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Call Her Daddy

Call Her Daddy

Follow along Alex Cooper and the Daddy Gang as they exploit the details of their lives, making you feel a hell of a lot better about yours. Relationships, sex, social scenes, embarrassing moments, and more are all addressed here on CALL HER DADDY. See you f****** Wednesday.


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91- Dabble with Emasculating Him (ft Olivia O'Brien)

This week, your single father brings you along the journey as she narrates her first date with Mr. Sexy Zoom Man, and you can clearly hear the sexual tension through the microphone. THEN, the beautiful and talented singer/songwriter Olivia O?Brien, well known for writing songs about the men she dates (very on brand with CHD) joins the show. Olivia dishes new information about the ?house rule,? which will tell you who has the power in your relationship. She also details a recent cheating scandal that her friend Charli publicly went through. Moral of the story, never trust your man when he says he doesn?t have a second snapchat :) Alex & Olivia also discuss being a good friend to your girl friends, trust issues, dating in LA, and awful sex that is being had. Olivia also recounts a time she blacked out and slapped a man in the face. Great times this week. ENJOY!
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90- I'm Going to LA...

Alex is going to LA for a business trip..../ potential date?! This week, Father Cooper reveals that she might for the first time be mixing business with pleasure. But is convinced it is worth A man in entertainment and not an athlete?? We love to see it. She also discusses what is means when your boyfriend tells you to block a girl on social media *BIG RED FLAG* Also this week, HANNAH IS BACK. The episode continues the interview with Hannah Berner. They talk Hinge, the horrors of dating comedians, and answer Daddy Gang's questions in Questionz of ZEWEEK!!! Enjoy daddies :)
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89- "I F**ked the Mascot" (ft. Hannah Berner)

Father Cooper is joined by a guest who is bringing the energy and a shit-ton of wild stories this week. Daddy Gang, give a warm welcome to Hannah Berner. In this week's episode, Hannah fucks a mascot, Alex lies about Chlamydia, and a man does coke off Hannah's tit. Are you READY?! Also, the Flirting Bible is revealed, the women dive into Hannah's time on reality television, her parents watching her have sex, and their commonality of both having been Division 1 athletes, and also their love for f*cking athletes! ENJOY #DADDYGANG
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88- The L Word.

Alex is coming clean about the man that has been in her life behind the scenes for 5 years... and the L word is used. Also, A DADDY GANG MEMBER IS FEATURED ON THE SHOW THIS WEEK!!!!! Our guest is bringing you a very relatable situation- the 'in between' stage. We are discussing how to navigate it and calling her out on misreading some clear signs. Lastly, the topic of initiating sex 50/50 in a relationship is hammered into the brains of every woman this week. Alex provides 2 huge tips for girls that struggle to be confident when taking the lead. ENJOY!!
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87- PSA: He Doesn?t Like You

Your Father, Alexandra, gets deep this week and walks women through the wake-up call they all need. Stop clinging on to every little thing a men says to you and LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE FACTS. If you viewed your dating life from a third party view.. what would you think of yourself? An episode EVERY woman needs to hear. Also, giving a huge tip for women that are having a hard time achieving an orgasm/ have never had one (wink wink ASMR porn). And, if you have a bad gag reflex, Alex is coming to the rescue with tricks of how to mask it. ENJOY #DADDYGANG
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86- Fuckboy Love & Fingering for Dummies (ft. Savannah Montano)

HERE WE GO!!! THE RUNDOWN FOR THIS WEEK'S SHOW: We are instructing men on exactly how to finger a girl's butt during doggy, which finger to use and the speed at which it should be happening; normalizing butt plugs and how it makes a women's orgasm SO much better, how to get a guy to be ok with a vibrator in the bedroom, getting cheated on, why we pick fuck boys, the OG way to finger a girl, and handing over the secret potion for women of how to make a man fall in love by 'fucking his fingers.' Is this episode sexual enough!? ENJOY. GUEST HOST: Savannah Montano.
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85- Let's Have Sex Again...(ft. Savannah Montano)

2 PART SERIES. Alex is joined by guest Savannah Montano, a girl she idolized at a young age because of the promiscuous lifestyle Sav promoted as a teen on the internet. The two girls, now in their 20s, have become friends through Instagram and are talking dating high profiled men, strategically not sleeping with men for an extended period of time (3 months), and Savannah addresses her favorite sex- the 'slow stroke'- and gives details of how to give head/ride on top. The girl's also discuss how the men in their lives are terrified of the show and getting exposed.
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84- The 3rd Roommate Speaks...

This week's guest is the infamous third roommate who lived with Alex and Sophia. The episode officially closes the chapter surrounding ALL the drama. ONWARD!!!
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83- Dave Portnoy- America's #1 Porn Star? .
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82- The Funeral

A new era begins. A single father, a divorced father, moves forward with the show. But first - we must attend this funeral and mourn the loss. Then... WE PARTY! (Daddy Gang drinking game- drink every time Alex says the word f*ck? you?ll all be hammered).
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81- Daddy Speaks

El Pres Explains the Call Her Daddy Fiasco From the Barstool Perspective
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80- How To Keep Them Interested During Quarantine

Kesha...The End .
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79- OnlyFans = WHORES

It's all about to change...
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78- Seeking Arrangements: Our Story

This is how you should do Corona.
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77- Re-release (Corona Edition)

We love you all, stay safe.
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76- Sorry for the Shit Show

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75- We Had Fun

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74- It's Over

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72- Prisoners of Azkaban

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71- Floop's Fooglies

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70- Dear Side Hoe...

The episode kicks off with a recap from the girls as they discuss their latest drama, specifically Alex who catches Slim Shady in a lie on her recent trip to visit him! Uh oh! They also address the proper way to behave during the early stages of dating and when to post to social media? daddies? we gotta reel it back in. Lastly, men with little dicks need to stop lusting after women with fat asses AND yes, we are giving hand jobs again. Thank you! 

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69- EPISODE 69 (ft. Chlamydia)

The episode you have all been waiting for... and we have been dreading. 

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68- Nudes & The New York Post

The girls kick off this week's episode discussing their photo shoot from HELL and what to do when you are dealing with a greedy little bitch boy who asks ?Can I get more?? after you send a nude. Knock. It. Off. Also this week, the girls do something a little different as they discuss some pop-culture in way that is most likely going to get them sued! Yay! Last but not least, it's now Alex's turn to spill the deets on her dating life. Let's go

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WE ARE BACK. Get ready for a very different episode this week. The girls have decided to do Call Her Daddy a little different this year starting with a HUGE announcement from Sofia and a deeply personal account from Alex. The Fathers have feelings!? Don't worry, they are still just as unwell. This week's episode addresses the topic of 'first impressions' with your significant other's friends and family and how to handle it. The girls roast the women who try too hard to be ?one of the guys?, and last but not least, some hot girl-on-girl talk. Cheers to 2020! 

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Happy New Year

2020 is the year for the Daddy Gang.... 

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Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays Daddy Gang :) WE LOVE YOU

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66- Why We Can't Cum

This week's episode kicks off with a mental breakdown from Alex who went snooping at a guys house and saw something she shouldn't have. Risky business! Also, the girls discuss why they (and women everywhere) can't cum during sex and a revolutionary way to take an a** pic. Ladies, this will be the only nude you will want to take from now on, GUARANTEED. Plus, the girls debate if it's ever okay to send a dirty video.?that includes you having sex with someone else. Hot? Or not? 

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65- The Daddy Hotline (3) ft. Anal

?How has your dating life been affected since starting this podcast???? It's a question the fathers receive regularly?and they are answering it candidly in this week's episode. They also tackle some tough questions like ?What is the best form of birth control?? and ?How kinky is too kinky?? Tune in, as the fathers have some MAJOR differing opinions this week!!! Lastly, with the Holidays approaching, Alex and Sofia are telling us exactly what to get our fuck buddies for Christmas. Listen up!

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64- The Cocaine Chronicles

We all know Sofia has gotten into some trouble in her past?.well now she is finally ready to tell the full story of her time behind bars! Get ready for some bend over and cough fun because this is a genuinely crazy story (our court system is f*cked!) Also in this weeks episode, the girls have had a complete change of heart and think you should NOT delete pictures of your ex but only under ONE condition: men, if you want to up your dick game, trust us on this one. And last but not least, Sofia gives a personal account of what a man did recently that rocked her world?and it includes a tongue and a vibrator! EVERYONE SHOULD BE DOING THIS IN BED. Tune in!

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63- How Our Families Really Feel?

Alex and Sofia get real as they dive into the family drama they have endured since starting this podcast?extended family is the worst! (LOL). Happy Thanksgiving! This week the girls are discussing a brilliant way to make friends (especially in a new city), the biggest dating app no-no that even the smartest men are committing (watch out for this one ladies), and lastly, THE BALL! As in mens' balls. And before you roll your eyes and say ?this is amateur hour', think again! For some men, how you handle his balls could determine how he forever remembers you. CAUTION: This episode includes the most grotesque story submission ever. Not for children! 



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62- Oprah & F*cking Your Friend's Ex

Yes. It is true. Call Her Daddy has been nominated for an award alongside OPRAH WINFREY. For what you may ask? It's not what you would expect! Make sure to tune in, Alex and Sofia are giving us all the details. Also this week, the girls go on a rant resemblant of an exorcism as they express their disdain for all things pertaining to the gym?specifically girls that get dolled up to work out- STOP WEARING YOUR HAIR DOWN. They also discuss the sensitive subject that is fucking your friends ex?should they always be completely off limits? Lastly, Alex is giving us story-time as she recalls a hookup she had recently where the guy did something?weird AF. Lots to cover! 

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61- Revenge Porn

The girls partied hard this past week and are getting into all the wild details including strip clubs, head injuries, and an NHL team! Wahoo! Also, Alex and Sofia have breaking news regarding TWO major iPhone updates/hacks. If you have ever thought of sending a nude or having FaceTime sex, you better listen up! Lastly, the girls talk about revenge porn AND do a rate and review of a fellow daddygang member's nude... in real time.

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60- You F*cked Up, Now What?

Alex has a black eye and is telling us exactly what happened PLUS, she has a confession?she ended up in bed with an ex! Get the full story- it's as crazy as it sounds. Also this week, the girls discuss drunken fuckups and exactly how to recover. Whether you got sloppy in front of a girl you've been trying to bang or texted your crush something super embarrassing, we've got you. If you want any shot at redeeming yourself, there is a method to follow that works and may just surprise you. The girls are also discussing an injection that is not just making sex better for women?but making them squirt. Sofias' mom's friend had the procedure done and is telling us all about it. Lastly, and most importantly, did you know you can teach yourself to squirt? Alex and Sofia are talking about just how to squirt on demand. 

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59- Backhand That Cl*t

The girls get serious as they tell a chilling story that took place in Elizabeth, New Jersey. One they will never forget involving an abandoned house, law enforcement, and oh yeah, they've got it all on film (check out the CHD Instagram). Also this week, Alex and Sofia discuss a sex tip so scary they've only seen it done in porn... until now. Introducing ?Scream' and ?The Joker'- they tried it out for the daddies and are giving you all the details. Also men, you should be having the poop talk with your girl. We are telling you how. 

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58- The Daddy Hotline (2)

Covering everything from ?how to fuck your professor' to ?moving on from a fuckbuddy', the girls are giving us a good mix of crazy and healthy in this week's episode! They are also getting a little personal this week, as they share their worst date experiences and throw some shade at a shared nemesis of theirs (cough cough you know who you are!). Last but not least, the fathers are providing a solution to your Instagram stalking dilemma. They may have taken away the following page, but the crazy will always prevail! 

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57- Every Man?s Achilles Heel

In this week's episode, the girls share their personal experiences with bondage?including special guest the HDMI cord! Sofia also shares another embarrassing story from her past?believe it or not it is arguably the most embarrassing thus far. Lastly, Alex and Sofia call out all the girls who are posting pictures HOLDING their ass in place. Enough is enough! Also, a sex/blowjob tip that has to do with only a guys LEFT side?his Achilles Heel. 

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56- The Instagram Scam

Sofia tells us about a traumatizing experience she had while her mom was in town this past week?just say no to drugs kids! Also in the episode, the girls discuss uncircumcised dicks. They can be complicated so listen up. Even if you have never encountered one, you should know how to Gluck it like a daddy. They also talk about fitness girls on instagram, ass injections, and last but not least, eating the puss* from behind. 

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55- Body Count & The Social Vulture

The girls discuss past sexual partners, how many is too many, and everything you've ever wondered about body count- including the EXACT number girls should tell their man. Also, they dive into the taboo topic of bad personal hygiene for women? men have been complaining about the taste/smell of their girl's clam (worst nightmare), but don't worry we have a solution! Last but not least, bringing you the social vulture. Everyone has encountered this wretched species. Tune in to find out more!

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54- The Walk of Shame

In this week's episode, Alex and Sofia are giving health and wellness a good ol' fashioned try. You heard that right! The girls discuss the importance of ?having your own life? in a relationship and where so many women go wrong- especially WAGS, (wives and girlfriends of professional athletes). They also discuss the most cringe-y thing a guy can post on his dating profile (no thanks), clout chasing, and most importantly WALKS OF SHAME. Otherwise known as a stride of pride for a true daddy. Enjoy! 

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53- Alex & Sofia

This is an episode your therapist would HIGHLY recommend you do not listen to...... The girls discuss the amount of time you wait in between sex with different people?as in, how many is too many in a day? In a week? In an HOUR? And should you feel bad or embrace your inner freak? Everything answered on this week's episode. They also address the multiple personality wheel?aka the swift personality change that occurs when arguing with your partner and how to use it to your advantage. And lastly, the girls go r-o-g-u-e this week as they dissect Bang Energy, KO Watches, and Baby accounts?(baby Alessi update: we've been BLOCKED)

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52- College Life: Being Hot vs. Not

Welcome to College 101 Daddies! Bringing you the ultimate guide for back to school- the College Playbook. Get ready to finesse the fuck out of your college campus and pay close attention, because navigating school is a little different when you are a 5 vs. 10 (apologies in advance)! They also talk about what to do when you're BLOCKED, getting Shadow banned on Instagram, and a sex move that is so simple yet so effective?the Hamburger. It's like a workout for your esophagus. Get that exercise in! Also, if you are ever suffering from cotton mouth- have no fear the daddies are here!!!

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51- Win Your Ex Back

Men are out here sucking their own dicks, sticking them in tissue boxes, and comparing them to remote controls?and we are here to address it! Also, we discuss the ultimate strategy to win your Ex back, a hack to take the perfect selfie, and male dick pics. And last but not least, we talk about what to do AFTER he cums and how you SHOULD keep sucking...  

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50- MILF HUNTER (Guest #1)

No description needed. 

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49 - Stop Ruining Your Relationship

Girls get more insecure after they get into a relationship. FACTS. This week, the fathers discuss why this is the case and how it leads to women doing bat shit crazy things... including Alex's most brilliant/insane behavior yet. They also get into a new sex position called ?Time Out? for all you naughty hoes and how to get verified on Instagram REAL quick. P.S- Alex and Sofia reveal their personal experiences with some serious stalkers

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48- The Daddy Hotline

The girls are covering everything from, ?Is it okay to stay friends with your ex?? to the 'bonus nude'- a nude that is saving relationships one send at a time...milfhunter didn't even know about it!!! They also discuss dealing with your significant others parents (cue pervy dads), men posting shirtless pics/food on the gram, and the most insane way this girl caught her man cheating. Lastly, there is a consent app celebrities are using and the girls are giving you all the details. A full episode dedicated to the daddy gang. Enjoy!! 

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47- Open Relationships

The girls talk about their traumatic last week living in the Lower East Side of NYC (Sofia witnessed a stabbing). They also discuss dressing up in lingerie for your man?with some personal FAILS, everything about open relationships, and some super dirty school girl role-play. Including detailed, nasty, line-for-line things to say to pull it off. P.S. Enough with the b-day reposts, no one cares!!!

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46- Hornier on Our Periods

This week, the girls address two things men do that are total turn offs- baby talk and getting too drunk. Also, the girls tell a recent personal story of their own drunk escapades in NYC, Alex's husband, throw-up, and a Restoration Hardware couch. They also have a confession?they too have taken pictures of men while they are not looking/sleeping?and explain the reasons why. Lastly, they discuss all things period sex (including oral) with some embarrassing personal stories! Yay! P.S. Baby Alessi is back. Instagram influencer parents must be stopped.  



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45- Post Sex Tape Regret

In this weeks episode, Alex and Sofia recap their staycation experience at an old NY hotel and it is TERRIFYING. They also discuss nonconsensual sex tapes, when to know and accept you're just a fuck, and groupies taking pics of the men they just had sex with?.while they are asleep. Last but not least, introducing the PSTR-Post Sex Tape Regret.  It's a wild ride :) Also, they surprise the daddy gang with an added iPhone recording. 

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44- Girls He Fucks vs. Girls He Dates

Lots to cover on this weeks episode! Sofia and Alex talk about the types of girls men choose to fuck vs. date, and they are getting extremely specific/personal- talking about their exs. They are also discussing the REAL reason females cockblock their girlfriends, instagram bios that are preventing you from getting laid, and two new moves that will make your behind look like you got ass injections! Also, Alex reads a text from her mom that puts everyone's stalking skills to shame. 


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