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Learn Cardano Podcast

Learn Cardano Podcast

The Learn Cardano Podcast is all about the Cardano blockchain and all the aspects around it from, staking, stake pool operations, smart contracts and coding in Plutus to voting in Project Catalyst and much more. If you have heard about Bitcoin and Ethereum but haven?t heard of Cardano, then this is the podcast for you. We?ll have news updates from the project, interview with key Cardano leadership, community members, stake pool operators and step by step how-to guides to better understanding aspects of Cardano. Subscribe and leave us a 5-star review. Join us on Twitter and our Facebook Group. Find all of the show notes at


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EP025 - Building on Cardano Smart Contracts

This week we look at the Cardano ecosystem and find out who is actually building on Cardano right now.

I also have an interview with Chris Swenor, the Co-founder and CEO of Reach Platform, a programming language for blockchain smart contracts that is platform agnostic. Developers can get started building smart contracts with minimal work and knowledge of the core fundamentals of the blockchain and start writing smart contracts and deploying.

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EP024 - The Coming of Cardano Smart Contracts

Meeting notes to come, its midnight and I haven't slept much over the last few days.
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EP023 - How to Earn Cardano (ADA)

In episode 22, we looked into how much ADA you need to retire. For some people, it still seems impossible to get enough ADA soon enough to retire and it bought up a lot of questions and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out).

We'll be covering options and ideas in regards to how you can possibly earn more ADA, from selling Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to selling products and services for ADA.

This idea is a transfer of ADA wealth and assets around the ecosystem from one user to another.

Show notes at
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Ep022 - How to earn passive income & retire on ADA

Can you earn a living or retire from staking rewards on Cardano? This week I look at different strategies in how to earn more from ADA.

In the 80s, interest rates were high and it was easy to save money and earn interest from a savings account or long term deposit. Those days are now gone with negative interest rates in some countries.

Holding and staking ADA on the other hand will give you a solid 5.5% return on ADA as it is writing into the protocol.

I also talk about other methods of earning rewards from other projects and protocols on the Cardano blockchain from DeFi and DEXes.

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EP021 - Best Security Practises for Your Crypto Assets

In this episode, I look at best practices when securing your online life for crypto assets. Taking responsibility for your own security is the most important aspect when starting to buy and store crypto.

I go through various tips for securing your wallets, seed phrases, email accounts, two-factor authentication, secret answers and general exchange security features.

Knowing all this will ensure you're as secure as possible online.

Lastly, I have Professor Nick Nikiforakis join me on an interview to talk about online Cardano scams. These scams are all over the Internet and YouTube promising to double your ADA after you send ADA to them.

You can watch the YouTube interview at:

Full show notes and resources from this podcast episode at:
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EP020 - Investing in Emerging Markets, Interview with Antonia from Waya Collective

Antonia Lorenz from Waya Collective joins me on this episode to talk about her idea and concept of unifying African manufacturing to create ethical fashion for developed countries around the world.

Antonia places to have a decentralised manufacturing process where small business entrepreneurs can combine their manufacturing power to fulfil larger overseas orders of ethical fashion.

Follow Waya Collective

*** None of the information on this episode is to be considered as financial advice. All conversations and opinions are that of the guests and are intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research and understand that cryptocurrencies are volatile and risky.

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EP019 - Cardano Smart Contracts, Updates, Alonzo, dApps, Partnerships, NFT Marketplaces

Full show notes at

Cardano is Moves Closer Towards Smart Contracts
With Alonzo White, the second stage of the smart contracts roll out for Cardano being successfully forked on Testnet, we are seeing more and more users being onboarded in a controlled and steady-state, with currently 100 people executing smart contracts on Testnet. This number should double by the time the Alonzo White phase is complete and the teams move on to the Alonzo Purple phase. This slow and steady approach ensures that there are no configuration issues or scalability issues of the network.

In one of Charles Hoskinson's latest live updates, he mentioned that there are a few things that are needed to get to the Alonzo hard fork event.

Fully operating node, which has occurred and,
a fully integrated wallet backed, which should be finished next week. The Daedalus wallet will be connected and hopefully be ready by September 10th.
Once these two factors are checked, then the final count down to a hard fork can start.

The remaining development required isn't related to the hard fork combinator event of the blockchain but relates to the infrastructure that developers will need to work and run their applications on the blockchain.

The Plutus Application Backend is the infrastructure for the developers to roll out smart contracts and decentralise applications easily.

Charles mentioned that the hard fork event could be late August or early September with a possible date of August 31st as the potential launch date.

Users will be able to run smart contracts at this point but the parallel development of the infrastructure for the Plutus Application Backend will most likely continue after this point to have a better environment for developers to build and deploy applications on. Some developers and teams already have tooling and code ready to deploy.

At the moment more and more developers are coming into the Alonzo environment and testing for bugs, reporting and improving the entire infrastructure. We'll see more iterative improvements along the way as more integration partners come on board.

The rollout for Alonzo is a lot easier and smoother than Shelly rollout.

August is crunch time for the teams working on Alonzo and the rollout of smart contracts. Good luck to the teams.

FUD Ethereum Maxis
Ethereum users defend their investments creating fear and doubt in the Cardano ecosystem.
Etherum is struggling to change to proof of stake will it happen? One day I'm sure.
With issues from lost keys to a stake pool to costs and difficulty of moving to PoS.

More Wallets Are Being Developed
Wallet integrations for dApps including Daedalus are in the works.

Semantic web 3 wallets will also be needed to power a lot of the decentralised finance applications that I've been reviewing over the last month.

Wallets like Nami wallet, which I've done a quick review on and the upcoming release of the new Yoroi wallet will enable users access to these apps to interact with the blockchain.

We also have a review on wallet setups for the upcoming dApp earn of Cardano.

If you want to learn more about some of the new upcoming dApps that are on the blockchain see our previous episodes:


US Infrastructure Bill with a Side of Crypto Tax
US congress looks at passing a new infrastructure bill, and also slip in a major crypto tax to raise an extra 30B in tax revenue in the country. Unsure where that number comes from.

Twitter Scam Bot

Watch my scam video on YouTube

Novellia Calls It a Day
In a recent post from the Novellia team, they announced that one of their core developers have decided to move on. As a result, they have been trying to meet the shortfall in resources by working more over time but unfortunately, it wasn't sustainable.

As a result, the team have decided to release all they had on open source Github repositories and call it a day.

I wish the team all the best and hopefully will see more from the founders in the future as they start working on other things. If you've delegated to their stake pool you will need to move your delegation to another pool.

Partnerships Galore
Occam + Emourgo
SundaeSwap & Liquid Finance
Meld Security Tools
PlayerMint + Retro Pool Holding a Rocket League Tournament

Pool Round-Up
Since Fed 22nd the pool has gone from 1000 ADA to 10.6M in 5 months. That's doing ok.
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EP018 - Combining traditional hedge fund with decentralised finance on Cardano

The VyFi team join me on this episode to talk about their hedge fund and DeFi platform where they are combining the world of traditional finance with the world of decentralised finance and fintech.

The VyFi team have formed partnerships with AI developer, Propella.AI and have hired a team of PhD Haskell developers from to build their platform.

Find out more about their project at
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EP017 - Interview with Dovydas, CMO of ADAXPro

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EP016 - Decentralised Exchanges & How The Work & Interview with Mirqur, Mathematically Driven DEX

A few news items this week: MinSwap annouces a Fair Initial Stake Offering and a new wallet is released called Nami Wallet for Cardano.

I break down all the concepts around decentralised exchanges, I explain what an automated market maker is, how decentralised exchanges differ from centralised exchanges, what liquidity pools are, impermanent loss, slippage, and how you can benefit from liquidity mining.

Full show notes at

I also chat with Chris from Mirqur, a mathematically driven decentralised exchange built on Cardano.
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EP015 - Meld DeFi Banking on Cardano

I chat with Ken Olling from Meld who is building a decentralised finance bridge between the crypto world and the fiat currency banking world.

Meld is a project that is worth keeping an eye on. Being able to borrow against your crypto assets and to be able to enjoy the freedom of 'spending' fiat currency without needing to actually sell your crypto.

Watch the full interview with Ken about Meld on YouTube:

Follow the Meld Project and get in on the ISPO:

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EP014 - Learning more about Cardano Decentralised Exchange, MinSwap

Long Nguyen joins me on the podcast to talk about the Decentralised Exchange that he is working on called MinSwap. You'll able to trade various cryptocurrency pairs on the exchange without needing to give up your keys or the control of your assets.

You can find out more about

You can find all the show notes for this podcast episode at
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EP013 Teaching Martina the Basics of Cardano

In this podcast episode, I bring in Martina, my partner to talk about all the concepts around blockchain and Cardano that we have covered in the last 12 episodes of the podcast.

Martina is a long time holder of various cryptocurrencies and knows very little about Cardano, Proof of Stake, DeFi and other concepts that have evolved int he crypto space over the last 3 years.

Martina asks the questions and break down all the concepts until the penny drops and the concepts all sink in.

Leave a comment and let us know if you want Martina on the show more often to ask some of the questions that I would normally gloss over as I assume you all already know.
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EP012 - Novellia NFT Game Development Platform with Will

Will from Rektangular Studios joins me to talk about their development platform, Novellia. It is currently in Fund 4 of Project Catalyst which is almost ready to be voted on.

Will takes us through the project and what they're trying to achieve with their platform which will allow developers to build NFTs in-game and allow for NFT marketplaces for their games. This will create a residual income from their games allowing for more development.

Game development is hard with various marketplaces such as Apple and Google taking a large chunk of profits.

Listen to this episode to find out how Novellia will solve this problem using Cardano and blockchain as a solution to create new in-game economies.
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EP011 - Cardano Transaction & Staking Fees & Interview with MermADA from MetroMermaids Stake Pool

In this episode, I cover all the details in regards to fees when delegating to a pool, or making a transfer of ADA from wallet to wallet. I cover the details of these fees and where all the ADA goes.

I also am joined on the podcast with MermADA to talk about her experience with running a Cardano stake pool and mining Eth.

Find all the show notes on our website:

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EP010 - Smart Contracts for Cardano & Maria Carmo on Catalyst & Lovelace Academy

I talk about the latest Cardano360 update all about the upcoming Cardano Hard Fork Alonzo. All of the smart contract features of Cardano are being rolled out over the next 90 days. The count down is on.

I also have Maria Carmo back on the podcast to continue our interview and talk about Lovelace Academy and the Project Catalyst from the view of a proposer going through the process.
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EP009 - How to Stake Cardano (ADA) and Understanding Rewards

In this episode, we take a step back and do a deep dive into the basic concepts of staking on the Cardano blockchain and understanding how rewards work.

After running a Cardano Meetup the other week, it is clear that the idea and concepts around staking are still foreign to a lot of newcomers to cryptocurrencies and the basic groundwork needs to be laid out before other concepts and ideas can be worked on. With a room filled with 15 Cardano enthusiasts, we aimed to chat about security and NFTs but it was clear that one of the main concepts around Cardano staking and Proof of Stake needed to be discussed.

Full show notes at:
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EP008 - What is a Cardano Ambassador with Maria Carmo

What is a Cardano Ambassador, Maria Carmo joins me on this podcast episode to answer just that and how you can become an Ambassador yourself.

Maria joins me on the podcast episode to tell me about her story, how she contributes to the Cardano community as a non-tech person.

Video interview:

Read the full show notes at:
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EP007 - Stake Pool Operations with Casey Gibson

Setting up a stake pool is relatively easy for anyone that has general computer skills when it comes to setting up servers. The harder side is the daily maintenance, updates, security marketing and managing the stake pool.

Casey Gibson joins me on the episode to talk about everything you need to know when it comes to managing a Cardano stake pool. There is plenty of content around setting one up but not what comes after.

Casey and I talk about, performance, backups, upgrades and marketing your Cardano stake pool.

If you've just set up a pool, then this is the episode for you.

Video interview:

Full show notes:
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EP006 - Why You Should Move ADA from Exchanges & Stake for Rewards

In this episode, I talk to Bas Mons, a stake pool operator from the Netherlands. We talk about why you should delegate your ADA to a stake pool rather than keeping it on an exchange.

We touch on some topics and issues that small stake pools have when starting and how delegates can help these pools while also helping charities and missions at the same time.

Full show notes at:

Video interview:
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EP005 - Blockchain Regulations with Jamie Zammitt

Regulation in the blockchain space. I have a conversation with Jamie Zammitt from Gibraltar in regards to regulation and how the Digital Ledger Framework has created a strong and attractive industry in Gibraltar.

I look into Charles Hoskinson's live video on YouTube where he talks about BitLicense and the possible upcoming regulation by the US Government in regards to the cryptocurrency space.

Full show notes at
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EP004 - Non Fungible Tokens & Interview with Patrick Tobler from

A look at non-fungible tokens on Cardano, what they area, how they are created and an in-depth chat with Patrick Tobler about, a simple website for creating NFTs on Cardano.

You can find all the show notes at
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EP003 Project Catalyst, Deep Dive into How It Works

This week we look at Project Catalyst and Cardano's on-chain governance and treasury system. What it is and how it works compared to other blockchains.

Full show notes at
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EP002 PoW vs PoS & Interview with Cardano Stake Pool Operator Mat from

This week we take a look at the difference between Proof of Work that is used on blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum and compares that to Proof of Stake which Cardano uses. We also have an interview with an eco-minded stake pool operator from New Zealand name Mat talking about his stake pool,

Full show notes at
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EP001 Choosing a Wallet & Securing Your Recovery Phrase

This podcast is aimed at everyday user. The ones that may have heard of Bitcoin and have a general understanding about it and want to learn more about other blockchains such as Cardano. I plan to break down how it works, projects that are using Cardano, engage with other community members and leadership from the Cardano Foundation and IOHK themselves as it grows over time. I'll be looking into community proposals for Catalyst and run through how-to guides around everything to do with Cardano.

This episode we look at the March Cardano 360 event and explain the difference between Daedalous and Yoroi wallets to help you choose an appropriate wallet.

We also have a special give away of a Capsule from CryptoSteel as a give away for the launch of our podcast. Listen to find out how you can enter.

Full show notes at:
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