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Broken Record with Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, and Bruce Headlam

Broken Record with Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, and Bruce Headlam

From Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bruce Headlam. The musicians you love talk about their life, inspiration, and craft. Then play.


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In a Metal Mood: A Broken Record and Revisionist History Crossover Episode

A Broken Record/Revisionist History crossover episode on cultural appropriation. The case study is Taco Bell. Oh, and Pat Boone is involved. And so is our old friend, Dave Hill.
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Vampire Weekend Returns: Ezra Koenig with Ariel Rechtshaid

Vampire Weekend returned this month with their first record in six years, "Father of the Bride". And long before it sat on top of the Billboard album chart, the band's leader, Ezra Koenig and producer Ariel Rechtshaid stopped by Shangri La Studios in Malibu to talk with Malcolm and Rick. Ezra explained how he and Ariel have been laboring over the new album, re-working some songs hundreds of times before finally feeling like they got it right.

To listen to the full album, go to
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J.S. Ondara: Knockin' on America's Door

Bruce Headlam discovered J.S. Ondara listening to his car radio late last year. And with a great showing at South By Southwest and a spot opening for Neil Young this summer, it seems like the rest of America is  discovering him too. In this episode of Broken Record, J.S. Ondara talks about leaving his native Kenya six years ago for Minnesota ? the home of his idol, Bob Dylan ? and creating his debut album, "Tales of America".
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Linda Perry: Making Hits Her Way

Linda Perry is one of the only women considered a go-to producer in the music industry.

After finding success with her band 4 Non Blondes and their ubiquitous single, "What's Up?" (1992) Perry went on to write and produce for other artists.
She?s worked with Alicia Keys, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion, Adele, James Blunt, Britney Spears. And reinvented the careers of Pink and Christina Aguilera.

Most recently she wrote with and produced a Dolly Parton record for the Netflix movie Dumplin? ? which earned her a nomination for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical at this year's Grammys (she was the first woman nominated in 15 years).

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T Bone Burnett: Perfection Is Second-Rate

T Bone Burnett helped launch the careers of Los Lobos, Counting Crows, Gillian Welch; revive the careers of Roy Orbison and Robert Plant; course-correct Elvis Costello?s career in the mid-eighties and just recently produced a beautiful record by Sara Bareilles. Of course, there?s all of his film work as well. But while visiting Rick Rubin, himself a legendary producer and co-host of Broken Record, T Bone said he has stopped producing other artists. Instead he?s focusing on releasing his own music. "Invisible Light: Acoustic Space" an electronic infused song cycle was just released. T Bone says he has three double records ready to come out behind it. In this episode of Broken Record, from Shangri La Studios in Malibu, T Bone Burnett premiers two brand new songs on his acoustic guitar for us, talks about his pivot towards songwriting and chats about his famed career.

"Invisible Light: Acoustic Space" is available now wherever you get your music. To keep up to date on T Bone check out

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Pentatonix: The Art of A Cappella

Malcolm Gladwell, along with guest-host, Daisy Rosario, talks with the five members of Pentatonix from GSI Studios in NYC. The quintet, who got their start on YouTube, discuss their approach to arranging a cappella versions of pop songs, writing original music, their collaboration with Dolly Parton and so much more! Pentatonix kick off their summer tour of the U.S. in Oakland this May 11. Go to for details and for a playlist of songs we've curated of the group!
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How To Write A Hit Song: The Love Junkies

Lori McKenna, Liz Rose and Hillary Lidnsey?known as the Love Junkies?write some of the best songs in Nashville today. Between the three of them, they've helped launch Taylor Swift, pushed Lady Gaga into country music?with her album "Joanne"?and gave country music one of its more controversial hits: "Girl Crush." In this episode of Broken Record they give Malcolm a glimpse into their songwriting process and break down some of their more successful songs. To hear a playlist of our favorite Love Junkies songs visit
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Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier is one of the most unique songwriters in Nashville. Forgoing the city's often conventional pop sound, Gauthier's songs are unafraid to probe into what she calls "the extremely personal." Gauthier talks to Bruce Headlam in this episode of Broken Record about getting her start as a songwriter in her 30's and co-writing her last album, "Rifles and Rosary Beads", with U.S. Military Veterans and their families. It's one of Malcolm Gladwell's favorite records of 2018 and here she performs three numbers from the album plus one from an older release, "Mercy Now."
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David Byrne

Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell talk with David Byrne (formerly of Talking Heads) about protest music: some of his favorite protest songs, the earliest ones he heard, how they affected his songwriting, and what makes them effective.
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Questlove Part 2

Questlove talks about how he got involved with D?Angelo?s Voodoo record, the evolution of his drumming style, how he approaches DJ?ing, and tells the best Obama story ever. Part 2 of 2.
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Questlove Part 1

Questlove talks about how he got involved with D?Angelo?s Voodoo record, the evolution of his drumming style, how he approaches DJ?ing, and tells the best Obama story ever. Part 1 of 2.
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Introducing Broken Record Season 2

From Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, and Bruce Headlam: Conversations. Arguments. Stories. Remembering old music. Discovering new music. Broken Record: Coming to your podcast feed on March 26th.
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Tom Petty and the Creation of ?Wildflowers?

For the season one finale of Broken Record, Malcolm Gladwell talks with Rick Rubin about Tom Petty, who died in October 2017 at the age of 66.  Rubin and Petty worked together for two years on his beloved 1994 album ?Wildflowers.? Rubin talks about Petty?s writing style, and how half the songs they recorded for Wildflowers ended up on the cutting room floor. 
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Dave Hill and the Epistemology of Norwegian Black Metal

Malcolm Gladwell sits down with comedian, guitarist, and legendary metalhead Dave Hill, as he recounts how an email exchange between his alter ego Lance and a Norwegian black metal impresario named Saiitham (pronounced ?satan?) led to the formation of the darkest metal band of all time. Dave Hill also performs a mediocre rendition of ?Hammer Smashed Face,? plus we debut his single "Are You Ready (to Black Metal)?"
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Rosanne Cash

?She Remembers Everything? is the name of the latest Rosanne Cash album, the 14th of her amazing career. Rosanne and her husband and musical collaborator, John Leventhal, sit down with Broken Record?s Bruce Headlam to play songs from the album, talk about songwriting, her musical family and how ?She Remembers Everything? grew out of today?s politics. They also perform cover versions of two American classics, ?Long Black Veil? and ?Farewell Angelina.?
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Nashville Revolution: Bobby Braddock, Don Schlitz, and Don Henry

Malcolm Gladwell talks to three songwriters who helped transform country music in the 1970s. Gone were cowboy hats, train whistles and church suppers. In came songs about desperation, loss, changes, and regret that changed how Nashville made music and spoke to a new generation of audiences. Bobby Braddock, Don Schlitz and Don Henry talk about their influences, trade stories, and play acoustic versions of their classic hits.
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Rufus Wainwright

Elton John has called Rufus Wainwright ?the greatest songwriter in the world today.? Broken Record?s Bruce Headlam sits down with Rufus in Los Angeles, where Rufus performs breathtaking solo versions of his songs ?Poses? and ?In My Arms? from his earliest albums. He also offers a new song, a lullaby for his young daughter. In conversation, he frankly discusses his crazy early life and the inspiration for his music, his move into opera and his relationship with Leonard Cohen, who is, among other things, the grandfather to Wainwright?s daughter. He also discusses his newest single, ?Sword of Damocles,? which was inspired by Donald Trump and Carrie Fisher, and his upcoming tour, ?All These Poses,? featuring songs from his first two albums. And after a four-year break, Rufus and his sister Martha are once again presenting their Christmas show ?Noel Nights? at New York City?s Town Hall of December 16th. For more information, check out
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Nile Rodgers and Chic

Nile Rodgers, the mastermind behind the disco band Chic and producer of artists like David Bowie, Daft Punk and Madonna, plays live with his band and talks about his life and long musical career in the very studio that was built for him to produce Bowie?s ?Let?s Dance? album. Rodgers tells Broken Record?s Bruce Headlam about his chaotic childhood and how it led to his love of musical collaboration, how his love of jazz transformed the music of Chic, and he tells the hilarious story of Prince?s obsession with the song ?Let?s Dance.? With his current version of Chic, Rodgers performs blistering versions of ?Good Times,? ?Le Freak,? ?Everybody Dance,? ?Let?s Dance? and his hit with Daft Punk, ?Get Lucky.? 
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Rick Rubin

Our introductory episode is a conversation between Rick Rubin and Malcolm Gladwell, covering everything from Rick?s role in the very beginning of hip-hop to his role in introducing Johnny Cash to a new generation of writers, performers and music lovers. Rick and Malcolm delve deep into Rick?s back catalogue ? which is really a history of contemporary music ? to reveal more about the artists that defined a new era, and why they are still vital listening today.

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Introducing Broken Record

From Malcolm Gladwell, Rick Rubin, and Bruce Headlam: Conversations. Arguments. Stories. Remembering old music. Discovering new music. Broken Record: Liner notes for the digital age. Coming to your podcast feed on November 13th.
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Pilot: Walk on Water

In the fall of 2017, Rick Rubin, Malcolm Gladwell, and Bruce Headlam sat down with Eminem and talked about his song 'Walk on Water',  featuring Beyonce. That interview became the pilot episode of Broken Record.
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