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The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors

The Great indoors is a celebration of all things interiors and everything you need to know about making your house a home. In each episode, TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth will discuss, debate and guide you through the top trends and hottest topics from the home front. So pull up a chair?


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Granny Chic, Fake or Real, Style Secrets from Morocco

Are you rocking Posh Granny Chic? Kate and Sophie give you the lowdown on getting the latest trend just right, consider  if faux can be better than the real thing, and bring you a style report from the glamourous El Fenn hotel of Marrakesh.

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie?s blogs or join our Facebook group The Great Indoors Podcast.

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Design for Life with Oliver Heath

Is your house boosting your health? Sophie and Kate tour the home of Oliver Heath, the expert in sustainable architecture and biophilic design. They find walls that make you live longer, a bed to help you sleep better, plants to cleanse your air... and a floorplan which harbours the secret of human happiness. No, really.

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie's blogs, and do join The Great Indoors Podcast Facebook group.

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Panelling, Red Threads, Sophie's Plans

WILL THE GUINEA PIGS MAKE IT?  Kate and Sophie ponder the hot trend for panelling, and reveal how to find the vital "red thread" that will bring cohesion to your home. Sophie talks us through her extension plans - and introduces some snuffly new house guests. Lucy the dog is unimpressed...

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie's blogs, or join our Facebook group The Great Indoors Podcast


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Budget Revamp Special with Annie Sloan

Scared of paint? Don't be. Annie Sloan, queen of creative colour and inventor of the revolutionary chalk paint, leads Kate and Sophie in a furniture painting workshop. And if they can do it... Plus tons of tips and ideas to get a new look for the new year - for less.

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie?s blogs or join our Facebook group The Great Indoors Podcast.


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Christmas Special with Rachel Khoo

Could your design problem be an opportunity? In the London flat of cook and broadcaster Rachel Khoo, Kate and Sophie discover some truly jaw-dropping solutions to the challenges of a multi-functional small space. Rachel's love of form and function has created disappearing walls, hydraulic tables, hidden bedrooms. And she still has time to make lunch for the team (complete with tips for your Christmas table, of course.)

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie?s blogs: or join our Facebook group The Great Indoors Podcast.

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Christmas Hosting, Fashion X Interiors, Small Space Reveal!

Are you wearing your house? Sophie and Kate delve deep into the relationship between the catwalk and the cushions. Surely you know which fashion rules also apply to interiors, dahling? There's loads of cunning tips and tricks as the holiday let redesign is revealed. Plus festive hosting ideas to suit everyone from the most bah humbug to... Sophie!


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Christmas Trends, Small Space Living, The Great Outdoors

Tinsel - yay or nay? Kate and Sophie confront the big questions. What will the best dressed homes be wearing this yuletide? Why is nature such an enduring source of design inspo? Will Kate topple down the steep stairs of Sophie's tiny holiday let flat, or will they find a more design-led way to make a big impact in a small space?

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie?s blogs and or join our Facebook group: The Great Indoors Podcast.

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Hibernating Special: Sleep, Snuggle, Read

Is your bedroom a haven for sleep, sex - and nothing else? To mark the clocks changing, Sophie and Kate are on cosiness overdrive. There's design tips for getting the best from your bedroom.  There's a difference of opinion on the virtues of red wine vs Himalayan salt raw cacao health drink... And there's a clutch of new design books from Pearl Lowe, Rockett St George and more. Perfect to curl up with on the sofa.

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie?s blogs and or join our Facebook group The Great Indoors Podcast.?

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At Home with Michelle Ogundehin

Is your home a sanctuary? Michelle Ogundehin, writer, presenter and interiors guru, shows Kate and Sophie round her gorgeous home. They talk tiled bedheads, creating the perfect colour palette and the inside intel on TV's Interior Design Masters. Plus a truly surprising Design Crime...

Useful links and images are supplied on each of Kate and Sophie?s blogs htpp:// and htpp:// or join our Facebook group The Great Indoors Podcast

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Colour of the Year, Colourful Kitchens, London Design Festival

Blood furniture, anyone? Kate and Sophie unveil the radical ideas sweeping the London Design Festival. They talk top tips for colourful kitchen and unpack the cultural, emotional and psychological implications of the Colour of the Year... or is it just a tin of paint? Including contributions from Barbara Chandler, Karen Haller and Marianne Shillingford.

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Laura Jackson's Elegant Building Site

Ever had a cowboy builder? Who even took your CAR? TV presenter and stylish supper club guru Laura Jackson shows Kate and Sophie round the work in progress of her forever home. As well as the horror stories, there's invaluable advice on sourcing vintage decor, an idea for the perfect wedding present and a stunning tadelakt shower that Kate can't stop stroking...


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#PODSTRIKE - Laura Jackson supports the Global Climate Strike

Upcoming guest Laura Jackson believes buying secondhand is best for your decor and the planet. Win-win! Laura joins Kate and Sophie in endorsing #PODSTRIKE, a coalition of podcasts supporting Greta Thunberg and the young people behind the Global Climate Strikes starting this Friday 20th Sept, by helping spread the word.

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#PODSTRIKE - Kate and Sophie support the Global Climate Strike

The Great Indoors is part of #PODSTRIKE, a coalition of podcasts supporting Greta Thunberg and the young people behind the Global Climate Strikes starting this Friday 20th Sept, by helping spread the word. Here Kate and Sophie explain why they support the strike. Have your favourite shows signed up yet?

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New Books, #DoLessHarm, Maximalism v Minimalism

Do you have an inner minimalist? Are you a thwarted maximalist? Sophie and Kate tackle the extreme trends and how to approach them if you just aren't feeling it. Plus there's an update on the #DoLessHarm sustainable interiors directory and a luscious crop of new books from Medina Grillo, Karen Haller and Christina Strutt. 


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TV's Interior Design Masters, Home Happiness, Statement Floors

Caught the must-see TV yet? Get the verdict on BBC2's Interior Design Masters, including the contestants' (gasp) design crimes... Do join in live-tweeting at #designcrimes. Sophie and Kate reveal some startling stats about home happiness from the Happiness Research Institute (clue: size really isn't everything). Plus the pair talk statement floors and why you must never go for the safe option.


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Kelly Hoppen's Home

What's Kelly Hoppen's Design Crime? Why does she like to get into an empty bath? And why is she building a soft play centre in her sitting room? The original Interiors Queen welcomes Kate and Sophie into her epically lush pad. Let's hope there isn't a feature wall...

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Childhood Homes, Nature and Biophilia, Colour Blocking

Did your childhood home shape your interiors taste? Sophie and Kate delve deep into swags, stippling, Laura Ashley... and live locusts. The flat designed by fashion's Roksanda Ilincic sparks a chat about the colour blocking trend, and the pair tackle another hot topic: Biophilia. Plus things get particularly tense when Kate reveals her Design Crime...

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Summer Garden Updates, Midcentury Modern, Sustainability

Outside space looking a little dull this summer? Kate and Sophie are bursting with good ideas for the great outdoors, though most of Kate's involve food and drink too... Oh, and Sophie's got a top styling tip about yoghurt (tune in to find out more) The pair also ask: is Midcentury Modern ever going to fall out of favour? And Kate wants your help for her brand new sustainability venture, #dolessharm. Get in touch!

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Series 4 Trailer

Kate and Sophie are having a little lie down this week (like the colour grey...) but couldn't resist sharing this sneak preview of what's coming up next series.

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Fearne Cotton's Happy Home

How does Fearne Cotton make her home a happy place? The presenter talks colour, atmosphere, the joy of the higgledy-piggledy and the importance of not following trends as she welcomes Sophie and Kate into her home. And having seen the walk-in wardrobe, Sophie may never leave...

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Series 3 Ep 5 - Clerkenwell Design Week, Big Book News, Kate's Loo

Are you competitively open, when it comes to lilac? Kate and Sophie report from the frontline of Clerkenwell Design Week... and uncover the phenomenon of men competing to show how totally ok they are with girly colours. The pair critique the ground-breaking new book: Interiors, The Greatest Rooms of the Century. And then Sophie needs the loo. Good job Kate's had a total redesign...

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Series 3 Ep 4 - At Home with Pearl Lowe

Want to know Pearl Lowe's design secrets? The designer takes Sophie and Kate on a tour of her gorgeous home, revealing top tips for vintage shopping, the horror story behind her kitchen, and how the family respond to the constant re-decorating (her son wants to move to Ikea...)

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Series 3 Ep 3 - Make Your Home Pay, Design on TV, Kitchen Update

Could your fabulous interiors be a money-spinner? Kate and Sophie talk tips and tricks for making your home pay it's way, with short lets and location shoots. The pair also revel in some very exciting new interiors TV shows, plus an update on Sophie's new kitchen. Oh, and there's a surprise visit from Sophie's mum.

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Series 3 Ep 2 - Trinny Woodall, Rug Rules, Whole House Design

Fancy visiting the most famous bathroom on Insta? AND it's fabulous owner? Fashion and beauty entrepreneur Trinny Woodall reveals all about lighting, storage and the joy of embracing a new aesthetic as you enter a new phase of life. Plus Sophie and Kate lay down the Rules of Rug and discuss the importance of designing a house as a whole.

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Series 3 Ep 1 - Flower (and plant) Power, The Art of Artwork

Real or fake? (Or should that be.... faux, darling?) Sophie and Kate clash over the merits of decorating with flowers and plants. There's also strong words about the art of choosing and hanging your artwork. Plus a TRULY stunning revelation about cooker hoods. Really.

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Series 2 Ep 6 - Budget Home Updates, Kids Rooms, Instasham

Would you paint the nursery black? Sophie did. And Kate is Not Impressed. Sparks fly as the pair go head to head on planning kids rooms, plus a plethora of budget home update ideas and a debate about decorating for instagram, not for yourself.

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Series 2 Ep 5 - Architects on Trial, Lighting, the Downstairs Loo

Do you tremble at the sight of a black polo neck? Sophie and Kate say stand up to the architects! The pair discuss the ways architecture and interior design should work together. Plus invaluable insight into Lighting and How To Do It Right, and the thrilling design opportunities presented by the downstairs loo...

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Series 2 Ep 4 - Live from Dublin!

Is a diamante panther a Design Crime? Sophie and Kate tackle the serious questions as they hit the road, taking the Great Indoors ON TOUR to Dublin (is stage-diving a design crime?) They also take on soft furnishings, planning the dining room and the inspiration to be found in hotels (loos especially).

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Series 2 Ep 3 - Small Space Living, Trend Report, Dressing Rooms

Do you know your Memphis from your Midcentury Modern? Kate and Sophie report from the trends frontline of the Maison et Objet trade fair. They reveal the secrets of small space living, and design everyone's fantasy dressing room. Plus Kate is poised to acquire a black loo and a gold ceiling. Did someone say design crime...?

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Series 2 Ep 2 - Ban White Paint, Conscious Shopping, Open Plan Spaces

Just when you thought it was safe... Kate wants to ban white paint. Can she explain herself, without alienating the entire country? For anyone still listening, the pair also have lots to say about conscious shopping, and designing open plan spaces. Just don't mention the Great Flooring Difference of Opinion....
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Series 2 Ep 1 - New Year Declutter, Bring Back Chintz, Home Offices

The series kicks off with some wise words on the pain and pleasure of decluttering, Sophie's mission to bring back the chintz and some ingenious suggestions to sort out your home office. Plus Sophie reveals her completed, finished, utterly perfected home. Oh, wait...

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The Great Indoors Series 2 - Trail

The UK's first professional interiors podcast is BACK! Curious about the key trends for 2019? Want help styling your open-plan space? Need to know why white paint  should be banned? Subscribe now to hear more from TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth. New series starts Jan 10th.

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Episode 6 - Is Expensive Paint Worth it, New Design Books, Hallways

Elephant's Breath, anyone? In the last of this series, Sophie and Kate confront the $64,000 question (not literally) asking if designer paint is really worth the money? Plus there's a luscious crop of new design books to pop under the Christmas tree, and top tips for planning your hallway. 

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Episode 5 - Tips for Renters, Christmas Gifts, The Spare Room

Stuck for present ideas? Sophie and Kate are here to help, sharing a revolutionary approach to buying Christmas presents (and some bracing views about the tree...) There's a stack of brilliant ideas for making the most of your home if you are renting, and inspiration for how to make your guest room comfy. But not too comfy...

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Episode 4 - The Joy of Staying In, Inspiration, Sitting Rooms

Fancy a zebra skin ceiling? In this special LIVE edition, Sophie and Kate debate the joys of staying in, with lots of ideas to make your home a haven. They critique the various sources of interiors inspiration, and walk you through planning a sitting room. Then the audience get stuck in with their very own Design Crimes...

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Episode 3 - Colour Psychology, Seasonal Interiors, Master Bedrooms

Do you know which colour is an appetite suppressant? Or which one makes every skin tone look fabulous? In this episode, Kate and Sophie ponder the fascinating facts of colour psychology. Plus how to change your interiors to reflect the changing season, and up next in the room planning series: the master bedroom. Oh, and several unscheduled appearances from Lucy the dog... 

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2 - Finding Your Style, the New Colours, Bathrooms

Drowning in the Sea of Pinterest? Sophie and Kate talk you through how to discover your own unique sense of style. Plus, they reveal the coolest new colours on the block, how to plan a bathroom, and a few more horrifying Design Crimes. What colour are your radiators? Just asking... 

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1 - Grey is Dead, Design Crimes, Kitchens

Are you guilty of a... Design Crime? In the launch episode of The Great Indoors, Kate and Sophie discuss the horrors of incorrectly positioned cushions, plus the tragic death of Kate's favourite colour, the top trends from the London Design Festival, and how to plan your kitchen.

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The Great Indoors Trail Part Deux

Another taster ahead of this week's launch, from TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth.

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The Great Indoors Trail

Real insight, hot tips and lots of laughs. Hosted by TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and journalist Kate Watson-Smyth. If you care at all about the space you live in, subscribe!

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