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We Couldn't Help But Wonder - A Journey Through Sex and the City

We Couldn't Help But Wonder - A Journey Through Sex and the City

Mike Jensen has seen the Sex and the City series many times. Elise Castle has never seen a single episode. "We Couldn't Help But Wonder" what would happen if these two went on an episode by episode journey through the whole series. Join us as Mike watches for the (insert embarrassing number here) time and Elise is watching for the very first. We will discuss how the series holds up almost 20 years later, our own experiences living in NYC, and the debate over too much cranberry juice in the Cosmopolitan.


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S11 Ep12: Documentary and Season Recap!

Elise and Mike talk about the HBO Max documentary as well as the (first? only?) season of And Just Like That... to talk about behind the scenes antics, costumes, so many shoes, major hat drama, and to wonder why no one should wear pink. They also clear up a few things about the series, and answer some questions. And just like that, its the end of an era... (?)
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S11 Ep11: Seeing The Light

It's the finale of season one of And Just Like That... (we're being optimistic) Miranda gets some new information from Che. Charlotte works hard to plan the perfect day for Rock. Nya and Andre are taking some time apart. Seema can't seem(a) to complete a phone conversation with Carrie. And Carrie thinks she's getting a message from the other side through her lamp. Plus, the diner! And a very surprising (or is it?) encounter on an elevator...
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S11 Ep10: No Strings Attached

Carrie prepares for a do-over with the teacher but can't bring herself to take her wedding ring off. Miranda and Che's relationship is going better than expected, but still hits a few snags. Charlotte is dealing with developments involving her children. And at a shelter in Brooklynn, worlds collide as our core ladies new friends meet, and Nya and Andre continue to struggle with what to do about kids. 
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S11 Ep9: Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered

After coming clean to Che about her marriage, Miranda has to decide how and what to tell Steve. Charlotte and Lily clash over an online post. And as Carrie takes stock of her past (mostly her clothes), she also begins to learn more about the mysterious and cool new neighbor who lives on the first floor. 
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S11 Ep8: Sex And The Widow

Carrie has a new book, and her editor loves it but wonders if there can't be a glimmer of hope. Meanwhile, Nya is having a hard time telling Andre that she's not pregnant, Charlotte invites Harry to play tennis and maybe regrets it, Miranda continues to pine over Che even while trying to jump start things at home, and Lisa struggles at a school function. And Carrie goes on a date, that goes extremely well, then horrifically awful, but ultimately, maybe, hopeful...
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S11 Ep7: Diwali

After discussing the proper pronunciation of this episode, Elise and Mike get into the details. Carrie is apartment shopping and then apartment buying, apartment disliking, and eventually apartment selling. Charlotte tries to deal with her ever changing daughters. Anthony brings Carrie with him to visit the least pushy plastic surgeon ever (or is he?). Miranda is... being a bit obsessive about one activity in particular. Ultimately Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte have a picnic to remember, and Carrie gets a glimpse of Seema's family and culture. 
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S11 Ep6: Tragically Hip

After a conversation with Seema (and an orthopedic surgeon) Carrie undergoes hip surgery, and as Charlotte and Miranda join forces to help her recover, Carrie revisits memories of Samantha, Charlotte and Harry try to keep up with their child's self identity, and Miranda continues down a path that could change everything. 
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S11 Ep5: Some Of My Best Friends

Mike is back in New York City and he and Elise are back on the podcast. Carrie makes a big decision and finds herself a real estate broker. Charlotte tries to throw a dinner party for her new friend Lisa only to discover how "vanilla" her circle of friends is. Miranda has a heart to heart with her law professor. And both Carrie and Anthony get surprise messages from Stanford. 
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S11 Ep4: When In Rome

In the aftermath of tragedy, Carrie makes a startling discovery that sets her off on a mission. One of Charlotte's children shares a personal piece of information. Che is taping a comedy special. Miranda starts seeking change in the most surprising of places. And yet another face from the past comes back for a visit!
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S11 Ep3: Little Black Dress

In the wake of tragedy, Carrie starts preparing for her next steps as pretty much everyone else makes it about them. Miranda continues to misstep (Learn? Grow?) in her education. Charlotte continues to cry. Che clashes with Carrie's "ride or die." Stanford continues to behave in strange and somewhat unexplainable ways. And an unexpected guest makes a surprise "appearance." Actually, a couple do. 
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S11 Ep2: Hello It's Me

Elise and Mike are back with their first recap episode in over a year! They breakdown the first episode of the new series, And Just Like That... (Most of) The ladies are back, and we go from lunch as usual to the absence of Samantha explained, Miranda returning to school, Charlotte dealing with her daughters, Carrie trying to get the hang of her new(ish?) podcasting job, and final moments that Elise and Mike have a lot of thoughts and feelings about. Welcome to those just joining, and welcome back to listeners who are returning. And just like that, we have a brand new batch of episodes to explore. 
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S11 Ep1: What To Expect When You're Expecting (a Sex and the City reboot, that is...)

Elise and Mike are back with what is known about the upcoming Sex and the City reboot, And Just Like That, as well as a few guesses about what might be, some personal updates, a Cynthia Nixon story, and an encounter with Patti LuPone. Now you know you want to hear about that...
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S10 Ep3: Sex and the City the Movie 2: Part Three

Elise and Mike wrap up their coverage of the second (and final?) 
Sex and the City movie! Carrie and Miranda manage to avoid the "forbidden experience," but that's about all that goes well for our ladies as Carrie and especially Samantha make a series of bad decisions that will eventually lead to a hasty retreat from the Middle East and back to NYC where Carrie will have to deal with the ramifications of her choices. It's a mixed bag, and Elise and Mike both agree this section could have benefited form some healthy cutting, but join in as they finish up this journey. For now... 
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S10 Ep2: Sex and the City the Movie 2: Part Two

Elise and Mike continue their journey through the second film with emotional breakdowns, movie premiers, arguments about takeout, and eventually a trip to the Middle East and the warning of a "forbidden experience" that must be avoided and definitely won't be a plot point later on.
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S10 Ep1: Sex and the City the Movie 2: Part One

Elise and Mike begin the end (?) of their Sex and the City journey with the first of three parts covering the second film. From what can honestly be called a "gay wedding," to misadventures in bralessness, with some hormone replacement therapy thrown in. 
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S9 Ep4: Sex and the City the Movie: Part Four

Elise and Mike finish discussing the first Sex and the City movie. Charlotte sees a vision through, Samantha makes a huge relationship choice, Miranda comes clean, and Carrie has to decide on forgiveness. We did the first movie!
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S9 Ep3: Sex and the City the Movie: Part Three

Elise and Mike are back to discus part three of film, which finds Carrie getting an assistant, Samantha becoming less satisfied with her L.A. life, Charlotte getting a surprise, and Miranda finding a new residence. We follow the story through New Years Eve, and Elise has a mistaken identity moment so good, we just left the whole thing in.
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S9 Ep2: Sex and the City the Movie: Part Two

Elise and Mike continue their journey through the movie. They explore the reaction to the revelation about Steve, Big and Carrie's rehearsal dinner, the Big day itself, and the honeymoon that doesn't go exactly as planned. 
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S9 Ep1: Sex and the City the Movie: Part One

Elise and Mike dive into the first movie! In what will be the first of four parts they discuss the process that brought us to this film, and what our ladies are up to so many years after the series conclusion. 
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S8 Ep2: Series Recap Part Two!

Elise and Mike are back with part two of their full series recap. They discuss various episodes from the last few seasons of the show, talk about some of the impact the series had on them, and eventually devolve into a possible Sex And The City psychological thriller spin off. Enjoy!
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S8 Ep1: Series Recap Part One!

Elise and Mike are back! To distract, entertain, and hopefully make you laugh, they take a look back at select episodes from the first three seasons and discus some of the overarching themes of the show. Plus, some information on where the podcast is headed in the future. Love and well being to all, and enjoy part one of the recap!
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S7 Ep10: We Couldn't Help But Wonders! (plus trivia)

Elise and Mike are back to talk about Cats, your "couldn't help but wonders," and do some trivia in which Mike can't remember Charlotte's ex husband's name even though he had literally said it moments before. Enjoy this random one-off while we prep for a full series look back!
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S7 Ep9: Final Season Recap!

Elise and Mike take some time to look back at the last eight episodes of the series. They share favorite quotes, episodes, moments they could have done with out, and Mike reveals how he felt when the series originally ended. Spoiler, it wasn't all great.
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S7 Ep8: An American Girl in Paris: Part Deux

This is it! For the television series that is. As Carrie continues her sad journey in Paris, Charlotte and Harry look further in to adoption, Samantha tries to figure out how to make her relationship work post chemo, and Miranda and Steve have some decisions to make regarding Steve's "Ma's" ailing health. And then check out our recap episode to hear how Mike really felt about it all...
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S7 Ep7: An American Girl in Paris: Part Une

It's the beginning of the end. Of the series that is. Carrie takes off for Paris, but not before a run in with Big, and an emotional dinner with the ladies. Things don't go exactly like she thought they would and after two phone calls a plan is made that may get Carrie back to NYC.
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S7 Ep6: Splat!

It's our 100th episode! Aleksandr makes a proposal that will change things forever and the girls all react differently to what the future may hold. Meanwhile, Charlotte discovers even more change is on the way, and at a gathering at Enid's we meet a party girl from Carrie's past and glimpse what may have been. 
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S7 Ep5: The Cold War

Carrie meets some of Petrovsky's friends and vice versa and it doesn't go all that well. Meanwhile, Miranda is adjusting to life in Brooklyn, Charlotte is getting her new pet back into the dog show circuit, and Samantha has what Mike thinks is the stupidest storyline in the history of this show. Whatever. Enjoy.
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S7 Ep4: Out of the Frying Pan

Carrie's light hearted attitude continues to clash with Petrovsky's darker look on life. Charlotte meets a Princess while jogging in the park. Samantha has some decisions to make when she starts to lose her hair. And Miranda may be leaving the island of Manhattan. Plus, an announcement about the future of the podcast.
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S7 Ep3: Catch-38

Carrie gets the keys and alarm code to Alexsandr's apartment and then discovers he's great with kids. For a good reason. Miranda feels trapped on her honeymoon, Charlotte feels exposed while babysitting, and Samantha is determined to see the best doctor in town, but may have competition. 
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S7 Ep2: The Ick Factor

This is a good one! Miranda and Steve make a major decision. So does Samantha, and it leads her somewhere she didn't see coming. Charlotte and Harry have a very memorable night in the name of romance. Carrie's story line is kind of dumb, but the rest is really good, we promise! 
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S7 Ep1: Let There Be Light

Elise and Mike are back to discus the first episode of what even Michael Patrick King refers to as the final season of Sex And The City. Carrie explores her options with the new man in her life, Charlotte considers volunteering, Miranda and Steve come face to face with the ex in the building, and Samantha also has a few decisions to make when she sees her ex. Thus begins the final stretch of our TV series journey. 
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S6 Ep13: Season Six Recap!

Elise and Mike look back at the previous twelve episodes of the show and share moments they can't let go of, memorable quotes, and things they may have missed the first time.  Plus, Elise talks about tube tops, and Mike finally reveals why he says there are seven seasons of this series.  Just like no one was waiting for.
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S6 Ep12: One

As Season 6 (kinda) comes to an end, Samantha makes a startling discovery, Carrie meets an interesting new man, Charlotte faces a heartbreaking situation, and Miranda finally declares her long hidden feelings. Finally!
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S6 Ep11: The Domino Effect

Big is back in town, but it's not just to have dinner with Carrie. The issue of how to introduce Steve to Miranda's new boyfriend takes care of itself. Charlotte finds a new way to deal with her fertility issues. And when Smith gets back from filming he wants Samantha to try something she's not entirely comfortable with. 
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S6 Ep10: Boy, Interrupted

This one is all about High School. Carrie meets up with her High School sweetheart and finds out that the spark is still there. Samantha tells a lie so she can hang with the cool kids. Miranda has a crush but he might be into a cheerleader. And Charlotte finds out something about Marcus right before he and Stanford are supposed to go to the prom! Drama!
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S6 Ep9: A Woman's Right To Shoes

Mike doesn't love this episode. Miranda gets to know the hot new guy in her building, which is great, even though Elise just thinks it's a distraction from Steve. Charlotte has an issue with Harry and addresses it, which is basically the healthiest thing that has ever happened on this show. But then Carrie deals with a shoe shaming Mom and Samantha has a very messy lunch. This episode is enraging. Enjoy. 
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S6 Ep8: The Catch

It's another incredibly quickly put together wedding day for Charlotte! Carrie ends up regretting a hook up with the best man, Miranda hides from Steve's new girlfriend, and Samantha is getting used to having Smith around. Plus Michelle Branch! 
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S6 Ep7: The Post-It Always Sticks Twice

It's just a few hours from where we left off in the previous episode and two of the girls have major news. Charlotte is engaged to Harry, and Berger broke up with Carrie via a Post-It. Samantha has some advice for how Smith should handle relationship questions in his first big TV appearance, and Miranda has an epiphany after fitting into her "skinny" jeans.
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S6 Ep6: Hop, Skip, and a Week

There's a lot of change happening here.  Samantha is helping to turn Smith into star, Miranda has to make some changes either at work or at home, and Carrie and Charlotte find themselves in surprising places in both of their relationships. Also, Peter Hermann...
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S6 Ep5: Lights, Camera, Relationship

Carrie and Berger take a big step, and Carrie discovers a secret Berger is keeping. Samantha decides to help Jerry pursue his passion. Charlotte deals with the aftermath of her breakup. And Miranda [email protected]#ks up Debbie "B." It's hilarious and heartbreaking. 
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S6 Ep4: Pick-a-Little, Talk-a-Little

Berger meets the girls, Samantha learns something real about Jerry, Charlotte makes dinner, Carrie and Berger use the "L" word and Miranda tries out a new catch phrase. Some of it goes okay, some of it goes great, and some of it goes very not well. 
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S6 Ep3: The Perfect Present

Carrie goes to Berger's apartment for the first time, Samantha hooks up with the Raw waiter again, Charlotte converts, and Miranda also has a story line, but here's what this episode is really about. Who do you think Elise thinks costarred with David Duchovny on the X-Files? You have until the final moments of this episode to guess. 
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S6 Ep2: Great Sexpectations

Carrie and Berger's relationship continues, with one maybe not so minor issue. Meanwhile Miranda is in a relationship with her television (Mike is so a Miranda), Charlotte has decided to convert to Judaism, and Samantha has her sights set on the hot waiter serving the not hot food. Plus, Elise finally gets to see her doppelgänger. 
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S6 Ep1: To Market, to Market

Elise and Mike are back for Season 6! Carrie is looking forward to her first date with Berger, Charlotte is thinking about making a huge decision involving her ongoing relationship with Harry, Samantha strikes up an affair with a hot and informed guy in her building, and Miranda comes to a sudden and dramatic realization involving Steve.  
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S5 Ep9: Season 5 Recap!

First we have Season 5 in as many minutes and then Elise and Mike breakdown the journey of this, our shortest season, though there's much to discuss.  This was a season where all four of the ladies really had to take a look at who they are and what they want. And just wait until Season 6...  
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S5 Ep8: I Love a Charade

It's the final episode of Season Five!  Carrie sees an old friend and then an almost-fling.  Charlotte thinks it might be time to get serious with Harry, but there's an obstacle she didn't see coming.  And both Samantha and Miranda realize they might still be dealing with relationships past. Cue the butterflies...
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S5 Ep7: The Big Journey

It's the penultimate episode of Season 5!  Carrie travels to San Fransisco via train on a book tour, but really to hook up with Big.  Samantha goes along, but may be in the middle of an existential crises.  Charlotte tries out a "sex only" relationship, and Miranda talks on the phone at one point.  All aboard!
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S5 Ep6: Critical Condition

This episode starts at a cabaret and ends in a farmers' market. How New York. In between Charlotte lawyers up and deals with Bunny face to face, Samantha breaks a "neck massager" and does some babysitting, Miranda meets the mom next door and gets a haircut, and Carrie gets a book review and is the victim of a "face and run." Also, Mary Testa!    
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S5 Ep5: Plus One Is the Loneliest Number

It's Carrie's book party!  Miranda brings a blast from the past, Charlotte's plus one bails at the last minute, and Samantha arrives after having some face work done.  Tiny cakes and Cosmos for everyone!
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S5 Ep4: Cover Girl

So this one brought up a few interesting discussions mostly concerning the topic of judgement.  As Charlotte looks to self-help books to get past her recent separation, and Miranda joins Weight Watchers to help her lose the baby weight, Samantha and Carrie find themselves in a precarious friendship space where they are both forced to look at judgment, what society expects of women, and what they think of each other.
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