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Side Pull

Side Pull

Side Pull is a DotA 2 podcast that's about the community, culture, stories, and news that makes DotA so great. We don't want to bog you down with the meta, theory crafting, or all the granular confusing crap. Hosted by Austin "Cap" Walsh, acclaimed "Tier 1 talent," TI broadcaster, and voice actor; and Joey "Leafeator" Thimian, who is none of those things. Join us every Tuesday to talk about the wacky world of DotA, or just our own personal wacky worlds. Thanks for putting us in your ear holes.


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OG is OUT // 147

We recap S3 of the 2023 DPC and talk about who is fighting for TI in Bali. Also a lil preview of Dreamleague Season 20!
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LCS Strike // 146

DPC Update. Secret is going down, and OG might too. People are not nice to Taiga. Tears of the Kingdom. FaZe Clan. The LCS situation.
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7.33 // 145

WE"RE BACK! Miss us? Me neither,. New patch, big map. 7.33. Joey plays dota and goes to Japan. Cap goes to Dreamleague and the berlin Major. We talk about those things and have a few laughs. Ya know, like boys do. @leafeator @capcasts
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Fart Studios // 144

Joey is back to talk about how he might have been wrong regarding the 322. Also, dreamleague and Fart Studios DQ chat! @leafeator @capcasts
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322 Match Fixing w/ Avo // 143

Joey is SICK so Avo is here to talk about the Major AND the big 322 Scandal match-fixing news! @leafeator @capcasts
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Avo on LIMA // 142

Avo+ Joins Cap and Joey to spill some tea on the Behind the Scenes of the LIMA MAJOR!
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Blitz is Back! Major + Muerta // 141

Blitz is here! We talk Boxi, the Lima Major, Muerta, Patch, Banned Chinese Players, and why Blitz didn't ban Lina. @leafeator @capcasts
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Joey's going to Lima and may share a bed with Austin? Hot. Also - The problems at the Lima Major. Lima Major Results. Cheaters and overwolf Bans. And RIP to BTS @leafeator @capscasts
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Cheating in the DPC? Lima major groups? Fnatic? Cap and Blitz? There's a lot to catch up on, friends! @leafeator @capcasts
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Cap is back but did some serious boxing while he was away. And did he actually get Joey those snacks he wanted? We talk about DPC, twitch drama, esports teams, and some other stuff - I think. @leafeator @capcasts
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Pee and Poo // 137

We're Back! WEU DPC, SEA DPC. Pee bottles. Poop blogs! @leafeator @capcasts
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2023 // 136

Alt title: Cap gets accused of a racism. Christmas, Upcoming DPC, Job Interviews, Movies, North America, and the no-reddit-rule all make an appearance. @capcasts @leafeator
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Arkosh, Old G, Notail, Ceb, and Cap are all losing right now on the DPC. We also talk about the NOUNS tournament proposal video, G2, the LCS, Henry Dota, and a few spicy things. Happy Holidays everyone. Support us on Patreon! Twitter: @leafeator @capcasts
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Roster Shuffles. Nisha joins Liquid :D // 134

Joey went to Mexico. And basically every team not named Tundra changed their roster. So we talk about those things. With you. And love. @leafeator @capcasts
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Family thanksgiving, God of War, and ya know a little dota talk too. @capcasts @leafeator
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Tundra Wins TI. EG loses (maybe) the off Season, or at least RTZ. Cap and Joey go on Vacation to Bali and everyone has vacation stories. @leafeator @capcasts
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TI11 Groups & Playoffs // 131

Joey and Cap are live in Singapore for a show they're doing for MONSTER! Welcome to an in person podcast. TI11 groups, Singapore, Team Liquid, and more as the boys unwind from a crazy week of games @leafeator @capcasts
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LCQ // 130

LIQUID MADE IT TO TI. LCQ Talk, TI Talk, BTS is out of dota. But Joey and Cap are doing a Morning show at TI! @leafeator @capcasts
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True Sight // 129

True Sight, Cyberpunk Edgerunner, LCQ teams, G2, Carlos, and GAMES. @leafeator @capcasts
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Arkosh Disband? // 128

The Queen is dead and ESL doesn't care. TI Broadcast rumors, battlepass, qualifiers, and LEOSTYLE. Also does Arkosh disband? Patch talk, and patreon questions. @leafeator @capcasts
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Battlepass Woes // 127

Joey's sweaty undercarriage, ESL Malaysia, TI Qualifiers, Team Liquid Youtube, Battlepass, Stickers, Gambling sponsors, and some TV talk! @leafeator @capcasts
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Spirit Wins Arlington // 126

Spirit win the Major! Joey was in Texas with Liquid doing some crying. Cap was at home. Fnatic get to go to TI now? @leafeator // @capcasts
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Arlington Major Groups // 125

Cap's vacation and being naked. Joey's going to Arlington for Dota. Group Stage. Soniqs, Fnatic, Liquid, EG!
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Reddit Threads // 124

Joey's gym quest, Cap's reddit threads. Also, Moxxi's. A little bit of Riyadh major wrap too.
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DPC Wrap // 123

Colonoscopy Followup, Arkosh is out of Div 2, DPC TALK - All regions, Zeus & 1D heroes @leafeator @capcasts
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rEEtired // 122

4th of July. Cap's Colonoscopy. Eternal Evny Retires. Symmetrical & Alliance. Yapzor out indefinitely. @capcasts @leafeator
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New Underwear // 121

Joey was on Holiday in the EU. New Underwear. The DPC. ESL Malaysia, and Patron Questions! @capcasts @leafeator
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Europe Trip // 120

This scuffed episode brought to you by Joey in Europe. Sorry about - everything. We'll be back in a few weeks with more HIGH QUALITY CONTENT. We do talk about The International about half way through tho! @leafeator @capcasts
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OG Wins Major // 119

Boxers, Jury Duty, Ninjaboogie, Player Shuffles, Major Results, Death Pact, ESL Broadcast, TI Singapore?! @leafeator @capcasts
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Stockholm Major Groups // 118

Chafing, Liquid, Stockholm Major Groups, EG shit the bed, Diverse Play styles, Casting at the Major, and Joey's favorite topic -- Chaos Knight. @leafeator @capcasts
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TSM in Trouble // 117

China Regional Major. Stockholm look ahead. Cap's role at the major. FORBS Highest Esports Org Valuations. TSM. Valve. Overwatch 2. Penis. @leafeator @capcasts
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Pure Stupidity // 116

Pure, VP, and Outsiders. Mixed with some Vlat, Eastern Europe Qualifiers, events in Saudi, and Liquid. @leafeator @capcasts
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Eastern Europe & Elon // 115

Joey is stuck in Texas. LCS. NA Tie breakers. Quincy crew. Liquipedia. Eastern Europe. Virtus Pro. CS Major. Musk. Twitter. Cap. Leaf. @leafeator @capcasts
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Nigma Relegated // 114

Cap is hurt. Joey is hurt. Nigma is hurt, because they're in D2. RTZ is hopefully ok. But techies is Viable, the Majhor is coming, and Cap was nominated for an Emmy? @leafeator @capcasts
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April Fools? // 113

/r/place, DPC Results, China, CIS, OG Podcast, EA, Apex, ROcket League, Riot, and a lot of ESPORTS. @capcasts @leafeator
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RIP joinDOTA // 112

OG vs Liquid Bugs, TSM, joinDOTA, ESL Major Stockholm, PGL Major Texas, and cute boys. (Hint: the cute boys are us) @leafeator @capcasts
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BOOM ESPORTS ARE CHAMPIONS! Joey takes a DNA test. Cap gets mad on Reddit. Patch and Primal Beast. @leafeator @capcasts
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VP Banned? // 110

Joey is over covid, Cap is in UAE, VP can't play at Galaxy LAN, and a little war started in Europe? Well, shit, it's been a week. Or two. Dota patch heavy episode next week, right now we're working through some things with y'all. Love ya. @leafeator @capcasts
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BIG BOOM // 109

Boom wins Europe. BOOM wins SEA. Rams win a Superbowl. ESL wins a major in Sweden. Cap hasn't won his job back? @leafeator @capcasts
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23 Savage Kicked // 108

Pokemon, Joey almost dies at the dentist, Jackass, Online Majors, Cap has no Job, 23 Savage, and some chat about our childhood collections. Because much like this show, they're a bit random. @lefeator @capcasts
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Dragons Blood Book 2 // 107

A long one filled with spoilers about the second season of DOTA anime! And other things. Like JRPG's, game industry news, and Windows 11! @leafeator @capcasts
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Niko = Baby // 106

Lots of stuff happened this week. Majors are back, kinda. ESL is owned by some government. Kyle, Nikobaby, Kelly, Loda, and Alliance. Also, no one has shaved. @leafeator @capcasts
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CANCELED MAJOR (again) // 105

It's Joey's birthday. His gift for you -- drama! Valve canceled the first Major of the 2022 DPC and people are not happy about it. Let's discuss. @capcasts @leafeator
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Tickle my Tickles // 104

We're cramming a lot of DOTA into this one as the DPC looks to finish out it's first split of the 2022 season!

@leafeator @capcasts

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2022 // 103

Christmas stories, Cap in Europe, New Movies, New Games, a little Dota, a little CS Drama, I AM ESPORTS, and a PPUMAWUT on getting into esports. @leafeator @capcasts https:///
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Boosted // 102

Joey is sick, Cap get's Boosted, the boys talk about the DPC and answer your PPUMAWAT! @leafeator @capcasts
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Aghanim's Back! // 101

New Battle Pass (and more!) @leafeator // @capcasts
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You can not support us on patreon. Thank you. We love you. Can't believe it's number 1-0-0. Patreon talk, DPC Week 1 talk, Cap can't stop itching, and fan packs are here! @leafetor @capcasts
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DPC 2022 Kickoff // 99

Used cars, DPC, DPC Talent?, Halo, Dota 2 reports, and a few other odds and ends. @leafeator @capcasts
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Rosters, Locked. // 98

Esports Awards, Roster moves -- winners and losers, BKOP and the meritocracy, Bumble BEE's drama, and a pretty solid podcast? Who knew! @leafeator @capcasts
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