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Office Ladies

Office Ladies

The Office co-stars and best friends, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, are doing the ultimate The Office re-watch podcast for you. Each week Jenna and Angela will break down an episode of The Office and give exclusive behind the scene stories that only two people who were there, can tell you.


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Happy Hour

This week we?re breaking down ?Happy Hour.? Oscar wants to spend more time with Matt from the warehouse, so he puts together a Dunder Mifflin Happy Hour at Sid & Dexter?s. Pam tries to sneakily introduce Michael to her single friend but when he finds out, ?Date Mike? appears. Meanwhile, Dwight attempts to break his childbearing contract with Angela when he reconnects with Isabel. ?The Office? cinematographer, Matt Sohn, sends in clips on what it was like to direct this episode including shooting most of the episode outside of the typical office location, Jenna gives a deep dive on the origin of Happy Hour and Angela points out one of Angela Martin?s most famous memes. We know you?ll enjoy this episode because ?Hi. I?m Happy Hour. Nice to meet me. How do you like your eggs in the morning?? 

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New Leads

This week we?re breaking down ?New Leads.? Sabre?s no cap on commission policy has gone to the sales team?s heads, and to get them under control, Michael hides the new leads which accidentally end up in the Scranton dump. Writer and director of the episode, Brent Forrester, sends in clips about working on this episode, Jenna breaks down how they made and shot the landfill scenes, and Angela gives Jenna and Sam a garbage quiz. So enjoy this episode, and may it make you believe that just as there can be hope in a frame, there can be hope in a dump.

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St. Patrick?s Day

This week we?re breaking down ?St. Patrick?s Day.? Michael learns to put his need for friendship aside to confront Jo Bennett for keeping the office late on St. Patrick?s Day. Meanwhile Darryl gets promoted when he shares a great shipping idea, and Erin and Andy have their first date despite Erin feeling under the weather. Kate Flannery sends in a clip about participating in the real Scranton St. Patrick?s Day Parade, Jenna shares a story about meeting Molly Shannon when she was first starting out in Hollywood, and Angela shares some fun candy bag alts as to why Angela Martin is anxious to get off work. So pour yourself a glass of green water, take a seat at your mega desk, and enjoy this episode!

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The Delivery, Pt 2 with Lee Kirk

This week, we?re breaking down the second part of ?The Delivery, Pt 2.? Pam is having trouble breastfeeding Cece, and back at the office, Michael is playing matchmaker to Erin and Kevin, making Andy jealous. We have a special guest today! The ladies chat with Jenna?s husband Lee Kirk, who played Clark the Lactation Consultant. Jenna?s sister also sends in a clip about what it was like having The Office baby named after her daughter, we find out what special holiday this episode was shot on, and we hear another interesting fan theory about the Scranton Strangler. So enjoy this great episode, we promise it?s much better than the chemistry between Kevin and Erin.

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The Delivery, Pt 1

This week we?re breaking down the first part of ?The Delivery.? Jim and Pam?s baby is on the way! Pam is having ?contraptions? at work but insists on holding off on going to the hospital until after midnight so her health insurance will cover an extra day. Meanwhile, Dwangela is back when Dwight realizes he must have a child of his own and sparks a contractual agreement with Angela Martin. Angela uncovers a deleted Creed runner, Jenna shares the YouTube video that inspired Andy?s Evolution of Dance moment that also involved some very noisy pants. So enjoy this episode while you eat your second lunch, or perhaps your first dinner, or maybe even an Ultra Feast! 


Check out Judson Laipply?s Evoltuion of Dance video:

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?The Office BFFs? Book Q&A

This week is a special episode of ?Office Ladies,? Jenna and Angela answer fan questions about their brand new book, ?The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There.? The ladies talk about how they came to write the book which included finding a perfect system that worked for their different writing styles. And the ladies share another part of their audiobook! Have you grabbed your copy yet? Because the book is here!!


Link to Audiobook

Link to Book, Ebook, Audiobook

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Chapter 1 from ?The Office BFFs? Audiobook

Surprise! Jenna and Angela are giving you Chapter 1 from their audiobook, ?The Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were There?! Take a listen and get excited for the official release on May 17th. Thank you for being an ?Office Ladies? fan!


Link to Audiobook

Link to Book, Ebook, Audiobook

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The Manager and the Salesman

This week we?re breaking down ?The Manager and the Salesman.? Sabre CEO Jo Bennett, played by the Kathy Bates, visits Dunder Mifflin only to discover there are two co-managers, Michael and Jim. She gives them the ultimatum that there can only be one manager. Meanwhile it?s Valentine?s Day and Andy confuses Erin by giving Valentine?s Day cards to everyone in the office, including a pretty romantic one to Kelly. Fans send in some great continuity catches, Jenna shares how the cast and crew worked with the two Great Danes, including a particularly invasive stunt with Ed Helms, and Angela makes beet vodka in honor of Dwight. So grab your Sabre handbook and Jo Bennett?s autobiography, because this is another great episode. 

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This week we?re breaking down ?Sabre? and the director of this ep, John Krasinski, sends in clips to share what it was like directing this very big episode. Dunder Mifflin has been acquired by the printer company, Sabre, and it?s CEO is the very powerful, no nonsense Jo Bennett played by Kathy Bates. This is also the episode that introduces Gabe Lewis played by Zach Woods! Angela talks about a ?Save David Wallace? fan campaign, Jenna gives us everything we want to know about those special prop scissors used in the cold open and the ladies share about the real life inspiration behind that ?bathroom moment? when Jim and Pam tour a local daycare. So have you ever tasted a rainbow? Because we think this episode might remind you of just that.


Check out Yaki Margulies on Twitter/Instagram @yakimargulies

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The Banker

This week we?re breaking down ?The Banker.? Since Dunder Mifflin is being sold, an investment banker visits the office to talk with HR, a.k.a. Toby. And what do ya know? It?s a clip show! Actor David Costabile (?Breaking Bad?, ?Billions,? ?The Wire?) sends in clips about his experience playing the banker, Eric Ward. Jenna breaks down the history of clip shows on television, Angela gives a list of the most popular books people read while on the toilet and we also learn the Top 5 ?Office? quotes that fans loved up to the airing of this episode. So knit a sweater for a kitten and find out why this was the only clip show episode of ?The Office.?

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Secret Santa

This week we?re breaking down ?Secret Santa? and Green Day?s Billie Joe Armstrong reads this week?s summary! To raise spirits, Jim and Dwight plan a fun holiday Christmas Party and Phyllis gets to realize her dream of playing Santa Claus! However, Michael hijacks the party when he shows up dressed as Santa and won?t back down. Meanwhile, Andy accidentally torments Erin with Secret Santa gifts from the song, ?The 12 Days of Christmas.? (Who knew there would be so many birds?) Jenna does a deep dive on the origin of Secret Santa, Angela shares a blooper from a scene none of the cast could get through and Billie Joe also sends in a clip about Dwight and Andy singing ?Boulevard of Broken Dreams.? So sit on Santa?s lap because Michael needs this and enjoy the episode!


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Scott?s Tots with B.J. Novak

This week we?re breaking down ?Scott?s Tots? and the ladies chat with the director of this episode and the man behind the sometimes-fedora-wearing Ryan Howard, B.J. Novak! Ten years has passed since Michael promised 15 third graders that he would pay for their college if they graduated high school, and guess what? They?ve all graduated and Michael cannot afford to fulfill this promise. So he must do the right thing, give them all lithium laptop batteries and break the bad news. Often referred to as the ?cringiest? episode, B.J. discusses what it was like directing his first ?Office? episode, which includes filming the kids singing and dancing to ?Hey Mr. Scott?. Angela shares a deleted scene where Dwight impersonates Meredith and Jenna shares a real life Scott?s Tots' success story. So if you?re a Stanley, you will love this episode. But if you?re a Pam? well, we still think you?ll enjoy this episode even though Michael has done a terrible, terrible thing. It?s just terrible.

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Shareholder Meeting

This week we?re breaking down ?Shareholder Meeting.? Michael, Oscar, Dwight and Andy go to New York for a Dunder Mifflin?s shareholder meeting where Michael is being recognized as a top manager. Back at the office, Jim is having trouble getting the rest of his co-workers to respect his authority. Jenna shares costume designer Alysia Raycraft?s experience designing Recyclops, Angela gives us a deep dive on limousines with the help of Google Translate, and the ladies have a true Mom Detectives? moment where they take on the case of mysterious gift bags sitting on Kelly?s desk. So enjoy this episode before Recyclops destroys us all!

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Happy Spring Break and a Look Back on "Chair Model"

Happy Spring, all! Let?s take a look back on a classic cringey Michael ep. After a disastrous dinner party, Michael is single and finds himself falling in love with a chair model from an office supply catalog. Meanwhile Kevin and Andy fight to get their parking spaces back from a construction project by confronting the Five Families. We hear from Paul Faust who actually played himself as one of the heads of the Five Families. Jenna spots a sparkling Michael accessory, Creed Bratton gives theories on why the character Creed was trying to score three office chairs, and Angela reveals something pretty special about the chair she?s been using to record Office Ladies. You totally should listen to this episode, no shortn?t about it.


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This week we?re breaking down ?Murder!? When the office learns Dunder Mifflin might be going bankrupt, Michael tames their nerves with a good ol? Southern game of ?Murder!? Jenna points out Pam is wearing the same outfit two episodes in a row, Angela shares the time she played a murder mystery game at a party hosted by Oscar Nuñez, and of course, the ladies give you all the details behind Tube City. But we?re not going down for this! So back away slowly, run to your car and enjoy this episode.

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Double Date

This week we?re breaking down ?Double Date.? To celebrate Helene?s birthday, Michael treats Jim, Pam and Helene to lunch, and of course, it ends up being a very cringey disaster. Meanwhile, Dwight and Andy struggle to outdo each other in nice favors. Angela reads from her personal journal about her first New York bagel experience, Jenna shares a story about joining what she thought was an international Spice Girls group and of course, the ladies breakdown Pam hitting Michael. ?Cuz just like this episode, the power comes from the back foot. So put your hands in your pockets and enjoy!

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Koi Pond

This week we?re breaking down ?Koi Pond.? After falling into a koi pond, Michael gets teased by the office. Meanwhile, Pam and Andy go on cold sales calls together and are mistaken for a married couple. Writers Warren Lieberstein and Halsted Sullivan sent in audio clips about the inspiration behind this episode and our audio engineer, Sam Kieffer, soundscaped it! Angela discusses her squirrel eating performance, Jenna reminisces on spending the day shooting with Ed Helms, and the ladies break down everything behind shooting the koi pond incident. This ep is so good you won?t have time to wonder why Ryan is rocking another new look. (He wouldn?t tell you anyways.)


Read more about Reginald Hudlin and his family: 

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The Lover

This week we?re breaking down ?The Lover.? Jim and Pam return from their honeymoon and discover that Michael is dating Pam?s mom, Helene. Let?s just say, Pam is not ok with it. Meanwhile, Dwight spies on Jim with a deceptive spy trick that involves a wooden mallard. Jenna talks about how playing super angry Pam was a challenge, Angela unveils a deleted scene where Michael plays with Helene?s socks, and the ladies have a much needed ?BFF download.? This episode is so good, we guarantee it?s much better than the eight hours of tape Dwight has of Jim talking about paper.

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Today we?re breaking down ?Mafia?. Jim and Pam are on their honeymoon leaving the office deficient in reasonable people. So when an Italian insurance salesman tries to sell Michael life insurance, Dwight and Andy convince him he?s with the Scranton mafia. Writer of this episode, Brent Forrester, sends in clips breaking down how this farcical episode is legendary. Jenna reveals how Pam?s watercolor was almost destroyed in this episode and Angela uncovers that Scranton had real mafia members including Russell Bufalino who was later played by Joe Pesci in ?The Irishman?. This episode is so great that even if there was salad on top, you wouldn?t send it back. 


Check out Brent Forrester?s writing class :

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Niagara, Pt 2

This week we finish breaking down ?Niagara?. On their wedding day, Jim and Pam sneak off to get married on the Maid of the Mist while their guests wait in the church and Michael hits it off with Pam?s mom. The ladies go into greater detail about the lost storyline that involved a horse and Roy unsuccessfully trying to stop the wedding. Angela found a stunt photo to fool the paparazzi featuring Pam and Toby, Jenna breaks down the viral dance video that inspired ?The Office? cast to dance at Jim and Pam?s wedding and the ladies point out a very special cameo by Randy Cordray! So enjoy this wonderful episode because you know Plan A was to listen to it a long, long time ago. 

Link to Jill and Kevin?s wedding dance website:

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Niagara, Pt 1 with Greg Daniels

This week we?re breaking down ?Niagara?. To kick off this two-part episode, the ladies are joined again by showrunner Greg Daniels! (?The Office?, ?The Simpsons?, ?King of the Hill?, ?Upload?, ?Space Force?) Together they talk about everything that went behind creating the much anticipated Jim and Pam wedding, which includes finding that special balance between funny and heartwarming. Anna Camp (?Pitch Perfect?, ?True Blood?) also sends in clips to share what it was like to play Pam?s sister. Angela breaks down Dwight?s iconic ?Howling at the Moon? t-shirt, Jenna shares a story about one of her first movie scenes with Christopher Walken and the ladies point out a purposeful mistake made by the hotel. This episode will make you want to get up and dance! Just make sure you take your keys out of your pocket first.

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The Promotion

This week we?re breaking down ?The Promotion?. Jim and Michael must now work together as co-managers and they?re given the difficult task of deciding who and who will not get a raise among the Dunder Mifflin employees. The ladies discuss Jim?s glass office that magically appears, Jenna gives a shout out to a famous nurse who popularized the pie chart, and Angela may just admit to a love of trains. The ladies also do the ultimate BFF move and plan a plant date. You don?t have to make a pros and cons list to listen to this episode, it?s all pros and full of love?s eternal glory. 

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Interview with Mike Schur

This week Jenna and Angela interview Mike Schur! Mike Schur wrote on the first four seasons of ?The Office? and played Dwight?s mysterious cousin, Mose Schrute. Mike also worked on ?Saturday Night Live? and created shows like ?Parks and Recreation?, ?Brooklyn Nine-Nine?, ?The Good Place? and ?Rutherford Falls?. Angela talks with Mike about a scene where she slapped him so hard he spun, Jenna and Mike talk about the difference between acting on a TV show vs a movie, and of course, Mike talks about his love/hate relationship with playing the character of Mose. So take a trip down memory lane and enjoy the moments of a stringy beard man who works on America?s favorite beet farm.


Check out Mike Schur?s Book, ?How to Be Perfect: The Correct Answer to Every Moral Question?:


Follow Mike on Twitter: @KenTremendous

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The Meeting

Today we?re breaking down ?The Meeting?. Jim attempts to have a meeting with David Wallace to push for a promotion without Michael knowing, but of course, it backfires. Meanwhile, Dwight and Toby team up to try to see if Daryl is faking a work injury, and Pam struggles to get RSVPs to her and Jim?s wedding. Jenna reminisces about the yellow pages, Angela discovers a unique wine inspired by a condiment and Andy has a lot to say about cheese. So can you RSVP to this episode? Ryan?s a maybe.

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Today we?re breaking down ?Gossip?. Michael attempts to cover up some gossip he spread about Stanley by telling lies about everyone else in the office, except he?s accidentally right about one. We hear audio clips from Max Carver who played Eric, one of the interns. Jenna reminisces on the summer between Season 5 and 6, Angela does a deep dive on the history of the building Tinks was in and the ladies share an Office Ladies? dream that revolves around a soup party. So enjoy this episode! But please keep it to yourself, if this gets out, they won?t let Creed Scuba. 

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Company Picnic

This week we?re breaking down ?Company Picnic? and it?s the 100th episode of ?The Office?! All the branches of Dunder Mifflin gather for a company-wide picnic. Michael reconnects with Holly and the Scranton branch comes together to slay at some volleyball until Pam and Jim receive some very surprising news. The ladies break down why this episode needed ?special business performers?, Angela reveals some epic volleyball moves and Jenna shares how the big Season 5 finale news was kept under wraps. So grab your soup snake and enjoy this very special episode! 


Link to Jennie Tan?s ?Company Picnic? write-up on ?Office Tally?:

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Happy New Year & A Look Back on Traveling Salesman

Happy New Year! This week we look back on ?Traveling Salesman?. What a great way to bring in 2022 with some ?Laundry and Betrayal?, clips from Greg Daniels and some Dwangela Heartbreak in the Break Room.And, a special bonus to kick things off as the ladies break down the History of New Years. Enjoy, and we'll see you next week for "Company Picnic"!


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Happy Holidays and A Look Back on Christmas Party

Happy Holidays, everyone! The ladies take us back to the great ?Christmas Party? episode and Angela even uncovers a mysterious Creed deleted scene! Enjoy this ?Office Ladies? festive gem, and thank you for listening to ?Office Ladies?! Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones.


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Cafe Disco

This week we?re breaking down ?Cafe Disco?. Michael still has that seven year lease on the Michael Scott Paper Company office so he turns it into a cafe disco! Meanwhile Jim and Pam plan to sneak away to Ohio to elope. The ladies reveal how the writers came up with the idea of a cafe disco, Angela shares what she calls the ?Kevin Bacon? deleted scenes and Jenna breaks down some of the cast?s dancing moves and the songs chosen for cafe disco. So don?t be that person who hates the general spirit of music and groove to this episode!  


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Casual Friday with Brian Baumgartner

This week we?re breaking down ?Casual Friday?, and the ladies talk with the actor behind the famous chili cold open, Brain Baumgartner! Brian, who played Kevin Malone, shares how he got his role and what it was like to play this oddball accountant. Afterwards the ladies discuss this episode; Michael is back as the Dunder Mifflin manager of the Scranton branch and he reinstates Casual Friday. He also seems to be giving preferential treatment to Pam and Ryan causing resentment among some of the other employees. Kate Flannery sends in a clip about her famous wardrobe malfunction, Angela shares a deleted scene where Creed reveals what he calls the breakroom, and Jenna does an amazing deep dive on invisible ink. The trick to a great episode is to undercook the onions.


Check out Brian Baumgartner?s new book ?Welcome to Dunder Mifflin: The Ultimate Oral History of the Office?:


Take a writing class with Brent Forrester:



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This week we?re breaking down ?Broke?. The Michael Scott Paper Company is struggling to stay in business after Ryan made a serious accounting error. Meanwhile, Dunder Mifflin has taken a hit from all the customers they lost to the Michael Scott Paper Company, so with the help of Jim, Dunder Mifflin decides to buy out the Michael Scott Paper Company even though they have no idea that?s exactly what Michael, Pam and Ryan want. This is the first ?Office? episode directed by Steve Carell. The ladies help a fan clarify what Michael yells when pranking Ryan, Jenna simplifies the difference between fixed-costs vs variable-costs and Angela shares a deleted scene about Charles Miner that will make you gasp! So enjoy this episode because well, well, well, how the turn tables...

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A Look Back on Diwali

Happy Thanksgiving! Our ?Office Ladies? team is enjoying a break with our families but before we left, Jenna and Angela share a ?Diwali? deleted scene that reveals another Andy nickname and we hear a clip from Mindy Kaling! 


While you enjoy the holiday, you can relisten to this amazing interview with the boss lady triple threat herself, Mindy Kaling! Mindy walks us through how she came to work on ?The Office?, what it was like for her to be able to pitch and write ?Diwali?, and explains why the show cast her actual parents in this episode. Then Jenna and Angela dig even deeper into this episode covering Kevin's sweaty feet, and what went into filming and costuming the Diwali festivities. Finally, we connect with Jaysha Patel, who played one of Mindy's sisters and get her memories of filming this episode, along with why sushi and bottle service don't mix, and we end with a great BFF catch. 


Watch Mindy Kaling?s new show on HBO Max: ?Sex Lives of College Girls?


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Heavy Competition

This week we?re breaking down ?Heavy Competition? and it?s the ?Office Ladies? 100th episode!!! As Michael tries to steal Dwight?s customers, the ladies celebrate this very special podcast milestone. Angela pops some Champagne, the ladies listen to a very special fan song and Jenna demonstrates the skill needed for that super fun cheeseball opening. So as you?re deciding whether ?Pachelbel? is a better wedding song than ?You Can Call Me Al?, enjoy this episode and thank you for listening! 


Listen to Creed Bratton?s song, ?Breathe Easy?:  

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Michael Scott Paper Company

This week we?re breaking down ?Michael Scott Paper Company?. Michael throws a pancake luncheon to promote his new company, Jim struggles with making Charles a ?rundown? and the new receptionist has newfound friends, Dwight and Andy, in yet another romantic competition. By the way, the new receptionist is Erin Hannon, played by Ellie Kemper! Angela points out that Jenna has been a Fun/Fast Fact Queen well before ?Office Ladies?, Jenna reveals that while shooting this episode paparazzi snuck onto ?The Office? set and both ladies have something to say about a couple pairs of sunglasses. So it?s Britney, bitch! ? Umm no, it?s not, Michael, but let?s dance to some German translated songs and this fantastic episode!

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Dream Team

This week we?re breaking down ?Dream Team?! Michael puts together his dream team for the Michael Scott Paper Company which consists of Vikram, Pam and? Ryan. Meanwhile, Jim kisses up to Charles Miner by pretending to be a soccer player and this fib results in Phyllis getting hit in the head with a soccer ball and possibly swallowing a crown. Angela breaks down the OG Dream Team from the 1992 Men?s Olympics Basketball team, Jenna is bringing back the flower lapel and the ladies discuss Vikram's famous quote, ?Confidence. It?s the food of the wise man, but the liquor of the fool? and why it?s so mysterious. So make lots of french toast, perfect your best soccer moves and enjoy this episode.

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Two Weeks

This week we?re breaking down ?Two Weeks?. Michael puts in his two weeks notice at Dunder Mifflin and when he learns finding a new job is hard, he decides to start the Michael Scott Paper Company. The ladies celebrate Michael?s new endeavor by trying his drink of choice, Scotch and Splenda. Is it drinkable?! Angela points out a deleted scene that reveals why Michael has a big tub of cheeseballs, Jenna describes how the monster sounds were made for and the ladies also drink to how this episode was unbeknownst to them, Pam?s last day as a receptionist. So if you dare, put in your two weeks notice, make yourself a Scotch and Splenda and enjoy this episode!

Teapot & Sprinkles Wine Glass Set:

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New Boss

This week we?re breaking down ?New Boss?. Michael?s 15th Anniversary work party gets thwarted by the new, no-nonsense Vice President of the Northeast Region, Charles Miner, played by Idris Elba. The ladies dish some fun fast facts about Idris, Angela explains what she thinks a petting zoo at Burning Man is and Jenna addresses a couple ?fan mail flurries? on how long Michael has actually worked at Dunder Mifflin and Jim?s "number two" position. This episode is an extremely attractive one, so put on your tuxedo and enjoy!

Listen to Idris Elba?s song ?Fudge?:

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Golden Ticket with Rainn Wilson

This week we?re breaking down ?Golden Ticket?, and Rainn Wilson calls in to give an in depth interview about his experience playing the eccentric, unforgettable Dwight Schrute. When Michael?s Willy Wonka inspired ?golden ticket? idea backfires, Michael tries to get Dwight to take the blame. Angela tells a story about her dad winning a pink car, Rainn reveals a mysterious white peacock that?s moved into his yard and Jenna shares a great product idea a friend and her came up with in school that involves a baster. So enjoy this episode during your daily power stroll!

Check out Rainn Wilson?s podcast, ?Metaphysical Milkshake?:

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Blood Drive

This week we?re breaking down Blood Drive! Michael throws a Lonely Hearts Club party at the office for Valentine?s Day, hoping the woman he met earlier at the blood drive shows up. Meanwhile Jim, Pam, Phyllis and Bob Vance (of Vance Refrigeration) go on a double date that ends in Phyllis needing to chug a bunch of water. Katie Aselton sends in clips on what it was like to play the mysterious glove girl, Jenna does a deep dive on blood drives, and Angela discusses the new controversial trend of solo moons. This episode is so great, it?s going to inspire single people to hop back into the marina and get hit by cupid?s sparrow.

Check out the book ?The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks?:

Read more about Solo Moons - ?Until Honeymoons Do Us Part?:

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Lecture Circuit, Pt 2

This week we finish breaking down Lecture Circuit. Pam and Michael make a detour to visit Holly at the Dunder Mifflin Nashua branch only to encounter her new boyfriend, AJ. Angela Martin sold her engagement ring from Andy to buy Princess Lady, a fancy cat, and now has to intervene with her other cats to make sure Princess Lady is bonding appropriately. We hear clips from guest star, Rob Huebel, on what it was like to play AJ, Angela gives us a breakdown of the cat licking scene and Jenna reveals who wrote the Holly letter she read on Michael?s behalf. This episode is so good, you?re gonna ask for more ?Office Ladies? at your work birthday, instead of an hour of napping or an hour of TV.

Friend Zone with Rob Huebel and Paul Sheer:

The Fan Connection:

Cat Tongue Pacifier Video:

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Lecture Circuit, Pt 1

This week we?re breaking down the first part of Lecture Circuit! To help improve sales across all the Dunder Mifflin, Michael and Pam travel to different branches and attempt to give helpful lectures. Meanwhile, Jim and Dwight have taken over the Party Planning Committee and they do their best to make Kelly happy after forgetting her birthday. The ladies talk precision driving vs fakey driving, Jenna points out suitcase acting and Angela does a deep dive on the candy, Mounds Bar. This ep is so good, you?re going to half-heartedly throw candy in the air and drone, ?It is your birthday.?

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Stress Relief, Pt 2

This week we finish breaking down ?Stress Relief?. In a continued effort to relieve the office?s stress, Michael demands a comedic roast of himself; meanwhile Pam, Jim and Andy finish watching the very saucy film, ?Mrs. Albert Hannaday?, starring Jack Black, Cloris Leachman and Jessica Alba. Jenna does a deep dive on Cloris Leachman, the ladies share stories of acting on a sitcom vs a single camera comedy, and Angela reveals that Angela Martin?s comedic inspiration is Jeff Foxworthy. Then ?The Office? writer?s assistant, Nate Federman, sends in a clip sharing his cameo experience as the young man Jack Black catches passionately kissing Cloris Leachman. So sit back, relax and get ready to scream, ?Boom Roasted?!

Check out Rick Overton?s comedy special, ?Set List?:

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Stress Relief Pt 1

This week we?re breaking down ?Stress Relief?! To kick off this two-part episode, the ladies break down one of the most famous cold opens of ?The Office?, featuring clips from Rainn Wilson, Oscar Nuñez, Brian Baumgartner and cinematographer, Randall Einhorn. When Dwight stages a fake fire, Stanley has a heart attack and Michael goes into overdrive to protect Stanley. The ladies reveal how much went into this episode that premiered right after SuperBowl XLIII, which includes Angela walking us through everything that went behind ?Save Bandit!?. Jenna points out the use of a montage that was unusual for the show and we rock out to the Bee Gee's ?Stayin' Alive?, which giving CPR to its beat actually saves lives. So keep away from Michael so you can be stress free and relaxed while you listen to this very epic episode.

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Prince Family Paper

This week we?re breaking down Prince Family Paper! When David Wallace asks Michael and Dwight to go undercover and scout out a family-owned paper business, Michael?s conscience gets to him. Meanwhile back in the office, everyone debates whether Hillary Swank is hot or not. (The ladies may get on a soapbox or two for this one.) Jenna does a deep dive on Hillary Swank, the ladies delve into all the creative production work that went behind building and shooting the Prince Family Paper company, and Angela shares a funny blooper where a cast member got bits of smoked almonds spit on them. So congratulate yourself for getting up and putting on clothes today, we think that?s hot and totally deserving of this fun episode.

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A Look Back on Conflict Resolution

This week we?re taking a look back on Conflict Resolution. This is the episode where Oscar and Angela feud over the babies playing jazz poster, Jenna shares some amazing insights on the talking heads, both ladies talk about magazine photoshoots with their cats, and we discover whose names are on the plaques hung all around Dunder Mifflin. The ladies also wonder if ?save the dates? are worth the trouble, and then we get into Michael?s conflict resolution style, along with some major Pam sass. Finally, we talk about all the hilarious pranks Jim has played on Dwight, and discuss that office group photo. This episode is definitely a ?win, win, win?!

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The Duel

This week we?re breaking down The Duel! When Michael tells Andy that Angela and Dwight are having an affair, Andy and Dwight challenge each other to a duel for Angela?s hand! Jenna does a deep dive on duels, Office writer Ryan Koh calls in to share a behind-the-scenes racing accident, and Angela breaks down all the fakey items used to create the duel scene. There?s also talk of a casting sheet filled with cat headshots! And Jenna may have worn something in real life that Meredith wore in this episode? So enjoy The Duel! And remember, always keep an eye out for a Prius slowly trying to crush you.

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Moroccan Christmas

This week we're breaking down Moroccan Christmas! When Meredith gets too drunk at Phyllis? Moroccan themed Christmas party and lights her own hair on fire, Michael forces an intervention. Phyllis also reveals to the entire office that Angela is having an affair with Dwight. Well, everyone in the office except Andy? The ladies talk about how this was a big prop week for prop master, Phil Shea, Jenna finds something special while cleaning out her desk and Angela shares one of the best Michael Scott alts that didn?t make it into the show. We also hear clips from Stephen Saux on what it was like to test out the fakey Dwight desk used in the cold open, and Jen Celotta shares a very funny Paul Liberstein story. So get ready for a big shot of Michael Scott and enjoy this episode!

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The Surplus

This week we?re breaking down The Surplus! When Michael announces to the Scranton Branch that they have a surplus, the office fights over whether to use the leftover money to buy new chairs or a new copier. Meanwhile Dwight ?helps? Angela and Andy plan their wedding. Angela tells us about shooting on Disney Ranch which was once known as Golden Oak Ranch, Jenna does a deep dive on Iowa State Farm's butter sculptures, and the ladies gush over one of the best Hank scenes in the entire run of The Office. But most importantly, it?s Angela?s work birthday! Will she actually get a cake at work this year?

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A Look Back on Branch Closing

This week we're taking a look back on Branch Closing. This is the episode that spawned the famous Michael Scott "This Is The Worst" meme, and the ladies dig into those Angela and Roy flirtations, along with getting into the intricacies of low-pony tails. There?s a great fan catch at David Wallace's house, and we find out Jim is coming back to Scranton. Finally, we couldn't say goodbye to Josh Porter without bringing on the amazing Charles Esten (Outer Banks on Netflix). Charles gives us his The Office origin story, talks about his family's love of the show, and gives us inside info about his last scenes with Andy (Ed Helms). So enjoy your summer break and a look back on this great episode.

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Frame Toby

Today we?re breaking down Frame Toby. NOOOOOOOOOO! Toby?s back and Michael is horrified. Michael does what anybody would do to get rid of Toby, frame him with drugs and get him fired. Meanwhile, the office fights over a very disgusting microwave and Jim buys his parents? house. Jenna does a deep dive on how to clean a microwave, Angela has a soap box moment about street names, and we find out who ended up cleaning the microwave which was accompanied by? a slow clap!

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