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Spike's Car Radio

Spike's Car Radio

Cars, Coffee and Comedy hosted by comedian and automotive enthusiast Spike Feresten and featuring Jerry Seinfeld, lawyer Paul Zuckerman, MotorTrend's Jonny Lieberman, and The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah with guests from the automotive industry, notable comedians and celebrities. As always, there's one empty chair at Spike's table saved for you, the listener.


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The Buried Mercedes

Spike, Jonny and Zuckerman hit the latest cars news. Construction workers discover a long buried Mercedes in the backyard of an Atherton, CA home. New legislation to ban car subscription services.  A golfer's hole-in-one Ford F-150 lawsuit. Plus, Spike reviews the new all-electric Mercedes EQS SUV.
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Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry joins Spike and Z for Cuban cigars and Mexican food in Baldwin Hills after a long day of driving Porsches. Jerry reviews the Plan Z 992 GT3 Touring, Spike reviews Jerry's Abarth Carrera GTL and Zuckerman reviews his new Mercedes 220. They also debate the proper spec for a new 992 GT3 RS and announce several recent acquisitions. Plus listener questions answered.
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Saturday Night Cigars

We cover it all this week: The Rivian recall, the gargantuan new Mercedes G-Wagon 4x4 Squared; Amazon's Lord of the Rings vs Disney Plus' Andor; Spike's stolen political yard signs and an extra long Dear Zuckerman!
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Live at Luft 8

Recorded live at Luftgekuhlt  8. Spike, Jonny, Matt Farah and Z  bring the world's hippest air-cooled event to you. A nice chat with Jeff Zwart, a small cameo by Patrick Long, a rundown of the people, cars and overall Porsche madness.
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Hurricane Ian and the McLaren P1

Spike Jonny and Z gather to discuss illegally loud Hyundais, submersible McClarens, the final chapter of the Batmobile saga, Zuckerman's mother and a trip to the Lotus factory.
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IndyCar?s Beth Paretta

Beth Paretta CEO of Paretta Autosport discusses making racing history by starting IndyCar?s first woman-owned, women-driven team.  Jonny Lieberman recaps the Goodwood Revival, and reviews the new Range Rover Sport, and Spike announces a live SCR show at Luftgekühlt!

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Jerry Seinfeld & KITH

Jerry returns to the SCR table to discuss his photoshoot for the new KITH Fall Collection, driving Zuckerman's vintage Jaguar and buying a lifetime of Vic Elford?s memorabilia.  Plus, listener questions answered and sometimes mocked!

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I Stole a Car Too

Spike, Jonny, and Z are back together to review the new Audi RS e-tron GT, a tik-tok trend that makes it simple to steal Kia's and Hyundai's and their own criminal pasts.
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Jay Leno

Jay Leno returns to the show to talk about the new season of Jay Leno's garage, his thoughts on California's gas car ban, the evolution of synthetic fuels, and Elon Musk's plan for the future.
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Batmobile Builder Mark Racop

Covered in this episode: Monterey car week recap; California bans gas powered cars; Porsche's IPO and Zuckerman's new vintage Jaguar. Then, Spike's exclusive interview with Fiberglass Freaks Mark Racop about how he got into the business of building Batmobile replicas and the latest developments in the ongoing Bat-scandal of the year!
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Live from Pebble Beach!

Recorded in front of a live audience at 2022 Pebble Beach Concours.  Spike, Jonny, Matt Farah and Zuckerman discuss all they have seen during Monterey car week. Including a pair of new Porsches, an electric Dodge and the super rich both good and bad. Plus Dear Zuckerman and audience questions.
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Spike Chases Dolphins

Spike returns from vacation with tales of waverunner interactions with marine lifeforms, the Meyers Manx dune buggy makes its debut, the Zuckerman head sticker (Scott Dixon) wins another Indy race, the car used in a "brazen" Beverly Hills robbery and the Batmobile saga continues as Spike calls Fiberglass Freaks.
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The new AUDI RS3

The LA Times reports on the Beverly Hills Car Club; Spike is on a roll sorting the collection; A couple of LA car accidents make national news; the latest on the Batmobile fiasco; and Jonny reviews the new Audi RS3.
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I Want My Batmobile!

Spike and Jonny headline this SCR 2-fer. Covered in this episode: Law enforcement raids a replica Batmobile Builder; the origin story of the Soup Nazi Seinfeld episode; How not to strap a canoe to a Land Rover Defender and a review of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI.
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Earth, Wind and Fire Return

Jerry buys a new set of tires for the Plan Z GT3 Touring in an attempt to quiet the car;  The Malibu Country Mart makes their most boneheaded move against the car guys yet; subscription car options; listener questions answered, and the return of Dear Zuckerman!
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Lucid Dreaming

Spike's headache trying to buy a collectible watch, SCR at the Pebble Beach Concours is in jeopardy, Jonny has trouble charging his Lucid, and a recent crime spree at the Malibu Country Mart.
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Rivians For Two

Spike and Jonny are both driving Rivians and compare notes, a misguided activist group deflates SUV tires, Alaskans launch vehicles off a cliff in celebration and Spike's "zinger" memory.
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July 4th in Baldwin Hills

Jonny is back from Pike's Peak and gives us his recap, Jerry takes an enjoyable 991RS detour, more drama from the Malibu Cars and Coffee, Spike falls in love with a BMW S1000R, and listener questions!
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Jerry Seinfeld

Spike and Jerry light up cigars for a lively conversation about Paul McCartney, a new Porsche 356 formerly owned by Porsche 993 designer Tony Hatter, and plans for the very first live SCR show at the 2022 Pebble Beach Concours. Plus Jerry answers listener questions.
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Pike's Peak Practice Runs

Jonny talks about his approach to racing in the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb; A Defender rolls ten times across a highway after catching an edge,  Porsche pays a multi-million dollar settlement and a new Rivian arrives.
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Reggie Watts

The Late Late Show's Reggie Watts sits in for Jonny while he trains for Pike's Peak, Zuckerman covers a multi million dollar STD lawsuit against Geico and Spike's Land Rover driveway thief strikes again!
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Jerry's Rare 1946 VW

Jerry's back to discuss his latest acquisition, an exceptionally rare, post-war Volkswagen and the importance of seeking friends' advice before buying cars. Plus, listener questions.
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The Top Gun 911S

The gang discusses the value of the 1973 Porsche 911S used in the blockbuster hit Top Gun, the return of the DeLorean brand, Spike's car accident on the 405 freeway during rush hour.
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Mercedes Vault #3

Spike tracks a downturn with collectible cars and watches, Lieberman talks about a mysterious car collection in Mercedes vault #3, and Zuckerman loses it on an old lady in a doctor's office.
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Doctor Tow

Zuckerman's rare Mercedes 190 EVO is seized by the authorities, Spike dodges a Covid-19 bullet and Jonny reports on his trip to see F1's Miami Grand Prix. Plus listener questions.
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Matt Farah

Spike visits West Side Collector Car Storage to catch up with Matt Farah about the new GT4 RS, the 992 Turbo S Lightweight; the Lucid Air and off-roading a Model T.
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Jerry Drives a Tesla

It's just Spike & Jerry in this Sunday at Santa Monica Airport with a cars and cigars episode. Among the many vehicles discussed... The new Porsche 911 Sport Classic; The Tesla Model 3 Performance and vintage Hondas and Acuras. Plus Jerry answers listener questions.
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Lucid, Lambos and Lieberman

Spike discusses Lucid's assembly line problems; Jonny returns from quarantine with a hacking cough and reviews the Lamborghini Huracan STO, and Dear Zuckerman returns.
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The Maserati MC20

This week on SCR: Spike reviews the new Maserati MC20, recaps his trip to the Long Beach Grand Prix, then discusses the latest automotive news with a Wordle-distracted Zuckerman. Plus a welfare call to newly infected Jonny Lieberman and Richard.
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GT3 RS v GT3 Touring

Spike, Jerry and Z compare the 991 GT3 RS to the new 992 Touring, Porsche's new investment in a synthetic fuel company, and a very desirable James Garner Heuer coming up for auction. Then many listener questions are answered!
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Porsche's New Halo Car

Jonny brings in exciting news from Mallorca Spain about a new Porsche hyper car. Spike gives his initial thoughts on the new GT3 Touring; Porsche Connect, Zuckerman's new ultra low-mile 993 Turbo and the recent Denzel Washington Turbo sale.
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The Plan Z GT3 T

Spike and Zuckerman catch up on Jonny?s GoFundMe campaign for Pike?s Peak; Their new GT3 Touring; The new 22 Audi R8 and all the madness surrounding the Swatch Omega collaboration release.
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The Malibu Drama Returns!

The Malibu City Councils attempts to link the Sunday Cars & Coffee to a purported increase in street racing and fatalities in the mega wealthy beach community and beyond. Lieberman reviews the new Audi S3. And Zuckerman introduces the new SCR mobile podcasting cruiser from Cadillac.
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Jerry Seinfeld

SCR celebrates 250 episodes with Jerry Seinfeld! Among the many things discussed: The Auratium Green 356 Speedster lawsuit; the last week's BAT auctions of his former Carrera GT and VW Bus, his love for Subaru, an angry letter written to the Porsche board and many many listener questions answered!
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The Subaru Show

Spike and Jonny are driving Subaru press cars this week and share their thoughts on the new BRZ Limited and WRX. And a surprise installment of Dear Zuckerman.
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Sunday Cigars in Brentwood

Spike and Jonny light up on a sunny day and review the Jaguar F-Pace SVR; The Mercedes EQS 580; and then recap the latest car news.
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The Felicity Ace & Farah's 718

The Smoking Tire's Matt Farah joins Spike and Z to update them on the latest from the burning cargo ship the Felicity Ace and the status of his new Porsche 718 Spyder which is on board.
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Spike's Driveway Burglary

A thief breaks into Spike's new Land Rover Defender and steals something trivial; Jonny reviews the new Porsche 992 GTS, and listener questions are answered in a super fun Friday night Baldwin Hills crew show.
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Franz von Holzhausen

The Chief Designer at Tesla visits SCR for the first time to discuss his career at the EV Automotive giant, the cars he loved growing up in Connecticut, The Cybertruck's broken glass debut, the Model S Plaid's steering yoke and much much more.
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Chris Harris and Edward Lovett

Top Gear drift doctor Chris Harris and Collecting Cars' Edward Lovett join Spike to talk about how they created the surging, global car auction platform, the challenges Chris' faced taking over Top Gear, Porsche Motorsport North America building motors for Singer Vehicle Design and their feelings about the new 992 GT3.
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Jonny's Racing Pike's Peak

Jonny Lieberman announces he is racing in the Pike's Peak International Hill Climb in a Porsche GT4 Clubsport; Spike 3D prints a special EV charger holster for his Tesla and another troubling installment of Dear Zuckerman!
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Reggie Watts

Internationally renowned vocal artist, beatboxer, musician, comedian and Porsche enthusiast Reggie Watts joins Spike to discuss being James Cordon's band leader; his taproot car; driving the new 992 GT3 at PECLA and a special meeting with his agents for the sole purpose of raising money for a new 911.
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CES 2022

Spike and Lieberman discuss the biggest automotive news coming from the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Jonny reviews the Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo.
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America's Got Car Thief Talent

First crew show of the year. The guys discuss a new GT3 driving program at the Porsche Experience Center; CNBC's car story predictions for 2022; A competition TV show for catalytic converter thiefs; and dark family secrets kept by moms.
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Last Call for 2021

Spike, Z and Lieberman close out the year with car news, family holiday dysfunction stories and resolutions for 2022.
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It's Festivus!

The Fab Four team of Spike, Z, Farah and Lieberman explore the dark history of the "holiday", air their grievances & listener grievances and then perform impressive feats of strength.
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John Oates

John Oates joins SCR to talk taproot cars, sniping a Porsche 930 from Rod Stewart in the 70's, and the 914/6 race car he's building with Kevin Jeannette. Also Jonny reviews an electric Jeep and Zuckerman shares his parenting tips.
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How To Buy A Car That's Not For Sale

The guys light up cigars in Baldwin Hills on a Friday night and dissect a misguided offer to buy one of their cars; Build Your Own Porsche Design watches; the new Jeep Grand Wagoneer. Jonny breaks news on another new Porsche and another new Lamborghini. Plus listener questions answered.
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Bosch's Titus Welliver

Titus Welliver, star of Amazon's hit cop drama Bosch, stops in to to talk about his new series Bosch: Legacy; his love for the new Ford Bronco; and growing up with an unending supply of military surplus vehicles and endless miles of dirt roads.
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A Ferdi Porsche Thanksgiving

The boys recap a big day at the Malibu Cars and Coffee with Lucid, Rivian and a brand new Lotus in attendance.  Zuckerman reacts to Thanksgiving dinner conversation starters and Ferdinand Porsche's great grandson Ferdi Porsche visits to promote his 2022 GP Ice Race.
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