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The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast

Fan Favorite and one of the most popular Bachelors Ben Higgins and Ashley Iaconetti, the notorious crier from ABC?s Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, will be covering everything relationships and breaking down the new season of the Bachelorette. They will include interviews with celebrities, past Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants, and interactions from their most loyal fans.


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The Show Goes On with Heather Martin

We start off the show with Ben?s honest reaction to Lauren Bushnell and Chris Lane?s engagement.  Never Been Kissed Heather Martin from Colton?s season is here to help us break down this week?s episode of The Bachelorette. We hear who she thinks has the best physical chemistry with Hannah.

This episode revealed that a mystery person has come back with a ring for Hannah? and we have theories about who it is! 

Plus, we break down the new cast of Bachelor in Paradise

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Introducing How Men Think with Brooks Laich & Gavin DeGraw

Introducing Brooks Laich and Gavin DeGraw and HOW MEN THINK.
We are opening the mind of the man for you and revealing HOW MEN THINK.You're finally going to get answers to all your questions.

Be prepared to be surprised.  It?s honest... it's unexpected... it's raw... it?s How Men Think, an iHeartRadio podcast.

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Under the Kilt

As we head further into Hannah B?s season, Ben and Ashley feel conflicted about Luke P. How will he redeem himself? 

The group date this week was one for the ages, and we saw much more of the guys than we were expecting.


And now that fan favorite John Paul Jones has been sent packing, what?s next for him? Will we see him in Paradise?

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Ashley and Jared's Bridal Shower!

We?re live from Ashley and Jared?s co-ed Crate and Barrel Bridal Shower! Ben is hosting a huge party to celebrate the happy couple, with a ton of Bachelor Nation friends stopping by.

Krystal Neilson and Chris Randone are about to get married too, and they share some of the lessons they?ve learned along the way. Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad have some advice for how to ease Jared into Ashley?s Jonas Brothers fandom.  

Plus Nick Viall tells us when he first noticed Jared?s feelings for Ashley and Kendall fills us in on her relationship with Grocery Store Joe.

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Put Up Your Lukes

Ben and Ashley recap every body-slamming moment from this week?s episode of The Bachelorette. We hear their thoughts on Jed?s confession about going on the show for the ?wrong reasons?.  Plus, Ben explains why he thinks Tyler C might be one of the most memorable contestants of all time.

We break down the intense physical aggression between Luke P and Luke S during the group date.

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Live from Wango Tango with Colton & Cassie!

Ashley can barely contain her excitement, because she?s backstage at iHeartRadio?s Wango Tango. Before she goes to fangirl over the Jonas Brothers, she catches up with Colton and Cassie. We hear how Colton?s been adjusting to life in ?Cali?, and where they?ll live when they move in together.

And Corinne Olympios stops by, to tell us a crazy story about an ex boyfriend. Plus, we discuss what happens when people say ?I love you? too early. (Corinne says it VERY quickly)

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This is Your Pilot Speaking

Ben and Ashley hop on for a quick recap of last night?s episode of The Bachelorette! We try to figure out what the deal is with Luke P, after he professed his love and then said he was ready to leave. 

We break down the more controversial figures from Hannah?s contestants and see who we like now that it?s been a few weeks.

Plus we discuss the comparison people are making between Ben and Pilot Pete!

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Almost Famous In Depth: Hannah B

Ashley sits down for an honest, raw conversation with the current Bachelorette, Hannah B. She opens up about her life before The Bachelor, how her world transitioned after pageant competition, and her experience as the lead on The Bachelorette. 
We get the real story of why Luke P didn?t offer her his jacket when she was cold and what she thought about his shocking, very early confession of love. 

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Almost Famous In Depth: Kaitlyn Bristowe

Ashley I goes In Depth with Katilyn Bristowe, for a candid and intimate conversation.  Kaitlyn's story includes living through her break-up with Shawn Booth and her current relationship with Jason Tartick. 

She opens up about when she felt things with Shawn starting to break down. She reveals why she started dating Jason after saying she?d never be involved with another member of Bachelor Nation.

 Plus we hear some inside stories from her experience on The Bachelorette.  You?ll never believe who she reached out to after she accidentally spoiled her season finale on social media.

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Live in the Vineyard with Tayshia Adams, Scotty McCreery & Morgan Evans

Ben and Ashley are on location in Napa, California from Live in the Vineyard Goes Country! Tayshia, Colton's runner up, is on hand to recap this week?s episode of The Bachelorette (nuggets and all). And we discuss Kelly Ripa?s recent comments about The Bachelor franchise.
Plus we hang with American Idol and confirmed Bachelor fan Scotty McCreery and Ben?s new crush... country star Morgan Evans. (Morgan appeared on Becca's season of The Bachelorette).

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Hannah B's Premiere with Demi Burnett and Katie Morton

It's the premiere of Hannah B's season of The Bachelorette! To help Ben and Ashley break down the new crop of guys, they've got BFFs from Colton's season, Demi Burnett and Katie Morton.

We'll hear which of the guys stood out from the rest on night 1, and Demi shares some scalding tea she has on one of the contestants. 

Demi and Katie let us know who they're excited about seeing in Paradise (*IF* they go), and we see if Ben really was the first Bachelor to say "I love you" to two different girls. 

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Bachelorette Revisit with Trista Sutter, Deanna Pappas & Caroline Lunny

 Ben has a very special co-host this week? his girlfriend Jess! The Bachelorette Special was her first real exposure to Ben?s life on the show, and we find out what it?s been like for her to watch Ben in that setting. 

In honor of the Bachelorette reunion, we talk to the very first Bachelorette, Trista Sutter. She fills us in on her life after the show, and offers some advice to Hannah B before her season kicks off. And we catch up with Deanna Pappas, and we hear if she kept in touch with Brad Womack! 

Then, Caroline Lunny from Arie?s season checks in with us about her experience on Bachelor Australia, and she opens up about her struggle with anxiety and depression.  

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On the Move with Rachel Lindsay

Former Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay is making some big moves in her life, so Ben and Ashley check in with her to get caught up on everything. We find out how things are going after her move to Miami with Bryan, and we get the latest on their wedding planning!

 We get an update from former Bachelor Andrew Firestone, and Ben and Ashley discuss the new ?surveillance van? that is set for Night 1 of The Bachelorette. 

Plus, we find out first hand if the statistics are true about contestants gaining weight whole on the show, and we address the rumors of Bobby Bones being the next Bachelor.

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Popping Off with Sharleen Joynt

 Ashley lets us in on a major issue for her and Jared that she desperately needs help with. 

We talk to Sharleen Joynt from Juan Pablo?s season about how she picked people from Bachelor Nation for her wedding guest list.   We hear the story of how she and Ashley  met, and you won?t believe the advice she gave Ashley! 

Plus we break down Nick Viall?s hookup with a guy, Chris & Angela?s break up, and Ben ?pops off? in Ben Bitches!

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Coachella Explained with Bri & Tracy

Ben and Ashley don?t really understand Coachella, but luckily they?ve got some BACHELOR friends that spent time on the front lines this last weekend. Tracy (Colton's Season) tells us about N*Sync performing with Ariana Grande, and Bri (Colton) shares her experience.  Plus, Bri sets the record straight about her DM history with Dean.

And speaking of Dean, he?s a groomsman in Ashley and Jared?s wedding! But to see if he?s up to the task, we give him a full groomsman quiz, and you won?t believe his answers.


Also, we find out what Ashley?s ?bridezilla? moments have been during wedding planning.


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Bachelors on a Train

 Live from the Napa Valley Wine Train with a ton of friends from Bachelor Nation!

 Blake Hortsmann opens up about his feelings towards Hannah G and we finally get an answer on if he?s going to Paradise. Derek Peth tells us about his date with Stephanie Pratt from The Hills. We find out why Venmo John was the most dated person on Paradise. Vanessa Grimaldi uses bathroom habits as an indicator of relationship health.  Wells Adams reveals if he will be back as the bartender in Mexico this year!

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Villain Meets Villain with Demi Burnett

Demi (@Demi_Not_Lovato) from Colton's season is here with us to open up about Paradise, her relationship with her mother, and how she deals with haters.
And we check in with Krystal Nielsen and Chris Randone, and they reveal some secrets about their wedding, and we hear about their plans to grow their family.
Ever wonder how some Bachelor contestants are "liking" on social media while they're filming? We hear the secret on how people smuggle phones inside the mansion!

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Connecting the Dots with Tayshia and Wills

A listener thinks they found a connection that ties Tayshia to Ben, long before she appeared on The Bachelor. 

Remember when everyone thought Wills was kidnapped?? We check in with him and hear what he's been up to. 

And Ashley goes into total fangirl mode when a member of NSync joins the show!

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Hannah B's Boys

Ben and Ashley don?t waste any time before giving a full rundown of the contestants for Hannah B?s upcoming season of the Bachelorette. And based on pictures alone, Ben & Ashley give their predictions for Hannah?s Top 3.

And speaking of Hannahs, we have a list of who would be the best match for Hannah G, and Ashley?s reaction will shock you! 

Rachel Lindsay thinks the Bachelorette needs to be older, but what do Ben and Ashley think? Are these contestants really ready for marriage? 

Plus, the return of Ben Bitches!

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Colton's Finale Part 2 with Hannah G

Hannah G is here with us to give a behind the scenes look at what happened last night, and help Ben & Ashley break down Colton?s season finale. She?s got some things to get off her chest about Colton, and we find out if she would have accepted a proposal from him! 

Hannah G gives us her honest thoughts on the new Bachelorette, Hannah B, and we find out if she?s upset that she didn?t get chosen for the next season. 

And finally, is Hannah going to Paradise?? We get her to spill on who she?s hoping to see there, and who she?s interested in from Bachelor Nation.

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Colton's Finale Part 1 with Tayshia, Becca & Garrett

We started Colton's season with Becca & Garrett, and now they're back to help Ben and Ashley break down the dramatic finale.  We hear their opinion on what is going on in Colton's head, and we might not even get a "final rose" this season! 

But all eyes are on our guest of honor, Tayshia. After a critique of her bungee jumping form, we ask her what really happened with Colton in the fantasy suite. 
And we find out if she knew Cassie had broken up with him when he told her that he picked Cassie! 

Plus, we check in with Dean and get his take on what could happen this summer in Paradise, and if he has any advice for the new batch of contestants. 

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Women Tell All with Kirpa, Jane, Heather, Bri, Tracy & Nick Viall

We?re live after Women Tell All, and we have Colton?s girls with us to spill all the tea. Kirpa has a MAJOR bomb to drop about one of the girls sliding into the DMs of a popular member of Bachelor Nation? while she was still on the show.   And we reveal who he is.

Tracy stops by to give her side of the tweet controversy that went down before this season started filming and we find out if her feud with Demi will continue into Paradise.

Plus, Ben gives Heather an honest critique of her first kiss on television, and we ask all the girls who they think the next Bachelorette should be. Then we get a true expert opinion from Nick Viall, after we hear about his ?secret talent?. 

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Jumping Fences with Tanner, Jared & Annaliese

It's time for Gate-gate! The fence jump we?ve been waiting for ALL SEASON is finally here, and it?s probably the craziest episode in Bachelor history.

We break down what led to Cassie's shocking departure, and hear the moments Chris Harrsion had to go looking for Colton like a lost dog.  Ashley has some theories about what actually went down with Tayshia in the fantasy suite. 

Tanner Tolbert is a tried and true Bachelor fanboy, and he stops by to tell us he never thought things would go so haywire with Colton. And he opens up about Jade?s miscarriage after she got pregnant in Paradise, and how their plans totally changed after that. Then Jared hops on, because he?s done a serious deep dive into past episodes of this season and has some serious thoughts on how things went down with Cassie.


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The Biggest Hometown Date of All with Ben's Girlfriend Jess