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The Lisa Congdon Sessions

The Lisa Congdon Sessions

The Lisa Congdon Sessions is a podcast for creative folks about living and working with more intention, curiosity, and joy. Most interesting to Lisa is what happens at the intersection between life as an artist and life as a human, with all our baggage, aspirations, hopes and dreams. From big questions to practical ones about business, social media, time management, and finding your way through the winding creative path- each episode Lisa will share stories, tips, insights, and conversations from the heart.


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Episode 11: On Adventure, Community and living a Full Life with Gravel Cyclist and Designer Sarah Sturm

Sarah Sturm  on Instagram

Sarah's design business

Oregon Trail Gravel Grinder

Article addressing  controversy in women's gravel cycling which Sarah and I referred to. 

Radical Adventure Riders

Rule of Three Race


Rooted Vermont


Cyclocross description

Storyblocks, my amazing sponsor:

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Ask Lisa Anything #1

Clay works as Marketing & Communications Director at The Wild (VR/AR collaboration for Architecture & Design Teams) 

Clay?s fave remote work apps:

Miro (an online whiteboard & visual collaboration platform)

Coda (a new doc for teams)

Loom (video messaging for work)

Asana (online project and task management) 

Find out your personality type at 16 Personalities

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Episode 9: On Taking Small Actions and Exercising Boundaries with Artist Jen Hewett

Jen's website:

Jen's Instagram:

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My Sponsor Wireframe!

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Episode 8: From Your Comfort Zone to the Wild Unknown

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Elements:
Signed Copies in my Shop

Video I made about the book.


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Episode 7: Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Journey

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Episode 6: What it Means to Have an Artistic Voice (Part 2)

My book on Artistic Voice

The Curious Victorian Tradition of Making Art from Human Hair

Alex Slydel  (ceramics artist, performance artist and filmmaker)


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Episode 5: What it Means to Have an Artistic Voice (Part 1)

Episode 4: Being Creative in Stressful Times

Short, great article on Diffuse Thinking

My book Find Your Artistic Voice.

New Color in the Times of Slow Coffee Exhibit

More on the exhibit. 


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Episode 2: Own Your Story

Like this episode? You might also like my book, You Will Leave a Trail of Stars: Words of Inspiration for Blazing Your Own Path, which you can purchase directly from me or from Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Imposter Syndrome Study from 1978.

Stop Telling Women They Have Imposter Syndrome, Harvard Business Review. By Ruchika Tulshyan and Jodi-Ann Burey.

The episode I refer to at the beginning and end of this Episode is Episode 1. If you haven't listened to it yet, I hope you will! I share my story and background of how I became an artist there. 

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Episode 1: Lisa's Story

I decided to launch the podcast with an episode that sets the stage with my story - context for who I am and how I came to be a working artist and champion of the creative path. My story is different than most because I didn?t actually pick up a paintbrush until I was 32 years old, and I didn?t begin life as a professional artist until I was nearly 40. I never studied art or design in school. So, as you can imagine, one of the most common questions I get is: how did I go from an adult who had zero artistic aspirations or experience to someone whose life 20 years later is defined by art and an interest in the creative path? This first episode is that story, with lots of juicy bits, including my 13-year-old celebrity crush! -Lisa Congdon
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Welcome to The Lisa Congdon Sessions

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