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Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

Political Thinking with Nick Robinson

Nick Robinson talks about what?s really going on in British politics.


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The Kemi Badenoch One

The Equalities Minister on redefining Black History Month, racial inequality and her love for Mrs Thatcher
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The Siân Berry One

The Green Party co-leader on her childhood love of wildlife, taking on 4x4s and whether the Greens can change politics
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The Simon Coveney One

The Irish Foreign Minister on his Anglo-Irish roots, the prospects for a Brexit deal and taking his centenarian grandmother to Lords
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The George Eustice One

The Environment Secretary on the spirit of Poldark, answering questions for David Cameron and the price of fish fingers.
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The Anneliese Dodds One

The Shadow Chancellor on her Presbyterian roots, being a student protestor and whether she?s prepared to say ?no?
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The Douglas Ross One

The new Scottish Conservative leader on football refereeing, his unusual knowledge of cattle and whether he can stop a second independence referendum
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The Layla Moran One

The LibDem leadership contender discusses the meaning of liberalism, the threat of fat-shaming, and the common humanity of being stardust but not necessarily pansexual
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The Thérèse Coffey One

The Work and Pensions Secretary on her Liverpudlian roots, applying science to politics, dealing with the rise in unemployment and her passion for karaoke
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The Nicklaus Thomas-Symonds One

Labour's shadow home secretary on his village with seven MPs, the collective spirit of the Welsh valleys, what Michael Foot told him as a teenager, and his golfing name
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The Mark Regev One

Israel's former ambassador to the UK on arguing his country's case, why he doesn't like being called 'silver-tongued', why he changed his name, and his reasons for optimism
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The Neil Ferguson One

The leading epidemiologist on how science and politics can best work together, being forced to resign from a government committee, and his media nickname of 'Professor Lockdown'
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The Robert Buckland One

The Justice Secretary on loneliness in politics, kneeling, how courts respond to covid, and why there is no such thing as 'normal' - plus he demonstrates his love of music
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The Maro Itoje One

The leading England rugby player on racism, Black Lives Matter, statues, finding middle ground, the diversity of Harrow School, and being impressed by Keir Starmer
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The Arlene Foster One

Northern Ireland's First Minister on what happened to her family during the Troubles, her discussions with Boris Johnson over Brexit, and what she's missed most during lockdown
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The Jonathan Sumption One

The former Supreme Court justice on why lockdown is 'despotic', being a libertarian, not being a politician, what Lord Hutton's inquiry got wrong and what Keith Joseph got right
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The Jeremy Hunt covid one

Jeremy Hunt talks about making mistakes, learning from Asia, his dispute with the junior doctors, and the trials of family life
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The Mark Drakeford One

Wales's First Minister on tackling the virus, working with Boris & digging the allotment
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The Richard Horton One

The editor of the Lancet discusses problems in the relationship between science and politics, why he thinks the lockdown must go on, and whether he is really a headline chaser.
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The new Keir Starmer one

Labour's new leader Keir Starmer talks about his background, upbringing, legal career and core values (in an interview recorded in 2018)
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The Rosena Allin-Khan One

The Labour deputy leadership candidate and doctor on being prepared for coronavirus, why she chose politics and that Love Actually video
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The Rebecca Long-Bailey One

The Labour leadership candidate on her Mancunian roots, why she didn't go into politics straight away and raising her eyebrows
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The Ian Murray One

The Labour deputy leadership candidate on uniting Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, saving Hearts FC and why Labour has to recover in Scotland if it is ever to win in Westminster again
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The Inside Story of Election 19 One

A bonus episode, with Anne McElvoy's behind-the-scenes documentary about the 2019 election
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The What Does Boris Johnson Really Think One

Pragmatist, libertarian or cakeist? Heathite or Trumpesque? Nick explores what drives the political views of Boris Johnson.
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The Nigel Farage Brexit Day One

The leading Brexit campaigner on the lessons he learnt as a City trader, what he thought of the 1975 referendum, and how he changed the 2019 election
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The Andy Street One

The Mayor of the West Midlands on his passion for HS2, why he nearly became a social worker and encouraging mavericks
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The Nicky Morgan One

The Culture Secretary on why she went from Remainer rebel to Boris loyalist, her decision to quit frontline politics and the uncertain future of the BBC
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The Lisa Nandy One

The Labour leadership candidate on her Liberal Grandfather, Marxist Dad, reviving towns and a love of Britney
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The Ben Wallace One

The Defence Secretary on getting the MoD's house in order, how he discovered a ticking bomb and why Boris Johnson is a 'left-wing Tory'
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The Prime Ministerial Debate One

A special edition with audio of Boris Johnson v Jeremy Corbyn, plus Nick's reflections after the debate
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The General Election One with Bartley and Hancock

Green Party Co-Leader Jonathan Bartley reveals why an encounter with David Cameron led him into politics, while Health Secretary Matt Hancock discusses his loyalty to Boris Johnson and why he keeps his mobile phone at bay
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The General Election One with Gwynne and Curtice

Labour's campaign coordinator Andrew Gwynne discusses mental health, Waspi women and darts commentary, while John Curtice talks about exit polls and haircuts
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The General Election One with Price and Cherry

Plaid Cymru's Adam Price and the SNP's Joanna Cherry on their personal journeys into politics and their ambitions for an independent Wales and Scotland
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The General Election One with Tice and Ummuna

Chukka Ummuna and Richard Tice on big political risks, loyalty and election high stakes.
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The Lindsay Hoyle One

The new Speaker on how he'll be different from his predecessor, his Lancastrian roots and the roll call of his 'political' pets
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The Laura Pidcock One

Labour's shadow employment rights spokesperson discusses class politics, friends and enemies, and the commentariat
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The Robert Jenrick One

The Housing Secretary on sleeping rough, owning homes, the Grenfell inquiry - and being the youngest cabinet minister
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The Sadiq Khan One

London's Mayor on the benefits of boxing, why it's good to be friends with Tories, and his arguments with Donald Trump
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The Rishi Sunak One

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury on why the Wirral meeting may go down in history, loosening the purse strings and his knowledge of The Force
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The Grant Shapps One

The Transport Secretary on planning for a no deal Brexit, using a spreadsheet to back Boris Johnson and why he's grateful to Ronald McDonald
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The Ken Clarke One

The Father of the House on whether he still wants the top job, the politics of discord and finding relaxation through jazz
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The Stephen Kinnock One

The Labour MP on being the son of a party leader, the husband of a prime minister, a difficult encounter with the Russian police, and why his colleagues should back a Brexit deal
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The Jon Trickett One

The Shadow Commons Leader on how a conversation with his grandfather sparked his political ambition and why Labour shouldn't turn its back on Leave voters
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The Alistair Burt One

The rebel Tory MP on the experience of being purged, how the Conservative Party is changing, and why Jacob Rees-Mogg should sit up straight in the Commons
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The Ian Blackford One

The SNP's Westminster leader discusses strategy at PMQs, parliamentary manoeuvres over Brexit, and how to deal with a procedural fankle or a political stramash
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The William Hague One

The former Foreign Secretary on why he thinks Parliament will prevent a no-deal Brexit, the threat to the Union and why he has no desire to return to frontline politics
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The Harriet Harman One

The longstanding campaigner for women's rights on why the next Labour leader and the next Commons Speaker must be women, her plans for a podcast, and why she now talks to Tories
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The Philip Hammond One

The Chancellor on blocking a no-deal Brexit, spreading muck, the benefits of being dull, and the 'bizarre' feeling of finding himself on the far left of the Conservative party
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The Ed Davey One

The Liberal Democrat leadership contender on why liberalism has a future (despite President Putin's comments), his call for a government of national unity and why he wants his homework back from Ed Balls
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The Steve Barclay One

The Brexit Secretary on his Lancastrian roots, the 'challenges' facing the new PM and his days as a scrum-half
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