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The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast

Join intellectual phenomenon Dr. Jordan Peterson and his daughter Mikhaila for enlightening discourse that will change the way you think. This podcast breaks down the dichotomy of life through interviews and lectures that explain how individuals and culture are shaped by values, music, religion, and beyond. It will give you a new perspective and a modern understanding of your creativity, competence, and personality.


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Aim at a Star - A 12 Rules for Life Lecture

Dr. Peterson's 12 Rules for Life lecture in Rochester, NY. Recorded Sept. 5th, 2018

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Be precise in your speech

Jordan's 12 Rules for Life tour continues from Regina SK. Recorded August 14, 2018. Dr. Peterson focuses on Rule 10.

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The World is Your Oyster

Jordan's 12 Rules for Life lecture from Winnipeg. Recorded July of 2018.

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Why You Should Treat Yourself as if You Have Value

Jordan's 12 Rules for Life lecture from July, 28 2018 in Edmonton, AB.

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Jamil Jivani: Activist & Author

Jamil Jivani (recorded 01/09/19) joins Dr. Jordan B. Peterson. Jamil is the author of, Why Young Men.

About Jamil's Book:

Jamil Jivani recounts his experiences working as a youth activist throughout North America and the Middle East, drawing striking parallels between ISIS recruits, gangbangers, and Neo-Nazis in the West.

Having narrowly escaped a descent into crime and gang violence in his native Toronto, Jivani has devoted his life to helping other at-risk youths avoid this fate in cities across North America. After the Paris terrorist attacks of 2016, he traveled to Europe and the Middle East to assist Muslim community outreach groups focused on deterring ISIS recruitment.

Why Young Men is the story of Jivani?s education as an activist on the front lines of one of today?s most dangerous and intractable problems: the explosion of violence among angry young men throughout the world. Jivani relates his personal story and describes his entrance into the community outreach movement, his work with disenfranchised people of color in North America and at-risk youth in the Middle East and Africa, and his experiences with the white working class. The reader learns along with him as he profiles a diverse array of young men and interviews those who are trying to help them, drawing parallels between these groups, refuting the popular belief that they are radically different from each other, and offering concrete steps toward countering this global trend.

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Territory, Hierarchy, Security, and Fear

Jordan B. Peterson's "12 Rules for Life" lecture from Calgary, AB

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Progress, Despite Everything

Steven Pinker returns for a conversation with Dr. Jordan B. Peterson.

Steven Arthur Pinker is a Canadian-American cognitive psychologist, linguist, and popular science author. He is a professor in the Department of Psychology at Harvard University, and is known for his advocacy of evolutionary psychology and the computational theory of mind.

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The Main Themes: 12 Rules for Life

Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life lecture from Ottawa. Recorded: July, 23 2018.

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Religious Belief and the Enlightenment with Ben Shapiro

Jordan Peterson's recent discussion with special guest, Ben Shapiro.

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12 Rules: London, Ontario: The inevitability, utility and danger of hierarchies

Jordan Peterson's 2018 lecture on the 12 Rules for life from London, Ontario.

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On Claiming Belief in God: Commentary & Discussion with Dennis Prager

Dr. Jordan Peterson delivered this talk at the Prager Summit in May in Santa Barbara. However, it's really an extended commentary on a lecture from Sydney, Australia, Feb 26, 2019, entitled Who Dares Say He Believes in God? To conclude this episode, Jordan also talks with Dennis Prager at the Prager Summit in May in Santa Barbara.

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Who Dares Say He Believes in God

"I have been asked many times by many people if I believe in God. I don't like this question. I generally respond by stating that I act as if God exists, but that's not sufficiently true. Who could do that? Who could conduct themselves with the moral exactitude and care necessary of someone who would dare to make that claim? Either claim? In any case, after being asked the question yet again, when I was in Australia, I decided to attempt to answer it in some detail." - Dr. Jordan B. Peterson

This lecture, one of the 12 Rules for Life tour talks, was delivered in Sydney Feb 26, 2019, at the International Convention Centre.

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Bishop Barron: Catholicism and the Modern Age

For Ep 14, we present Dr. Peterson's highly anticipated conversation with Bishop Barron.

Word On Fire:

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12 Rules Kitchener: Hierarchy and Fair Play

Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's "12 Rules For Life" lecture at the Center in the Square in Kitchener, Ontario, recorded on July 21, 2018.


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Who is Joe Rogan? Part Two

Part two of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's interview with Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts (MMA) color commentator, podcast host, businessman, television host, and actor.

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Who is Joe Rogan? Part One

Part one of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's interview with Joe Rogan.

Joe Rogan is an American stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts (MMA) color commentator, podcast host, businessman, television host, and actor.

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12 Rules Vancouver: Five levels of chaos and order

Today, we?re presenting Dr. Peterson's 12 Rules for Life lecture at the Chan Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, recorded on July 26, 2018.

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Milo Yiannopoulos: Past, present and future

Today we present Dr. Peterson's conversation with journalist, performance artist, and comedian, Milo Yiannopoulos. Recorded April 11, 2019.

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12 Rules Hamilton: Courage

Today, we're presenting Dr. Jordan B. Peterson's 12 Rules for Life Lecture at the First Ontario Concert Hall in Hamilton, Ontario.

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Stephen Hicks: Philosophy and Postmodernism

Today, we?re presenting Dr. Peterson's conversation with Stephen Hicks, recorded on March 27, 2019. Stephen R. C. Hicks is Professor of Philosophy at Rockford University, Illinois, USA, Executive Director of the Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship, and Senior Scholar at The Atlas Society.

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12 Rules Thousand Oaks: Truth in Speech, and Meaning

For this episode, we?re presenting Jordan?s lecture at the Civic Arts Plaza in Thousand Oaks, California on June 30, 2018.

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12 Rules Sacramento: The Sovereignty of the Individual

For this episode, we?re presenting Jordan?s lecture at The Community Theatre in Sacramento, California on June 27, 2018.

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Akira the Don: Music and Meaning

On this episode, we?re presenting a conversation with Akira The Don, a British musician who has used parts of Dr. Peterson's lectures in his music.

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12 Rules Portland: Technology, Temperament & Free Speech

In this lecture, I describe the surprising popularity of long-form philosophical discussions, making reference to my talks with Sam Harris on science and value and religion and atheism, the vital and biologically-influenced role that temperament and personality play in determining individual interest and ability, and the necessity that free and untrammeled speech plays in aiding people?s ability to think carefully and make proper decisions. Thought is by no means something we only engage in as individuals.

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Myth & Reality: General Stanley McChrystal

I had the opportunity to speak recently with General Stanley McChrystal, retired four-star general, former Commander of the International Security Assistance Force and Commander, US Forces, Afghanistan. Since 2010, he has taught courses in international relations at Yale University as a Senior Fellow of the University's Jackson Institute for Global Affairs.

General McChrystal is also the the bestselling author of Leaders: Myth and Reality, described by the publisher as follows: ?Leadership is not what you think it is? and it never was. Find out why in our new book Leaders: Myth and Reality which explains why leaders are important, but rarely for the reasons we think. Leaders, the follow up to New York Times bestseller Team of Teams and Wall Street Journal bestseller One Mission, profiles 13 historical leaders and reveals essential lessons on leading today.?

The Future Authoring program I mentioned, designed to help people develop a vision and a strategy for their life, can be found at:

Service Year Alliance:

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12 Rules Seattle: Facts, Stories, and Values

For this episode, we?re presenting Dr. Peterson?s 12 Rules for Life Tour

lecture at the Moore Theatre in Seattle, WA on June 21, 2018.

The lecture covers the evolution of religion thinking, a true human

universal. Everyone has to deal with the problem of value. Everyone has to

determine what is of more or less importance what?s a priority, and what

is not or they can?t act, or even perceive. So the problem of value has to

be solved or at least addressed by everyone, and that?s what makes it a

universal issue, deep enough to play a biological as well as a social role.

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63 - Sir Roger Scruton

A conversation between Dr. Jordan Peterson and Sir Roger Scruton, moderated by Dr. Stephen Blackwood, introduced by Professor Douglas Hedley, presented by The Cambridge Centre for the Study of Platonism and Ralston College, held on Nov 2, 2018 in Cambridge, England. God willing (so to speak) I will be staying in Cambridge in October and November talking with the faculty at the Divinity School there about the book of Exodus prior to releasing a new series of videos about that biblical saga. --- GUEST LINKS --- Sir Roger Scruton Books: Professor Douglas Hedley (who looks every bit the part he is playing): Dr. Stephen Blackwood and Ralston College: --- SUPPORT THIS PODCAST --- --- BOOKS --- 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: --- LINKS --- Website: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: --- PRODUCTS --- Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Merchandise:
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62 - Our Cultural Inflection Point and Higher Education

A conversation with Dr Stephen Blackwood about Solzhenitsyn, our cultural inflection point, higher education, and the hunger of the young for meaning. Dr Stephen Blackwood is the president of Ralston College, a new university being founded in Savannah, Georgia. Ralston College is committed to an educational vision that enables students to lead lives of self-knowledge, freedom, and substance. Stephen Blackwood on Twitter @stephenblackwd Ralston College on Twitter @ralstoncollege Additional relevant links: Website: Rules for Life Tour: Dates, Cities and Venues: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: List: Authoring Suite: Myself personality test: this channel:
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61 - January 2019 Q & A

Happy New Year. This is the first of this year's Q and A's. I am going to answer audience questions, as usual, as well as discussing my next book, my impending departure from Patreon, and my upcoming tour to Switzerland, California, Australia and New Zealand. If you were a Patreon subscriber and wish to continue with your support, then you can switch to The 50% discount coupon for the Future Authoring program ( can be used at Use coupon code NY2019 See you in a month. Announcements] [1] 0:01:14 ? Leaving Patreon in protest of recent banning of Carl Benjamin from the platform [2] 0:03:24 ? Working on new book, tentatively titled: ?Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life?. List of rules included (see below). Estimated publication in Jan 2020. [3] 0:06:00 ? Upcoming locations for 12 Rules Tour: Zurich, Australia, New Zealand [4] 0:06:53 ? Podcast release coming up with General Stanley McChrystal on his new book ?Leaders: Myth and Reality? [5] 0:07:30 ? Recap of 2018, 50% discount on Future Authoring program 0:12:30 ? (Q#1) Can you talk about your own experiences / methods for ?shadow integration?? 0:25:28 ? (Q#2) How can I help my parents to sort themselves out? How can I talk about the resentment of my childhood in a way that benefits them instead of giving them guilt? 0:39:47 ? (Q#3) It took me 7 months, but I completed the Self Authoring Suite. I'm still not motivated to do anything and waste all of my time. What do I do? 0:47:31 ? (Q#4) I?m consumed by envy. I can hardly stand to read, watch, or listen to anyone more successful than myself. How am I aiming wrong? 0:55:38 ? (Q#5) How would you advise a person who has the courage to defy the crowd but doesn?t have the verbal skills to debate in real time? 1:01:01 ? (Q#6) The Tao Te Ching speaks of acting naturally. How is one to change and better their condition without unnaturally manipulating their world? 1:07:02 ? Q&A disrupted by a puppy rolling a bone upstairs   ^_^ 1:10:34 ? (Q#7) I agree we don?t live in a tyrannical patriarchy. Can you provide a better explanation for the iniquities women faced, especially the delay in voting rights? 1:17:45 ? (Q#8) You have talked about earning your knowledge. How do you define this? When is it okay to debate ideas like yours if they are not your own? 1:23:45? (Q#9) Have you ever considered having a debate with Slavoj Zizek? * 1:24:59? (Q#10) How do you maintain a stable identity when you are plagued by bouts of depression and anxiety? 1:33:51? (Q#11) How are you always so consistently composed and confident? 1:40:22 ? (Q#12) How do you manage to read so much? 1:45:35 ? (Q#13) There are many drug-addicted and homeless people in my city, and it keeps getting worse. How do you help people who don?t want to be helped? 1:48:43 ? (Q#14) How do I stop ruminating? These thoughts are recurring and relate to any and every embarrassing moment I?ve had (I?m a 76-year-old woman) 1:51:16 ? (Q#15) What?s the best method to retain what you read and be able to use it in conversation? 1:53:54 ? (Q#16) I just found out that?s I?m having a girl. How can I raise her to think for herself and not fall into the modes of thinking proposed by popular culture? Additional relevant links: Website: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Dates, Cities and Venues: Books: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Support this channel:
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60 - Femsplainers with Christina Hoff Sommers and Danielle Crittenden

On December 13, 2018, I was a guest on Femsplainers with Christina Hoff Sommers and Danielle Crittenden. We discussed, among other topics, the secrets of a long marriage, the problems with dating apps, how to handle a belligerent toddler, and the motivation of my radical feminist critics. Femsplainers ( is ?the gossipy, smart, witty conversation you?d have if all of your girlfriends (and some of your guy friends too!) were experts on the hot topics of the moment. High spirited and high minded, we don?t argue or whine but seek to get to the heart of the matter, over cocktails (or wine).? We taped in front of a live audience at AEI, the American Enterprise Institute ( Ms. Hoff Sommers is the author of Who Stole Feminism? ( and The War Against Boys ( (a NY Times Notable Book of the Year) as well as Freedom Feminism ( , One Nation Under Therapy ( (with Dr. S. Satel), and The Science on Women in Science ( She is resident scholar at AEI, studying the politics of gender and feminism, as well as free expression, due process, and the preservation of liberty in the academy. She has written for The Journal of Philosophy, The New England Journal of Medicine, The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, The Washington Post, The New Republic, Slate, The Daily Beast, and The Atlantic, and is host of the popular video blog, The Factual Feminist. Ms. Crittenden is the author of What Our Mothers Didn?t Tell Us (, a novel, AmandaBright@Home ( (the first modern work of fiction serialized in the Wall Street Journal) and a cookbook, From a Polish Country House Kitchen ( Pulitzer-prize winner Anne Applebaum). She is a contributing editor to the Huffington Post, and has published in the Wall Street Journal, the NY Times, the Washington Post, and the Daily Telegraph. A former columnist for the New York Post, Ms. Crittendon has appeared on NBC?s Today show as well as CSPAN, MSNBC, PBS, CNN, and NPR. For more videos from Christina Hoff Sommers and the rest of AEI?s scholars, subscribe to their YouTube channel: NOTE: AEI operates independently of any political party and does not take institutional positions on any issues. AEI scholars, fellows, and their guests frequently take positions on policy and other issues. When they do, they speak for themselves and not for AEI or its trustees or other scholars or employees. More information on AEI research integrity can be found here: Additional relevant links: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Rules for Life Tour: Dates, Cities, and Venues: first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Jordan B Peterson Website: Authoring Suite: Myself personality test: List: Support this podcast:
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59 - Bjørn Lomborg

I spoke December 7, 2018 with Bjørn Lomborg, author and President of Copenhagen Consensus Center, a singularly innovative and influential US-based think tank. Mr. Lomborg and his team have done the hard conceptual and empirical work necessary to turn good intentions for global improvement into implementable and economically efficient strategies. That's really saying something. They have, among other things, analyzed the UN Millenial goals (169 of them, which is far too many), prioritizing and rank-ordering them in terms of practical implementability and costs and benefits. Those who claim to truly care about the world's dispossessed could do far worse than to study the work of Lomborg. Relevant links re: Lomborg: One-page overview of rank-ordered developmental goals: A collection of articles outlining the most appropriate targets for education, health, gender, infrastructure, etc. Where should we focus: Lomborg's commentary in Times of India: The top 19 targets for world development: TED talks: On prioritization: On the cost of global problems: (also a book: Make yourself smart and informed on climate and other issues of sustainability and development: Cool It: Film: Book: 27 climate economists and 3 Nobel Laureates examine where a dollar can do the climate the most good: The Paris Accord: Minimal outcome, $1.2 trillion cost ( explained in a short video: How to make government smarter (with the specific example of recent developments in Bangladesh): Additional relevant links (JB Peterson): My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Dates, Cities, and Venues: My first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr. Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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58 - October 2018 Q & A

Preorder The Gulag Archipelago: 50th Anniversary: [1] 0:01:23 ? Release of 50th Anniversary version of The Gulag Archipelago with a forward written by JBP [2] 0:03:11 ? Finalized deal for next book ?12 More Rules: Beyond Mere Order? [3] 0:04:11 ? ?12 Rules? tour plans for the next year 0:07:39 ? (Q#1) Any advice for young a young counselor soon to finish his degree? What do you wish you knew as a therapist? 0:15:28 ? (Q#2) Procrastination and instant gratification rule me. Nothing seems to motivate me. What do I do? 0:23:58 ? (Q#3) What do you think the feminine hero journey is? Do females have their own archetypal story? 0:28:13 ? (Q#4) You caught some Twitter flak for your comment on Brett Kavanaugh. Care to address your comment and the blow back? 0:39:38 ? (Q#5) I took your Understand Myself personality test. Should I take the results as they are and live trying to cope with them, or can I try to change them to some degree? 0:47:18 ? (Q#6) My daughter?s school is now teaching gender as a social construct. What do we do? Leaving is not an option. 0:54:49 ? (Q#7) Would you consider adding a list of recommended movies to your site? 0:55:20 ? (Q#8) Can the Understand Myself or other Big Five Tests be retaken after some time (1-2 years?) 0:58:41? (Q#9) Would you like doing a podcast with Elon Musk? 1:00:21? (Q#10) How do you fight a monster without becoming one yourself? 1:08:31? (Q#11) Canada has legalized marijuana. What are your thoughts? 1:12:45 ? (Q#12) Do you have any advice on how to vet a potential marriage partner during the dating phase? 1:19:17 ? (Q#13) You said you act as if God exists. Do you also act as if the devil exists? European tour: Thank you all for joining me tonight, and for all the past and present support. 20% Discount code for October 20% Discount code for October Selfauthoring is a set of four online writing programs, designed to help people catch up with their past, understand their present personality and situation, and envision and plan a better future. Understandmyself is a reliable, valid, modern personality test. Additional relevant links: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: 12 Rules for Life Tour: Dates, Cities and Venues: My first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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57 - Dr. Oz - Jordan Peterson's Rules to Live By

In this exclusive, in-depth interview, author and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson joins Dr. Oz to discuss how we can find meaning in our lives, challenge our thinking, and provide tactical ways we can reach our full potential. Take Dr. Peterson's full personality quiz: Dr. Peterson's book, 12 Rules for Life: Watch Dr. Jordan Peterson on The Dr. Oz Show: Subscribe to Dr. Oz's official YouTube channel: Like Dr. Oz on Facebook: Follow Dr. Oz on Instagram: Follow Dr. Oz on Twitter:
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56 - Gregg Hurwitz - An Invitation to the Intellectual Dark Web

I spoke today with author Gregg Hurwitz (more information about him below). Hurwitz is currently working to rebrand the Democratic party, working to produce an issues-oriented, anti-corruption, practical mainstream narrative and to identify promising Democratic candidates who can hold their own in long form political discussions. This is all in an attempt to end the dangerous polarization and concentration on ever more extreme ideology that seems to be destabilizing political discussion. The video is in large part an invitation to the long-form discussion providers of the so-called Intellectual Dark Web to engage with such candidates, so that the public can see beyond the sound bites and spin and impression management and message crafting that has become an integral but pathological part of our traditional low-bandwidth media communication technology. Let's see if we can find political candidates who can shine in a three hour discussion. We're done with the oversimplifications of the traditional media forms. Background: Gregg Hurwitz is the New York Times, #1 internationally bestselling author of 20 thrillers, including OUT OF THE DARK (2019), and two award-winning thriller novels for teens. His novels have won numerous literary awards, graced top ten lists, and have been published in 30 languages. Gregg has written screenplays for or sold spec scripts to many of the major studios (including THE BOOK OF HENRY), and written, developed, and produced television for various networks. He is also a New York Times Bestselling comic book writer, having penned stories for Marvel (Wolverine, Punisher) and DC (Batman, Penguin). He has published numerous academic articles on Shakespeare, taught fiction writing in the USC English Department, and guest lectured for UCLA, and for Harvard in the United States and internationally. In the course of researching his thrillers, he has sneaked onto demolition ranges with Navy SEALs, swum with sharks in the Galápagos, and gone undercover into mind-control cults. Hurwitz grew up in the Bay Area. While completing a BA from Harvard and a master?s from Trinity College, Oxford in Shakespearean tragedy, he wrote his first novel. He was the undergraduate scholar-athlete of the year at Harvard for his pole-vaulting exploits, and played college soccer in England, where he was a Knox fellow. He has increasingly turned his attention to the political sphere, in an effort to end polarizing discourse: Rebranding the entire Democratic party Working with a number of candidates and entities, from senators to the DNC/DCCC/DLCC Effort to get away from gridlock and into solutions My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Audiobook now available for Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Authoring Suite: Myself personality test: List:
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55 - August 2018 Q & A

Every month (or as close as I can get), I answer questions from the generous people who support me on Patreon. This is the Patreon Q & A from August 2018. 0:00:57 ? Announcements0:06:33 ? (Q#1) How are you?0:12:04 ? (Q#2) What can a too-agreeable young woman do to be more disagreeable and assertive if that isn?t how she is temperamentally inclined0:17:52 ? (Q#3) How do you know if you?re communicating with the actual person or a mask? Can you ever really know someone?0:19:45 ? (Q#4) What new wisdom have you acquired in the past few months?0:33:24 ? (Q#5) If too much masculinity is tyranny but the right amount is order, and too much femininity is chaos, what?s the word for the right amount of femininity?0:34:48 ? (Q#6) Is it better to marry someone with your temperament or a contrasting, complementary temperament?0:37:54 ? (Q#7) It seems like your message is primarily positive-masculine, whereas the positive-feminine is not elaborated with near the same resolution. What do you think?0:42:52 ? (Q#8) I?m quite shy and when asked questions in public I find it hard to articulate a good answer but will come up with a strong response hours or days later. Any advice?0:44:21? (Q#9) What causes a person to hoard?0:45:53? (Q#10) Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?0:46:23? (Q#11) What's your take on an astrological basis for significant dates in religious stories? Ex. the notion that Christian religion is a parody on the worship of the sun.0:48:09 ? (Q#12) My brother (29) is sick at home with burnout; he?s a perfectionist and has anxiety and trouble dealing with stress. How can I help him become stronger?0:50:20 ? (Q#13) How do you dress so well? Any tips?0:53:47 ? (Q#14) You have written an article on how to write. Can you do the same on how to speak?1:01:48 ? (Q#15) Thoughts on the Eastern idea of moving away from excessive thinking into the awareness beyond thinking.1:09:29 ? (Q#16) If he who is invited to the largest possible number of games is also the person that goes to conquer the unknown, could this lie in reciprocal altruism?1:12:41 ? (Q#17) Please confirm if your Harry Potter Patronus would a be frog1:13:48 ? (Q#18) I scored exceptionally low on conscientiousness, industriousness, and orderliness. What can I do for motivation?1:15:34 ? (Q#19) What do you think about Alice Miller and her thesis that most psychological diseases and aberrant behaviour are the result of childhood trauma?1:18:07 ? (Q#20) What if the truth could unravel your entire life?1:19:38 ? (Q#21) I think what put you over with so many of us is the constructive message of how to be a good person. Do you think that?s where the media want you to go?1:23:46 ? (Q#22) Would you agree with CS. Lewis that "if you look for truth, you may find comfort; if you look for comfort, you will find despair" Recommended Book: Aion: Researches Into the Phenomenology of the Self ? Carl Jung SelfAuthoring Code: AugustUnderstandMyself Code: August I have created a 20% discount code that works for each program: and The former is a writing program, to help you sort out your past, present and future; the latter a personality test that offers you a Big Five profile with each of the traits broken into their two aspects.Information on my upcoming tour continuation (US, UK, Northern Europe: Authoring Suite: Myself personality test:
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54 - Aspen Ideas Festival: From the Barricades of the Culture Wars

From the Aspen Ideas Festival, recorded Tuesday, June 26, 2018. Jordan Peterson, author of the best-selling 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, may be one of the most famous intellectuals in North America today. He also may be among the most misunderstood. His fans say that he?s saved their lives, and detractors say that he?s the gateway drug to the alt-right. Who is this psychologist-philosopher whom so many of us had never heard of two years ago, and what does he really believe? Featuring Jordan Peterson in conversation with Bari Weiss. Hosted in the St. Regis Hotel Ballroom, Aspen, Colorado. Additional relevant links: 12 Rules for Life Live Tour: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: My first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr. Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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53 - Susan Blackmore - Do we need God to make sense of life?

Jordan Peterson vs Susan Blackmore - Do we need God to make sense of life? Jordan Peterson debated atheist psychologist Susan Blackmore on the UK's Unbelievable? show as part of their Big Conversation series. For the video, more debates and bonus content sign up Get the Unbelievable? podcast at Additional relevant links: 12 Rules for Life Live Tour: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: My first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr. Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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52 - Munk Debate - Political Correctness

The resolution? "What you call political correctness, I call progress?" On May 18th, the redoubtable Stephen Fry (self-admitted soft leftie) and I debated the duo of academic, author and radio host Michael Eric Dyson ( and blogger/author Michelle Goldberg ( A press release describing the debate can be found here: Courtesy of the Munk Debates: How did the audience respond? Results can be found here: Additional relevant links: 12 Rules for Life Live Tour: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: My first book: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr. Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Blog: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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51 - Russell Brand

Russell Brand - Recovery: Freedom From Our Addictions [Book & Audiobook] UK: US: Australia: Russell's YouTube Channel: Russell's Under The Skin Podcast: Production Credits: Produced & edited by Jenny May Finn / @JennyMayFinn Sound Engineer: Oliver Cadman Originally posted on Russell Brand's Under the Skin Podcast - #52 Freedom and Tyranny
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50 - Dr. Richard Haier: The Neuroscience of Intelligence

There is almost nothing more important to understand about people than intelligence. It can be measured more accurately than anything else in the social sciences. It differs tremendously and importantly between individuals. It is the single most important determinant of life success. It's very existence, however, remains subject to substantive debate, most of it highly politicized. Dr. Richard Haier has recently written a major book on the topic, The Neuroscience of Intelligence (, summarized in the following manner: "This book introduces new and provocative neuroscience research that advances our understanding of intelligence and the brain. Compelling evidence shows that genetics plays a more important role than environment as intelligence develops from childhood, and that intelligence test scores correspond strongly to specific features of the brain assessed with neuroimaging. In understandable language, Richard J. Haier explains cutting-edge techniques based on genetics, DNA, and imaging of brain connectivity and function. He dispels common misconceptions, such as the belief that IQ tests are biased or meaningless, and debunks simple interventions alleged to increase intelligence. " We recently spent an hour and a half talking about such things. For more information about Dr. Haier, see: 12 Rules for Life Tour: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Audiobook now available for Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Myself personality test: List:
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49 - Steven Pinker: Enlightenment Now

I spoke with Harvard's Dr. Steven Pinker about the immense improvements in human living conditions that are now happening with amazing speed almost everywhere in the world -- as detailed in his new book, Enlightenment Now! ( -- a careful, clear-headed and data-driven defense of the rational/scientific worldview that helped make such improvement possible). Dr. Pinker grew up in Montreal and earned his BA from McGill and his PhD from Harvard. Currently Johnstone Professor of Psychology at Harvard, he has also taught at Stanford and MIT. He has won numerous prizes for his research, his teaching, and his nine books, including: The Language Instinct (, How the Mind Works (, The Blank Slate (, The Better Angels of Our Nature (, and The Sense of Style ( He is an elected member of the National Academy of Sciences, a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, a Humanist of the Year, a recipient of nine honorary doctorates, and one of Foreign Policy?s ?World?s Top 100 Public Intellectuals? and Time?s ?100 Most Influential People in the World Today.? He is Chair of the Usage Panel of the American Heritage Dictionary, and writes frequently for The New York Times, The Guardian, and other publications. 12 Rules for Life Tour: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Audiobook now available for Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Myself personality test: List:
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48 - Ben Shapiro

See Shapiro discussion starts at about 4:20 if you want to skip the tour information. This is an alternate posting of Ben Shapiro's May 6 premiere Sunday Special discussion with me ( Ben and I had a very intense discussion about the nesting of human perception and cognition in the mythic world - a better discussion, I think, than I've had with anyone. I've added to the beginning of our discussion an update on available tickets for my US 12 Rules for Life tour, and an announcement of 10 additional Canadian dates (see I hope you find the discussion useful. My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Audiobook now available for Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Authoring Suite: Myself personality test: List:
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47 - Warren Farrell - The Absolute Necessity of Fathers

I came across Dr. Warren Farrell's work a few years ago, when I read Why Men Earn More(, a careful study of the many reasons for the existence of the "gender pay gap," attributed by ideologues of the identity-politics persuasion to systemic patriarchal prejudice and oppression. Farrell has recently published another book, The Boy Crisis ( with Dr. John Gray. We spent an intense 90 minutes discussing the crucial role played by fathers in child development, paying particular attention to play and delay of gratification. Dr. Farrell has been a target of radical left activists, who object to the conflict between his careful analysis and their unidimensional ideology. You can see an example of this here, at the University of Toronto: Links Why Men Earn More: The Boy Crisis: Maps of Meaning (New Audiobook out June 12th): Maps of Meaning Page 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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46 - April 2018 Q & A

Every month, I answer questions from the generous people who support me on Patreon. This is the Patreon Q & A from April 2018. 1. 2:52 : Free will; Sam Harris's opinions on free will2. 16:37 : Chaos vs. order3. 31:24 : Gay couples raising children4. 35:56 : Distinguishing reality from unconscious projection5. 41:28 : How to combat foggy thinking while working/writing6. 47:24 : How past experiences shape our free will (see q. 1)7. 48:12 : The proper role of a therapist8. 56:22 : Experiencing willful meaning in a fortuitous world9. 60:14 : How to increase industriousness (23rd percentile) w/ 90th percentile orderliness10. 1:06:58 : Physical attractiveness as a determinant of success11. 1:09:59 : Psychological egoism, altruism, and re-conceptualizing "self-interest"12. 1:18:47 : Current thinking on Orthodox Christianity13. 1:22:02 : Opinion of Myers-Briggs personality test14. 1:23:25 : How women who waited too long to have children can find meaning15. 1:28:36 : Telling the truth amidst totalitarianism16. 1:30:01 : Why to have confidence in one's own speculative opinions17. 1:32:21 : How to deal with a loved one's suicide18. 1:38:25 : What to do when confronted with implicit-bias training at work Relevant links: Original Video: Maps of Meaning (New Audiobook out June 12th): Maps of Meaning Page 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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45 - Australia's John Anderson & Dr. Jordan B Peterson: In Conversation

I was in Australia in mid-March of 2018, speaking in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. While I was there, I had the privilege of speaking to former Deputy Prime Minister John Anderson (Facebook:, who is described accurately on Wikipedia as "handsome, well-educated and well-spoken." Mr. Anderson introduced one of my Australian lectures. We also had the opportunity to talk together for a few hours, and to complete this interview. We discussed many things -- responsibility, freedom, meaning in life, the polarization of viewpoints in the West, the ideological use of language and identity politics. It seems to me that the sensible fiscal policies Mr. Anderson pursued during his governmental tenure in Australia constitute a model for good governance in the West. Mr. Anderson has started a conversation series, where he discusses important philosophical, political and cultural issues. It can be found at and on YouTube at He can be followed on Twitter @JohnAndersonAO My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Audiobook now available for Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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44 - Lafayette College - The Mill Series

A lecture and Q & A from my appearance at Lafayette College on March 29th, 2018, hosted and sponsored by The Mill Series. Reposted from The Mill Series Channel: Original Video: Links 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Maps of Meaning: The Architecture of Belief: Support this Podcast on Patreon Self Authoring Jordan Peterson Website Reading List Twitter
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43 - Jordan Peterson's Rules for Life with Richard Fidler

From Dr. Peterson's appearance on Conversations with Richard Fidler from March 14th, 2018. Richard Fidler is an Australian ABC radio presenter, and writer, best known for his hour-long interview program, Conversations with Richard Fidler. The program is ABC Radio's most popular podcast, downloaded more than 3 million times per month. It features local and international guests from all walks of life, engaging in in-depth interviews. Original Program: Original Episode: Relevant links: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:  
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42 - March 2018 Q & A

Every month, I answer questions from the generous people who support me on Patreon. This is the Patreon Q & A from March 2018. 0:48 Patreon Q#1 - What should teaching and research in the humanities look like? I'm going to grad school for literature and I don't want my work to serve ideological possession. 3:07 Patreon Q#2 - Have you thought about slowing down? There are people worried about how hard you're pushing yourself with the countless commitments. 5:06 Patreon Q#3 - Many who respect your work feel your tweets are often impulsive (or even expedient) in certain interactions. Would you consider a change in the way you tweet? 12:25 Patreon Q#4 - What of a client's need for autonomy/identity in therapy; they would prefer that which is meaningful and therefore under their control; is this not unhealthy? 17:59 Patreon Q#5 - Any update on your plans to start providing independent classes or an online university? 20:55 Patreon Q#6 - I married young and have had only 1 sexual partner. Now I desire variety, but value my marriage and will not cheat. Any insight on overcoming this conflict? 24:27 Chat Q#1 - Why do you not discuss religious fundamentalism more often and more in depth? Many people consider you a religious apologist as a consequence. 30:04 Patreon Q#7 - I've been trying to listen to my conscience but I can't tell the difference between fear, willful blindness or genuine conscience. 37:55 Patreon Q#8 - I've watched many hours of your videos, but I don't think I've ever heard you describe yourself on the big 5 model. Care to tell us how you rank on each trait? 40:47 Patreon Q#9 - My wife and I found out early in the year we may not be able to have children, then last month I was diagnosed with cancer. How do I combat depression? 49:08 Patreon Q#10 - Please give your perspective on why polyamory is bad for the individual and society. 54:35 Patreon Q#11 - How do you think altered state of consciousness or shamanic experiences can/should be integrated into modern life and scientific thought? 57:42 Patreon Q#12 - I don?t even have the conscientiousness to sit down and do Self Authoring. I bought it over a year ago and haven?t opened it. What the hell is wrong with me? 1:03:34 Patreon Q#13 - My wife says I am like you i.e. obsessed by ideas, and seldom want to talk about much else. She wants me to ask if your wife is ever annoyed by it, haha. 1:05:35 Patreon Q#14 - Hi Dr. Peterson, I am a member of the translators who translate your video into Chinese. How can I speak the truth and survive in China and protect my family? 1:08:50 Patreon Q#15 - My brother committed suicide, and I?m taking care of my sister?s kids (ages 7, 3) until she?s stable. How can I help them cope with the loss of their uncle? 1:12:09 Patreon Q#16 - I'm a minority, my kids are mixed. I RESENT the disempowering narrative of victimhood being handed to them. It's lazy and offensive. How to arm them against it? 1:15:28 Patreon Q#17 - Sam Harris has accused you of sophistry in your Bible lectures. How do you draw the line between sophistry and a valid reading? 1:21:26 Patreon Q#18 - How is it that society has not learned from history about the dangers of socialism, Marxism, ideology, etc after years? How do Marxists get away with it? 1:27:11 Patreon Q#19 - I am 46, retired executive, wealthy, competent, and full of juice. Who can I talk to if I want to invest time/money/energy in your university? 1:30:00 Patreon Q#20 - I am a sober alcoholic/drug addict. How can I find my way back to belief in a higher power after 10 years in the empty void of atheism? I'm falling apart. Relevant links: Original Video: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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41 - Quillette - Discussion with Editor Claire Lehmann

Please consider supporting Quillette?s fine work through Patreon at I sat down recently with Claire Lehmann, founder and editor of Quillette, an online magazine that publishes essays on a range of topics related to politics, social life, science, and academia. The magazine has quickly become a highly respected outlet for open discussion of topics in psychology and the social and behavioral sciences. Claire was studying forensic psychology at the graduate level but decided that she could contribute more to the general scientific discussion as a journalist. Hence her decision to found Quillette. In this discussion, she describes the founding, development and monetization strategy underpinning her journalistic work. From Wikipedia: ?The website drew significant public attention on August 7, 2017 after publishing the responses of four scientists (Lee Jussim, David P. Schmitt, Geoffrey Miller, and Debra W. Soh) to James Damore's controversial memo "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber". The website was temporarily shut down by a DDoS attack following publication of the piece.? Claire stated, during our discussion: ?I didn?t think that any standard journalistic outlet would publish the material, scientific or otherwise, that I considered valuable and appropriate. The best places for scientific journalism won?t go near anything that contradicts very strong left-wing narratives such as the reality of stereotype threat (a literature severely criticized in, the validity of intelligence research, or the existence of sex differences in personality and interest.? I provided an extensive reference list with regard to the latter in the description for my video commentary on the James Damore/Google affair: David Schmitt?s work (summarized here: is also relevant in this regard. We discussed the failure of psychologists to admit to, let alone identify, authoritarian tendencies on the left since the end of World War II, although there has been no shortage of work detailing those tendencies on the right. In my lab, we recently tried to rectify this with some recent as-of-yet unpublished studies making up the Master?s thesis work of my student Christine Brophy (see Claire and I also discussed the danger to women (particularly mothers) as a consequence of the social-constructionist denial of the biological differences between the sexes and the practical necessity of distinguishing between ?women? and ?mothers? in the economic discussion, the over-emphasis on career compared to family that is characteristic of modern life, the impossibility of a high-achieving career, in general (to say nothing of managing that with the demands of motherhood), and the failure of feminism to address that impossibility in a realistic and measured manner. We close with a discussion of the fraudulent and politically-motivated misuse of the concept of implicit bias and the lack of evidence for success for anti-unconscious bias retraining programs, and consideration of the differences in competition strategies between males and females in the workplace and more broadly. One of Quillette?s early successes, by criminologists Brian Boutwell: On the false dichotomy between sex and gender: And, in closing, on female preference for male bosses: Once again, please consider supporting Quillette?s fine work through Patreon: Additional relevant links: My new book: 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos: Dr Jordan B Peterson Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Podcast: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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40 - Message to the school shooters: past, present and future

I wrote in some detail and with some depth about motivation for the mass slaughter of innocents in my new book, 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos. Because of what happened all-too-recently and brutally in Parkland -- because of what keeps happening -- I thought I would read the relevant chapter (Rule 6: Put your house in perfect order before you criticize the world) and release it on YouTube and as a Podcast. I regard the mass shootings as symptomatic of the nihilism and psychological confusion that so deeply characterizes our society at the current time. 12 Rules of Life: An Antidote to Chaos can be acquired here: Amazon US: Amazon UK: Amazon CANADA: Amazon AUSTRALIA: Additional relevant links: My Website: Charles Joseph Website: Self Authoring Suite: Understand Myself personality test: Reading List: Twitter: Patreon:
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