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Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers

Software Engineering Radio - the podcast for professional software developers

Software Engineering Radio is a podcast targeted at the professional software developer. The goal is to be a lasting educational resource, not a newscast. SE Radio covers all topics software engineering. Episodes are either tutorials on a specific topic, or an interview with a well-known character from the software engineering world. All SE Radio episodes are original content ? we do not record conferences or talks given in other venues. Each episode comprises two speakers to ensure a lively listening experience. SE Radio is brought to you by the IEEE Computer Society.


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Episode 480: Venky Naganathan on Chatbots

Host Kanchan Shringi speaks with Venky Naganathan,Sr. Director of Engineering at Conga specializing in Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots about the Conversational UI paradigm for Enterprise Apps as well as the enablers and business use cases suited...

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Episode 479: Luis Ceze on the Apache TVM Machine Learning Compiler

Luis Ceze of OctoML discusses Apache TVM, an open source machine learning model compiler for a variety of different hardware architectures with host Akshay Manchale. Luis talks about the challenges in deploying models on specialized hardware and how TVM.

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Episode 478: Satish Mohan on Network Segmentation

Satish Mohan, CTO of AirGapNetworks discussed "Air Gapped Networks" with host Priyanka Raghavan.

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Episode 477: Josef Strzibny on Self Hosting Applications

Josef Strzibny the author of Deployment from Scratch discusses how and why it's valuable to learn how to self host applications.

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Episode 476: Leonid Shevtsov on Transactional Email

Leonid Shevtsov talks with host Robert Blumen about email protocols and transactional email.

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Episode 475: Rey Bango on Secure Coding Veracode

Rey Bango, Senior Director of Developer and Security Relations at Veracode discussed Secure coding with host Priyanka Raghavan.

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Episode 474: Paul Butcher on Fuzz Testing

Paul Butcher of AdaCore discusses Fuzz Testing, an automated testing technique used to find security vulnerabilities and other software flaws. Host Philip Winston spoke with Butcher about negative testing, brute-force fuzz testing...

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Episode 473: Mike Del Balso on Feature Stores

Mike Del Balso, co-founder of Tecton discusses Feature Stores which are data platforms to operationalize Machine Learning applications. He talks about challenges faced by teams in creating custom data pipelines to serve models in production...

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Episode 472: Liran Haimovitch on Handling Customer Issues

Liram Haimovitch talks about how a business handles customer issues with a software product. How issues start out with a dedicated customer-facing team and when they may be escalated to engineering.

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Episode 471: Jason Meller on Choosing the Right Tech Stack for a Greenfield Project

CEO and security expert Jason Meller discusses modern tech stacks across a variety of programming languages to consider when building your next project or startup.

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Episode 470: L. Peter Deutsch on the Fallacies of Distributed Computing

L Peter Deutsch of Aladdin Enterprises and formerly of Sun Microsystems joined host Jeff Doolittle to discuss the fallacies of distributed computing. Peter retold the history and origin of the fallacies and how they have been addressed over...

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Episode 469: Dhruba Borthakur on Embedding Real-time Analytics in Applications

Dhruba Borthakur, CTO and co-founder of Rockset, discusses the use cases and core requirements of real-time analytics, as well as the evolution from batch to real time and the need for a new architecture with host Kanchan Shringi.

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Episode 468: Iljitsch van Beijnum on Internet Routing and BGP

Networking researcher Iljitsch van Beijnum discusses internet routing and the border gateway protocol (BGP) with host Robert Blumen.

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Kim Carter of BinaryMist discusses Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and how the OWASP purpleteam project can improve early defect detection. Host Justin spoke with Carter about how DAST can provide meaningful feedback loops to developers...

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Episode 466: Casey Aylward on Venture Capital for Software Investing

Casey Aylward, Principal at Costanoa Ventures discusses Venture capital with a focus on early stage investing from the perspective of the entrepreneur and the VC with host Kanchan Shringi.

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Episode 465: Kevlin Henney and Trisha Gee on 97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know

Trisha Gee and Kevlin Henney of 97 things every Java developer should know discusses their book, which is a collection of essays by different developers covering the most important things to know. Host Felienne spoke withGee and Henney about all things...

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Episode 464: Rowland Savage on Getting Acquired

Rowland Savage, author of How to Stick the Landing: The M&A Handbook for Startups, discusses how company acquisitions work, the three types, and why it is so important for software engineering startups to know the details to make an acquisition happen.

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Episode 463: Yaniv Tal on Web 3.0 and the Graph

Yaniv Tal discusses The Graph?s key features and also explains to user basics of blockchain infrastructure, Ethereum.

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Episode 462: Felienne on the Programmers Brain

Felienne joins host Jeff Doolittle as a guest on the show to discuss her book, The Programmers Brain. While programmer?s brains are not special in comparison to the brains of others, they face unique cognitive challenges...

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Episode 461 Michael Ashburne and Maxwell Huffman on Quality Assurance

Michael Ashburne and Maxwell Huffman discuss Quality Assurance with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 460: Evan Weaver on FaunaDB

Evan Weaver of Fauna discusses the Fauna distributed database. Host Felienne spoke with him about its design and properties, as well as the FQL query language, and the different models it supports: document-based as well as relational.

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Episode 459: Otakar Nieder on Gaming vs Simulation Engines

Otakar Nieder, Senior Director of Development at Bohemia Interactive Simulations, discusses how simulation apps are different from gaming with host Kanchan Shringi.

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Episode 458: Daniel Roth on Blazor

Daniel Roth from Microsoft discusses Blazor?s key features and benefits of using c# full stack for building web apps with host Priyanka Raghavan.

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Episode 457: Jeffery D Smith on DevOps Anti Patterns

Jeffery D Smith, author of Operations Anti-Patterns, DevOps Solutions, talks about how things can go wrong in development organizations and what DevOps has to offer with host Robert Blumen.

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Episode 456: Tomer Shiran on Data Lakes

Tomer Shiran, co-founder of Dremio, talks about managing data inside a data lake, historical changes and motivations for managing data as a data lake, and the common tools and methods for ingestion, storage, and analytics on top of the underlying data.

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Episode 455: Jamie Riedesel on Software Telemetry

Jamie author of Software Telemetry book discusses Software Telemetry, why telemetry data is so important and the discipline of tracing, logging, and monitoring infrastructure.

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Episode 454: Thomas Richter Postgres as an OLAP database

Thomas Richter is the founder of Swarm64, a Postgres extension company designed to boost performance of your Postgres instance. This episode examines the internals of Postgres, performance considerations, and relational database types.

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Episode 453: Aaron Rinehart on Security Chaos Engineering

Aaron Rinehard, CTO of Verica and author, discusses security chaos engineering (SCE) and how it can be used to enhance the security of modern application architectures.

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Episode 452: Scott Hanselman on .NET

Scott Hanselman discusses .NET with Jeremy Jung

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Episode 451: Luke Kysow on Service Mesh

Luke Kysow from Hashicorp does a deep dive into the key features of Consul with host Priyanka Raghavan.

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Episode 450: Hadley Wickham on R and Tidyverse

Hadley Wickham, chief scientist at RStudio and creator of the Tidyverse, discusses how R and its data science package the TidyVerse are used and created. Host Felienne speaks with Wickham about the design philosophy of the Tidyverse, and how it supports..

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Episode 449: Dan Moore on Build vs Buy

Dan Moore, cofounder of Vaporware, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of building or buying software solutions, including evaluation criteria, how to inspect an API, and cost considerations for purchasing software from external vendors.

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Episode 448: Matt Arbesfeld Starting Your Own Software Company

Matt Arbesfeld, cofounder of LogRocket, discusses the benefits and drawbacks of starting a software company as a software engineer, including finding cofounders, fundraising, and determining what ideas are worth pursuing.

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Episode 447: Michael Perry on Immutable Architecture

Michael L. Perry discusses his recently published book, The Art of Immutable Architecture, distinguishing immutable architecture from other approaches and, using familiar examples such as git and blockchain, addresses some possible misunderstandings...

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Episode 446: Nigel Poulton on Kubernetes Fundamentals

Nigel Poulton, author of The Kubernetes Book and Docker Deep Dive, discusses Kubernetes fundamentals, why Kubernetes is gaining so much momentum, deploying an example app, and why Kubernetes is considered "the" Cloud OS.

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Episode 445: Thomas Graf on eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter)

Thomas Graf, Co-Founder of Cilium, discusses eBPF and XDP and how they can be leveraged for a wide variety of use cases across networking, observability, and security.

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Episode 444: Tug Grall on Redis

Tug Grall of Redis Labs discusses Redis, its evolution over the years and emerging use cases today,its module based ecosystem and Redis? applicability in a wide range of applications beyond being a layer for caching data such as search, machine learning

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Episode 443: Shawn Wildermuth on Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

Felienne discusses diversity and inclusivity in software development with Shawn Wildermuth, Microsoft MVP and creator of the Hello World movie.

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Episode 442: Arin Bhowmick on UX Design for Enterprise Applications

Arin Bhowmick, Global Vice President and Chief Design Officer at IBM, discusses why and how UX design for enterprise applications is different than for consumer applications.

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Episode 441 Shipping Software - With Bugs

James Smith, CEO and co-founder of Bugsnag discusses ?Why it is ok to ship your software with Bugs.?

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Episode 440: Alexis Richardson on gitops

Alexis Richardson discusses gitops - a deployment model based on convergent infrastructure as code with host Robert Blumen.

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Episode 439: JP Aumasson on Cryptography

JP Aumasson, author of Serious Cryptography, discusses cryptography, specifically how encryption and hashing work and underpin many security functions.

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Episode 438: Andy Powell on Lessons Learned from a Major Cyber Attack

Andy Powell is the CISO of AP Moller Maersk and discusses the 2017 cyber attack that hit the company and the lessons learned for preventing and recovering from future attacks.

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Episode 437: Architecture of Flutter

Tim Sneath, product management for Flutter and Dart at Google discusses what Flutter is, why it was created, where Dart came from, what the different layers of Flutter are, why it is so popular and why it makes a developers life much easier.

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Episode 436: Apache Samza with Yi Pan

Yi Pan is the lead maintainer of the Apache Samza project and discusses the use cases for stream processing frameworks, how to use them, and the benefits & drawbacks of a framework like Samza.

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Episode 435: Julie Lerman on Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework

Julie Lerman discusses Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 435: Julie Lerman on Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework

Julie Lerman discusses Object Relational Mappers and Entity Framework with Jeremy Jung.

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Episode 434: Steven Skiena on Preparing for the Data Structures and Algorithm Job Interview

Steven Skiena speaks with SE Radio?s Adam Conrad about practical applications for data structures and algorithms, as well as take-aways on how to best study Skiena?s book when prepping for the technical interview process.

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Episode 433: Jay Kreps on ksqlDB

Jay Kreps, CEO and Co-founder of Confluent discusses ksqlDB which is a database built specifically for stream processing applications to query streaming events in Kafka with SQL like interface.

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Episode 432: brian d foy on Perl 7

brian d foy, author of many Perl books discusses what Perl 7 is, where it?s going, what you need to do to get ready and various pieces advice on making the most of your Perl and programming life.

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