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Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Ableton Music Producer Podcast

Learn tips producing music as the host- Dan Giffin interviews today's leading industry experts and Ableton Live users. We'll explore all things music tech from studio to stage. For sponsorship inquiries, email: [email protected] For Ableton Live training, visit


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#73 - Ableton Drummer Insights w/ Tobi Hunke

In this episode, Tobi Hunke shares his favorite Ableton Live Packs, custom Max for Live devices, tips for using the Follow feature in Live 11, favorite hardware for drumming, and more. 

Tobi Hunke is a professional drummer, producer, Ableton Instructor, and Founder of He?s created hundreds of Max for Live devices solving technical problems for Ableton Live users, as well as building creative devices to expand workflows for MIDI hardware/ software. He currently offers classes and custom Max for Live devices on his website 

Connect with Tobi at:


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#72 - The Psychology Behind Learning Music w/ Rodi Kirk

Rodi Kirk is a composer, producer, and the Director of Product & Education at Melodics. His work can be heard on the Blue Note, Universal and !K7 labels, as well as in films and TV shows on HBO and Magnolia Pictures. As the program lead at dBs Music Berlin, Rodi developed several courses related to music, technology and creative production.

In his current role, he is exploring the potential technology can bring to music learning ? changing the way people learn to play musical instruments, by making practice fun.

Watch Rodi perform in the following videos:

Underwater Performance:

Waterfalls Performance:

Follow Rodi on Twitter at @RodiKirk

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#71 - Live 11 New Features w/ Brian Funk

In this episode, Brian Funk and Dan Giffin share their new favorite features in Ableton Live 11. Listen as we chat about new updates including Audio / MIDI effects, clip editing workflows, MPE, MIDI enhancements, and other features. .

Brian Funk is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and hosts the well-known Music Production Podcast. He's released hundreds of Ableton Live Packs and sample libraries, and teaches at Berklee College of Music, in addition to his Music Production Club. Check out his website to learn more and stay connected.

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#70 - In The Studio w/ ill Gates

In this episode, Dylan (ill Gates) shares insights about sound design, music production workflows, sampling techniques, his favorite features in Live 11, and fun stories including how he sold farts and animal noises to Microsoft. 

Ill Gates has a long history as an educator, producer, and DJ. He's toured around the globe, performing sets at major festivals like Burning Man, Shambhala, and many others. Ill Gates also runs the music label Producer Dojo, while teaching his production techniques to thousands of producers  using Ableton Live. His famous workflows have been adopted by major artists including Beats Antique, Pretty Lights, Datsik, and many others. 

Follow Dylan at the following links:

Patreon -

Producer Dojo-

Website -


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#69 - Running A Livestream Music Fest w/ CitySound Indy

In this episode, Rossteaux and Dan talk about their process behind running CitySound Indy, a virtual music festival with 19 artists using next-gen software. 

CitySound Indy is an online music festival on New Years Eve with 2 stages hosting some of Indy?s more recognized electronic music producers and DJ?s. With 19 local acts performing on two virtual ?stages?, CitySound NYE is a free online festival raising awareness about homelessness in Indy, while also providing financial support to those who need it most this Winter.

The event was founded by Ross Phillips, a full-time lighting programmer, laser operator, entertainment designer, and system tech for many highly regarded festivals and gatherings. He partnered with Clark Crosser, the owner of LDR Studios in Noblesville, IN to create a virtual (green screen) environment for the artists to perform in. Ross also teamed up with Dan Giffin, a local music producer, educator, and Grammy experienced audio engineer to pull off this event.

Follow the latest with CitySound Indy at CitySound.TV

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#68 - Behind The Scenes w/ Legwurk

In this episode, Dan interviews Tani, an indie artist who makes music under the name Legwurk, and a member of the indie-pop band Still Woozy. Listen as Tani shares her songwriting process, what she's doing to replace a canceled world tour, and her experience as a transfeminine creative.

Tani first began emerging into the indie-pop world as the keyboardist, guitarist, and bassist in Still Woozy. She started experimenting with the indie-pop genre through her solo project, Legwurk. Legwurk's debut EP is set to be released at the beginning of 2021.

Check out Legwurk's Instagram, Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music at

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#67 - Show Design, Live Streaming, & Production w/ Rossteaux

In this episode, lighting programmer & music producer Ross Phillips shares his experiences building virtual environments for live streaming, designing shows for major artists, predictions about the future of live music, and more. 

Ross produces underground-house music as Rossteaux, and has programmed lasers for major events including Burning Man, the Avant Gardner venue in Brooklyn, NY and many others. He recently released music through Pulse Wave, a music label based in Mexico City. 

Follow Ross at the following links...

Instagram:   @Rossteaux

Music Links:   Solo.To/Rossteaux

Watch the MCS Live Music Video edited/ programmed by Ross at:

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#66 - The Future of MIDI 2.0 w/ Brett Porter & Moldover

In this episode, one of the lead developers for MIDI 2.0 (Brett Porter) and the "Godfather of Controllerism" (Matt Moldover) discuss the future of MIDI 2.0 as it relates to music production, why it took so long to develop, new MIDI controller capabilities/ connectivity, and more. 

Brett Porter is a lead developer for MIDI 2.0. In the summer of 2018, the MIDI Manufacturers Association invited him to join a group of developers tasked with creating prototype implementations of the protocol that is now being adopted as MIDI 2.0. He works with the innovative software company Art+Logic working on major projects in broadcasting, pro audio, and musical instruments. Brett has a background in electronic music, and has collaborated with major companies like Cakewalk, Universal Audio, Roland and others.

Moldover is recognized as the ?Godfather of Controllerism?. He has worked with the music industry?s most well-known artists developing innovative MIDI configurations, and was an early adopter of Ableton Live since version 1. 

Follow Matt and Brett at the following links:



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#65 - Show Programming, Studio Management, & Production w/ AJ Ramirez

In this episode, AJ Ramirez shares his experiences managing an audio/ visual studio in LA, programming cutting-edge performances for theater, and doing live playback for major touring artists.

AJ is a Los Angeles based producer, engineer, musician, and show programmer. He?s worked with major artists including Arianna Grande, Reggie Watts, Harry Styles, Cory Henry, and many others.. AJ is the Head of Production for Electronic Creatives, and manages Multihouse Studios, a dedicated space for music & visual arts. He's programmed shows for state-of-the-art theater experiences including Cages, with advanced surround sound and hologram actors.

Follow AJ at the following links:


Multihouse Studios:


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#64 - Guitar Production & Music Workflow w/ Cloudchord

In this episode, Derek VanScoten shares his guitar production process from studio to stage, advice for collaborating with other artists, effects processing with plugins and Ableton Live devices, and more.

Derek is a guitarist, Ableton Certified Trainer, and Emmy-winning music composer. He produces music and performs under the name Cloudchord.

Follow Cloudchord at the following links....





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#63 - File & Data Management For Artists w/ Deborah Fairchild

In this episode, Deborah Fairchild shares different platforms and essential tips for managing song data & artist files. She is the President of VEVA Sound, the world's leading company that specializes in creating products and solutions for producers, engineers, and record labels to manage tracks and other content. Deborah advises many label executives, producers, engineers, and plays an active role in the development of VEVA?s internal technology, systems and new product development.

Follow Deborah and VEVA Sound at the links below:


Instagram: @VEVAsound

As mentioned in episode -

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#62 - Home Studio Gear & Software Reviews w/ Sanjay

In this episode, Sanjay and Dan review some of their favorite affordable studio gear and software. 

Sanjay is a singer, songwriter, and EDM/ Soul producer from Washington D.C.. He's grown a following on YouTube teaching music production, and  reviews the latest music gear and software for major companies. He also releases a variety of sample packs, and recently launched his own Rhodes Keys Virtual Instrument.

Follow Sanjay at the following links:






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#61 - Ableton Live Mixing Tips: The PERCS

In this episode, I (Dan Giffin) share mixing tips in Ableton Live using the "PERCS" - Panning, EQ, Reverb, Compression, & Saturation. 

If you're newer to mixing, or have some experience, this episode will give you tips and tricks using Ableton Live's devices, gaining a solid foundation to improve the quality of your tracks. 


This episode is sponsored by Melodics. It's an app that helps you build your skills & confidence on the MIDI keyboard, pad controller, or electronic drums.

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#60 - Music Production Insights w/ Yeuda Ben-Atar

In this episode, Ableton Certified Trainer and Founder of Beat Lab Academy - Yeuda Ben-Atar discusses a variety of topics including the future of music tech, how artists can stay inspired these days, potential career paths for independent producers, and more.

Yeuda Ben-Atar is an Ableton Certified Trainer, Founder of the Los Angeles music school Beat Lab Academy, and produces under the name Side Brain. He?s taught thousands how to make music, and was a keynote speaker at Ableton?s 2019 LOOP Conference. Other credits include presenting for Pensado Awards, as well as many other music career achievements 

Follow Yeuda at the following links:

Melodics is an app that helps you build your skills & confidence on the MIDI keyboard, pad controller, or electronic drums.

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#59 - Vocal Production & Music Workflow w/ Dresage

In this episode, Keeley Bumford shares insights into her music making process and vocal production workflows, favorite plugins, and experience producing for film and TV.

Keeley is a singer/ producer under the name Dresage. Based in Los Angeles, her music credits include collaborations with major artists like Big Gigantic, Illenium, Jai Wolf, and others. Her extensive sync music placements include spots for Apple, Windex, Secret Deodorant, the Baywatch movie (Paramount), Riverdale on The CW, A Wrinkle in Time trailer (Disney), Station 19 (ABC), and Nintendo. As a producer, Keeley?s credits include: MILCK "This Land is Your Land" from Motherland (Freeform) released on Atlantic Records, the new Hulu film My Valentine, and others.

As an artist, Dresage releases spacey, jazzy, indie-pop music blending a variety of styles and incorporating her talented vocal production. 

Follow Keeley at the following links:




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#58 - Producing Music for Video Games w/ Elliot Callighan

In the new podcast episode, Dan and Elliot Callighan discuss the process of producing music for video games. Listen and learn tips for getting involved in the gaming industry, how vegetables can be great for sound design, and the internal process of producing audio for developers.

Elliot Callighan is a music producer and the Founder of Unlock Audio, a Chicago-based video game music production house. Unlock has worked with clients such as United Airlines, GMC, Spiderman, Ubisoft and others. Elliot also teaches as an adjunct professor in the Film and Gaming programs at DePaul University.

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#57 - Producing Experimental Bass Music w/ AHEE

In this episode, Chris Adams (AHEE) shares his approach to creating experimental bass music including sound design, Ableton devices, Serum, and other production methods. 

Chris is a bass music producer, DJ, and educator from California . His high energetic performances and passion for teaching have led him to playing music festivals across the USA, becoming a YouTube influencer and teaching many aspects of music production in the bass music scene.

Follow AHEE at the following links...






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#56 - Music Production & Equality In The Industry w/ MariGo

In this episode, female producer, singer, and educator MariGo shares her workflow in the studio, live streaming setup, her journey as a female in the music industry, and passion for teaching the LGBT / Non-binary community music production. 

Mari Sullivan is an Ableton Certified Trainer and Seattle/ Los Angeles based artist that produces under the name MariGo. As a classically trained musician and Twitch streaming influencer, she pushes the boundaries of electronic pop music, while improvising live performances with multiple instruments. Mari also teaches Ableton live and other areas of music production to young females and the LGBT and non-binary community. 

Follow MariGo at the following links:









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#55 - Behind the Music w/ Bad Snacks

In this episode, experimental hip hop producer Bad snacks shares her favorite production tools in the studio, how to plan for success as an artist, the mental side of producing, and more. Bad Snacks is an Los Angeles based YouTuber, producer, performer, and educator. She's had sponsorships from major brands including Moog, while hitting the charts in the LoFi and Chillhop scene, and continues to push the limits with her classical training in the world of electronic music.

Follow Bad Snacks at the links below...



Instagram: @lilbadsnacks

More Links:

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#54 - Interview with iZotope's CTO Jonathan Bailey

In this episode, the CTO of iZotope Jonathan Bailey and Dan discuss the company's philosophy and strategy behind developing audio software and hardware solutions for creatives. Jonathan shares stories behind the products, and how the company uses technology to give users the best possible experience.

Jonathan Bailey is Izotope's Chief Technology Officer. The company is known for their high quality audio plug-ins (and hardware) that make use of cutting edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence for producers/ engineers recording and editing audio.

Follow iZotope at the following links: 

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#53 - Mixing and Mastering w/ Matty Harris

In this episode, Matty Harris shares mixing insights for upcoming producers. Listen as Matty and Dan discuss mixing / mastering workflow, using limiters, loudness guidelines for streaming platforms, sample rate, metering tools, 3rd party plugins, and more.

Matty Harris is an award winning Mastering Engineer with credits collaborating with Atlantic records, RCA records, WB records, Kelly Clarkson, A$SAP Rocky, Logic, and others. He currently runs the website, providing mixing services and training for artists and producers.

Follow Matty at the links below:

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TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo

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(Intro/ Outro music by Crayon - What I Do)

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#52 - Producing Music for Film & Commercial w/ Tommy Zee

In this episode, Tommy Zee shares his process behind the scenes running a music production house for commercial & film. Listen as Tommy and Dan discuss scoring audio for video, managing expectations as a producer, and how one can get involved in a career working with a music production house.

Tommy founded Tommy Zee and Co., a music production company working with some of today's largest brands including Toyota, the Canadian Olympics Team, Nike, Adidas, Google, and others. He began as a banker by day while DJing at night before quitting to pursue a career path developing a music production house.

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(Intro/ Outro music by Crayon - What I Do)

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#51 - Programming Shows & Hardware Solutions w/ Steve Primo

In this episode, Steve Primo dives deep in sharing specific hardware solutions for live performance, programming visuals & lighting, live streaming, and other tech goodies. 

Steve is the Founder of Savant Playback, a production team that builds custom hardware and software solutions for touring artists incl  uding  Bishop Briggs, Pharrell Williams, RED, My morning jacket, meek mill, the temptations, the Strokes, Shinedown, and many others.

Follow Steve / Savant Playback below: 

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(Intro/ Outro music by Crayon - What I Do)

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#50 - Marketing Tips for Independent Artists w/ Circa

In this episode, Kyle Lemaire (aka Circa) shares digital marketing tips and strategies for producers and artists wanting to grow their following. 

Kyle is an independent soul/blues singer and songwriter and marketing nerd. With over a decade of experience hacking together solutions for small- and medium-business, Kyle has led the charge in discovering and refining marketing solutions for independent musicians. As Founder & CEO of Indepreneur, Kyle assists a new generation of independent artists in the "Page 1 Rewrite" of music industry marketing strategies.

Follow Circa at the following links:

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(Intro/ Outro music by Crayon - What I Do)

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#49 - What Artists Can Be Doing Right Now During COVID-19

It's a crazy time right now with the COVID-19 virus. As a producer or artist pursuing music full time, I believe now is the best time to invest in your career learning new skills and connecting with the right people online. 

In this episode I share tips for monetization as an artist through live streaming and merchandising, as well as podcasts and books you should check out. 

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#48 - Music Production & Live Performance w/ Daiza

In this episode, Danielle Thwaites and Dan discuss setting up a live performance, favorite gear and plugins, and the music production process. 

Danielle produces and sings under the artist name Daiza. Her avant-pop sound includes a smooth, hazy, synthetic vibe. She is an Ableton Certified Trainer, and teaches many areas of music production at Beat Lab Academy in Los Angeles, CA. Her credits include Ableton Live playback with Imogen Heap, collaborating with music companies like Sensel, and working with Beats By Girlz educating and mentoring young women in music production.

Follow Daiza at the following links:




Music Video/ Behind the Scenes:

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#47 - Making Music Using Machine Learning with J.J. Burred

In this episode, J.J. Burred and Dan discuss the development of machine learning in today's music, how it's benefiting producers, and the future of music software with source separation.

J.J. Burred is an independent researcher, software developer and musician based in Paris. With a background in machine learning and signal processing, his work aims at developing innovative tools for music and sound creation, analysis and source separation. He's released Max for Live devices such as FactorSynth, Factoid, and others. J.J holds a PHD at Technical University of Berlin and has credits working with companies like Mogees, Audionamix, IRCAM, and more. 

Stay connected with J.J. at the following:

Max for Live devices:

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#46 - Vintage Microphones & Adventure Recording w/ Sylvia Massy

In this episode, Sylvia Massy shares her experiences doing adventure recording, her collection of the world's oldest microphones, and deep insights on audio engineering...including how to properly mic a chicken. 

Sylvia is one of today's leading audio engineers and has worked with artists like Prince, Aerosmith, Tool, Johnny Cash, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Tom Petty, and many others. She's famous for adventure recording in uncanny places like icebergs, caves, nuclear energy silos, and other wild places. 

Follow Sylvia Massy at the follow links:

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#45 - Hacking Ableton Live & Music Production w/ Azuki

In this episode, Yan Zhu (Azuki) shares her experiences hacking software (Including Ableton Live) and her approach to producing and performing music. 

Yan is the Chief Information Security Officer at Brave Software, reviewer for DEF CON, and was listed as one of the 30 Under 30 in Enterprise Technology by Forbes. 

Azuki is an up-and-coming DJ/producer/hacker in the West Coast bass music scene. She also created a bot that automatically generates festival lineups, a YouTube series about hacking Ableton Live using Python, and more. 

Stay connected with Yan at the following links:


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#44 - Playback Engineering w/ Electronic Creatives Team

In this special episode, the Electronic Creatives team shares their experiences setting up live performances for today?s major touring artists. Listen as Laura Escude, AJ Ramirez, and Greg Somerville share stories and what it takes to be a high level playback engineer in the industry.

Electronic Creatives is a worldwide team of music producers, players, programmers, playback, audio & FX engineers. Artist credits include:

Ariana Grande, Big Sean, Logic, Kanye West, Bon Iver, Broods, Camila Capello, Cirque Du Soleil Iris, and many others.

Apply for MasterTrack as mentioned in the episode:

Electronic Creatives Website:

Laura Escude: 

AJ Ramirez:

Greg Somerville:

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#43 - 2020 Vision: Reach Your Potential This Year

In this new episode, I share several updates and tips on how you can better reach your goals producing music this year. 

Here's a few links mentioned in the episode:

Philia Remix Contest:

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#42 - The 12 Days Of Christmas & My Favorite Plugins of 2019

In this special holiday episode, I give away 12 days of Ableton Christmas gifts, and share my favorite 3rd party plugins & Ableton devices I used most frequently in 2019.


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#41 - Behind the Music w/ Kermode

In this episode, Ableton Live producer and educator Kermode shares his experience playing major music festivals, his technical live setup, favorite plugins and more. 

Jeanot Mey is the creator of Kermode, with credits teaching at SAE Institute Vancouver, Warp Academy, and has played major festivals including Shambhala Music Fest. He's created lots of video tutorials helping hundreds of artists with sound design and music production. 

See more from Kermode below:


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#40 - Production tools, music for TV and gaming, and more w/ ill Factor

In this episode, Ivan Corraliza (aka ill Factor) shares his favorite plugins and Ableton devices for producing, how he scores tracks for gaming, TV, and film, and other things.

Ivan Corraliza (known as ill Factor) has been producing music for more than fifteen years working on projects such as; Matis Yahu, Justin Timberlake, Skylar Grey, Ginuwine, and many others. He is the founder of the online music production school Beat Academy, and produced the soundtrack for the hit video game series Assassin's Creed. 

Links for ill Factor

Enter the Philia remix contest!

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#39 - Ableton Tips & Tricks (Episode 1)

In this episode, Dan Giffin shares several of his own production tips for using Ableton Live devices. Listen as Dan talks about the following:

Freeze function on Delay and Reverb Audio Effects The Channel EQ Drum Buss Auto Panning Resampling for special effects

Support the podcast on Patreon and learn more Ableton Live tips. Watch live video streams and ask questions with Dan in the Private Facebook Group.

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#38 - How To Make It In The New Music Business w/ Ari Herstand

In this episode, Dan talks with Ari Herstand about tips from his new book- How to Make It In The New Music Business. 

Ari Herstand is a singer/ songwriter, music industry expert, and author of the best seller How to Make It In he New Music Business. He?s performed over 700 shows around the country opening for Ben Folds, Cake, Matt Nathanson and other major artists. He?s the leader of the band Brassroots District, and runs the successful blog educating indie's on the latest music industry trends.

Follow Ari at the links below...

New upcoming book  


Ari's Take Blog

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#37 - Music Production & Performance w/ KYOSI

In this episode, Dani DiCiaccio and Dan discuss a variety of topics including collaboration in the studio, the music production process, and various gear/ tools for creating and performing music. Dani also shares about her newest EP and her own personal workflows as an artist.

Dani is the Director of Content Marketing & Merchandising for and produces electronic future-pop music under the name KYOSI. She's an experienced Ableton Live user in New York, New York. 

Follow Dani and her music at the following:





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#36 - Playback Engineering & Live Performance w/ Peter Dyer

In this episode, Peter Dyer and Dan discuss a variety of topics including using Ableton Live as a playback engineer, working with major label artists, working in the industry, and more. 

Peter Dyer is an LA-based keyboardist, producer, sound designer and Live user. His credits include working with Mariah Carey, Adam Lambert, and St. Vincent. He?s also in the house band for American Idol on ABC, and co-wrote  Avicii?s ?Wake Me Up?, "Shame On Me", & Flo Rida?s ?Wobble? & ?Can?t Believe It?.

Connect with Peter at the following links:


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#35 - Production & Live Performance with BINKBEATS

Listen as Dan and Frank Wienk (BINKBEATS) talk about all things production & performance with Ableton Live, including live looping, gear, music software, and more. 

Frank Wienk (also known as BINKBEATS is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer known for using organic sounds and unconventional instruments combined with electronic music. He?s also known for performing intense live looping, and has been selling out major venues around the world.

Support the podcast and access special content:

Connect with BinkBeats at the following links:


BinkLooper (Max for Live device)

YouTube Channel:

Listen on Spotify HERE

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#34 - DIY Musicians Conference Recap w/ Animal Prince

In this episode, the indie-electro-pop duo known as Animal Prince and I discuss tips we learned from the DIY Musicians Conference in Austin, TX. 

Listen as we unpack TONS of marketing tips, resources, and insights for independent artists wanting to make a career and grow a following with music.

See the links below mentioned in this episode:

Live Producers Online 

Ableton Courses:

Join Membership & get help on Ableton projects:

Animal Prince




Conference mentions in episode: 

DIY Musicians Conference:



Beat Stars:


Cheryl Engelhardt:

Pandora AMP:

Click to listen to our Curated Spotify Playlist of artist friends.

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#33 - Songwriting Workflow & Music Psychology

Listen as Dan and Craig Anderton discuss all things related to songwriting and the psychology behind producing. Episode discussion highlights include: audio editing tips, how your brain processes music, discovering your original sound, the evolution of Ableton Live, and other topics. 

Craig is an internationally recognized engineer, educator, and music technologist. He's authored over 35 books, mastered hundreds of tracks, played Carnegie Hall, written for magazines like Guitar Player, Keyboard, Sound on Sound, Electronic Musician, Pro Sound News, Mix. He's consulted leading companies like Gibson, Microsoft, Steinberg,  Roland, Acoustica, E-Mu, Peavey, Alesis, Akai Professional, Native  Instruments, Cakewalk, Ableton, Avid, and dozens more.

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Listen to Craig's My Butterfly track mentioned in the episode with tempo changes

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#32 - Streaming Royalties in The Digital Age w/ Bobby Owsinski

Listen as Dan and Bobby discuss online music streaming, and things artists should do to get paid and protect their music. 

Bobby Owsinski is an author, mixing engineer, producer and songwriter. His credits include working with artists like The Who, Willie Nelson, Neil Young, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, and many others.

Follow Bobby on his website at:

Links mentioned in this episode: (national music publishers association) (recommended music distributor)

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#31 - You Suck At Producing - Interview with Underbelly

In this episode, Dan and Underbelly (Tim) discuss collaborating with other producers, workflows for creating tracks, sampling practices, and more. Underbelly is a well-known producer and educator, and runs the successful YouTube channel and website You Suck At Producing. 

Tim has created Ableton Live tutorials for DJ Tech Tools, Earmark, Pyramid, and collaborated with respected artists like Lido, Tchami, Keys N Krates, Giraffage, and many others.

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Brotherhood of Superstars - (Music Video) 

Tracks For YouTube Vol. 1






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#30 - Working With Clients In The Studio w/ Cliff Goldmacher

In this episode, Cliff Goldmacher shares tips for producers working with clients in the studio. Listen as he shares insights on dealing with new clients, managing expectations with money, signing contracts, selling songs to music libraries, and more. 


About Cliff Goldmacher:

Cliff is a songwriter, music producer, and educator. He?s played and produced on thousands of recordings and album projects for major and independent publishers and labels. He has also taught workshops for music rights organizations like BMI, ASCAP and presented about songwriting for TEDx. 

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#29 - Producing and Performing with SUBPAC

In this episode, Dan and Graham Plant discuss how SUBPAC is solving bass and low-frequency issues for producers, engineers, and performing artists. 

SUBPAC has become a staple in the professional music industry, providing advanced technology solutions.  Graham Plant is Head of Sales and Partnerships team at SUBPAC, with year of professional experience in DJing, Tour Management, Artist Relations, and more. 

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#28 - (Part 2) The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production w/ Jason Timothy

In this 2 part episode, Dan and Jason Timothy continue to discuss 10 habits music producers should consider adopting, and how to overcome mental obstacles creating electronic music. 

Jason runs the site, teaching artists how to produce , while also addressing the mental side of music production. He?s taught thousands through his YouTube and social media channels, and is the author of the best seller book Music Habits: The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production

Follow Jason Timothy at the links below:


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?The Mental Game Of Electronic Music Production book:

?Ableton & Music Habits:

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#27 - The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production w/ Jason Timothy

In this episode, Dan and Jason Timothy discuss 10 habits music producers should consider adopting, and how to overcome mental obstacles creating electronic music. Listen as Jason shares insights from his book -  Music Habits: The Mental Game of Music Production

Jason runs the site, teaching artists how to produce , while also addressing the mental side of music production. He?s taught thousands through his YouTube and social media channels, and is the author of the best seller book Music Habits: The Mental Game of Electronic Music Production

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?Free 29 Video Ableton Essentials Course Click Below:

?The Mental Game Of Electronic Music Production book:

?Ableton & Music Habits:

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#26 - Songwriting and Insights with Erin Barra

In this episode, Erin Barra shares her advice on best practices for songwriting, overcoming obstacles making music, and other insights.  

Erin is a music technologist, songwriter, and Professor at Boston's Berklee College of Music. She is also the Founder of Beats By Girlz, a educational group training young female artists. 

Follow Erin Barra at the links below:

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#25 - 10 Ways To Stay Inspired Producing Music

In this episode, Dan Giffin shares his own personal tips and best practices to stay inspired while producing music. 

See upcoming/ previous webinars:


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#24 - Behind The Creative Process with I AM SNOW ANGEL

In this episode,  Dan and Julie Kathryn (I AM SNOW ANGEL) discuss a variety of things, including her creative process producing the new album MOTHERSHIP in Ableton Live, as well as her live performance setup, and more. 

Julie Kathryn is a NYC based dream-pop artist with credits as a sound designer for Ableton and Splice. She has worked alongside Hans Zimmer and been featured in Music Tech Magazine, Tape Op Magazine, and is the co-founder of Female Frequency, a collective for female music producers.

Stay connected with I AM SNOW ANGEL (Julie) at the following links:

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