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My Forever Studio

My Forever Studio

Imagine being able to make your perfect studio. Where would it be? What would it look like? And if you only had six pieces of gear to choose from, what would they be? This is exactly what we ask of guest artists, producers and industry figureheads. It might sound easy but there are strict rules in the Forever Studio. Hosts and shameless nerds Chris Barker and Will Betts guide guests through the dramatic journey to studio foreverdom. There will be nostalgia. There will be anecdotes. There may be gags. But there will be no bundles! It?s MusicTech?s My Forever Studio Podcast.


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Ep 70: Sarz?s studio needs a cone of silence

Sarz is an award-winning artist and producer who?s worked with WizKid, Skrillex, Gunna, Skepta and many more across Afrobeats and beyond. This time, find out why he thinks producer tags on tracks are more important than ever, which Amapiano sound he thinks is genius, and how a software mishap early in his career made him the producer he is today.

Obongjayar x Sarz

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Ep 69: Fraser T Smith is a gear cad

Award-winning songwriter and producer Fraser T Smith id on the verge of releasing his second album with psychedelic rock band Future Utopi. He?s also got an insane list of credits including Adele, Stormzy, Raye, and Kasabian. This time, we talk about his master-of-all-trades mic, a trusty sampler that he describes as ?home?, and why he can?t bring himself to hoard studio gear.

Craig David - Can't Be Messin' Around:

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Ep 68: SEIDS has one mic to rule them all

SEIDS aka Sabrina Seidman has gained a huge following on TikTok and Instagram with her mission to make music production and music entrepreneurship more accessible. A singer, songwriter, producer and educator, Seids has been making a huge difference with her quick-fire production tips and approachable style. This time, we talk about unconventional acoustic treatment, the ?cheeseburger of audio interfaces?, the perfect studio climate and an affordable microphone that?s her go-to.

Logic Pro Crash Course:

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Ep 67: Erol Alkan?s secret for making sounds that connect

Erol Alkan made his name in electronic/indie crossovers of the noughties with huge remixes for Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers and Justice. And his production work for Mystery Jets, Late Of The Pier and even Duran Duran cemented him as a go-to for guitar bands looking to break onto dancefloors. This episode, we talk about programming Nokias, accidentally digging through Soulwax?s record collection, and how he can make any sound unique.


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Ep 65: Benn Jordan?s concrete cabin is a low-key science lab

Benn Jordan is a producer, YouTuber, scientist and artist whose been making music for over 20 years as The Flashbulb. In this episode, learn how Benn mixed and mastered his first few records on an extremely low-end rig, the ?open secret? of the music tech industry, which unexpected song he uses to tune touring sound systems, and the only Forever Studio item he?d be heartbroken to lose if his house burnt down.

The Last of Us Soundtrack:
Amores Perros:

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Ep 64: Raphaella's Persian production paradise

Ep 62: Jungle's foley and fake horn revelation

With their fourth album, Volcano, out now,  J Lloyd, one-half of the beloved UK production duo Jungle, takes us from early beginnings recording Foley on his family PC, through to his first treasured synth. Along the way, hear a revelation about the horn sound on Busy Earnin?, which plug-in was his secret weapon in the band?s early days, and which beloved producer he?d reproduce as an animatronic simulacrum. 


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Ep 61: Jessy Lanza's memory-filled studio cube

In the final episode of Season 5, we welcome Canadian producer, songwriter, DJ and vocalist Jessy Lanza. With two records of nostalgic-sounding electronic music already released on Hyperdub and a third on the way, we find out which vintage effects unit helps her get that distinctive sound, how she nearly had a beloved synth lost by an airline, and which song Will Smith has completely ruined for her forever.


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Ep 60: Flava D's Balinese bass shack

Our guest this time is British bass music phenomenon Flava D. Renowned for her versatile music production across grime, garage, bassline house, and drum n bass, Flava D has collaborated with industry heavyweights like Wiley and Swindle and has been putting out her own music, remixes, and DJ mixes since 2012. Discover how she found the transition to DnB, how she made lockdown tracks in the desert powered by a solar panel and which softsynth she turns to for everything from bass to hi-hats. Can we upsell her synthesizer dreams? Find out in this episode.


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Ep 59: Mella Dee and the joy of presets

This time, we?re joined by the House, Techno, and Disco producer behind the 2017 Silver-certified hit 'Techno Disco Tool' with 30 million+ Spotify streams. On this episode, we reveal Mella Dee?s surprising muse: dub reggae. Explore how this unexpected influence shapes his gear choices and gives birth to his irresistible, dancefloor-ready anthems. Also, unearth the obscure equipment that powers his sound, discover which producer friend holds the record for speaker blowouts, and learn how he masterfully works with complicated effect units ? it?s simpler than you might think.


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Ep 58: Brendan Cox?s immaculate studio vibe

Brisbane native Brendan Cox traded his Aussie roots for the electric vibe of London, diving headfirst into a world of production, songwriting, and mixing. From gracing the stage with Imogen Heap as her guitarist to earning his stripes in the studio under the wing of renowned Guy Sigsworth, Brendan's journey is an inspiring tale. Now stationed in the creative hub of Tileyard Studios, Brendan has teamed up with Jadu Heart, LVRA, Patrick Wolf and more, adding his unique touch to their music. This episode delves into the heart of immaculate studio vibes, the quest for the perfect microphone, and Brendan's enduring bond with one cherished instrument.

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Ep 57: Callum Marinho raids Noel Gallagher's studio

We?re joined by a rising star in the engineering world. Coming up through Monnow Valley Studios in Wales, Callum Marinho cut his teeth on sessions for Tom Jones and even Coldplay. Now he?s Noel Gallagher?s in-house engineer. We find out about dreamy guitar tones, what synths he turns to for Noel?s records, and hear about an esoteric rack effect that?s a go-to sound used by Prince (and the former-Oasis star).


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STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!) (Andrew Scheps - Sold His Neve 8068 And Mixes Totally In The Box!)


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Ep 55: Jordan Rudess and the hoarding of keyboards

This time, we're joined by talented keyboardist and Dream Theatre member Jordan Rudess. Facing the challenge of choosing only six items for his studio, Jordan shares studio stories of working with David Bowie and Tony Visconti, what he?s been up to with ChatGPT and which new instrument he?s taking with him into the studio for Dream Theatre?s next record.


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In The Studio with Dream Theatre:

Bear Tracks Echo Chambers:


GeoShred Music:

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Ep 53: Amon Tobin's floating chamber of synthesis

Many-aliased producer and electronic music legend Amon Tobin joins us on the show this time. With a career that spans nearly 30 years, he?s created landmark electronic music for labels like Ninja Tune and had his music featured in TV, Film and video games. And his ISAM live show and others have pushed the boundaries of live performance. But what will this vast music career mean for his limited studio choices?


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Paul Hardcastle - Nineteen

Sylvia Massey?s Mic Museum

Moog and Buchla history

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Ep 52: Dot Major doesn?t drag and drop beats

Dot Major is the keyboard player and percussionist for the hugely successful British trio London Grammar, and he?s recently launched a solo project born out of his love for electronic music and synths. stories of lost gear rediscovered, a synth he bought in a gale, his terrible file naming habit, the effect he?d be lost without, and how his one esoteric drum machine choice could see him through to eternity. 


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Ep 51: Shadow Child won't take a CS-80

Simon Neale shot to fame with his original alias Dave Spoon, racking up club hits and chart crossovers with his Electro-House sound. Then he hit the reset button, returned to his underground roots, and rebranded as Shadow Child. But as a consummate gear nut, he might have some problems slimming down his rig for the Forever Studio.

In this episode, learn how he treats his 909s to make them sound production-ready, which modern polysynth he adores, and why there's only one plug-in that he can't live without.

Season 4 is sponsored by EVO by Audient:

STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS!) (Alex Ball YouTube Jupiter-8 Video)

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Ep 50: Maylee Todd?s Tenori-On lures celebrities

Multi-talented Canadian musician, producer and 3D artist Maylee Todd has just released her concept album MALOO, where she performs as a self-animated avatar of the same name. It?s truly weird and wonderful.

And this episode is full of unusual and hilarious twists and turns. Find out how a laundry mishap nearly destroyed a prized piece of studio gear, how she comes up with voices for characters in video games, and which of her beloved instruments she would never sell, even to Randy Jackson.

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Ep 49: Braxe + Falcon's $400 dream speakers

Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon are pioneers of French house music, releasing on Thomas Bangalter?s Roulé label. In 1998, Braxe released ?Music Sounds Better With You? as one-third of Stardust, while DJ Falcon broke out with tracks like ?Together?. Now the producers (also cousins) are teaming up to release new music as duo Braxe + Falcon.

In this episode, learn about Braxe?s penchant for affordable speakers, the lesser-known converters they use for all mixes, why they love modular and which esoteric French polysynth makes the cut.

Season 4 is sponsored by EVO by Audient:

STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS!) (DJ Falcon - My Name Is) (DJ Falcon - Honeymoon)

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Ep 48: Jacob Collier steals Chris Martin?s magic mic

Jacob Collier is a musical polymath who shot to fame as a teenager with his a virtuosic split-screen vocal reharmonisation videos. Since then, he's won Grammies, had audiences all over the world participate in his live looping sets, and collaborated with heroes like Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones.

In this episode, get some valuable tips and tricks for vocal production, learn about his rule-breaking audio interface, his favourite mics on the planet (one high-end, one low) and find out what his beautifully conceived luxury item is.

Season 4 is sponsored by EVO by Audient:


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Ep 47: William Orbit thinks in milliseconds

William Orbit is a true music legend. He?s sold over 200 million recordings of his work, has won Grammys, Ivor Novellos and has worked with stars like Madonna, Blur, Britney and Queen.

Now he?s returned to the studio and has a new album out called The Painter. In this episode find out how he shaped the sound for ?Ray of Light?, what he thought of Pro Tools when it first came out and which single hardware synth he?d take with him to his Forever Studio.

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Ep 45: TEED?s totally rational studio phobias

British music producer TEED, aka Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music including Mark Ronson and Banks and released a steady flow of EPs, singles and remixes.

But what are his studio phobias? Which affordable microphone travels the world with him, and why doesn?t he want the mega polysynth that has become a mainstay of Forever Studios past?

Season 4 is sponsored by EVO by Audient:


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Ep 44: Goldfish have secret musical superpowers

This time, South African electronic duo Goldfish wrestle with the dilemma of choosing fine vintage instruments or modern synths to produce their brand of jazz-tinged house.

Along the way, learn about Dom?s perfect pitch and synesthesia, and why the pair?s next record might be made with just the items they select on the show.

Season 4 is sponsored by EVO by Audient:


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Ep 43: Ashibah only wants synths for gifts

Danish/Egyptian DJ, producer and singer Ashibah has been releasing vocal-forward house music on majors and dance labels like Spinnin and Anjunabeats since 2013, but before that had another career as a pro athlete. But how will that affect her choices?

In this episode, we find out about her love of the 90s synth aesthetic, which luxury headphones she covets, and why her final selection should be in every forever studio.


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Ep 41: Friend Within?s Oxfordshire otter outlook

Lee Mortimer?s musical roots are as a EDM producer but as Friend Within, he?s been tearing up the tech and house dancefloors with tracks such as The Renegade. Now the multi-monikered producer is taking his 2phargon alias to labels like Dirtybird.

In this episode find out how a rudimentary DAW function led to his signing, which software has upped his mixing game and his tricks for overcoming a lack of musical theory knowledge.

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Ep 40: Krewella don?t want Rick Rubin?s studio

Sisters Yasmine and Jahan Yousaf aka Krewella are DJs, producers, singers and songwriters. With platinum record status, headline festival sets and a brand new album out now, they are set for another huge year. 

In this episode, we talk about unconventional vocal production techniques, a misidentified studio and an instrument that they?d want to steal from a musical idol.

Season 4 is sponsored by EVO by Audient:   


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Ep 39: Soulwax's synth-stealing kleptobot

Synth-obsessed Belgian brothers David and Stephen Dewaele, aka Soulwax, join us for our final episode of Season 3. As well as making music as Soulwax, their 2manydjs mashups and mixes have become legendary and last year their remix of Marie Davidson?s 'Work It'  was nominated for a Grammy. How will these collector-level super-hoarders of vintage synths fare with only six gear picks?

Find out in this episode which fantasy synth they forgot they owned and how they plan to subvert our rules with robots ? and crime.

Season 3 is sponsored by EVO by Audient: 



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Ep 38: Sasha wants his old equipment back

This time, we?re joined by trailblazing DJ and producer Sasha. The prolific creator has made music spanning electronic genres from acid house to atmospheric trance and more. He?s produced with James Zabiela, John Digweed and BT, remixed Madonna and scored video games such as Gran Turismo. He?s also a massive production nut and one of the first innovators to take Ableton Live into the DJ booth.

In this episode, he flips the script and builds his fantasy forever studio from gear he?s lost over his career. Learn which pieces of studio outboard take his fancy, which leftfield vintage synth makes his list and how he learns how to use new equipment in the studio.

STUFF WE TALK ABOUT (SPOILERS AHEAD!),This%20is%20a%20digital%20synth.


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Ep 37: Matthew Herbert's coveted vintage sampler

We're privileged to have the incredible artist, producer and composer Matthew Herbert on the show this time. Matthew?s talents have seen him work as a DJ, film composer, electronic musician, creative director of the world-famous BBC Radiophonic Workshop and get knee-deep in some amazing studio gear along the way.

In this episode, find out why he doesn't do hybrid mixing, how he ends up enlisting hundreds of collaborators for some of his records, and what it is about his favourite vintage sampler that's never been bettered.

The new Herbert album Musca is due for release 22nd October. The new single Fantasy is out now.



Brother PDC100

Alesis MMT-8

The Beast Must Die:

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Ep 36: King Britt?s vintage sampler fantasy

This time, we're privileged to host legendary DJ, producer and music educator, King Britt. He's well known for being a musical innovator, for co-founding the groundbreaking label Ovum Records with Josh Wink, and collaborating with De La Soul, Madlib, Moor Mother and many others.

In this episode, discover why he prefers vintage samplers over modern, which audio manufacturer he trusts above all others for mixing drums, and learn which specific piece of hardware he must have on all his mixes.

Things we talk about (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Casio SK-1: Belladonna: Hamamatsu, Japan:,+Shizuoka,+Japan/@35.2541875,137.076284,9z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x601b162de5079791:0x67a49b39e2edf623!8m2!3d34.7102752!4d137.7274159Passport Mastertracks Pro 4 Review: Puckette: Model D: Mono/Poly: Sonic Six: Alpha 80: SM9: SP-1200: Instruments S2400: Tones synth works, Philadelphia: Drumulator: Forat: / SP-1200 35th Anniversary edition: 3630 compressor: 1608-II desk: G-Series Bus Compressor: Audio SSL Bus Compressor: The Glue compressor: Sun Ra - Space Is The Place:
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Ep 35: Nick Batt chooses one polysynth for eternity

This time, we?re joined by musician, producer, internet personality and Sonicstate head honcho Nick Batt.

Nick had his first brush with fame in 1990 when, as one half of electronic duo DNA, he remixed Tom?s Diner by Suzanne Vega. Since then, he?s remixed Kylie Minogue, worked with Goldfrapp and even won an Ivor Novello award. With his music technology site Sonicstate, he?s become a YouTube celebrity and even a meme.

In this episode, find out which hardware polysynth he?d take into eternity, what the 'tambourine test' is, and how he would continue operating Sonicstate within the six-item constraints of the Forever Studio.



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Ep 34: Rachel K Collier?s $10k dream mic

Our guest this time is Welsh electronic music producer, performer and YouTuber Rachel K Collier. Known for using all the latest tech to create incredible live shows, Rachel is an Ableton Live expert who builds full, studio-grade songs on the fly. But she?s also a fan of limiting gear choices when writing, so will her forever studio be the perfect live rig or something out of the ordinary?

In this episode, find out which $10,000 microphone she'd want above any other, how she makes her impressive live electronic show work, and how she overcame the prejudice of fellow producers when moving from toplining to production work.

We also talk about this stuff [BEWARE, SPOILERS]

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Ep 33: Thomas Gold's software skyscrasper studio

German progressive and tech-house DJ superstar Thomas Gold joins us on the show. As a DJ, Thomas has performed at the world?s most famous clubs and the biggest festival stages. As a producer, he's had huge hits with remixes for Adele, and Lady Gaga and his signature anthemic sound has earned him support from the most famous DJs and labels in the world.

In this episode, we find out which soft synths are the cornerstone of his sound, which limiter plug-in he rates above all others, and whether we can upsell his monitoring dreams.


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Ep 32: Ku?ka wants to be a biohacker

Taking a trip to fantasy forever land this time is Australian producer, singer and songwriter Ku?ka. Her signature style of experimental pop music is laced with trippy beats, sharp textures and hypnotic, ethereal synths and vocal melodies. With previous collaborations with A$AP Rocky, Flume and Sophie, a string of singles and an EP, Ku?ka?s debut album is out now!

In this episode, find out about Ku?ka's prepared piano aspirations, which classic piece of studio gear she'd steal and a trick for preserving the core feel of a song through numerous revisions.


Grating cheese on a Mac

Dynaudio Core 59

Sony C-800G

Crank Recording?s SSL

ROLI Seaboard GRAND 

Yamaha Disklavier

Ableton Live 11

Eventide Harmonizer H910:

Harmonizer H3000

Harmonizer H9000

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Ep 31: Deadmau5 steals Billy Corgan?s dream synth

Ep 30: Kevin McKay takes two DAWs north of the wall

Dreaming up a Forever Studio this time is Scottish DJ, producer and label owner, Kevin McKay.

Kevin has been involved in cutting edge club music for over 25 years, discovering and developing artists such as Mylo and Grum. He's also been a relentless force in the Beatport Top 10 in recent years with his own releases.

In this hilarious remote episode, learn how Kevin helped bring Mylo's seminal 2004 record Destroy Rock & Roll to life, how he uses Fiverr when producing, and which affordable, apartment-friendly monitoring system he relies on.




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Ep 29: Shift K3Y's polysynth upsell blows minds

British producer Shift K3Y has been signed since he was 19, but his 2014 single Touch was his breakthrough moment. Since then, he's worked with Stormzy, Jess Glynne, Becky Hill, MJ Cole and Tinie Tempah, and his influences range from garage to house to R&B.

In this episode, find out which monosynth he always turns to for bass, how he would use one of the most famous guitars on the planet, and why you should be extra careful when working with powerful vocalists.

Check out Shift K3Y on Instagram

Listen to Karen Harding x Shift K3Y - Morning (Official Video) [Ultra Music]

Other stuff we talk about [SPOILERS],Pricing%20and%20availability,computer%20reproducing%20system%20is%20installed


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Ep 28: KSHMR's microphone wears a hat

Kicking off Season 3, we have Niles Hollowell-Dhar, aka superstar producer/DJ KSHMR. Before his KSHMR alias, Niles had huge hits with Like a G6 and Bass Down Low. Now, he's released a stack of EDM bangers and festival anthems and even his own samples and plug-ins used by producers worldwide.


In this episode, learn why KSHMR doesn't test his mixes on club sound systems, why sample articulations are so important and which vocal plug-in he couldn't live without.


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Ep 27: Tycho's signature studio

This time, we?re joined by multi-instrumentalist producer Scott Hansen, aka Tycho. Scott?s instantly recognisable brand of downtempo guitar, analogue synths and crunchy drums has attracted genre labels such as chillwave and ambient, and he?s connected with a vast audience. He's earned hundreds of millions of plays and two Grammy nominations along the way In this episode, learn about his love of a specific ?80s rock band, how he harnesses noise on his Minimoog and which unexpected DAW he?s been using since 2009.
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Ep 26: Gary Barlow can programme a DX7 (Christmas Special)

In a special festive episode, we?re joined by certified pop star and household name Gary Barlow, and his trusted studio collaborator Ryan Carline. This time, discover how Gary got the 80s synth sounds for his Eddie The Eagle film-inspired record, why the pair prefer speakers that are fun rather than accurate, and learn which dark-horse product makes it onto their Christmas list.
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Ep 25: Andrew Huang is the studio Grinch

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Ep 24: Flux Pavilion is trout fishing on Mars

Joshua Steele, better known as electronic producer Flux Pavilion, smashed onto the dubstep scene in 2010 with his ?I Can't Stop? anthem and has since continued to spearhead the genre in the UK and overseas with albums ?Blow The Roof? and ?Tesla?. Now, with the time to experiment in the studio, his sound has evolved. This new stage of the journey has produced the ?crowning achievement? of his career. We talk modular synths, building guitar pedals and why he's only now ready to upgrade to some really serious speakers.
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Ep 23: Dani Bennett Spragg is harvesting air

Award-winning engineer Dani Bennett Spragg has achieved a huge amount in what seems like a short amount of time, working with Noel Gallagher, The Amazons, Jarvis Cocker, Baxter Drury and even The Rolling Stones. And she's worked alongside production heavyweights Alan Mulder, Flood and Catherine J Marks. But how will she be able to reconcile her British-American heritage when asked to pick a location for her studio? Which mics will make it into her very limited mic locker? And why are a modded set of dual-concentric speakers the best she's ever heard?
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Ep 22: Butch Vig's steamy vintage mic

One of the biggest names in rock production, Butch Vig became a household name producing Nirvana?s Nevermind, and has worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters and loads more. As a founding member of Garbage, he?s also a multi-platinum selling artist in his own right. Take a trip into studio dreamland as we cook up a studio fit for rock royalty. This episode, hear how Vig beat out two of the biggest names in music to get his hands on a one-of-a-kind mic, why he draws similarities between coffee and rock records, and why no software emulation will ever beat his hardware tape delay.
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Ep 21: KUU's messy Balearic hideout

This episode, we're joined by Grammy-winning producers Alex Metric and Riton (Henry Smithson), two members of the new electronic supergroup KUU. hugely accomplished producers and remixers in their own right, the pair have joined forces to make Balearic House with their latest project. But what do they consider "the electric guitar of synths"? What vintage hardware processor is indispensable in the KUU Forever Studio and will they manage to find any unexploited loopholes? Listen to find out.
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