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OG's Monkey Business Show

OG's Monkey Business Show

TUESDAY is a good day for monkeys! ? We are super proud to introduce the weekly Monkey Business Show hosted by N0tail and JMR Luna. On your favorite platform and on Youtube every Tuesday, 16:00 CET! ? Be sure to subscribe ?


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Ephey on the Remote Panel: "a lot of people were sad" | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 46

Working TI remotely, Kyle's new position, the future of Dota 2... today, we have a classic MBS session of sit down with friends and talk about life.JMR is joined by EpheyDota and Kyle to talk about where they are in life and their experience of the past season.Time to cozy up and enjoy a warm talk between passionate Dota friends, in today's Monkey Business Show episode 46!

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Lyrical and Trent on Remote Casting and Main Stage experience | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 45

What was it like to prepare for the biggest event of the year as a caster? What issues did Lyrical and Trent come across and what was their overall impression of TI 11? And for desert we have some really funny stories about Rat (dota?)

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Faith Bian on his retirement with Ceb and N0tail | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 44

From east to west, dota legends gather and talk about... well, Dota. Listen to the experiences that Faith Bian has had in the pro scene and how Ceb and N0tail find themselves relating to them. Regardless of cultural differences, Dota players remain Dota players. In this episode Faith Bian talks about his retirement and what the future holds for him in Dota and life in general,

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The future of Dota Esports and why it?s looking Bad | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 43

The future of Dota and esports is looking a bit grim and in this episode we discuss in depth the reasons and logic behind it and what needs to be done to change that, what can the community do to help improve the scene and make sure that the Dota we love thrives among other competitive games.

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How Entity won the Qualifiers after losing their carry | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 42

In this episode we have 2 special GIGACHAD guests, Fishman and Stormstormer from Entity. All the way from the trenches of Div 2, they recently booked their seat for TI11 in the EU qualifiers. They tell us more about the story of their roster, their journey to signing with Entity in today's Monkey Business Show, episode 42! ?

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Ceb & N0tail True Sight Review and preparations for TI | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 41

Back to the classics today!Our favorite trio reunites to talk about True Sight, Ceb stomping lanes in League of Legends and of course, TI11. Hopefully, Valve gives N0tail a ticket to go see his boys this year A classic episode with N0tail, Ceb and JMR in today's Monkey Business Show, Episode 41!

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The death and rebirth of Gaming with Pyrion Flax | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 40

Pyrion gives us a tour on his life and how he became involved in Dota along with a history lesson on the death and rebirth of gaming.

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Grubbys Wave of Positivity | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 39

The RTS Legend himself!This week we are joined by non other than Grubby himself (and his enormous brain), for an awesome conversation about his start on Dota 2, his experience in esports and how it compares to Notail's.RTS games, Dota 2, esports and cool guys, in today's Monkey Business Show, Episode 39!

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The Battlepass Review with Synderen and Sunsfan | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 38

The crossover episode finally happened! Synderen and Sunsfan join us on the Monkey Business show to talk about all things Dota. From the Arlington major to the battlepass review, the "We say things" incredible duo, gave us a very interesting episode full of laughs and insights about TI and the content that is about to come.

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SabeRLight - The man that can do anything | OG's Monkey Business Episode 37

Today we invited a special guest, who played so many roles over the last couple of weeks, the man himself SabeRLight. Hear his story about how he became an offlaner for TSM

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The Arlington Major Review with Lizzard and Kyle | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 36

In this episode we discuss the Arlington Major experience along with the history of Lizzard in esports, his initial thoughts on when he got into the scene and the longevity of Dota in comparison to other competitive games.

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What Qojqva thought when he met Ammar in his pub game | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 35

We welcome Qojqva on our show with a very interesting episode where we talk about Streaming, Finance and the insane, up and coming, TI qualifiers. What did Qojqva think when he met OG players during his streams?

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Topson's announcement, Road to TI Behind the Scenes | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 34

A new chapter is officially open. Topson and Ana will be joining T1 for the upcoming TI qualifiers, mixing some of their OG magic with the fire of the SEA region. How did this change happen? Did Ana really refuse to play without Topson? What happened during the filming of Road To TI? ALL your questions about Topson and Ana's new journey answered in Today's Monkey Business Show, Episode 34! ?

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Fear and his Life after Winning TI | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 33

What has life been like for Fear after winning TI5? Does he still play dota? Is he ever going to make a pro comeback? Here's what he also had to say about OG.

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The Great Confluence - 5 new heroes? | OG's Monkey Business Show ft. Ephey & Slacks Episode 32

In this episode JMR Luna, Slacks and Ephey talk about the recent leak that revealed Valves plan on releasing 5 new heroes for Dota. Was it fake? Was it real? One can only dream of having a hero once a year, but 5? Find out about it on todays episode.

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What to do after Winning it all - Discussion with FalleN | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 31

A legend a superstar and an amazing CSGO player, FalleN, joins us this week in episode 31 to discuss all things esports and a bit of Dota, as it turns out he is a big OG fan!

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What does Misha think of the recent loses? | OG's Monkey Business Show episode 30

How is the team doing after the Major and what does Misha has to say about their recent losses? Find out about it all, along with their preparations for the next Major, in this episode!

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The DEGSTER MANIA HAS ARRIVED | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 29


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PPD & Symetrical about their time in Alliance | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 28

Running an esports team is anything but a walk in the park. Every team has its challenges, Alliance is no exception. Today, Symetrical and PPD join JMR and N0tail to talk about the main issues that most teams come to face at some point, and their perspective on it. An insightful conversation on the demanding aspects of the esports team life!

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Where is Ana? | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 27

He's back! Such a rare event to have Ana, N0tail and Ceb in one place. Watch this weeks episode to find out what has Ana been up to with our lovely host JMR Luna.

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Will Smith's $2,000,000 RV review by N0tail and JMR | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 26

Todays episode features N0tail and JMR talking about the Will Smiths $2,000,000 RV, Slap Tournaments, Ping Pong and OG CSGO at Blast.

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Live from the Sunflower House | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 25

Our rebuilt CS:GO team are just coming home from their BLAST run!How did our new squad come to life? How's everyone at the Lisbon House? When's our ping pong division opening?All answers in today's Monkey Business Show, Episode 25! Also: as ours never watched Lord Of The Rings, we are currently looking for a new Head of Esports.

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Ceb meeting the President | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 24

Last Friday, Ceb went to the Elysee to meet the French President Emmanuel Macron. Now guess what? Macron wants to host The International in Paris.

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Is Topson making a return? | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 23

Surprise, surprise! Exceptional player, exceptional release. What are Topias' plans? Is he reappearing in the Dota scene? Watching bzm play certainly does light up a blaze in anyone. An open update on @TopsonDota's future plans and wishes, discussed with JMR Luna in today's Monkey Business Show, Episode 23!

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The OG's Monkey Business Show Live from Stockholm Major | Episode 22 w/ Major Winners OG

The 3rd and final day of our Live Show comes to an end with the OG squad joining us right after their win. Find out about what were the team dynamics at play and the mental state of each player. The BZM and Ammar tests that you have to go through in order to qualify for the team. All here on our OG Monkey Business Show!

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The OG's Monkey Business Show Live from Stockholm Major | Episode 21 w/ Slacks, Quinn, Nattea

The 2nd day of our live show in Stockholm, with more guests, more fans and a lot of chaos!

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OG's Monkey Business Show Live from Stockholm Major Episode 20

The OG's Monkey Business Show coming to you Live from Stockholm! We had guests, we had fans and an all around incredible time watching the OG team create one of the biggest upsets we have seen in a long time in a Dota tournament.For the first live episode, JMR Luna and Kyle invited Dota 2 legend AdmiralBulldog to join them talk about Day 1 at the Major.Then some unexpected guests appeared...Enjoy!

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Pros & Cons of the Dota Talent life | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 19

Ephey, Kyle and JMR talk about life outside of Dota.This episode, although longer than our classic Monkey Business, will give you an in depth view of what our Dota 2 Talent go through and deal with in their day to day lives.A very insightful moment with 2 icons of the Dota scene, in today's Monkey Business Show episode 19

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Getting Major-ready with Seleri from Gaimin Gladiators | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 18

Another Tuesday, another Episode! Did you know that it's Seleri is a vegan ? Despite playing Dota and kicking ass in Division 1, it's Gaimin Gladiators first ever LAN event! This episode get to hear more about the Team Captain role, Coaching role and all of the funny and quirky things behind the screens.

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MoonMeander & N0Tail from 2015 to today | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 17

Another Tuesday, another Episode!? Old friends reunited! Did you know that MoonMeander and N0tail used to play together on the original OG team, Monkey Business? ? Which this show was named after! MoonMeander gives us his experience and insight on being the captain of TSM FTX Dota 2 team.

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DPC Tiebreakers with Ceb | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 16

Another TUESDAY, another Episode! ESL and Liquidpedia Tiebreaker drama, DPC Standings, possibility of missing CIS and China at the Stockholm Major and a lot more in this weeks Episode of OG's Monkey Business Show!

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Bad games from the Past | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 15

Another Tuesday, another Episode!?Did you know that some past games still haunt Johan to this day? ? Major qualifier and DPC, first LAN since 2020, painful losses from the past and learning from the mistakes - all in this weeks episode! ? (Ironic considering we had awful technical issues and had to record again...)

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Slack's crazy TI11 proposal | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 14

Another Tuesday, another Episode!? Did you know that SirActionSlacks real name is JAKE?! The big goof ball of an Interviewer and content creator joins us for this weeks episode to talk about TI11 in North Korea, his hate for Sweden and his love for his new family life!

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How to tilt Ceb & N0tail | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 13

Another Tuesday, another Episode!? Do you know what tilts our beloved Ceb and N0tail? Well find out in today's episode of the Monkey Business Show! Join us as the 2 time TI-Winners are venting about their pub experiences.

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Why the current DPC system is BAD ft. Kyle & Cap | OG's Monkey Business Show Episode 12

Another Tuesday, another Episode!? This week we have DPC Experts and Casters Kyle and Cap as our guests. Talking about the current DPC Schedule, burnout and life of pro players.

Did you know that, despite having only 1 game a week, most teams in Dota 2 keep practicing and playing all week?

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How 25 people managed to host Galaxy Gamers with Kyle | OG?s Monkey Business Show Episode 11

Did you know, that despite being a host & talent, "keepingitKyle" can't use a mic properly? Also hosting LAN Tournaments isn't easy but a team of just ~25 extremely passionate people and Kyle managed to host an amazing show of Gamers Galaxy. By the way, Kyle kinda looks like a Mud Golem. Check it out on the YouTube version.

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Building OG Dota 2.0 | OG?s Monkey Business Show Episode 10

What is the story behind OG Dota's new generation?

How did we end up choosing our players, and on which criteria?

Well today, the members of OG Dota 2.0 tell you their story themselves, in episode 10 of OG?s Monkey Business Show. Accompanied by our host JMR Luna, Taiga, Misha and their manager Bonkers, tell you everything about their journey and how they built the new OG team that would have to fill the world's biggest shoes.

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Topson's thoughts on 7.31 | OG?s Monkey Business Show Episode 9

TUESDAY is a good day for monkeys! ? While For this weeks episode we get to hear from the 2 TI Winner and now family man Topias "Topson". His thoughts on the 7.31 Update, his family life, new OG roster and how Team Nigma contributed to their back-to-back TI win!

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Does Crypto have a future in Esports? | OG?s Monkey Business Show Episode 8

TUESDAY is a good day for monkeys! ? This episode our beloved JMR and N0tail hosts talk about the possible importance of crypto in the gaming & Esports industry. As guests we have the crypto experts; Evgeny Gaevoy (CEO of Wintermute) & Michael Arnold (NFT Gaming Specialist, creator of the G2 NFT) who explain the possible crypto market uses in Layman's terms.

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When PPD almost took Topson in his Team | OG?s Monkey Business Show Episode 7

Did you know what Topson almost ended up being picked up by PPD? Well neither did we!

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N0tail and Ceb on how to fix the Dota Esports Scene | OG?s Monkey Business Show Episode 6

Ceb, N0tail, JMR Luna and Mike Schwartz, head of esports at OG esports, discuss the current state of Dota as an esports, how to nurture, fix and improve the game we love. Sharing their insights and valuable experience, comparing with other games and setting a plan, we give our vision for Dota 2's future and what is required to make our scene healthier to all parties. A discussion between veterans of esports brainstorming improvements for the SUPERIOR moba

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Answering Fan Questions | OG?s Monkey Business Show with N0tail and JMR Luna Episode 5

Mental health, overcoming adversity, how our beloved JMR Luna decided to start making movies. Only topics of utmost importance gathered in today's Monkey Business Show Episode 5! ? N0tail and JMR Luna adress all these topics and answer our Discord fans' questions in today's Monkey Business show, accompanied by our Fan Engagement Coordinator Josh!

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League better than Dota? | OG?s Monkey Business Show with N0tail and JMR Luna Episode 4

Is League better than Dota? Which has the healthiest circuit? What could Valve improve on to make Dota stronger? How do they work? JMR and N0tail are discussing this greatly controversial topic in today's Monkey Business Show Episode 4, available now. Two old friends talking about video games, available now!

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The winning mentality of nexa | OG?s Monkey Business Show feat nexa and ruggah Episode 3

With the addition of the legendary Nexa in our CSGO squad, we open a discussion on the highs and lows of competing in esports. What does it take to be the best? Does it come down to raw talent? Chemistry? A bit of both? How do pro players deal with the mental issues that come with the grind? nexa, N0tail, ruggah and JMR Luna give us their vision in today's Monkey Business Show Episode 3.

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Untold Stories from TI | OG?s Monkey Business Show with N0tail and JMR Luna Episode 2

Have you ever wondered what an OG TI run looks like from the inside? But most importantly, is N0tail a good IRL farmer after years of supporting? ? Today, N0tail and JMR are answering all your questions once again in the Episode 2 of The Monkey Business Show! Don't forget to give us your feedback, and ask your questions over on our Discord server: We hope you like it! ?

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What it took to become 2x TI Champ | OG?s Monkey Business Show with N0tail and JMR Episode 1

Today is a good day for monkeys! ? We are super proud to introduce the first episode of the Monkey Business Show hosted by N0tail and JMR Luna. Insights, memes and exclusive anecdotes with a slight touch of clownery are on the menu. What did it take to become a double TI champion? How is N0tail's transition back to a normal life? How did he meet his friend and CEO JMR Luna? All of the questions will finally find their answers in today's episode. Johan talks about his career and how it affected his life, in good and bad ways. JMR debrief the past year with OG and how we grew along the way. An open heartfelt conversation between two old friends. We hope you like it! ?

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