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S5E7 - UK Post Office Horizon Scandal

Episode Notes

Beyond the headlines, this JUXTCast episode exposes the intricate challenges in managing and securing complex IT systems, providing a more detailed understanding of the Horizon scandal, and hopefully serving as a straightforward reminder for individuals and organizations to stay vigilant and proactive in ensuring the reliability and integrity of the technology that we use and trust.

The JUXT team ? Malcolm Sparks (CTO), Joe Littlejohn (Head of Delivery) and Alex Davis (Senior Software Engineer) ? were joined by Andras Gerlits, adding an important perspective to the conversation:

Andras Gerlits' work: Andras Gerlits' blog:

For more insights on this episode, please check out Malcolm's post:

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S5E6 - Rama and its Clojure API ? with Nathan Marz, Founder & CEO of Red Planet Labs

Episode Notes

In October 2023, Nathan Marz announced the Clojure API to Rama, a new programming platform for building distributed applications that was released last August.

Red Planet Labs revealed Rama for the first time by building and operating a Twitter-scale Mastodon instance that?s 100x less code than Twitter wrote to build the equivalent.

Soon after this announcement, we invited Nathan as a guest on the JUXTCast to find out more.

In this episode, we delve into some of the conceptual foundations of Rama, the influence the Clojure language has had on its design and discuss some of the many difficult problems Nathan and his team have had to solve in the course of developing Rama.

Not to be missed!

For more information about Rama and it's Clojure API, you can read this post on Red Planet Labs blog: "Introducing Rama?s Clojure API: build end-to-end scalable backends in 100x less code".

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S5E5 - Platform Engineering and Internal Developer Platforms

Episode Notes

In this episode, JUXT Head of Delivery, Joe Littlejohn, is joined by JUXT software engineers Aaron Knauf and Mariusz Saternus to talk Platform Engineering, and their experiences delivering effective developer platforms in large tech organisations.

Link to Jeremy Taylor's webinar "Bitemporality and the Art of Maintaining Accurate Databases" ? as mentioned by Joe at the top of the episode.

This podcast is powered by Pinecast.

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S5E4 - JUXT Cast Special with Kent Beck

Episode Notes

In this episode, Jeremy Taylor, James Henderson, and Malcolm Sparks are joined by Kent Beck to discuss programming, bitemporality, and the state of Agile.

For more insights, please visit this post about the podcast.

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S5E3 - JUXT 10-Year Anniversary, Babashka Conf 2023, XTDB Update, and Post-Agile

S5E2 - Data Sovereignty, SaaS Overuse, and Central Datastores

Episode Notes

This podcast episode focuses on some topics that are mentioned in S5E1 "Post-Conj Roundup, Databases, and the LLM era":

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S5E1 - Post-Conj Roundup, Databases, and the LLM era

Episode Notes Clojure Conj: ?Design by Pratice? by Rich Hickey: ?Vector Symbolic Architectures in Clojure? by Carin Meier: ?Clojure Isp: One tool to lint them all? by Eric Dallo: ?A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks? by Ted Codd:
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S4E15 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Micah Martin

Episode Notes

Micah Martin: 8thlight: Clean Coders Studio: Uncle Bob on Twitter ( Uncle Bob on Github ( Limelight: Speclj:

Twitter: @slagyr Github: @slagyr

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S4E14 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Derek Troy-West

Episode Notes

Kpow for Apache Kafka: Factor House: Slipway: Apache ECharts:

LinkedIn: @dtw Github: @_d_t_w

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S4E13 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Jennifer Krieger

Episode Notes

Strange Loop:

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S4E12 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Chas Emerick

Episode Notes

Papers We love: PDFxStream: Metacrawler: pdfQL: ?Clojure Programming: Practical Lisp for the Java World? book: ?Real World Ocaml: Functional programming for the Masses? book: PWLConf 2022:

Github: @cemerick LinkedIn: @chasemerick  Twitter: @cemerick

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S4E11 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Pete Lyons

Episode Notes

Felinne Hermans: "Hedy: A Gradual programming language" by Felienne Hermans (Strange Loop 2022) Focus Retreat Center:

Twitter: @focusretreats Instagram: Facebook: LinkedIn: @focusretreatcenter

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S4E10 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Jeremy Brown

S4E9 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Dave Yarwood

Episode Notes

Dave Yarwood's Talk in 2019 about Alda: Github repo: ?Learn You a Haskell for Great Good? book: John Coltrane?s ?Giant Steps?: ?Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (The Mit Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Series) 2nd Edition? book: Music Macro Language (MML): Sibelius: Finale: Alda?s website: Slack channel: Mariel Pettee?s ?Dancing with Myself?:

Github: @daveyarwood  Twitter: @dave_yarwood

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S4E8 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Baptiste Dupuch and Christophe Grand

S4E7 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Predrag Gruevski

S4E6 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Sarah Withee

Episode Notes

Sarah Withee?s website: Code Thesaurus: HacktoberFest 2022: Digital Ocean:   Twitter: @geekygirlsarah GitHub: @geekygirlsarah LinkedIn: @sarahwithee

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S4E5 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Kenneth Eversole

Episode Notes

CloudFlare - Balto - ?The Evolution of a Planetary-scale Distributed Database" by Kevin Scaldeferri (Strange Loop 2022)? - Benson Hill - Stlgo Meetup - Venture Cafe -

LinkedIn - @kennetheversole  Twitter - @kennetheversole

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S4E4 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Jared M. Smith

Episode Notes

Jared Smith 

ElmConf - JavaScript Fatigue  ELM Semantic Versioning Atom Editor

Email: [email protected] Twitter:

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S4E3 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Felix GV

Episode Notes

Felix GV's talk at Strange Loop (

"Open Sourcing Venice ? LinkedIn?s Derived Data Platform" by Felix GV (

Venice in Github (

Felix GV on Twitter: @felixgv Felix GV on Github: @FelixGV Felix on LinkedIn: @felixgv

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S4E1 - Strange Loop Edition: A chat with Josh Goldberg

Episode Notes

?Monad I Love You Now Get Out Of My Type System? ( not yet released on Youtube, check here There are many monads tutorial, enough to deserve a timeline (

Codecademy is a software development learning platform (

Typescript-eslint (

Web technologies mentioned: React (, Webpack (, Vite (, Solid (, Remix (, Next (

TypeScript (

Generics in TypeScript (

Full Screen Mario (

Josh?s book on TypeScript (

Josh's Twitter user ( Josh's personal website (

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S3E5 - JUXT Cast: Strange Loop Preview

Episode Notes

JUXT is a Platinum Sponsor of Strange Loop 2022. From September 22nd, you?ll find us in the JUXT booth at the Union Station in St. Louis, MO. Come visit!

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S3E4 - The Future of Software - Introducing REPL-acement S3E4

It?s a pleasure to have our friends Dominic Monroe and Ray McDermott (from Defn podcast) join us in this episode and share their aspirations for the future of software. Ray?s vision includes a new editor in Clojure for Clojure called 'REPL-acement'.

Find out more below and make sure to stop by Ray's talk at the :clojureD conference on the 11th of June at 13:15 CEST.

Background: Work in progress: Join the #repl-acement channel in clojurians on Slack:

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S3E3 - Separating Storage and Compute S3E3

The separation of storage and compute is a key industry trend impacting all kinds of organisations and is acutely important for the design of modern database systems. In this episode, we discuss how general desires for increased availability, better scalability, and lower costs, has heavily influenced our own plans for XTDB's future 2.0 architecture. Listen to insights from the team, including a sneak peek of the kinds of things we're cooking up!

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S3E2 - User Empowerment S3E2

Juxtaposed against some software of the 90s like Microsoft Access, Lotus Notes, and Visual Basic, there is a distinct contrast in our current world. Malcolm argues that with today's fixation on Continuous Deployment, software has become static, brittle, and inflexible. In this episode, we talk about how users have consequently become disempowered. Why have we have created a culture so dependent on developers? What is the hidden cost of this incrementalism? And, how can we redistribute agency to users again?

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S3E1 - The Strength of the Record S3E1

In this episode, we dive into the concept of a 'record?. We examine what makes records technically superior to triples and tables and go back in time to uncover humanity?s long-standing preference for simple records.

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S2E18 - re:Clojure Interviews 18 - Gerald Jay Sussman

Episode Notes American museum of natural history in Manhattan Ham radio operators QST magazines Vacuum tube IBM 650/620 computers Joel Moses at Columbia Drum memory Biquinary encoding IBM 709 Vacuum tubes computer Marvin Minsky Claude Shannon IPL V interpreter by Carnegie Mellon Bill Gosper Lisp 1.5 programmer's manual PDP-6 MacLisp Macsyma, symbolic manipulation software Compacting garbage collector by Minsky Massachusetts watchmakers association George Daniels and the co-axial escapement Analog circuit design Synthetic Biology making creatures "to order". Tom Knight synthetic biologist and former student Formal specification of software
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S2E17 - re:Clojure Interviews 17 - Artem Barmin

S2E16 - re:Clojure Interviews 16 - Eric Normand

Episode Notes

It was a great pleasure to speak again with our friend @ericnormand about Alan Kay, Lisp, Mr Wizard, Logo and much more! Enjoy!

Mr Wizard TV TV series The Logo programming language Alan Kay The TCP/IP stack Paul Graham Essays The 50th anniversary of Lisp conference The Little Schemer book by Dan Friedman Frequencies clojure function Grokking Simplicity book
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S2E15 - re:Clojure Interviews 15 - Johanna Antonelli

Episode Notes

Welcome (back) @JohannaAntone10 to the podcast! We spoke about Clojure, Richard Feynman, stonemasonry and much more! Enjoy!

Richard Feynman Stonemasonry The Kingkiller Chronicle book recommendation JUXT Libraries on github.
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S2E14 - re:Clojure Interviews 14 - Ben Sless

Episode Notes VLSI Very large-scale (circuit) integration William Byrd on The Most Beautiful Program Ever Written Mini Kanren StarCraft Videogame. Tony Hoare Codeq Rich Hickey's project structural version control project. Unison language Clojure Transducers Factorio game Eudemonia Aristotelian concept of happiness Naked Performance (with Clojure) a talk by Tommi Reiman
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S2E13 - re:Clojure Interviews 13 - David Pham

Episode Notes Babashka scripting language West Coast Swing dance type? One Piece Japanese manga by Eiichiro Oda Linear Algebra Neanderthal linear algebra library. DType-Next Next generation high performance Clojure toolkit.
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S2E12 - re:Clojure Interviews 12 - Mey Beisaron

Episode Notes Tablecloth Clojure library for columnar data handling Daniel Higginbotham wrote the awesome Clojure for the Brave and True. Rayman and PokemonGo videogames Are you there Wodka It's me Chelsea book recommendation Haifa is about 100 kilometers north of Tel Aviv in Israel.
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S2E11 - re:Clojure Interviews 11 - João Santiago

Episode Notes dvc pmap Dune
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S2E9 - re:Clojure Interviews 9 - Stephen Wolfram

Episode Notes Stephen Wolfram: Official Website ( Wolfram: Computation Meets Knowledge ( Wolfram Language: Programming with Built-in Computational Intelligence ( The Wolfram Physics Project: Finding the Fundamental Theory of Physics ( Rob Pike - Wikipedia ( SMP Symbolic Manipulation Program, by Stephen Wolfram, Chris A. Cole ( Cellular Automaton -- from Wolfram MathWorld ( A Book from Alan Turing ? and a Mysterious Piece of Paper Stephen Wolfram Writings ( Where Did Combinators Come From? Hunting the Story of Moses Schönfinkel Stephen Wolfram Writings ( Alonzo Church - Wikipedia ( Post canonical system - Wikipedia ( S-expression - Wikipedia ( Clojure - Transducers ( Even beyond Physics: Introducing Multicomputation as a Fourth General Paradigm for Theoretical Science Stephen Wolfram Writings ( The Problem of Distributed Consensus Stephen Wolfram Writings ( What Is a Computational Essay? Stephen Wolfram Writings ( Transformation Rules and Definitions?Wolfram Language Documentation ( The Poetry of Function Naming Stephen Wolfram Writings ( Wolfram - YouTube ( Science & Technology Q&A for Kids (and others): Can Sci-fi be Real [Part 2] - YouTube ( Linguistic relativity - Wikipedia ( Stepped reckoner - Wikipedia ( Sybil Wolfram - Wikipedia ( An Essay Towards a Real Character, and a Philosophical Language - Wikipedia (,_and_a_Philosophical_Language) The Concept of the Ruliad Stephen Wolfram Writings (
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S2E8 - re:Clojure Interviews 8 - Dragan Djuric

Episode Notes Rich Hickey?s Guitars IEEE Magazine One of the earliest papers mentioning Clojure Graham Hutton about the universality of fold Cuban band Elito Reve French Synthwave artist Carpenter Brut and his release party Deep learning library Deep Diamond Alan Kay on software engineering as pop culture Interactive Programming for AI Books
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S2E7 - re:Clojure Interviews 7 - Rohit Thadani, Generalist Problem Solver at Barracuda Networks

S2E6 - re:Clojure Interviews 6 - Paula Gearon, Technical Leader Clojurista Semantic Webstress at Cisco

Episode Notes Hopfield neural network Grace Hopper Alan Turing Ada Lovelace Donald Knuth Black Jack Game implementation by "Mel" The New Hacker's Dictionary by MIT press Cognitect open source initiative Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs SICP Semantic Web Clojure literals The keep function in Clojure Sunshine coast in Queensland Australia Datomic Datascript Datalevin XTDB Datalog introduction on Wikipedia. Early Stuart Halloway talks about Datomic and Datalog
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S2E5 - re:Clojure Interviews 5 - Kira McLean, Full Stack Developer at Swirrl

S2E4 - re:Clojure Interviews 4 - Kathi Fisler, Research Professor of Computer Science at Brown University

Kathi Fisler's Brown CS Home Page (

Hawaiian pizza - Wikipedia (

Pascal (programming language) - Wikipedia (

Bomb (icon) - Wikipedia (

Apollo Program: Margaret Hamilton (software engineer) - Wikipedia (

Apollo Guidance Computer - Wikipedia (

Post-it Note - Wikipedia (

Bootstrap (

Racket (

How to Design Programs (

The Human in Formal Methods (

Educational research - Wikipedia (

All About Colorful Rainbow Chard - With Recipes (

Data-Centric Computing Education (

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S2E3 - re:Clojure Interviews 3 - Jakub Holý, Clojure(Script) developer

Holy on Dev: Clojure ( History of pizza - Wikipedia ( Ada Lovelace - Wikipedia ( Nathan Marz ? Medium ( Red Planet Labs ( Apache Storm - Wikipedia ( Waking Up with Sam Harris ? Unlock your mind ( GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer ( Wolfram: Computation Meets Knowledge ( Beating the Averages ( Clojure - Programming at the REPL: Introduction ( juxt - clojure.core | ClojureDocs - Community-Powered Clojure Documentation and Examples ( Blood Faerie (Caledonia Fae, #1) by India Drummond | Goodreads ( Oslo - Wikipedia ( SpaceX - Missions: Mars ( fulcro by fulcrologic ( awkay (Tony Kay) (
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S2E2 - re:Clojure Interviews 2 - Alex Oloo, Head of Design ABSA Bank

Episode Notes

Alexander Oloo ( is one of the speakers. Listen to this quick interview about his life and interests ahead of the conference.

List of Dragon Ball video games - Wikipedia ( Georges Lemaître - Wikipedia ( Google Chrome - Wikipedia ( Clojure South (@clojure_south) / Twitter ( Learn to Program the World's Most Bodacious Language with Clojure for the Brave and True ( What is Nil Punning? - LispCast ( clojure.core | ClojureDocs - Community-Powered Clojure Documentation and Examples ( Gris - Wikipedia ( Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Wikipedia ( Wine regions of South Africa - Wikipedia ( Pretoria - Wikipedia ( Museo Nacional del Prado ( History of pizza - Wikipedia ( alekcz/pcp: PCP: Clojure Processor -- A Clojure replacement for PHP ( (edited)
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S2E1 - re:Clojure Interviews 1 - Jeremy Taylor, product lead XTDB

Episode Notes XTDB ( XTDB Workshop at re:Clojure 2021 Tickets - Tim Ewald - Clojure: Programming with Hand Tools - YouTube ( Visual Basic for Applications - Wikipedia ( any? - clojure.core | ClojureDocs - Community-Powered Clojure Documentation and Examples ( History of pizza - Wikipedia ( T E S S E R A C T | Official Website ( Adobe Flash - Wikipedia (
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S1E9 - Episode 9 - Introducing a new JUXT library

You can find the new library here

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S1E8 - Episode 8 - ClojureTre, Crux and XT20 News

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