where interesting people come to talk about cool things they are working on. I got to speak to Magician David Copperfield inside his secret magic museum in Las Vegas. He's written a new book called History of Magic that's a wonderful exploration of the last 500+ years of magic. We talk about his career and the fascinating parallels between technology and magic.  

I want to personally thank David for his generosity and for letting us amplify his message on this YouTube and on the Hanselminutes Podcast.

Watch this interview on YouTube!
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Becoming a Digital Unicorn with Trice Johnson

The continuous wave of digital disruptions is demanding something new from each of us, whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, own a startup, or are a recent graduate looking to break into the industry. Trice explains to Scott that your ability to think beyond what's possible and solve problems with a different lens is the secret sauce that will set you apart - and increase your uniqueness in the market.
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