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Fairy Tales with Granny MacDuff

Fairy Tales with Granny MacDuff

Join Granny MacDuff as she reads classic and original children?s fairy tales in this award winning podcast. Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! Instagram ? YouTube & YouTube Kids ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.


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The Three Sillies

When a young merchant can't seem to get over his betrothed, her mother, and her father crying over a worry he deems silly, he learns an important lesson.
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Arwen the Owl

When Arwen the Great Horned Owl gets stuck in a barn during a storm. The townspeople, who have never seen one of her kind, believe she is a monster and has made the barn her home. Will Arwen escape the barn and make it back to the forest?
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The Fairy

When one daughter goes to the forest and comes back with a new, valuable, ability, her mother sends the other daughter out with high hopes - will she also become enchanted?
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Princess Amelia & The Procrastinators

The people of Proximily are quite content. They are all procrastinators and nothing ever gets done. But it doesn't bother them one bit. That is until one day, Princess Amelia asks why which changes everything.
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A Christmas Carol | A Holiday Story

When Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve, he realizes the errors of his ways and how important it is to be kind and generous. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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'Twas the Night Before Christmas | A Holiday Story

Granny MacDuff reads the classic Christmas poem on this Christmas Eve. What will Santa and his reindeer bring? Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!
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The Grelf | A Holiday Story

Felonius Pelonius, the grumpy elf, or the Grelf, gets even grumpier when he is told he cannot change the way he makes his sleds. So decides to start his own holiday and make toys the way he wants. Will he be able to pull it off?
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The Elves & The Shoemaker | A Holiday Story

When an old shoemaker does not have enough material to make but one more pair of shoes, he wakes to find elves in his workshop, who have arrived to help. Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! YouTube Kids ? Instagram ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.
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The Christmas Goblin | A Holiday Story

Hobknob the Goblin is Santa's biggest fan. He's only ever dreamed of making toys in Santa's workshop. Finally, Hobknob is old enough to travel to the North Pole and fulfill his dream ... but can a goblin do an elf's work? Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! YouTube Kids ? Instagram ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.
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Mr. Vinegar

Mr. and Mrs. Vinegar live in a beautiful forest inside a vinegar bottle. When Mr. Vinegar accidentally gets his hands on a pile of gold, his wife has a plan. Mrs. Vinegar tells her husband to town and buy a cow. Then she can make cheese they can sell at market. Will Mr. Vinegar stick to the plan? Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! YouTube Kids ? Instagram ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.
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Edward the Ogre & the Oracle of Orange

The ogres of Oogesville cannot have their harvest or Thanksgiving without pumpkins and not one has grown this year. But when little Edward the Ogre meets an all knowing tree, he finds out what can be done. So he leads his parents and all the ogres of Oogesville on a journey that will take them to the only one who can help. Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! YouTube Kids ? Instagram ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.
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The Loveliest Rose In The World

When a queen falls into a deep sleep, it is said that only the loveliest rose in the world can wake her. Can the it be found? Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! YouTube Kids ? Instagram ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.
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Philippe & The Princess | Part III | The Spell of Spells

Part III finds Philippe, Princess Marie, and Pit-Pat the Goblin racing to find the Spell of Spells before the evil sorcerer Balentrow can get his hands on it. Will they make it to the Caves of Casternia in time? Don't forget to listen to Parts One and Two! Unlock imagination and enjoy more screen free activities at the links below! YouTube Kids ? Instagram ? Patreon For more information go to our Official Website.
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Little Eek & The Ghost of All Hallows Eve | A Halloween Tale

A little boy called Eek loves Halloween, it's his favorite holiday. And all he wants is to see is a ghost. Will he get his wish?
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Neddlesworth the Gnome | A Halloween Tale

Neddlesworth the Gnome, Ned for short, is finally allowed to travel to the human world and celebrate Halloween with his siblings. But when Ned gets lost in the forest, he finds Halloween is spookier than he could have ever imagined.
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The Baker & The Princess | Part III

The epic story of Antoine the Baker concludes. Antoine, Princess Genevieve, Clotilde, and Jacques on their quest to defeat the witch. Will they be able to break the spell and vanquish Drelvina the witch? Part Three of Three. Don't forget to listen to Parts One and Two!
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The Baker & The Princess | Part II

The story continues ... when Antoine finds he cannot bake, he and Princess Genevieve try to get to the bottom of what's happened to him, and meet a helpful friend along the way ... will they be able to break the spell? Part Two of Three. Don't forget to listen to the whole story!
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The Baker & The Princess | Part I

Part One of the epic tale of Antoine the Pâtissier. When famed baker, Antoine, is summoned by the King of France to make him one of his famed soufflés, he meets his true love, Genevieve, the Princess of France, and at the same time, finds himself the target of a spell that will change everything.  Part One of Three. Don't forget to listen to the whole story!
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The Mouse, The Bird, & The Sausage

Read along with Granny MacDuff! You can read along with Granny to this story. Follow this link to get your copy today!  In this story about the importance of gratitude, three unlikely roommates are broken out of their daily routine when, thanks to a nosy interloper, one of them decides to switch things up. Will their new routine work?
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The Twelve Brothers

Twelve princes are banished from the land by an angry sorceress. When their sister discovers about their plight, she sets out into the forest to break the spell and bring them home.
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The Tortoise & The Hare

When the hare teases the tortoise about his speed, they decide to race. The hare thinks himself unbeatable while the tortoise stays steady. Can the tortoise win the race?
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The Changing Seasons

In the 1880s, a family travels through Europe to see all the sights and taste all of the foods. When they arrive in Sweden, they meet the envoys of the Rose King deep in the forest. It is they who show the family, that although summer is ending and the seasons are changing, the beauty of nature has just begun.
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The Little Tin Soldier

When a little tin soldier, fashioned out of a spoon, is given as a birthday gift to a little boy, he finds himself taken with a ballerina. But when he is accidentally lost, the little tin soldier goes on an adventure he could never have imagined ... 
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The Nightingale

The Emperor learns there is a bird on his palace grounds that has the most beautiful song in the world, yet he has not heard it! The Emperor has the nightingale brought to his court to sing for all, but can a bird with a song so free really be happy living as a pet? For more screenless entertainment follow and subscribe at the links below! YouTube Instagram Patreon
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The Forest Newspaper

When the Toad proposes that all the animals in the forest make a newspaper, everyone agrees, but who will do what?
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In the Land of the Fae

When two young fairies, Macrinna and Ennis, meet, it seems that this friendship might save the land from a storm that threatens all inhabitants. But it is up to them to fulfill the prophecy. Can they do it?
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The Little Pirate Crab & The Treasure of Sandy Shoes O'Grady | Part II

Crawford and The Wandering Barnacle have reached the Arctic. Will they find the treasure of Sandy Shoes O'Grady? What will stand in their way?
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The Little Pirate Crab & The Treasure of Sandy Shoes O'Grady | Part I

When Crawford the Little Pirate Crab finds the fabled treasure map of the legendary pirate, Captain Sandy Shoes O'Grady, the Peaky Pirates immediately set sail on their ship, The Wandering Barnacle, with their sights set on finding the treasure. Will they find it?
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The Little Pirate Crab

When Crawford the Little Pirate Crab accidentally reveals the location of the Pirates? treasure, they must sail hard and fast to beat the rabble-rousers of the sea, The Seagulls, to Turtle Island where it has been hidden for generations. According to Turtle legend the one true crab will help rid them of The Seagulls once and for all. Could it be Crawford?
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The Frog Prince

When a princess loses her ball in the pond, she makes a promise to a frog if he will help her retrieve it for her. The princess never intended to keep her promise, but the frog has other plans. 
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Cedric the Snail

A little snail called Cedric goes on the adventure of his life in order to save his best friend from the Ground Beetles. Through the Desert of Stone and into the Mountains of Gravelle he must go, will he be able to rescue her?
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Dance! Dance! Doll of Mine

A little girl named Marguerite receives a very special gift on her birthday - a beautiful doll named Lilu. They love to dance together but had no music with which to do it. However, her step-mother may have a brilliant solution! 
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The Little Teapot

An aging Teapot learns to accept her imperfections, and to appreciate her gifts, but when she has to re-invent herself once last time it proves to be more challenging than ever. Will The Little Teapot be able to find her new place in life?
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Philippe & The Princess | Part II | The Goblin's Tale

Philippe reunites with the Princess after many years. He comes bearing bad news ? the evil wizard has escaped. With the help of a goblin called Pit Pat, Philippe and the Princess set out to stop the wizard's evil plot. Will they arrive in time?
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Philippe & The Princess

Princess Marie meets Philippe, the son of a noble warrior, who is trying to escape an evil sorcerer. He asks the princess for her help in vanquishing him. Will they succeed?
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The Princess on Glass Hill

A farmer sends his sons to protect his field from a mysterious trespasser who keeps eating all of his grass. One by one his sons fail until the youngest, Alastair, conquers his fear and braves the terrible sounds coming from the field. And when he finally meets who has been eating all of the grass, young Alastair goes on an adventure he never could have imagined. 
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Cornelius and the Long Winter

Cornelius the Groundhog is excited to end hibernation and soon go back to school. But when his mother must leave him to forage for food, Cornelius is left in the care of Mrs. Squirrel. Not happy about this, Cornelius decides to go off on his own ? a choice he soon regrets. Will Mrs. Squirrel come to the rescue?
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Faithful John

A fading King asks his most faithful servant, John, to raise his heir and show him every nook and cranny of the castle hidden - except for one thing - the chamber at the end of the long gallery which keeps a portrait of The Princess of the Golden Dwelling. He asks John to protect the prince from seeing the enchanting painting. Can John keep the young King safe?
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The Goose Girl

When the Princess is betrothed to a Prince from a faraway land, she travels to him with her lady-in-waiting, and her talking horse, Falada. But when her maid steals the Princess's identity, how will she prove she is who she says she is?
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The Old Miser

An old miser has a beautiful garden where he hides his gold. One day, a thief sees the old fellow counting his treasure and burying it in the dirt. What will he do?!
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A wife so longs for the lovely rampion she can see from her window, but it belongs to the sorceress and no one dares take any. Until one day, when his wife's longing was so great, that her husband took a bit of it. When the sorceress catches him, she gives him no choice but to agree in exchange for letting him go that he give them the child that will soon be born to them. When Rapunzel is born, the sorceress takes her to a great tower where she locks her away from the rest of the world. How will she ever escape?
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When The Crow Cries

A young sorceress called Agnes must free the land which has been put under an evil witch?s spell. She sets off on a journey to find a way to break the unbreakable spell. But she have the answer all along?
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The Goat & The Little Lad

The little lad and the goat help the owl who is in search of his friend, the nightingale. Will singing help them find him?
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The Egg Snatcher

It's the day before The Great Easter Egg Hunt, and the eggs have gone missing! Was it the Egg Snatcher who took them? The bunnies are not about to let someone ruin their special day ? they all set out to find the eggs, including little Wendy Hoptail, who is determined to set things right. Will they be able to find him and get the eggs back in time?
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Little Tuck

Little Tuck is a busy young man. He's got friends, and school, and chores. Even his dreams are full of adventure. One night, when Tuck hasn't been able to study for his test the next day, something magical happens ... he goes on a journey across foreign lands and learns many things, all which will help him on his test. But will he remember anything from his night's travels?
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The Gnome

When three princesses are nowhere to be found, three huntsman are set out to find them. When they come across a gnome, it is only one of them he will help find the princesses. Who will it be?
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How The Camel Got His Hump

In the desert, when the world was new, the animals noticed that one of their kind refused to do any work. At a loss for what to do, they call upon a Djinn, or Genie, for help. The Djinn knows exactly what to do. Will it persuade the camel to work?
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St. George & The Dragon

A young knight called George travels throughout the land looking to help anyone in need. When he arrives near the city of Silene, he is told of a dragon terrorizing the city. He rides to vanquish the dragon. At the same time, the princess of Silene, Cleodolinda, also vows to rid the land of this dragon. How will their paths intertwine?
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The Lion & The Mouse

In the jungle one morning, a mouse comes across a sleeping lion. The mouse makes a solemn promise to the lion on the grounds that the lion let her go on its way in peace. How will the mouse fulfill her promise?
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Tilly & The Little Pony

Tilly and her brother welcome a feisty cat and beautiful pony to their farm. They also meet two curious friends. Could the two be related?
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