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ASOT | A State Of Trance Podcast

ASOT | A State Of Trance Podcast

In this official A State Of Trance Podcast, Armin van Buuren and Ruben de Ronde discuss recent ASOT projects, developments & events and they interview special guest DJs and producers from the ASOT radioshow. Enjoy!


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Richard Durand

For the first ASOT podcast of 2022, Ruben de Ronde sat down with Trance veteran Richard Durand! Discover more about Richard?s brand-new album, what his first days in the music scene were like and how he experienced one of the most pivotal moments in his life: winning the A State of Trance Tune of The Year in 2018 with ?The Air I Breathe? featuring Christina Novelli.

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Sander van Doorn

This week in the ASOT podcast, we find out how Sander van Doorn came up with the artist name Purple Haze walking through Amsterdam, his life on the road and his daily life as a Daddy DJ!

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A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021

The A State Of Trance Year Mix 2021 has just been released! How did this album series start off? What is the process behind the release of these albums? What is the story behind the intro of this year's A State Of Trance Year Mix? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this podcast by Armin & Ruben!

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During this podcast, we dive into the history of the legend that is Fergie. From hosting his own BBC 1 radio show, crazy events in Las Vegas and his first memories of playing shows with Armin van Buuren.

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Trance veteran Misja Helsloot has been around for many years. In this podcast Misja shares some stories from his tourlife back in the day and the idea behind the launch of his Hel:sløwed project! 

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Paul Denton

In this ASOT podcast, Ruben is joined by one of Ireland's finest DJ's Paul Denton. Discussing how his collaboration with trance legend Marco V came about, what got him into making music and his upcoming projects!

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Up next in the ASOT podcast: Signum! He sat down with Ruben de Ronde to discuss how he got into the music business, the origins of the Signum name and as always he'll be answering some questions from the fans. Don't miss out, tune in!

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We had gardenstate join us for a new A State Of Trance podcast! Ruben de Ronde sat down with Marcus Schössow and Matthew Felner and discussed why they decided to jump on this project together, where they get their inspiration from and more?

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Factor B

In this A State Of Trance podcast, special guest Factor B talks about the release of his first-ever artist album 'Factor B presents Theatre of the Mind'. He will also discuss his Highlandr alias, answer a number of fan questions and more...

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A State Of Trance FOREVER

With the release of the 'A State Of Trance FOREVER' album, Armin van Buuren kicks of an album series that sees him team up with some of Trance?s biggest acts. During this podcast, Armin van Buuren and Ruben de Ronde get in touch with several collaborators to dive into each record featured on the album and unearth the story behind this project. Check it out!

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A State Of Trance 2021

In this A State Of Trance Podcast, Armin van Buuren focusses not only on the A State Of Trance mix album series and the new ?A State Of Trance 2021? in particular, but also touches on the latest developments within the Trance & Progressive scene, fan stories, fan questions and his expectations for the future of the scene.

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