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The Marie Forleo Podcast

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and one of Inc.?s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie Forleo?s goal is to help you become the person you most want to be. In this show, Marie and her guests share actionable strategies for greater happiness, success, motivation, creativity, productivity, love, health, contribution and fulfillment ? often with a lot of laughs. From business, marketing and career advice, to tackling failure, disappointment and fear, to philanthropy and doing our part to make the world a more loving, just and equitable place ? we cover it all. Get inspired, grow stronger, more confident and create a business and life you genuinely love. Have a question or topic you?d like to see covered on the show? Go to


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257 - Sheri Salata on Writing Your Own Story & Embracing The Beautiful No

Do you truly love the life you?re living? Do you ever feel like it?s too late to start over? After 20 years producing stories for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Harpo Studios, and the Oprah Winfrey Network, Sheri Salata knows what it takes to start a new chapter ? especially as a woman over 50. In this episode, she talks about her new book, ?The Beautiful No,? how to embrace rejection, and how to start over, even if you already have the career of your dreams! It?s never too late to make the rest of your dreams come true. @SheriSalata via @MarieForleo I will dream my life as if I will live to be one hundred. I will live my life as if this day is the only one I get. The most crucial stories are the ones that we tell to ourselves. @SheriSalata via @MarieForleo
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256 - Conscious Parenting With Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Ever feel like you?re no match for your child?s meltdowns or conflicts in your personal relationships? In this episode, you?ll learn the best ways to practice conscious parenting and how staying centered despite outer chaos can actually be achieved. Conscious parenting -- and being a conscious human being in all relationships -- takes inner work. This episode will teach you some of the best ways to begin cultivating inner awareness and trusting the innate wisdom in yourself and your loved ones. If you honor the inner voice in yourself, you?ll hold it sacred in others. @DrShefali via @MarieForleo
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255 - Elizabeth Gilbert on ?City of Girls? & Her Biggest Creative Challenge Yet

Can you survive your worst choices? How do you get through heartbreaking grief? Elizabeth Gilbert wrote her new novel, City of Girls, after a devastating loss. And yet ? it?s a sexy, fun, rollicking book I couldn?t put down. In it, she attacks the antiquated idea of a ?ruined woman? by celebrating female desire and love. Her vulnerability in this conversation will give you insight on dealing with grief and how to approach each new life phase with openness. ?You don't have to be a good girl to be a good person.? @GilbertLiz via @MarieForleo
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254 - How to Use Social Media so it Doesn't Overwhelm Your Life

Use social media for your business but worried it'll take over your life if you join every social network out there? In this episode you'll learn 4 simple steps you can start using right away to make sure you use social media the right way to eliminate overwhelm. Social media?s not a hairnet. No one?s going to shut you down for not using it. @MarieForleo
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253 - You Are Enough With Colleen Saidman Yee & Marie Forleo

Do you ever feel like you?re ?not enough?? We can relate. And, so does Colleen Saidman Yee the ?First Lady of Yoga? and author of Yoga For Life. Listen in on this transformative conversation with my mentor and yoga teacher, and hear a beautiful meditation for moving beyond fear. Allow beauty and sadness to touch you. This is love, not fear. @colleensaidman via @MarieForleo
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252 - Two Words To ?Win? Any Argument, Fast

Ever wonder how to win an argument when both you and the other person think you've got the answer? The solution is actually simpler than you may think. In this episode you'll learn an easy 2-word phrase you can say any time you're wondering how to end an argument that seems impossible. Saying ?you?re right? doesn?t mean you?re wrong. @MarieForleo
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251 - The Making of Our ?Everything Is Figureoutable? Book Cover

How do you design a book cover that captures the right vibe and feeling of the ONE idea you want to leave the world? Go behind the scenes as Marie, her creative team and her publishers reveal the book cover to Everything Is Figureoutable. Spoiler alert: It?s anything but conventional. Creating something great takes patience and the power of your conviction in who you are and what you stand for. @MarieForleo
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250 - Does Your Desire For More Cash Make You Unspiritual?

Make more money while being spiritual and not shallow - is it even possible? In this episode you'll learn my tips for growing a healthy respect for money so you don't feel shallow or greedy when you want to make more money. When achievement is divorced from fulfillment, you lose custody of your happiness. @MarieForleo
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249 - Want More Money? 3 Painless Habits That Don?t Require A Bigger Income With David Bach

Trapped and stressed by money problems? David Bach discusses his new book, ?The Latte Factor,? and 3 simple habits you can implement today to achieve financial freedom. You?re richer than you think, you?re more powerful than you know, and small amounts of money can change your life. @AuthorDavidBach via @MarieForleo
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248 - 3 Branding Ideas You Can Learn From Artifact Uprising

Looking for branding ideas for your small business? Here are three smart branding strategies from Artifact Uprising -- a company that knows how to grab our attention and keep us coming back for more. Brands that lead with humanity capture more than just sales, they capture hearts. @MarieForleo
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247 - How to Create 365 Days Worth of Content Ideas ? FAST

Struggling to find fresh content ideas every week? In this episode, you?ll learn three strategies to help you create an endless supply of content ideas that?ll work for your blog, vlog, podcast, newsletter or social media posts. Content that serves is content that sells. @MarieForleo
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246 - 2 Steps To Build Customer Trust, Without Offering Refunds

Can you get customers to trust and love you - even with a ?no refunds? policy? Yes, if you do these two things. Build your business on truth and trust will build itself. @MarieForleo
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245 - 4 Steps To Simplify Any Message With Rachel Hanfling

Rachel Hanfling is a media producer, strategist, and trainer with twenty years experience working for big names like Oprah Winfrey and Anderson Cooper. In this episode you'll learn 4 steps you can take right now to simplify your messaging, communicate effectively, and ultimately get what you want. If you confuse people, you lose people. @RachelHanfling via @MarieForleo
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244 - Crazy Sexy Evolution: How Kris Carr Turned Her Passion Into An Unexpected Business

Crazy Sexy Kris Carr comes by the studio for an amazing interview where you'll learn about her life, her business, her background, and how she's found success in both her personal and business life. It?s not about finding your voice, it?s about giving yourself permission to use your voice. @Kris_Carr via @MarieForleo
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243 - Multiple Jobs Holding You Back? How to Make It Work

When you?re a multipassionate entrepreneur, juggling multiple jobs comes with the territory. In this MarieTV Live Call-In Show, Marie Forleo helps two entrepreneurs figure out how to grow their businesses without risking everything. Learn how to keep things simple when you?re juggling multiple responsibilities and trying to reach more than one audience. Simplify to Amplify. @MarieForleo It's not about overnight success. it's about getting great over time. @MarieForleo
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242 - Distracted? 6 Ways to Stop Interruptions When You Work At Home

Distracted easily when you work at home? In this episode you'll learn six no-fail ways to stop interruptions and increase productivity when you work at home and share your space with others.
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241- Laura Vanderkam On Time Freedom Habits From The World?s Most Successful People

Is it possible to be more productive AND less stressed at the same time? Laura Vanderkam says YES. In this episode she discusses her book, ?Off the Clock,? and how you can achieve time freedom. Learn what lies you?re telling yourself about time, how to structure your day to get the most done, and what habits you need to stop immediately to feel more relaxed and in control. Done is better than perfect because there is no perfect without being done. @lvanderkam via @MarieForleo
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240 - How To Be More Persuasive: 8 Tips For Authentic Influence

How to be persuasive - it's something we all want to do at some point, and the key to doing well is being persuasive in an authentic way. In this episode you'll learn exactly how one of our B-School scholarship winners persuaded me in a totally authentic way to give her a free seat to B-School, even though she was up against over 400 other entries! If you want to persuade people in a genuine & authentic way, you must lead with your heart. @MarieForleo
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239 - Abby Wambach On Why Everyone Wins When You Demand More

Abby Wambach discuss her new book, ?Wolfpack,? and argues that we need to harness our personal power if we hope to fight inequality and change the world. She also debunks the myth of Little Red Riding Hood, and explains why everyone wins when you step up and become a leader. Tune in to learn how to stop believing the myth of scarcity, be a bridge-builder in tough conversations, and lead through helping others flourish. A woman who doesn't give up can never lose. @AbbyWambach via @MarieForleo Be grateful, and also demand what you deserve. @AbbyWambach via @MarieForleo  
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238 - Why I Happily Walked Away from a Million Dollars

To go from good to great, you have to be willing to leave behind the "good" in order to make room to create something truly great in your life. In this episode you'll learn why I walked away from a million dollars, and how you can overcome the two main factors that keep you stuck in Good Land. It takes courage to begin something, but it can take even more to end it. @MarieForleo
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237 - Hiding In Your Comfort Zone? The #1 Way To Override Your Fear

Do you need to go BIG with promoting your business, but you?re afraid to step outside your comfort zone? In this MarieTV Call-In Show, Marie helps three entrepreneurs push themselves into long-term success by pressing go on their websites, crafting irresistible offers, and sharing their revolutionary messages. Tune in to learn how getting outside your business?s comfort zone will help you override the voice of fear in your head and entice more customers to your cause. You have to make your message and the mission more important than your insecurity. @MarieForleo
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236 - Sleep Revolution: Transform Your Life One Night At A Time w/ Arianna Huffington

Did you know better sleep could radically improve every part of your life? Whether you can?t sleep or just don?t want to sleep more ? this information is a big wake-up call. According to Arianna Huffington, we?re in the midst of a sleep deprivation crisis and she?s got hard science to back it up. Lack of sleep has profound and sometimes dire consequences ? on our health, our job performance, our relationships and our happiness. Listen in and learn how to take back control of your life, one night at a time. Sleep is a performance enhancer and affects every aspect of our health. @ariannahuff via @MarieForleo
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235 - Do You Feel Guilty About Making Money? Watch This.

Do you ever feel guilty making money from selling your creations? In this episode you'll how to overcome "sellers guilt" once and for all. Getting money means giving joy. @MarieForleo
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234 - Scott Harrison: How Water Changes Everything

Join Marie and charity:water founder Scott Harrison as they talk about changing your life and the world, one well at a time. Water can give a woman dignity, at the most human level. @scottharrison via @MarieForleo
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233 - How To Price Your Products, Differentiate Your Business & (Above All) Trust Your Gut

Want to differentiate your business from your competition? In this MarieTV Live Call-In Show, Marie helps three business owners identify their unique selling points so they can charge the right prices and tweak their marketing strategy to reflect their company?s core values. And stick around to the end, where Marie helps another brave entrepreneur decide whether she should call it quits or keep going. Her realization will surprise you. It's not just about what you sell, it's about what you stand for. @MarieForleo
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232 - What Getting Blown Off Says About You

Getting blown off sucks, but what does it say about you? The truth is, it says NOTHING about you. In this episode you'll learn the three essential things to keep in mind next time you get blown off, ignored or feel like nobody likes you. Taking things personally = maximum selfishness. It assumes everything is about me. @donMiguelRuiz via @MarieForleo
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231 - Rick Hanson on How to Build Unshakeable Inner Strength Using Your Brain

Stuck in a negative thought loop? Wish small, everyday stressors didn?t affect you so much? Dr. Rick Hanson discusses his new book, ""Resilient,"" and the amazing neuroscience that will help you build inner strength to face all life?s challenges. Building on his popular books, ?Hardwiring Happiness? and ?Buddha?s Brain,? Rick?s newest addition provides practical ways to get unstuck from negativity and grow into a more grateful, compassionate, and resilient human being. As you grow more, you give more. As you give, the world gives back. @drrhanson via @MarieForleo
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230 - Marie Forleo & Leila Janah on Fighting Global Poverty Through Technology

Sama Group is working to end global poverty with technology. Listen to Leila and Marie discuss how you can help make the world a more equitable place. There?s a psychological ripple effect that comes with the dignity of work. @leila_c via @MarieForleo
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229 - Dr. Tererai Trent On How To Achieve Your ?Impossible? Dreams

Do you have an ?impossible dream?? In this episode, Dr. Tererai Trent discusses her book, ?The Awakened Woman,? and how you can achieve your dreams, even in the face of crushing setbacks. Tererai comes from a long line of women who experienced poverty and abuse. And yet Tererai persevered through tremendous challenges to earn her GED, Bachelor?s, Master?s, and her PhD. Now she?s an internationally recognized leader of social change, empowering women to unlock their passions and achieve their dreams. You have the power within. It's not your past that's going to define who you are, but it's what you believe about yourself; what is it that you expect from yourself. @TereraiTrent via @MarieForleo
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228 - Here?s Why You Never Follow-Through (And How To Fix It)

Get bored easily when you're working on a project and then quit before you're finished? It happens to most creative people and the reason you don't follow through is that you don't have the habit yet. In this episode you'll learn 4 simple ways to follow through on all your projects. To be responsible, keep your promises to others. To be successful, keep your promises to yourself. @MarieForleo
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227 - What If People Can Learn Everything I Teach For Free Online?

Why would anyone pay you to teach something they could learn for free online? Here are 6 solid reasons they?d prefer to pony up. People don?t buy information, they buy results. @MarieForleo
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226 - 6 Reasons Customers Aren?t Buying From You

How to sell more - it's something most business owners wonder about when the customers just aren't buying. In this episode, you'll learn 6 reasons why your customers aren't buying from you and how to fix it. A confused mind always says no. @MarieForleo
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225 - How to Be True to Yourself and Avoid The #1 Regret in Life

Are you living the life YOU most want or the life people expect of you? This 3-part question will help you be true to yourself and take courageous steps towards a life without regret. This episode is a powerful reality check based on the #1 most common regret from Bronnie Ware?s book, The Top Five Regrets of the Dying. Living for other people?s expectations guarantees you?ll fall short of your own. @MarieForleo
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224 - How To Deal With Jealousy & Being Intimidated By Another?s Success

Business competition can make you feel jealous or intimidated by other people in your field, especially if they appear to be more successful than you. In this episode you'll learn how to deal when you feel jealous of your business competition and their success. You'll also learn why it's a good thing if the press is talking about your niche, even if they're talking about your business competition! There?s always room at the top. - Daniel Webster via @MarieForleo
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223 - Steven Pressfield On How To Overcome Resistance & Why Talent Doesn?t Matter

Want to stop self-sabotaging and start achieving? Steven Pressfield explains why overcoming resistance is the key to fulfilling your greatest creative potential. He also reveals some of the revolutionary ideas from his books: The War of Art, Turning Pro, and The Artist?s Journey. I love Steven so much and could not be more honored to have him in the studio. This conversation is what every dreamer needs to do their life?s work, no matter how unconventional. The ability to overcome resistance, self-sabotage, and self-doubt is way more important than talent. @SPressfield via @MarieForleo
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222 - ?I Have No Experience, But I Want To Be a Coach.? Here?s What To Do.

If you have zero credentials but lots of passion, check out this episode and you'll learn how you can easily build up your portfolio while gaining real-life experience. The only source of knowledge is experience. - Albert Einstein via @MarieForleo
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221 - Want More Customers? Here?s How To Find Your People

Struggling to find your people? In this episode you?ll learn about the power of building an online community, why growing your email list is more important than your social media following, and how to find and sell to your target market. Keep your attention on the things that you can control. @MarieForleo
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220 - Feeling Like A Fraud? Stop Self Sabotage w/ This Unexpected Technique

Feeling not good enough-- that's the real fear behind feeling like an imposter or fraud. In this episode you'll learn why feeling not good enough is actually the problem behind feeling inexperienced. You'll also learn why trying to overcome or get rid of negative thoughts never works and why you should instead change your focus and make fear powerless. More present moment engagement = less crappy thoughts. @MarieForleo
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219 - The Power of A Good Bridge Job

A bridge job - is it something you need if your business isn't making enough money yet? In this episode you'll learn six reasons a bridge job can be great for your business - and how that side job can help keep your finances on track. A steady income = Speed Stick for The Soul. It keeps you from reeking of desperation. @MarieForleo
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218 - 3 Real Truths to Overnight Success

How to become an overnight success - it's something many people wonder about because it seems to happen so often to others. The truth is that success is not easy and doesn't happen fast. In this episode you'll learn 3 real truths to keep in mind about overnight success. If you want to be an overnight success, you need to be an everyday hustler. @MarieForleo
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217 - How to Persuade Twice As Many People in 3 Seconds

Wish you were more persuasive? What if persuading someone was as simple as adding a single sentence? In this episode, Marie Forleo shares a small language tweak that could double the number of people who join your cause, sign up for your email list or buy your product! You can even use this persuasion technique on yourself ? to stay motivated and reach your goals that much faster. If you want to inspire someone to act, suggest the smallest action possible. @MarieForleo
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216 - Burnt Out vs. Time For A Total Career Change: 4 Questions To Help You Get Clear

In this episode you'll learn 4 key questions you can ask yourself immediately to see whether or not you are burnt out and you need to adjust some things in your business and life, or if it's time to change jobs completely. One can never consent to creep when one feels the impulse to soar. -Helen Keller via @MarieForleo
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215 - How To Find Your Niche & Eliminate Business Overwhelm

In this episode you?ll learn how to find your niche, how to choose the best business when you?re bursting with ideas, and be real and vulnerable with your audience while maintaining credibility. The secret to better results? Simplify to amplify. @MarieForleo
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214 - How to Move Ahead When "Everything Sucks"

Make a choice -- this can feel impossible when all the options around you seem to suck. In this episode, you'll learn how to make a habit out of seeing what's right in your situation so you can make a choice, no matter what the options. Not having the best situation, but seeing the best IN your situation is the key to happiness. @MarieForleo
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213 - Feel Like a Fraud? Here?s How to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Impostor syndrome (i.e. feeling like a fraud) affects a whopping 70% of us, according to research. It hurts our happiness, our emotional and mental health, as well as our bank balances, careers and the impact we were born to make. In this episode, Marie Forleo provides 6 strategies to beat impostor syndrome so you can stop feeling like a fraud and start feeling genuinely confident. Shame always shrivels when you share it out loud. @MarieForleo
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212 - Is This All There Is? How to Create a New Life Vision

In this episode, you'll learn why it's so important to have a larger life vision. We don't find happiness in simply reaching individual goals, but we do find it when we have a life vision that keeps us challenged and growing. You'll also learn some questions you can ask yourself about your life vision to help spark your passion again. A vision isn?t just a picture of what could be; it?s an appeal to our better selves. @RosabethKanter via @MarieForleo
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211 - How Do I Figure out what I Want

Feeling Lost? Figuring out what you want in life is something that we all struggle with at one point or another. You might be feeling lost if you're trying to figure out what to do with your life or find your life's purpose. In this episode you'll learn key steps you can take to answer that nagging question of "what should I do with my life?". At the center of your being you have the answer. Lao Tzu via @MarieForleo
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210 - Following Your Dreams At Any Age

Follow your dreams at any age - is it possible? In my interview with 12-year-old New Zealand viewer Olivia, we'll talk about the publishing business she's starting and how you're never too old or young to follow your dreams. In this episode, you'll learn how to follow your dreams, even if you think age isn't on your side. Any age is the perfect age to follow your dreams. @MarieForleo
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209 - Santa Visits MarieTV

Sometimes even Santa Claus needs some life coaching. In this episode of MarieTV, you'll learn some of Marie's best life coaching advice for the big man himself! We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give. - Winston Churchill via @MarieForleo
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208 - Need A Miracle? Here?s A Step-By-Step Guide from Gabby Bernstein

Manifesting what you want in life is a hot topic, but how do you do it? In this interview with Gabby Bernstein, you'll learn how Gabby's work will help you with manifesting your dreams and desires. It all starts with shifting your energy. When you shift energy, doors open and you welcome miracles. Giving more is the essence of abundance. @GabbyBernstein via @MarieForleo
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