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Songwriting For Guitar Podcast

Songwriting For Guitar Podcast

Ready to take your songwriting to the next level? Join The SFG Podcast hosted by Emmy Award Winner, Mike Meiers. Tune in for insider tips from industry pros, career boosting strategies, and a blazing burst of caffeinated energy. Whether you're an established songwriter seeking fresh inspiration or a rising talent ready to embark on your creative journey, The SFG Podcast is your platform for bridging creativity with growth.


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Ep. 108: Leading with Guitar

Guess what? The best guitarist in the room isn?t always the most valuable for songwriting! AND just because you aren?t totally confident in your guitar playing, doesn?t mean you can?t be a songwriting guitarist.

Songwriting is more about the collective creativity, teamwork and ultimately a finished song, which is why this podcast is so important to listen to if you're wavering in your worth because of your skill level.

In this episode we explore the art of leading with your guitar so you can discover how your instrument can set the tone, spark creativity, and enhance song arrangements, all while fostering collaboration.

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Ep. 107: Three Tips for Songwriting Progress

You know that putting in the work is important, but what does that really mean for your life? Mike Meiers and guest Heather Taylor team up to give you three simple things to fall back on when you're feeling lost in the process.

What are overwhelm, tiredness, or feeling unfulfilled telling you? It might be different than you think! Creating big songwriting goals for yourself also entails making some mindset goals and changes to the way you look at your schedule.

Tune in for the three tips on progressing towards songwriting wins - at any point in your journey.

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Ep. 106: Putting In The Work (Part II)

One choice can change everything - the decision that you make ultimately boils down to willingness. Willingness to put in the work marks the beginning and end of your songwriting woes. What will you miss out on by trying? Absolutely nothing.

Returning guest Josh Doyle and Mike Meiers argue that every ounce of effort you invest is worthwhile because it all contributes to discovering your process and uncovering the ease of creation.

What will you gain by seeking expert advice? Find out for yourself.

Don?t miss the opportunity to receive a song critique from SFG Coach Josh Doyle, someone who has put in the work and emerged with six-figure songs.

Visit to book at a special price.

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Ep. 105: Putting In The Work (Part I)

The finished product always sounds so flawless, so obvious, so easy, but behind the scenes of that creative project are blood, sweat, and tears?otherwise known as process and development over months and years.

In today?s dynamic episode, Coach Josh Doyle returns to chat with Mike Meiers about the importance of putting in the work. As we learn the craft of production or songwriting, it?s easy to gloss over the details or simply ignore them, but paying attention to the minutiae is what will set you apart from the rest.

The problem with quick solutions is that you?re competing with artists and talent from all over the world who are putting in the work and doing the difficult things. So, it's time to ask yourself: What does putting in the work look like, and how can you continue to improve your process?

Visit for more career changing tips and songwriting resources.

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Ep. 104: Behind the Process

Doing something new can be scary, it?s why most people stay in their comfort zones.

Mike and guest Seth Schaeffer from Behind the Act talk mindset, advancing towards goals, starting new ventures, and the difference in navigating the process or running away from it.

In this episode, they tackle the fear of the unknown, the importance of seeking help, and the power of leaning into your strengths. They discuss the journey from perfectionism to unintentional growth, and the art of juggling different passions and talents.

Pro songwriters have a process but what's it like before then? Mike and Seth share their insights and lessons learned.

Find Seth at

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Ep. 103: Melody, Music, or Lyrics?

Songwriting is a craft that encompasses many different approaches and perspectives on what to develop and work on. In this episode, Mike Meiers and Madeline Finn begin by discussing which aspect of a song?music, lyrics, or melody?is the most important. You might be surprised at their answer.

From foundational tips for lyricists to strategic frameworks designed to help melody makers overcome fears and boost confidence in their musical choices, this episode offers invaluable guidance.

If you find yourself getting stuck in holding patterns with your songs, take half an hour to delve into the importance of intentionality and a growth mindset, so you can work towards crafting unforgettable songs.

Book your song critique with Madeline!

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Ep. 102: You're Crazy, You're a Genius

Are you pursuing an unconventional or creative passion? This episode explores the challenges faced by all who venture into unique paths. When host Mike Meiers first set out to pursue music, even close people in his life thought he was nuts to try it; until he succeeded and got his first co-write, his first sync placement, his Emmy. Once the courageous ones start to achieve what they set out to, those awkward looks become looks of admiration. 

What does it take to persevere in an unconventional career path? Tune into this week?s episode for an empowering discussion that encourages individuals to embrace their unique passion, break free from societal expectation and be amongst the supportive community of artists and musicians.

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Ep. 101: Behind the Scenes with Emmy Award Winning composer John Lunn

Mike sits down with the extraordinary composer, John Lunn, known for his outstanding work on shows like Shetland, The Last Kingdom, and Downton Abbey. Mike dives deep into exploring the intricate process of composing for television and film.

Discover how John Lunn crafts music that seamlessly aligns with visuals, elevating the emotional impact of scenes. This episode unravels the mysteries of writing to picture, showcasing John's remarkable talent and insights. The conversation delves into his creative process, how he determines what works for a particular scene, and the art of scoring for diverse genres.

Listeners are treated to an exclusive peek into John Lunn's world, as he generously shares his time and expertise. Previously featured on the Insider's Track Sync Membership, John Lunn returns to provide an even deeper understanding of his creative journey.

For anyone aspiring to comprehend the intricacies of composing for TV and film, Episode 101 is a must-listen.

Learn more about writing for film and tv in The Insiders Track

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Lessons Learned from 100 Episodes

Join host Mike Meiers on a journey through the highs, lows, and revelations of the Songwriting for Guitar Podcast. From initial hesitations to unexpected growth, Mike shares the top five lessons he learned in reaching 100 episodes, and how they can relate and empower your music career.

From a rigid NPR-like beginning to lively chats with industry icons, the show evolved, creating a warm environment for insightful conversations. Now in the most current form, our episodes offer tangible takeaways for musicians learning and growing their craft.

As we celebrate this milestone, I invite you to embark on your own creative endeavors, bringing your authentic self to the table and enjoy the ride.

Visit for free resources or share your thoughts by leaving a review of the podcast.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Leave a five star review then screenshot your review and send to [email protected] to be entered to win a custom SFG Kyser capo!

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Episode 99: 5 Ways to Breakthrough Songwriter?s Block

The infamous writer's block strikes again! Cue ominous drums, Duhn duhn duhhhn. It's a familiar struggle, an inevitable part of the creative process that can leave even the most seasoned songsmiths questioning their abilities. But there's a way out of this creative funk, and the path to renewed inspiration is within this episode.

Hitting a creative wall is perfectly normal, a hurdle that some of the greatest songwriters have confronted on their journeys. The key to breaking free from this creative paralysis lies in building a toolkit of strategies that rekindle your muse, reignite your passion, and empower you to overcome the songwriter's block that threatens to stifle your creative process.

Tune into and explore these five key techniques to navigate through the dry spells with ease. The more you apply them, the less likely you are to find yourself trapped in the same unproductive patterns. 

For those serious about improving their songwriting, join The Songwriting Survival Guide to learn how to navigate the path to success and avoid common pitfalls. It all starts this weekend October 27th-29th.

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Ep. 98: Tips to Gain Confidence in Your Songwriting

Welcome to a special episode where we dive into essential insights on becoming a more confident and successful songwriter. In this conversation, we join Mike Meiers and Judy Stakee as they discuss the journey of gaining confidence in songwriting and offer valuable tips for songwriters of all levels.

Judy Stakee, a renowned figure in the music industry, shares her wisdom and experiences gained from working with some of the biggest names in the business, including Sheryl Crow and Katy Perry. 

Judy and Mike provide valuable insights into developing your own unique process and system to unlock the emotional content in your lyrics and melodies as well as the keys to success in this industry. They also discuss the importance of self-love, embracing your vulnerabilities, and the perpetual learning that is essential for growth.

Conversations like this one can help get you on a path to change your entire energy around songwriting. 

It's time to unlock your potential and make 2024 a year of musical triumph. Join the "Songwriting Survival Guide" event now and get instant access to the first two modules on "5 Lyrical Pitfalls" and "Shredding the Guitar Rulebook". 

Click to learn more here.

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Ep. 97: Live Gigs to Full Time Production

Join Mike Meiers and Steph Trivison in this awesome podcast episode where they talk about the journey of going from live gigging into commercial production, and prove even though it?s not easy, it?s totally doable. 

Discover Steph's background and the extraordinary path she traversed to become a powerhouse in the music production scene. Tune in as they discuss the challenges, triumphs, and pivotal moments that propelled her into the world of sync licensing, where Steph's expertise shines. If you're passionate about music, the creative process, and the exciting world of production, this podcast is a must-listen. 

Steph Trivison has shared stages with Grammy-winner Jack Antonoff, American Authors, Robert Randolph, and Eisley. Her innate charisma even landed her a role in a McDonald's commercial as well as the voice  and theme writer of the Care Bear ?Dare to Care?.

Her music has been featured on Amazon Prime, The Grammy Awards, The Golden Globes, ESPN, BBC, the Life is Strange video game series, and more. Steph's versatility extends to crafting podcast themes, audiobook scores, and collaborating on projects for television, film, and books.

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Ep. 96: Five Steps for the Modern Songwriter to Start Getting Placements

Don't miss out on the chance to supercharge your music career through sync licensing. There's never been a better time to invest your time in learning the process.

This exciting episode is cut from a live session hosted by Mike Meiers at the Austin Music Foundation.

In this hour-long deep dive into the world of sync, Mike shares invaluable insights on how to kickstart your journey as a songwriter in today's music industry.

Sync licensing isn't a sprint; it's a marathon that requires dedication and self-investment. Mike firmly believes that every songwriter should know the rules of the game.

Far too often, talented songwriters miss out on opportunities because they weren't prepared. Tune in to gain the knowledge you need, ensuring that when the opportunity knocks, you'll be ready to seize the biggest paycheck of your career.

Pre-order Mike's book, "The Songwriting Guitarist"

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Ep. 95: Why'd You Write a Book, Mike?

In the world of short form viral videos and online courses, why would someone create a physical book as a teaching tool? C.O.O., Heather Taylor, asks the hard hitting questions in this week's Songwriting for Guitar Podcast episode.

Pre-Order your copy of "The Songwriting Guitarist" here before Sept. 26th:

With your physical copy, you'll receive an audio book download that includes a bonus Author's Notes as well as an official Resource page with audio clips to follow along and improve!

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Ep. 94: Co-Writing, The Second Hour

Welcome to part two! Now that you've completed the first hour of your co-writing session (following our previous episode, "Co-Writing, The First Hour"), you've gained insights into how to maximize that initial hour by focusing on building a strong connection with your co-writer and ensuring certain steps are addressed.

In the second hour, you may encounter two distinct paths. It may have gone well, and you're now prepared for what comes next, or it may not have gone as smoothly, leaving you wondering about the next steps and how to communicate that.

By the end of this episode, you'll have a clear understanding of what the second hour could look like in either scenario.

Regardless of the outcome, perseverance is key! I hope you explore co-writing further and continue to embrace its challenges and remarkable results.

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Ep. 93: Co-writing, The First Hour

In the world of songwriting, collaboration can lead to the best results. It has the power to transform your creative process and elevate your songwriting to new heights. But, most people shy away from co-writing because of its challenges and the unknowns.

In this episode, Mike Meiers delves deep into the heart of the process and that pivotal first hour which can set the tone and pace of the entire write. Whether you're a seasoned songwriter or just starting to dip your toes into the co-writing waters, this episode is packed with insights to make your collaborative journey smoother and more fulfilling.

Tune in to elevate your creative process and redefine your understanding of co-writing so you can start off on the right note!

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Ep. 92: Leverage Your Guitar To Get Great Gigs!

Why do some people get great gigs and others can?t get a feature at an open mic?

In this episode, we argue that your guitar playing is in fact the gateway to consistent and better paying gigs.

Picture this: You?re a songwriting guitarist who can play solo or accompany a singer, are playing covers and originals that keep audiences energized and paying attention.

Why? Because your guitar playing is truly capturing the vibe of the songs and moving the set list along. Plus, people you don?t know are coming to your shows AND you?re getting hired on a consistent basis and are the go-to person for their yearly great paying opportunities.

That?s what Brian Belonzi has done. He was able to  lessen hours at his day job and start taking on more consistent and better paying gigs, all due to using his guitar and song knowledge to present professionally.

Brian's not just a live performer - he's also an accomplished songwriter, having written music for both artists and sync placements on TV shows like CBS's "Young Sheldon" and HULU's "Cruel Summer." And as a guitar coach at SFG, Brian specializes in the Songwriting for Guitar methods. He's passionate about sharing his knowledge with aspiring musicians and helping you improve your guitar skills.

Tune into this week?s episode and get inspired to leverage your own skills to write better songs and perform better live.

You can sign up here for a session with Brian to up your guitar game!

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Ep. 91: Unlocking Creative Potential - The 5 Books You Can't Miss

Mike hasn?t always geeked out on books. In school it wasn?t what interested him at all, but now as an entrepreneurial musician, he reads like crazy! Why? Because he?s found books that have completely engaged his mind and unlocked transformation in his life and his career.

Amongst the many stand out books, there are a clear top five that would be most appropriate for musicians like you, wanting to reaching another level in your mindset, productivity, and commitment. Joining the conversation is guest and C.O.O. Heather Taylor to help reveal Mike?s top five books.

If you?re looking for that next breakthrough and amplification to your creative potential, this episode is a must listen.

Book Recommendations & Amazon Links

Book 1: The Gap And The Gain Book 2: Big Magic Book 3: Anatomy Of A Breakthrough Book 4: High Performance Habits Book 5: Who Not How Growth Day App

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Ep. 90: Seids, Making it Happen

Dive into the world of influencing with Seids! Driven by a genuine passion to make musicians' lives easier, she introduces her followers to exciting tech innovations that make production and music creation more accessible to the public.  You may already be familiar with her through social media posts where she teaches about Logic Pro, new plugins and production tips.  Unlike those who paint a picture-perfect image, Seids keeps it honest, relatable, and educational. Mike Meiers and Seids share a passion for entrepreneurship, discuss the changing landscape, and reflect on lessons learned from being in the public eye.

With three years of dedicated daily posting, Seids has gained tremendous insights. She fearlessly embraces feedback, comments, and challenges that come her way. Her experiences will inspire you and give you the courage to unleash more of your own entrepreneurial and musical spirit onto the world. In this episode, Seids offers practical advice and strategies to help you navigate tricky moments, reminding us that whatever we do, we won't receive unanimous love or hate. Neither of which should stop us from enjoying the process. In an ever-evolving landscape of social media and entrepreneurship, tune in to this episode to empower yourself on your own journey!

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Ep. 89: Jess Gramuglia - Life is Short

This episode is like a double shot of espresso. Mike Meiers and Music Supervisor, Jess Gramuglia bring a dynamic energy that will keep you engaged from start to finish. 

Filled with insights, Jess shares her experiences in the industry, the big highs, the excitement and the challenges. 

She?s proof that dreams you never thought you'd achieve can in fact become your reality. This episode explores topics ranging from the balance between appreciating a great life and navigating hustle culture without burning out; what?s required to check off your goal list; why the energy and passion you bring to the table matters; and why she sees a shift in culture as necessary for our happiness in the industry. 

Music supervisors, like Jess, are ?simply people doing a job? who care a great deal about great music and the musicians creating it. This conversational episode just proves it!

Don't forget to screenshot and send us your 5-star review before August 18th to be entered in the raffle. Your feedback is invaluable and helps us continue to bring you fantastic content!

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Ep. 88: Be Relentless - A Coaching Client Success Story

An inspiring and empowering episode for anyone  who finds themselves in pursuit of a dream but trapped in a cycle of doubt. Tune in as we dive into the extraordinary story of Chelsea Nettleton, an incredible songwriter and budding producer who has taken control of her direction and career.

Ever wondered if the stars need to align perfectly for you to pursue your musical dreams? Chelsea's journey will shatter that notion. Despite facing challenging circumstances, she?s refusing to give into excuses and doubts. Chelsea shares her personal journey of overcoming self-imposed limitations and embracing her true potential.

As one of my top coaching students for the past six months, Chelsea generously opens up about her process, successes, failures, and why she highly recommends having a mentor and coach for anyone ready to take their music seriously.

Chelsea's relentless pursuit of growth and improvement in her songwriting process will ignite a fire within you as well! Discover how she turned her life around and took bold actions to propel herself forward. Her story will resonate deeply if you've ever doubted your own potential or felt discouraged along your musical path.

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Episode 87: Music Reps in Sync Licensing

Ever wondered what it's like to have someone pitch your music for major opportunities? Tune into my discussion with Natalie Phan, the Founder and CEO of SoundSync Music Agency, specializing in representing Texas Pop artists.

I?d like you to get curious about the effort and dedication that goes into pitching on someone's behalf. When someone like Natalie believes in your music, they go above and beyond to represent you as an artist. 

It?s not a straightforward or quick process. Natalie serves as the bridge between two different worlds: the artists and the music supervisors.

Gain a newfound appreciation for the behind-the-scenes efforts before you start sending out those emails so you know the right ways to approach and connect with music reps, as well as the common mistakes to avoid. 

The knowledge she shares will elevate your understanding of music representation and empower you to navigate the sync licensing world better.

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Ep. 86 : Knowing Your Songwriter Rights

Songwriters often overlook the topic of songwriter rights. One, because it can get really confusing, two, because they'd rather spend time creating than doing administrative tasks.

In this episode, we have a special guest and old friend, Entertainment Lawyer Megan Pekar, who will shed light on the legal aspects that songwriters need to know and why it's important.

Starting with Megan's personal experience of transplanting to the vibrant city of Nashville, this episode explores questions you may have never considered.

Have you ever wondered what rights you, as a songwriter, actually possess? What is a PRO, and should you sign up for one? Do you own your publishing, masters, and mechanical licensing? How do you know for sure? And how do you get your co-writers to talk about rights without being awkward?

Don't worry if these questions seem overwhelming right now. Megan will help demystify this complex landscape and empower you with knowledge about your rights as a creator.

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Episode 85: It's Got to be a Great Song

There?s a misconception that great production can make up for a bad song. Especially in the fast-paced realm of music licensing, it's easy to overlook the fundamental role that the song itself plays.  

Returning guest host Josh Doyle and host Mike Meiers debunk the myth and emphasize the importance of a strong starting point.

In this episode Josh and Mike chat on the telltale signs of a great song,  how you can identify those hidden gems as well as insightful tips and strategies to help you hone your discerning ear.

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Ep. 84: The Creative Journey with Nick Wheeler

Today, we're stoked to have Nick Wheeler, the guitar wizard behind All-American Rejects for an epic chat. You know the chart toppers like "Dirty Little Secret" and "Gives You Hell?? Nick's one of the legends behind those hits.

This episode goes way beyond the success of AAR, Mike and Nick dive into the creative process of recording, working with live musicians in the studio and keys to success in the industry. Nick has worked with iconic producers like Eric Valentine, Greg Wells, and Howard Benson, and touches on what made those experiences so special.

Tune in for tips and inside scoops on songwriting, production, studio life and creating an environment that cultivates endless creativity.

Visit to get a free intro course, DAW 101 and get your production skills up to date!

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Ep. 83: Building a Brand with Lauren Bateman

Join two guitarists who are passionate about communicating through their guitar! Mike Meiers and Lauren Bateman delve into the world of teaching and entrepreneurship, exploring the challenges and rewards that come with owning a business and striving to make a difference in the lives of others. 

Lauren recounts a time when she was balancing a day job while transitioning a side hustle into her main gig. She provides valuable insights for anyone seeking to venture out on their own. Throughout the podcast, we uncover the defining moments that shaped Lauren's path recounting her experiences of building a thriving YouTube channel as well as three music schools. 

Mike and Lauren explore the significance of authenticity and staying true to oneself during the process of building a business. We hope this episode inspire and motivates listeners to reach for their dreams, push beyond their limits, and make a lasting impact on the world!

Visit for resources on expanding your songwriting guitar skills!

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Ep. 82: Co-Writing is For Everyone

Co-writing is an essential skill for any aspiring writer, in any genre. It's also a skill that you can improve! We want to ensure that you can approach it with confidence and enthusiasm, rather than feeling intimidated by the idea of being an expert right from the start.

Throughout this episode, Mike Meiers and Heather Taylor tackle the questions they received from this amazing SFG songwriting community, who were curious about various aspects of co-writing.

Co-writing offers invaluable opportunities for growth and success, allowing writers to bring out the best in each other's work and elevate to new heights.

Whether you're new to co-writing or looking to enhance your skills, this caffeinated episode is filled with valuable insights and guidance.

Visit for more tips and free resources! And if you found this information valuable, don't forget to rate this podcast, our team appreciates it!

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Ep. 81: Mike Turner: Syncs and Serendipity

We?re diving into the world of music supervision with the incomparable Mike Turner. As an award-winning music supervisor, music editor, and music producer for film, television, and advertising, Mike brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table.

Join us as Mike reveals his unconventional journey in the sync industry. From navigating the complicated role to unexpected opportunities falling into place, he shares how he made his way into the world of music supervising. 

Ever wondered how songs are chosen? Mike sheds light on the process and explores the importance of relationships and networking in the industry. As the episode unfolds, Mike generously offers valuable advice to aspiring songwriters and composers seeking sync placements. Unveiling the impact it can have on their music careers, he delves into the intricate dynamics of getting syncs and shares insights on navigating this competitive landscape.

Don't miss out on the amazing story of how Mike serendipitously cast an artist as both an actress and a musician in a movie. It's a story that showcases the unpredictability and magic that can occur when musicians keep at their craft and their relationship building.

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Ep. 80: What's In Your Briefs?

Today we?re decoding Sync Licensing Briefs with Josh Doyle!

Mike and Josh delve into the ever elusive world of sync licensing briefs. Josh, a returning guest of the show, is a coach, mentor, and successful sync licensing producer and songwriter. He's sharing his insights and experiences in deciphering sought-after information in the licensing community. Because more often than not, musicians are left perplexed and end up creating content that doesn't match the intention of the scene or the supervisor's requests.

Whether you're a beginner or aiming for the top-tier placements like trailers or ads, this episode is a must-listen. Josh and Mike take us through the process of understanding and interpreting briefs, shedding light on the language and code within them. They uncover the key elements that are vital to grasp, distinguishing between what's important and what's not. 

Listen now if you want to know the essential questions artists should ask when dissecting a brief, and be empowered to make informed creative decisions!

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Ep. 79: Asking Questions

In this episode, we talk with Josh Doyle, a creator, mixing engineer, and entrepreneur in the music industry. Josh and I discuss the power of asking questions and how it has helped us in our own careers of licensing, producing, and developing songs! We believe that asking questions is a continuing trait of successful people. We explore why questions are opportunities and not something to be embarrassed or afraid of.

Join us as we share our experiences and insights on how asking questions has helped us grow our careers and achieve success. Discover the power of asking questions for yourself!

As a mentor and leader in the music industry, Josh is passionate about sharing his experiences and knowledge with others. Through his work at 3 Theory Music and other ventures, he continues to inspire and support emerging artists and creators at SFG. Click here to schedule a free clarity call with Josh when you mention this podcast episode.

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Ep. 78: Riding the Wave of Change

Join us on an adventure filled episode with Geoff Duncan, a chart-topping producer and songwriter, who has collaborated with countless artists, networks and brands. 

Geoff's colorful journey is an inspiration to anyone in music. In this podcast, we'll explore the secrets of Geoff's successes and how to navigate big changes in life. We also delve into the pressures and quick turnarounds that come with opportunities, and how following through on your commitments can be scary but are not only necessary but worth it.

Whatever your next big step is, like breaking into the music charts, learning production skills, upping your guitar game, or attending a networking event, this episode will provide you with valuable insights and tips to help you achieve your goals.

Tune in and take a chance on yourself - while you?re at it, take a chance on leaving us a review! Our team works really hard to put this podcast together and that would mean the world to us!

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Ep. 77: The Growth Blueprint

Chris Selim from Mixdown Online is on the podcast! If his French Canadian accent doesn?t lure you in, this Growth Blueprint for musicians and online entrepreneurs might. Chris? ?zone of genius? is mixing. What makes Chris special as a coach, is that not only is he great at his craft, he?s amazing at explaining and demystifying it for others. It's why his YouTube Channel and his courses are such a success.

There?s an epidemic of only ingesting free content in the online space. If that?s you, find out in this episode if you?re cheating yourself out of real improvement and why cutting corners typically doesn't work. 

Building something from the ground up like a music career is full of disappointments and setbacks.  Tune in to hear the six points that helped Chris' career grow, because they are sure to help yours too. Coupon code: MIKE40

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Ep. 76: Intro to Production Music

We've got the talented Dave Kropf from 52 Cues joining us to chat about production music! We're diving deep into this niche world of sync licensing and Dave is here to drop some serious knowledge bombs. Production music has become increasingly popular in recent years. With streaming services on the rise, there's a huge demand for it. This episode gives amazing insight into what to expect from this facet of the industry and how to wrap your head around it. If you like analogies with your education, you won't want to miss this episode. 

Looking to learn more? Dave is your guy. He's not only an extensively credited producer, but he's also a teacher at, at Full Sail University,  and has a YouTube channel dedicated solely to this topic.

So grab your headphones and join us for a fun and informative chat about production music.

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Ep. 75: Radical Growth for Radical Change

What causes some people to grow at a faster rate in their songwriting career? Here at SFG, we believe it's all about collaboration, and in this podcast episode, we explore how radical growth happens because of it.

Mike Meiers and COO of Songwriting for Guitar, Heather Taylor, dive deep into discussing people's resistance to collaboration and talk about three top reasons why. Along the way, the conversation takes a personal turn as Mike discovers and shares his own 'feels' on this subject.

Listen to how their personal experiences of working with others in their own music and business at Songwriting for Guitar helped them develop new skills and elevate their work beyond what they would be able to without collaboration. The conversation touches on the importance of recognizing one's strengths and weaknesses, and how collaboration can help individuals stay in their "zone of genius" while accomplishing more as a team.

Overall, the episode offers insights into the benefits and challenges of collaboration for growth and success, and three reasons why we might be resistant to it. Join Mike and Heather as they share their own stories and explore how collaboration can help you achieve radical growth for radical change.

For the Advanced Lyrics and Melody Workshop or free training from Berklee Grad, Lainey Dionne, visit

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Ep. 74: In Defense of Pop

Lainey Dionne and Mike Meiers chat about the misconceptions of pop music and why it gets such a bad rap. The truth is, pop has heavily influenced music from the dawn of Western music to now, and it?s constantly evolving. 

Our guess is if you have a blanket statement like ?pop sucks?, you?re not listening to the broad spectrum of what it is today. Mike grew up only listening to punk music, but once he became a teacher and started listening to music in a new way, his mind changed.

There?s so much competition out there for songs to get heard and some great songs still fall through the cracks but Mike and Lainey argue that what gets through and lasts, is still because of authenticity and simply because it is just a good song.

Lainey and Mike challenge you to find elements of the modern songwriting world and bring it into your own writing. 

Leave a comment: Are you for pop or still against it?

Guitar Essentials for the Modern Songwriter LIVE starts this weekend! Our live element helps you walk through the course with ease and gets you writing great songs on your guitar with confidence! Only two days left to register.

Register now:

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Ep. 73: American Idol vs. What Actually Works

Have you ever had anyone say to you with great enthusiasm, ?You should try out for American Idol!??  It?s a well intentioned but generally a misguided statement for musicians and our guest today and best bud of mine, Madeline Finn, is living proof it?s more something you get through than benefit from.

Madeline was scouted for American Idol, went through the stages, and got that golden ticket, but it?s not something she?d suggest for someone?s career. 

Madeline shares the things that fulfill her musically and spiritually in this week's episode. Though opening up to opportunities is something Madeline believes in and encourages, the most important work has to do with an internal shift.

Plus! Special announcement that Madeline Finn recently joined the SFG coaching team and is teaching DAW 101. If you?re someone who just needs a little help getting through the DAW barrier to make the music you want, Madeline has you covered.

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Ep. 72: Sync Licensing Myths

Sync licensing has quickly become a buzz word in the music world and for good reason - you can make a living in it! Some people don?t even believe that, and end up missing out on a big source of income. There are so many myths about this field because it truly takes years to become an expert in sync licensing and it's constantly evolving. 

There are too many people making uninformed decisions that veer people off course for years. Since we can?t always know what to pay attention to when starting out, industry sync experts Mike Meiers and Anthony Clint Jr. get together to dispel myths about this growing field so you can make informed decisions going forward. 

If one of the greatest skills in our lifetime is adaptability and discerning what?s true and false, this is the episode you?ve been waiting for.

Listen now!

Listen to Anthony Clint Jr.'s Music Is My Business Podcast here:

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Ep. 71: Scaling Your Gigs

How many avenues to make money are available to you in music? Gigging may have fallen off a bit for some since the pandemic,  but it?s in full swing again. My friend Lainey Dionne has THE formula for getting your gigs to become a main source of income. 

With some gigs you can get stuck and waste your time, but you don?t have to. You can learn the signs to spot the good ones, know the ways to get them and then become such a boss you even know what you?re worth when booking them. There is a clear path to take your gigging mindset of a hobbyist to a gigging pro. 

She opened my eyes to some cool things I wish I knew when I was out in the circuit. If you?re not totally confident about booking gigs and charging what you?re worth, this episode is for you!

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Ep. 70: Lyft Affirmations

After my first chat with Heather Taylor on the last episode, ?Just Say Yes?, where we talked about the music-career affirming conference she went to, it reminded me of my own first conference and how important this one thing I did was so important in getting my career going.

So many great things have come out of this technique that I call Lyft Affirmations. Heather and I sat down to chat about it in this week's episode.

Feel free to leave comment about where you are with this journey!

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Ep. 69: Just Say Yes

Saying YES just means that you?re showing up for yourself. And when you show up for yourself, the world can finally see you. It can allow great things to happen, and connections to form.

Today my COO and friend Heather Taylor is on the show! She just got back from a life changing experience at a music conference.

She?s been on her musical journey in a very relatable way, and the energy she had today was so palpable we just hit record while in a meeting to share these thoughts with you. 

Heather recognizes saying yes, and that believing in yourself can be one of the hardest things to do. It took a lot for her to say yes to the opportunity she just came back from, but she?s so invigorated. 

We talk about what taking a risk can feel like, what doors it can open up, what behind the scenes things can stop you and why YOU shouldn?t be the one to stop you. 

We dive straight into the heart of this topic. Listen now. 

You can find Heather on instagram @htcreates_

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Ep. 68: Journey to Music (Highs and Lows)

Lij Shaw is a perfect example that every path to success in music is unique.

He?s a chart breaking, award winning, musician, podcast producer and owner of The Toy Box Studio. Lij isn?t just an awesome person to talk to, he?s incredibly inspirational.

One month he wins a Grammy and the next minute he receives a cease and desist order for operating a recording studio at his home giving him 30 days to shut down.

If you?ve ever recorded in a home studio in Nashville or if you have a home studio in Nashville like me, you have Lij to thank.

Listen now hear his story.

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Ep. 67: Reframing Disappointment

When you see a problem, what?s your move? Complain, run, or resolve? The uneasiness of feeling disappointed or rejected has kept so many creatives on the benches, just watching the game. We?ve been trained to think it's just win or lose. What we need is more training in redefining and recovering.

Heather Evans and Mike Meiers dive into their own experiences of disappointment. In this episode, you?ll hear stories of grief, rejection, and evolution, what they did about it (or didn?t do about it) and the results. 

The question for you is... is disappointment strong enough to keep you down? We don?t think it is!

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Ep. 66: Out of the Box Thinking

What happens when following a "blueprint" gives you mediocre results? What happens when what you're doing doesn?t live up to who YOU are and what you want to do? Mike Meiers and special guest Josh Doyle from 3 Theory Music agree, there?s not enough discussion around this topic of thinking outside the norm. This episode shows you cool ways of viewing your education, music creation process and career.  If every music career is unique, your strength comes from engaging your creativity. 

You can find your unique voice through songwriting, and find your way through this industry by leaning into your creative thinking. If you're wondering if the risk of doing things "differently" is worth it, just remember that out of the box thinkers tend to scale by leaps and bounds.

Episode 66 is our FIRST Youtube LIVE podcast of the year! Now we go live every Tuesday on Youtube with special guests unfiltered! If you want to be a part of the podcast, be there live with us next Tuesday.

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Ep. 65: Songwriting Tips with Artist Lainey Dionne

Lainey Dionne, is an award-winning, sync placing, indie-pop singer/songwriting ROCKSTAR who graduated from Berklee College of Music. You can find her most recent syncs on Amazon Prime's _Making the Cut. _

She popped on the podcast today to share with us about what is working now in the music industry as an artist, as well as helpful tips about co-writing. We've been co-writing together for a while now so we both have a lot of thoughts on this.

SPECIAL BONUS! I also asked Lainey to give a free training for my podcast listeners! She's sharing her number one tool you can use right now to improve your songwriting. Click the link to get some Berklee wisdom in this quick 10 minute training.

Get the free ten minute songwriting training with Lainey here!

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Ep. 64: My Friend & Mentor, Josh Doyle (Part II)

Part two of my conversation with friend and mentor, Josh Doyle, is my favorite. Not just because of all the juicy information, and insight throughout our conversation, but because it's time for our announcement!  Josh is an excellent musician, songwriter, producer, audio engineer, as well as creator/founder of L.A. based record label and sync licensing company, 3 Theory Music. So along with the list of awesomeness, he?ll now also be a mentor and coach at Songwriting for Guitar! 

That?s right! Now if you?re in my Insiders Track membership or one of my classes, you have access to one of the best mixing engineers AND to one of the best people I know.

Let?s get into some golden nuggets from Josh?

Sign up for the Songwriting For Guitar Insiders Track here:

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Ep. 63: My Friend & Mentor, Josh Doyle

Part 1 : We?re chatting with Josh Doyle, one of my most valued mentors and founder of L.A. based record label and sync licensing company, 3 Theory Music. 3 Theory Music is a collective who have been placed with Amazon, Nike, Nintendo, Toyota, Netflix, HBO, and so much more.

We?re talking Josh?s backstory as a creator and mixing engineer, as well as what led him to becoming an entrepreneur. Josh has navigated the industry in a unique yet natural way, and is sharing his experiences of what worked, what didn?t and what's working now for modern creators.

Next week we?re sharing part II including a big announcement.

Sign up for the Songwriting For Guitar Insiders Track:

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Ep. 62: Playlists Are A Songwriter's Best Friend

Playlist challenge! I challenge you to build better habits around listening to new music. Consistently listening to new and current music in your genre will do more for your music than you know! 

As a songwriter, producer, and composer, making and refreshing playlists are a base-line task I do. And, it?s one of the first things I instruct anyone else to do when looking to improve ? especially if they want to get into sync licensing.  

In this episode I go over some of the top questions you can ask yourself to get the MOST out of your listening time.

To do this challenge, and to do it consistently, my best tip would be to keep an open mind! Simply put: people who have an open mind?? grow. When you grow you can?t help but implement what you?ve learned. Get listening!

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Ep. 61: Seth Mosley

You?ve set out to become one thing in music, but it?s transforming into something different. Sound familiar? Seth Mosley knows all about that being a Grammy-Winning Producer, Songwriter, Podcast Host, Publisher and Educator at Full Circle Music Academy... And he has some thoughts on how to get the most out of that transformation.

What's it take to become a songwriter? How many van breakdowns does it take? How many songs do you have to write to become a better songwriter?  Coming from similar mindsets and roles as producers and songwriters, Mike and Seth sit down for a friendly conversation packed with tips to navigate the industry, songwriting ethos, and insights into making the most out of a co-writing session.

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Episode 60: 5 Day Bootcamp (LIVE)

This is your personal invitation as a podcast listener to the much anticipated 5 Day Songwriting for Guitar Bootcamp!

I?m showing up every single day for five days to share my secrets as an Emmy winning songwriter and seasoned guitar coach so YOU can make moves with your music career. Whether you need to break old patterns and stop using the same old cowboy chords, unlock better songs, gain more confidence and clarity, or even start on your transition to get from hobbyist to pro, this bootcamp is the PERFECT first step.

Listen to this week's episode to get your personal invitation and to hear what a past bootcamper has to say about the lasting effects of their experience

Go ahead and enlist in basic training for a full HOUR of training or join me at my mini-mastermind all week for the interactive VIP experience. Get the training thousands of other songwriters and guitarists have used to unlock their next great songs. It all starts May 19th.

Here is the link to sign up:

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Ep. 59: Song Critiques with Josh Seawell

Have you ever wanted a song critique, but weren?t sure how to go about it? Or maybe you?ve asked for a critique, but you never heard back. It's common even to be intimidated by the idea of sharing your songs with professionals, but that all has the potential to change.

Today I'm sharing an insider's perspective on song critiques through my conversation with Josh Seawell from Seawell Studios. Listen until the end to hear the four things you should consider before reaching out for a critique.

Josh Seawell is coming from 20 years of professional mixing and mastering experiences with a portfolio ranging from the Winter Olympics to the Voice, to Apple and ESPN. Find him at

To sign up for Songwriting For Guitar Bootcamp, head to

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