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Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Hanselminutes with Scott Hanselman

Hanselminutes is Fresh Air for Developers. A weekly commute-time podcast that promotes fresh technology and fresh voices. Talk and Tech for Developers, Life-long Learners, and Technologists.


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ASP.NET Basics for Experts with Layla Porter

What if you could take your web applications to the next level just by getting the fundamentals right? Scott sits down with ASP.NET expert Layla Porter to talk about her unique teaching style as we go over ASP.NET Basics for Experts!
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Designing with Code with Dr. Janne Jul Jensen

Let's explore the intersection of user experience design and software development. In this episode, Scott talks to Dr. Janne Jul Jensen, an interaction designer and usability specialist and now the co-founder of Henosia, a design canvas that codes. They discuss how to apply user interface techniques, methods, and tools in an agile process, how to collaborate effectively with developers and graphic designers, and how to create user interfaces that are intuitive, engaging, and aligned with real-world objects.
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Teaching Data Science with Alfredo Deza

In this episode, Scott interviews Alfredo Deza, a data science engineering and instructor. Alfredo shares his passion for teaching data science, his experience as a former Olympic athlete, and his tips and tricks for learning and applying data science concepts. They also discuss the challenges and opportunities of data science education, the importance of hands-on projects and feedback, and how he focuses on achieving his goals and deals with both success and failure.

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Rebuilding DevOps with System Initiative?s Brit Myers

In this episode, Scott chats with Brit Myers, the VP of Engineering at System Initiative, a company that helps organizations adopt DevOps best practices. Brit shares her insights on the current state of DevOps, the challenges and opportunities it presents, and how System Initiative is building a platform that simplifies and streamlines DevOps workflows. They also discuss the importance of culture, collaboration, and continuous learning in DevOps, and how System Initiative is empowering developers to deliver faster, better, and safer software.

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Code Visualization with CodeSee's Shanea Leven

In this episode Scott talks to Shanea Leven, the co-founder and CEO of CodeSee, a tool that helps developers visualize and understand complex codebases. Shanea shares her journey from being a developer to creating a product that empowers other developers to learn and collaborate more effectively. They discuss the challenges and benefits of code visualization, how CodeSee works under the hood, and how it can help developers of all levels improve their code quality and productivity.

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Building a better internet with Cloudflare's Rita Kozlov

Today Scott chats with Rita Kozlov, Sr. Director of Product for Cloudflare Workers & AI, about how Cloudflare is building a better internet with its serverless platform on the edge. Rita gives tips and advice for developers who want to learn more about Cloudflare Workers and how to use them effectively!

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Education should be Free with FreeCodeCamp's Quincy Larson

Quincy Larson, the teacher who founded, shares his inspiring journey of creating one of the most beloved learn-to-code resources. In this episode, he discusses why he launched freeCodeCamp, the importance of making coding accessible to all, and how it will forever remain free. Quincy also dives into the exciting new C# Certification program in partnership with Microsoft and freeCodeCamp, empowering learners to master this powerful language and build their tech careers.
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Where is AI taking us, John Maeda?

Scott sits down with John Maeda, Vice President of Design and Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft.  Scott and John discuss the current state and future of artificial intelligence, how AI is transforming various industries and domains, and how to get started with Semantic Kernal. They also talk about some of the ethical and social implications of AI, and how to ensure that AI is used for good.

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Modern Cloud Engineering with Adora Nwodo

Adora Nwodo is a cloud software engineer and the author of Cloud Engineering for beginners. She chats with Scott about her role, how she thinks about the cloud and how she's working to get new engineers on a cloud-based path.

Get her Cloud Engineering for Beginners or Beginning Azure DevOps book today!

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Balancing science, policy, education, and AI with Dr. Noriko Arai

Dr. Noriko Arai is a Japanese researcher in mathematical logic and artificial intelligence and a professor in the information and society research division of the National Institute of Informatics.  Her project pitting an AI against the University of Tokyo entrance examination got her thinking about how well young students are able to read. She started researching a new test to assess reading ability and draw attention to those junior high and high school students who cannot read well enough to understand their textbooks. Scott chats Dr Arai about AI, the future, and her experiences as a woman researcher in Japan.

This episode of Hanselminutes is done in warm collaboration with our friends at the ACM ByteCast and is coproduced and published with the ACM. 

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Reducing barriers to AI with Guillermo Rauch

In this episode, Scott Hanselman talks to Guillermo Rauch, the founder of Vercel. Guillermo shares his vision of creating a platform that enables anyone to build and deploy powerful AI applications with ease and speed.  Scott and Guillermo explore the challenges and opportunities of democratizing AI, and how Vercel is empowering users to create solutions and templates optimized for developer joy.
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Sustainable open source with Oqtane's Shaun Walker

Shaun Walker was at the forefront of open source in the .NET space as early as 2003 with the release of DotNetNuke. Scott sits down with Shaun to reflect on two decades of .NET open-source, what works, what doesn't, and what's sustainable and Shaun shares his new OSS venture, Oqtane!
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Indigenous cultural robots with Danielle Boyer

Danielle Boyer is an Indigenous (Ojibwe) robotics inventor and advocate for youth who has been teaching kids since she was ten. She focuses on youth advocacy and creates innovative learning solutions utilizing robots that she invents and donates to make technical education accessible. She sits down with Scott to talk about Robots and Language Preservation, and the intersection of Indigenous Culture and STEM.

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Finding your Technology Passion with Peter Ayedun

When Peter Ayedun was asked to write a paper school, his teacher insisted that he used a computer to create it. That moment started and defined a decade's long career in tech that took him from Nigeria to starting a company in the US. Scott chats with Peter about finding passion, finding empathy, and finding a career in tech as the CEO of TruGrid.

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Prompt Engineering for Everyone with David Scott Bernstein

David Scott Bernstein is a passionate programmer with over 40 years experience, and he has just written a book that teaches you the art of prompt writing. He actually coauthored the book with ChatGPT itself. He sits down with Scott Hanselman to offer us a one-of-a-kind journey into the realm of AI language models. He's created a a practical and results-driven roadmap for engineering your prompts in such a way that you can tackle complex topics with ease.

Learn more at

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Redefining Developer Workflow with Pieces.App's Tsavo Knott

Tsavo Knott and the team at Pieces have an app that smooths the spaces between your developer tools. It makes you smarter and makes your workflow more seamless as you move code context from ide to web, from browser tab to clipboard, through your entire tool chain. How does Pieces promise to redefine atomic productivity for developers? Scott finds out of they will take code snippets to the next level on this episode.
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Better Technical Writing for Everyone with Pam Hurley, PhD

Are you struggling with writing clear, concise, and effective technical documents? Do you want to learn how to improve your writing skills and communicate better with your audience? Scott interviews Pam Hurley, PhD, the founder and president of Hurley Write, Inc., a small business that specializes in teaching customized technical, business, and scientific writing courses. Pam has over 30 years of experience in helping professionals from various fields and industries to write better documents in less time.
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Documentation as a path to Open Source with Sarah Rainsberger

Sarah Rainsberger owns technical documentation at Astro. What was her path into open source and technology? It might surprise you. Sarah started as an avid user of the Astro project and turned it into a career. She chats with scott about how important technical writing and documentation is to the end user experience.

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Exploring the Afghan girls robotics team with Saghar Salehi

Saghar Salehi is a former member of the Afghan girls? robotics team. The team became a symbol for the progress of Afghan women. They participated in the global robotics competition held in the US in 2017 and won an award for ?courageous achievement? given to teams who persevere through trying circumstances. The team was able to escape Afghanistan a few months ago, as the Taliban resurged. Scott talks with Saghar about the importance of STEM education and her plans for the future.

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Unlocking Peak Performance with Dr. Julie Gurner

Dr. Julie Gurner is a doctor of psychology and executive performance coach with nearly a decade of experience working with some of the nation?s top tech and finance executives and teams. She is the founder of the Ultra Successful, a newsletter that provides insights into the psychology behind what ultra-successful people do differently to achieve their goals. She is also an executive performance coach who has been compared to Wendy Rhoades of ?Billions? by The Wall Street Journal. Scott chats with Dr. Gurner about the science of performance.


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Level up your career with Ankita Kulkarni

Ankita Kulkarni has taken the learnings from her career as an engineering leader and turned it into a course, community, and ebook. Scott talks to Ankita about the The Engineering Leader's Playbook. As a leader working in tech for over a decade, she's got lots to share in this episode! 

Visit Ankita's website, with a custom page for Hanselminutes Podcast listeners!Check out Ankita's book "The Engineering Leader's Playbook" with a 25% of coupon for listeners
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Culturally Competent Computer Scientists with Dr. Nicki Washington

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Nicki Washington, a Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at Duke University. She shares her insights on how identity and cultural competence affect the computing disciplines, from education to industry, and why they are essential for developing inclusive and ethical technologies. We also discuss her courseware which explores the diversity challenges in computer science and the effects that this lack of inclusion has on technology and technologists. Tune in to learn more about Dr. Washington?s journey in tech and her vision for a more culturally competent computer science field.

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The History of Data with Ted Neward

Scott sits down with Ted Neward to talk about the history and shape of data. From mainframes to ER diagrams to SQL Server to Object Databases and Document Databases, why has the way we access and store data changed over the years and what we can learn from this history? 

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Introducing TypeChat with Anders Hejlsberg

Scott talks to Anders Hejlsberg about a new open-source project called TypeChat that uses TypeScript types to generate structured AI responses from natural language requests. The library is designed to integrate large language models into existing app interfaces and make them safer and more reliable.

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The Ingredients to a Life in Tech with Corey Weathers

Scott chats with engineer, community leader, and Developer Relations Lead at Okta Corey Weathers on this episode. Shares his story about how he became interested in technology, we get a glimpse into his daily work and how he manages his teams and nurtures the next generation of developer advocate.

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AI and the 2023 Hollywood Strike with Franchesca Ramsey

Franchesca Ramsey is an comedian, writer, actor, producer, activist, and content creator. She's also a proud Union Member of both the Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) and the Writers Guild of America (WGA). She sits down with Scott to talk about the importance of unions, what it means to be a "working actor" and what we can do as consumers of media to support the strike. What does it mean to be a scab? Will AI help or hinder a creative's ability to make living?
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A diverse career with Veni Kunche

Veni Kunche is a coder, a maker, and a founder. After working as a Software Engineer since 2003, she quit her job in tech to start her own company,!

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All the Performance with RavenDB's Oren Eini

In this episode, we talk to Oren Eini from RavenDB. RavenDB is a NoSQL document database that offers high performance, scalability, and security. Oren shares his insights on why performance is not just a feature, but a service that developers and customers expect and demand. He also explains how RavenDB achieves fast and reliable data access, how it handles complex queries and distributed transactions, and how it leverages the cloud to optimize resource utilization and cost efficiency!

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From Ethernet to Geothermal Energy with Bob Metcalfe

This episode of Hanselminutes is in partnership with the ACM Bytecast podcast!  In this episode, we have a special guest: Bob Metcalfe, the inventor of Ethernet, co-founder of 3Com, and recipient of the 2022 Turing Award. Bob joins us to share his insights on the history and future of computer networking, and his current work in geothermal power! 
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Fundamentals for Self-Taught Programmers with Jasmine Greenaway

In this episode, we talk to Jasmine Greenaway, a software engineer at Microsoft and the author of Fundamentals for Self-Taught Programmers, a book that helps aspiring developers learn the essential skills and concepts of programming. She gives us some tips and advice on how to learn effectively, how to build a portfolio, and how to network and find mentors in the tech industry. 

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Who's Coding? with Dr Kate Miltner

Dr. Kate Miltner is a researcher and lecturer in data ai and society at the information school at the University of Sheffield. Her work explores issues of power and inequality in digital systems and cultures. She's currently slowing "who's coding?" and how did they start coding, as she examines coding boot camps across the US and UK.


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Towards a better Data Platform with Danica Fine

Danica Fine is a Senior Developer Advocate at Confluent. She is a big fan of the power of data and has deep expertise in Apache Kafka. She chats with Scott about the importance of a strongly architected data platform and gives tips on when you need to move from the basics of SQL to a true data rich environment that includes data streaming products.

Head over to to sign up today and get started!
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Avanade's Florin Rotar and Chris Lloyd-Jones

In this episode, I'm joined by Florin Rotar, the Chief Technology Officer at Avanade, and Chris Lloyd-Jones, the Head of Open Technologies at Avanade. We'll be talking about how AI is evolving from being a tool to being a partner as well as the announcements we heard at Microsoft BUILD in Seattle!

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The Road to Entrepreneurship with Nanxi Liu

Nanxi Liu is a serial entrepreneur and a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree. She is the co-founder and co-CEO of Blaze, a platform that enables teams to build software with no code. In this episode, Nanxi reveals how she launched and scaled multiple successful businesses across different industries. She also shares her insights on how to raise capital, hire talent, and create impact in the world. Nanxi also discusses how she balances her creative pursuits with her entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Creating the Mastodon app "Elk" as a Progressive Web App with Daniel Roe

With the rise of Mastodon as a Twitter alternative, Daniel Roe, part of the Nuxt core team, joins Scott to talk about building Elk, a Mastodon client that was built using Nuxt. The app is a PWA (Progressive Web App) and behaves as natively as a web app can! How did they do it?

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Blazor Web Assembly by Example with Toi B. Wright

Toi B. Wright is an independent consultant who has been working as a software developer for over 25 years. She has a BS in Computer Science and Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon. She is the author of two editions of  'Blazor WebAssembly by Example: A project-based guide to building web apps with .NET, Blazor WebAssembly, and C#'.
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Computing History with Atari and Commodore's Leonard Tramiel

Leonard Tramiel shares his memories of growing up in the computer industry, working on various projects such as the Commodore PET, the Atari ST, and the Jaguar. He also discusses his current involvement in the Computer History Museum and his passion for education and science outreach. Listen to this fascinating conversation and learn more about the history and legacy of some of the most iconic computers and games of all time. Leonard has a PhD in Physics from Columbia University and these days is most interested in improving the image and understanding of science and critical thinking.

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Creating Walkable Cities with Nathan Allebach

In this episode of Hanselminutes, Scott Hanselman talks to Nathan Allebach, a writer and advocate for creating walkable cities. Nathan shares his passion for urban design and how it can improve the quality of life, health, and environment of people living in cities. He also discusses some of the challenges and opportunities for making cities more walkable, such as zoning, infrastructure, culture, and policy. Nathan gives examples of successful walkable cities around the world and offers practical tips for anyone who wants to get involved in this movement. Whether you are a city dweller, a planner, or a curious listener, you will find this episode inspiring and informative.

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The Courage to Tinker with WeThinkCode's Nyari Samushonga

This episode features Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode. In this episode, Nyari shares her journey of becoming a CEO and how she is using her position to help young Africans become full-stack software developers. She also talks about the importance of courage in the tech industry and how it can help people overcome their fears and take risks.

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Bing's move to .NET 7 with Principal Engineer Ben Watson

Bing runs one of the world?s largest, most complex, highly performant, and reliable .NET applications. This podcast episode discusses the journey and the work required to upgrade to .NET 7, including the significant performance gains they achieved.

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Protecting Machines from Us with Lelapa AI's Pelonomi Moiloa

Pelonomi Moiloa is a South African entrepreneur and founder of Lelapa AI which is an AI startup that aims to help Africa lure back its AI talent. In this episode, Scott and Pelonomi discuss how AI can be used for both good and bad purposes and how we can protect it from being used for evil. Lelapa aims to do this by working on problems African AI researchers care about, and by allowing them to work closer to the people and places important to them.

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Building your own PC with Damian Edwards

Scott Hanselman chats with Damian Edwards about the benefits of building your own PC. Damian designed an upgraded PC from parts for Scott and they built it online live and streamed to YouTube. They explore how building your own PC can be a fun and rewarding experience, help you better understand how computers work, and even how it can save you money in the long run. 

Scott's PC parts at PC Part Picker
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The Story of Visual Studio Code with Erich Gamma and Kai Maetzel

Today Scott talks to Erich Gamma and Kai Maetzel about the origin story of VS Code. We'll talk about how it was originally conceived and how it evolved over time. They also discuss some of the challenges they faced while developing VS Code and how they overcame them. An overnight success in 10 years, VS Code was designed to be lightweight and fast, with a focus on extensibility and community. We'll hear about culture and technical architecture as well as what?s next for VS Code and what users can expect in future releases.  

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Leading engineers as a non-engineer with Daily's Sarah Milstein

Sarah Milstein talks to Scott Hanselman about leading engineers as a non-engineer. They discuss how to build trust with engineers and how to communicate effectively with them. They also talk about how to manage technical projects when you?re not a technical person yourself. Sarah Milstein is the VP of Engineering at Daily, a WebRTC Video PaaS. She's also the co-founder of Lean Startup Productions and the author of The Twitter Book. Remote workLeading engineers as a non-engineer
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Being a Teenager in 2023 with Zenzo Hanselman

This week it's Scott and Zenzo Hanselman: a father-son tech talk. He chats with his son Zenzo, a curious and creative teenager, about the latest trends and topics in technology. From AI to VR, from gaming to social media, from coding to culture, Scott and Zenzo will explore the world of tech from their different perspectives and experiences. 

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Chasing supernovae with Dr. Sanjana Curtis

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Sanjana Curtis, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Chicago and a science communicator. She studies how cosmic collisions produce the elements that make us who we are. We discuss her work on what happens when a black hole rips a neutron star apart and how she became interested in astrophysics!
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Dead Simple Python with Jason C McDonald

In this episode, I chat with Jason C McDonald, the author of Dead Simple Python, a book that teaches idiomatic Python for programmers who want to learn fast and effectively. We explore why Python is such a powerful and flexible language, how to write clear and concise code, and what are some of the common challenges and myths that beginners and experienced programmers alike encounter when working with Python. Whether you are new to Python or want to enhance your skills, this episode will help you learn how to use Python in a dead simple way.
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Daring to be Different with Raji Rajagopalan

Raji Rajagopalan is a Director of Engineering at Microsoft and the author of the book ?Daring to be Different: Stories and Tips from a Woman Leader in Tech.? In her book, she shares her personal stories of overcoming biases and challenges in her career, as well as her practical advice on how to build your skills, confidence and impact in the tech industry. She is passionate about coding, writing, building businesses and helping people be the best versions of themselves!

Buy Raji's Book and visit her site
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Will ChatGPT help them write? with John Warner

John Warner is the author of "Why They Can't Write: Killing the Five-Paragraph Essay" and six other books on writing. He's the editor of McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and the Biblioracle. John is also a professor of creative writing but most recently he's becoming concerned that Artificial intelligence can crank out passable student essays in seconds. What are we going to do? Is ChatGPT the end of writing assignments?

In order to help instructors deal with the existence of ChatGPT without making its existence omnipresent in the classroom, or capitulating to a surveillance and detection approach, John has developed a new, self-paced digital course: Teaching Writing in an Artificial Intelligence World.Read John's thoughts at The Biblioracle



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Why We do Tech Outreach with Coding By Sophy

Sophy is a Software Engineer who is early in career and excited to get others into tech. She was the only afro-latina to graduate from the University of California Irvine in 2019 with a degree in computer science and engineering. She is tireless in her social media outreach on TikTok and elsewhere encouraging everyone to get involved in tech. However, she wants folks to realize it's a grind and it's hard. How do we find that balance? Can anyone get into tech?
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