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Back to the Music With Ingrid

Back to the Music With Ingrid

Join leading artists, musicians, and producers at Ingrid Studio, one of Stockholm?s few remaining legacy recording HQs. From the ins and outs of music-making, the rises and pits of fame, and what makes Sweden such a creative powerhouse, this podcast gets in-depth and intimate fast. Join studio owners Björn Yttling and Pontus Winnberg, and American musician Sarah Snavely as they dig deep into the nitty gritty of recording, creativity, and a lot in-between, with a few stops along the way into Ingrid?s past.


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8. Ane Brun

Fresh off the road after her first post-pandemic live shows, Norwegian-bred/Stockholm-based Ane Brun meets up with Sarah and Björn to hash over the immensely intimate landscape of songwriting, while laughing over English lyric mishaps, discussing the non-existent divide between the political and personal, and offering up a heart-wrenching rendition of Sophie Zelmani?s ?Going Home.?

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7. Howlin' Pelle Almqvist

The un-quintessential Swede known as Howlin' Pelle Almqvist slips out of his Ingrid studio space to sit in the main recording room with Sarah and Pontus, where they spend over an hour discussing punk vs. rock 'n roll, high-end recording of shitty gear, rehearsing every week for over two decades, and staying true to the original Hives' vision.

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6. Lykke Li

In a constant hunt for the occult, Lykke Li challenges her art down to the nitty gritty. Back in Stockholm from LA for a few summery weeks, she joins Sarah and her long-time producer Björn to share her thoughts on self-critique, why she wishes she'd opted for a British accent in English, and how she gets the best vocal tone.

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5. Markus Krunegård

A song called Bing Bong, the 1989 hockey finals, and choosing between Finnish, Swedish, and English. Sarah and Pontus sit down with Krunegård for a soul-searching, anthem-topping conversation.

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4. Adam Olenius

Keeping a band together for two decades, Australia dreamin', and opting for a producer when you could do it all on your own. Sarah, who's shared many a stage with him, and Björn, who's produced many a song with him, turn Olenius upside down and shake out lots of fun inside info, and even get him singing "Diggioo Diggiley".

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3. Léon

Topliners in LA, not having the heart to tell an ex the lyrics are NOT about him, and playing cello with her symphonic mother. Sarah and Björn find out why Lotta calls herself Léon and enjoy a perfect rendition of one of her all-time favorite Lykke Li tracks. 

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2. Amanda Bergman

Getting her hands dirty at home on the farm, singing all sorts of music to keep her voice on fire, and solo vs. band. Oh, and a love of Swedish dance band music. Sarah sits down with Amanda and her Amason band mate Pontus for a raucous chat on music, life and lots in-between, ending up with a visit to the sonic world of Miike Snow a la Bergman.

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1. Sarah Klang

Horse riding in northern Sweden, sweet laziness and the crossroads of being 29. Sarah Snavely and Björn Yttling sit down with the magnificent Sarah Klang as she discusses the co-creative process of music writing, her relationship with reverb and a love for Niki and the Dove.

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