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Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

Aaron Mahnke's Cabinet of Curiosities

From the creator of the hit podcast Lore comes a new, bite-sized storytelling experience. Each twice-weekly episode features two short tales that take listeners on a guided tour of the unbelievable, the unsettling, and the bizarre.


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280 | Norweigan Roll

Some of the things we take for granted actually came about it a really unusual way, and that means they should be on display in the Cabinet. Here are two for your enjoyment.
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279 | Hot Shot

Summer might not be here yet, but that doesn't mean we can't tour a couple of summertime curiosities today. Enjoy!
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278 | Bank On It

Sometimes disaster knocks us down and that's it. And sometimes we find a way to get back up and move forward.
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277 | Swimming Oil

Just how inventive are people? These two stories should illustrate that perfectly, and give you a tour through the Cabinet that is oh so curious.
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276 | Light Reading

Politics and poetry don't have a lot in common. But the two stories on today's tour might leave you wondering where inspiration truly comes from.
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275 | Turn, Turn, Turn

Cleverness and the ability to learn always inspire us, so hopefully these two tales will give you that magical feeling.
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274 | Daydream Believer

Today's tour through the Cabinet will demonstrate just how inventing people can be.
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273 | Brewed Awakening

A pair of tales guaranteed to get a rise out of you. And the stories they tell are downright curious!
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272 | Fall From Grace

Humans are truly amazing creatures. And the things we can come up with, endure, and improve upon are sometimes mind-blowing. Like these two tales.
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271 | Ouch

Curious origin stories and bizarre dangers are all on display in the Cabinet today.
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270 | Cold Start

Traditions can be curiously weird. Some were created to help us improve ourselves, while others are in place to save lives. And today's tour through the Cabinet should explain why.
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269 | Spy Game

Some people change their identity to hide, while others do it to stand out. Either way, the stories about it are curious.
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268 | Master at Arms

These inventive individuals made a few mistakes along the way. But thankfully their work was curious enough to earn them admission into the Cabinet.
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267 | Mirror

People come up with the oddest things. Sometimes they fade away, while other times they stick around. And that back and forth can be more than a little... curious.
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266 | Flight Risk

Sometimes a person's name is forgotten, but their deeds live on. Other times, the name is all most people see anymore, unaware of the powerful story behind it. Let's explore both today.
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265 | Star Struck

Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't. Either way, the important thing is to leave your mark on the world. Thankfully, both individuals on display today managed to do just that.
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264 | Whisker Rebellion

The decisions we make in life have a way of carving out a path for us. But two such individuals made the sorts of choices that made them perfect additions to the Cabinet of Curiosities.
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263 | Old Haunts

Life gives us a lot ot chew on, as today's tour through the Cabinet will show us.
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262 } Game On

Two things we take for granted. Two amazing stories. Naturally, both belong in the Cabinet of Curiosities.
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261 | Wildcat

Today's tour of the Cabinet will introduce you to a couple of inventive people who ended up walking a very tragic path.
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260 | Root of the Matter

Just about anything can be poisoned, ruining a good thing. But if these two tales are any indication, there's always room for hope.
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259 | Class Actor

Greatness is inside all of us, but very few have the courage to let it out and develop it. Today's tour through the Cabinet should provide a nice dose of inspiration, though.
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258 | Quite a Catch

Some origin stories are inspiring, while others feel like a big hit. So these additions to the Cabinet should feel right at home.
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257 | Fortune and Glory

Humans are adventurous, inventive people, which has led to some amazing journies. What's more amazing, though, are the specific details about those trips.
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256 | Gone in 60 Seconds

While many items in the Cabinet are there because they were made or found, some exhibits deal entirely with theft. But their stories are almost too amazing to believe.
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255 | The Shepherd

Today's tour through the Cabinet includes a true story that's hard to believe, and an amazing path that never left the world of fiction.
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254 | Grain of Salt

The stories of how amazing inventions came into existence can often be entertaining. But so can stories of their misuse.
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253 | Rolling Stones

People are capable os so much. That can be good and bad, depending on the person. So here's a set of stories to help us see both sides.
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252 | Ice and Easy

Some inventions have more of an impact than others, and that impact is usually measured in how much enjoyment they bring. Today's story proves that point twice over.
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251 | Builder Beware

Survival often earns a bit of recognition. Many valuable antiques are simply common objects that managed to survive. And today's stories fit right in with them.
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250 | Hot Ticket Item

Fame doesn't guarantee inclusion in the Cabinet of Curiosities. All it takes is an amazing story. 
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249 | Rough Landing

Curiosities aren't always easy to place in a cabinet. Sometimes they are the result of choices that can only be blamed on one ellusive object: human nature.
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248 | Tangled Web

Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we can make sense of it all, and other times it leaves us scratching our head. But it always gives us amazing stories to these two today!
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247 | Toxic

Sometimes life delivers an unusual twist. The results might not leave us an object to display in the Cabinet of Curiosities, but that doesn't mean they aren't fascinating.
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246 | Crummy Food

We can find the most amazing things in the most unassuming places. And sometimes the people we've pushed into a box make a name for themselves in another space. It's ok, and it's wildly entertaining.
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245 | Zing!

Some folks manage to rise up from obscurity and become stars. Others, though, can't seem to break through. Either way, their stories can be enlightening.
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244 | The Wrong Foot

Mistakes happen, right? But whether a moment of bad judgment or a simple accident, mistakes can alter the course of lives, and even history itself.
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243 | By the Book

New ideas can be life-changing, but how the public reacts to them can make or break an invention's future. Let's explore two such items today.
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242 | De-Coda

Real life can be a bit confusing, even leaving us scratching our heads. But the stories boud up in those mysteries are very fun to hear.
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241 | War at Home

Some folks manage to be right there when the important stuff happens, while others miss it due to bad timing. We'll let you be the judge as to which path is more entertaining.
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240 | Big Fish

Some things take a while to get right, whether it's a device or a proper natural observation. The stories of that journey, though, can be curious indeed.
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239 | Batter Up

When the unexpected happens, it often leaves curious stories in its wake. Today's tour has that in spades.
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238 | Shifting Sands

We people put their plans in motion, the results are usually exactly what they were aiming for. But on today's tour, you'll learn about two situations where that certainty was far from reality.
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237 | Foodie

Some stories are hard to believe for a reason. What that reason is...well, that's up to you.
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236 } Landslide

Coincidences and chance happenings always create curious situations. Today we're hear about two that are sure to leave you scratching your head.
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235 | Mrs. America

Everyone wants to be first. The first to achieve something, or discover something new. How that might transform that person's life, though, depends on the details of their story.
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234 | Lone Survivor

Today we meet two people: one who managed to avoid tragedy, and another who ended up creating one. Either way, their stories are curious.
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233 | The Artist

Today's tour will show you artwork from an unlikely painter, and show just how fragile key moments in history really are.
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232 | Follow the Leader

Sometimes great numbers of people will believe a new message and fall in line, while other times the messenger needs to go to great lengths to convince everyone.
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231 | Piano Man

Some performances are more than just entertainment. They stick a stake in the ground and mark a chance in world history. Today's tour covers two such stories.
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