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The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys

A podcast dedicated to watching LOST - one person for the first time, the other for the eighth. Hosted by Jack Shepherd & Jacob Stolworthy


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6.05: The Lighthouse

Jack and Jacob tackle The Lighthouse... we're diving deep into season 6, people!

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6.04: The Substitute

The substitute teacher is here... and hopefully he's not the one who ruined the coffee machine.

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6.03: What Kate Does

This ain't what Kate Did, it's what Kate do... and Jack ain't here for it
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6.02: LA X, Part 2

The LOST Boys tackle LA X, Part 2 and somehow talk about it for over an hour. Yes, really.
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6.01: LA X, Part 1

The LOST Boys head into season six...
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6.00: The Boys Are Back In Town

The Lost boys are back in town! Here's our season 6 announcement! Expect more very soon
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5:16: The Incident Pt.1 & 2 ? The LOST Boys

Jacob finally meets Jacob (for the eighth time) in the season five finale, "The Incident" ? and yes, we do both parts...
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5:15: Follow The Leader ? The LOST Boys

Follow, follow, follow the leader! The LOST Boys dissect the fifteenth (numberwatch) episode of season five...
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5:14: The Variable ? The LOST Boys

5:14: The Variable ? The LOST Boys by Jack & Jacob
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5:13: Some Like It Hoth ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys take their sweet time talking about "Some Like it Hoth", and even though there were a lot of Star Wars puns Jack could have made, he resisted as best possible...
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5:12: Dead is Dead ? The LOST Boys

Ben and Whidmore's relationship is altered forever as The LOST Boys tackle "Dead is Dead"
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5:11: Whatever Happened, Happened ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys head into another Kate episode... but it's Christmas so that's ok!! Oh yeah, this is our Christmas episode!!! We think. Maybe. It's Christmas!! Yay?
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5:10: He's Our You ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys tackle "He's Our You". Not the episode, but just trying o say "he's our you" quickly. It's a tongue-twister. Oh, and we do talk about the episode... eventually.
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5:09: Namaste ? The LOST Boys

Namaste recruits! The LOST Boys delve into the next episode of LOST which is no-one's episode in particular as the structure's all over the shop... but it's great nonetheless.
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5:08: LaFleur ? The LOST Boys

Confirmed: Polar Bears brought to the island by Dharma and Sawyer is the little spoon. Unconfirmed: Whether Juliet and Jack could have ever made it work. It's "LaFleur"
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5:07: The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys deal with the episode "The Life and Death of Locke... no, wait, sorry, Jeremy Bentham" which happens to be one of the longest LOST episodes of all time. Fun fact! There's plenty more where that came from...
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5:06: 316 ? The LOST Boys

If you can dodge a pendulum, you can dodge making any logical sense with your plan getting back to the island. Ms Hawkin can do it all. Hero of the week? Well, maybe not. Here's The LOST Boys on "316"
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0.07: Rebecca Mader ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys meet Rebecca Mader, who played Charlotte on the series. Jack's writing this and I have not listened to the interview so don't really know what to write... I'm sure Jacob did a great job...
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5:05: This Place Is Death ? The LOST Boys

Don't spoil your appetite with chocolate before dinner! That's the advice from Charlotte's mum, possibly the worst villain in all of LOST history. Well, maybe not the worst... there was that news reporter this season. All in "This Place Is Death"
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5.04: The Little Prince ? The LOST Boys

Woah, woah, woah... you're telling me Danielle Rousseau is back?! But she died ages ago!!! WHAT!! The LOST Boys go deep on the biggest twist comeback LOST has ever seen, all within "The Little Prince"
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5.03: Jughead ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys attempt to dismantle "Jughead," the Danny/Dezzy episode that's actually a corker but Jacob didn't like the first time he listened. Wait, WTF? How can you not like this one? Listen to find out!
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5.02: The Lie ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys continue their journey into season two with "The Lie", in which Hurley throws a hot-pocket at Ben.
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5.01: Because You Left ? The LOST Boys

We're back! Properly this time, with the first episode of season five. Get ready for more awful opinions, and no more dilly daddling
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0.06: Henry Ian Cusick interview + announcement

Hello Brotha, it's Henry Ian Cusick (AKA Desmond) talking to our very own Lost Boy, Jacob. Plus, we have a small announcement for you...
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4.13: There's No Place Like Home: Parts 2 & 3 ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys have finished season 4 ? and half the bloody survivors are dead!! Jack & Jacob dissect the final two parts of the finale, with an introduction by a special someone
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4.12: There's No Place Like Home: Part 1 ? The LOST Boys

We've made it ? just about ? to the season 4 finale! The LOST Boys take on Part 1 of the fittingly titled "There's No Place Like Home".
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4.11: Cabin Fever ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys have "Cabin Fever" and Locke's along for the party. In fact, there are four bloody versions of Locke in this one episode, and, yes, that's a NUMBERWATCH.
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4.10: Something Nice Back Home ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys are back at home podcasting about "Something Nice Back Home" and, yes, the lockdown is getting to us. Pls send nice words to @LostBoysPod.
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4.09: The Shape of Things to Come ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys are in quarantine but still recording! Here's our look at the aptly titled Ben episode, "The Shape of Things to Come".
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4.08: Meet Kevin Johnson ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys meet Kevin Johnson in the LOST episode "Meet Kevin Johnson" and... yeah... not our favourite episode ever. Also, sorry for the sound not being as good as normal, had to revert to some of our old recording kit. Forgive us! And follow @LostBoysPod if you're not already!!
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4.07: Ji Yeon ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys have dried their tears and finally recorded "Ji Yeon". Oh wait, nope, there are still more tears to come... WHY JIN WHY'D YA HAVE TO DIE?
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4.06: The Other Woman ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys tackle the Juliet episode "The Other Woman"... Get it? Juliet's the Other Woman?!?!.... Yeah, this one's not as good as "The Constant"
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4.05: The Constant ? The LOST Boys

It's the one you've all been waiting for... The Lost Boys watch "The Constant"
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4.04: Eggtown ? The LOST Boys

Wow. Does Kate have a baby? Wait a minute... that's not her baby?!? The LOST Boys go to "Eggtown"
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4.03: The Economist ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys tackle the Sayid episode "The Economist" ? AKA, the one where Sayid goes full Bond, but with much better hair.
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4.02: Confirmed Dead ? The LOST Boys

We're back! Again!! For real this time!! We promise!!! The LOST Boys take on the second episode of season 4, and finally meet one of Jacob's favourite characters.
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4.01: The Beginning of the End ? The LOST Boys

We're back! The LOST Boys return to tackle the season 4 premiere, "The Beginning of the End." And, yes, it's the beginning of the end for The LOST Boys.....
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4.00: Missing Pieces PT.2 ? The LOST Boys

Thought we were starting season 4? Think again! Because Damon, Carlton and the gang wrote loads of these mobisodes, and we're going to watch them all, goddammit.
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4.00: Missing Pieces PT.1 ? The LOST Boys

Yes, it's not quite the season 4 premiere, but it is The LOST Boys tackling the LOST: Missing Pieces, AKA a quintessential piece of LOST history. We recommend watching along with us at this link here: Woop! Part 2 coming next week. Then the real stuff. Promise.
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0.05: Watchmen + Season 4 Announcement

The LOST Boys announce their season 4 release date and guests. Plus, they plead unapologetically to you to subscribe to Watching Watchmen ? A Lost Boys podcast!! PLEASE! WE'RE ON iTUNES AND SPOTIFY!!
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3.00: Season 3 Q&A ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys answer your question... and announce a season 4 release date... #NumberWatch
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0.04: Mc Gainey ? Interview

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to Looooooossstttt... Happy birthday to you! Today (22nd September 2019) is Lost's 15 birthday. To celebrate, we're releasing our hotly anticipated interview with the one... the only... MC Gainey! Who played Mr Friendly, AKA Tom, on the show. Enjoy!
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3.22 Through the Looking Glass ? The LOST Boys

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3.21 Greatest Hits ? The LOST Boys

"Charleh, you can swim Charleh! Then I'm going to eat yerrrrr Charleh. Put you in mah belleh Charleh" ? Charlie's Dad, probably. Oh, and this is the episode where we're led to believe Charlie's going to die, but he doesn't. Not yet...
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3.20 The Man Behind the Curtain ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys finally meet Jacob... Need we say more?
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3.19 The Brig ? The LOST Boys

Cindy makes another appearance in the television phenomenon Lost. What happened to her? Who did she kill to join the Others? Will we ever find out? Jack asks the important questions as Sawyer meets the real Sawyer in this Locke episode "The Brig"
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3.18 D.O.C. ? The LOST Boys

Three Kwons for the price of one! Yes, Mr Kwon Sr, Mr Kwon Jr, and Mrs Kwon are all here in this Sun flashback episode "D.O.C". Give us a follow on Twitter @LostBoysPod!
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3.17 Catch-22 ? The LOST Boys

Charlie's dead?! Oh wait, no. Wait, yes! Oh no... The LOST Boys tackle our brotha Desmonde's episode 'Catch-22'
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3.16 One of Us ? The LOST Boys

The LOST Boys tackle the second ever Juliet episode 'One of Us', in which we learn why Juliet ruthlessly doesn't invite Ben to book club.
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3.15 Left Behind ? The LOST Boys

As Kate and Juliet are 'Left Behind', Jack & Jacob talk about Smokey's return. And a bunch of other stuff. But You'll have to listen to find out what. Get involved with us on Twitter @LostBoysPod!
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