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The Wendy De Rosa Sessions

The Wendy De Rosa Sessions

Are you a sensitive, intuitive, empath or mystic looking to understand more about how you experience life? Listen as Wendy takes you on a deep dive through topics including intuitive energy healing, spirituality, living a deep inner connection, meditation, personal growth, spiritual growth, mindfulness and more!


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Clearing Limiting beliefs Around Money

A question came in from a student asking if I could make a podcast episode on clearing the limiting beliefs around money.  I thought, ?What a great idea!?.  Money issues or blocks are often rooted in our beliefs and emotions, but also in our energetic system. Money issues are rarely rooted in money itself, but rather what the goal is with money.  When we can identify where in our body these beliefs are vibrating, we can shift the energy from growing up in a lack mentality to support more abundant thinking. You?ll be guided into your energetic system to clear limiting beliefs that no longer serve you. 

In this episode, you will learn: 

How the early onset of lack mentality impacts your adult experiences with moneyWhat are limiting beliefs and how to shift them on an energetic levelWhat chakra to tune into to shift lack mentality to abundant thinkingHow shifting your energy in your body can affect your money karma. 

Are you interested in receiving monthly guided healings and asking Wendy a question live?  Become a member of her School of Intuitive Studies and receive hours of guided healings on a variety of topics each month. Plus, quarterly workshops with Wendy and other SIS Faculty.  To learn more, becoming a member here!

OR if you are interested in becoming a certified Intuitive Energy Healer and learn from Wendy join her Intuitive Healer Training Program.  Enrollment for 2023 is open now!

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The Inner Child and The Chakras as a Path to Emotional Healing

Your inner child is an aspect of your soul.  It relates to your met and unmet emotional needs and your intuition.  Yet, where does it reside, and why can it be helpful to do inner child work in order to heal emotionally? Learn how the inner child relates to your chakras, how to connect with your inner child, why they are part of your internal guidance system, and how to heal your adult self through inner child work. You?ll also receive a guided meditation to connect with your inner child.

In this podcast, you will: 

Learn about the role of your inner child and your chakrasDiscover why inner child work is so important in energy and emotional healing workExplore where to focus in your body to get the most out of your inner child healing workReceive a meditation to connect to your inner child and process old stuck emotional energy

For more information on how to continue to heal or become an intuitive Energy Healer, consider joining Wendy?s Intuitive Healer Training Program. Enrollment is open now for our 2023 program!

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Parenting an Intuitive Child or Re-parenting Your Inner Child

Is your child showing signs of heightening sensitivity and intuition?
How do you parent your intuitive child? 

This is a common question for parents who are seeing their children break the molds or remind them of their gifts as a child. Whether your child is empathic or highly intuitive and sensitive, this podcast will give you an understanding of upper body intuition and lower body intuition in children and how to parent intuitive children. 

It also will give you an understanding of your own inner child experience and how your intuitive child is teaching you!

In this podcast, you will learn:

The patterns for empathic and deeply feeling childrenHow to support children who see things and feel things, and how to support yourself as a parentThe difference between upper body intuition and lower body intuition in childrenHow heightened sensitivities in children who are neurodivergent or neurodiverse are breaking molds and helping us evolve in our consciousness. Supporting your child?s genius, intellect, communication, and dreams by counterbalancing with grounding. And so much more!

If this podcast supported you, please see this supplementary article: How to Parent Your Intuitive Child

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Energy Healing Tools for Teachers

If you are an educator or teacher working with adult or young students and would like to understand more about how energy healing can support you, this podcast is for you! As a teacher, you are managing a lot.  You are expected to be a parent, a therapist, meet district, state, or national standards, you may not have enough funding, you are supposed to help kids succeed who are essentially traumatized or self-soothing through screens? this is a lot!  You do need to take of yourself, recharge, and clear your energy.  Listen to this episode for energetic tools and practices you can do to implement right away. 

In this episode, You?ll learn:

How to ground and set your energy for your dayHow to stay energetically centered and clear during your day teachingGame-changer energetic tools that will shift how you teach and show up in the world. How to clear your energy at the end of the dayHow to clear energy from your classroom that may not need to lingerAnd more!

To learn more about Wendy?s Intuitive Healer Training Program and offerings, visit:

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Living a Soul Centric Life with Margie Hall

Join me for a conversation with Margie Hall, one of our SIS Healers, on what it means to live in connection with your soul.

We discuss ways to connect with your soul and what happens when we live disconnected. We also discussed past lives, belief systems, and how you can clear the barriers to your soul through energy healing.  Enjoy this soul-connected conversation!

In this episode, you will learn: 

How to enrich your life by finding a deeper connection to the self and the soul.The role your soul plays in your lifeThe relationship between the soul and the bodyWays to foster a connection to the soulWays to heal the soul if the connection is difficult

If you are interested in private intuitive energy healing sessions with Margie, visit her healer page here:

She will also be teaching a workshop on September 17th through the School of Intuitive Studies Membership.

To become a member, visit

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The Energetic Impact of Current Times and our Responsibility to Our Collective and Personal Evolution

As Empaths, sensitives, Intuitives, and human beings, we all feel the energy of what is arising in the collective.

With the rise of consciousness comes the rise of becoming conscious to our personal and collective traumas. Some spiritual perspectives suggest rising above it, but trauma healing teaches us that there is another doorway to freedom. 

Understanding how subconsciousness works in our energetic body personally and collectively can help us take responsibility for our healing and find power in who we are here to be. 

If you?ve felt hopeless and have been swimming in it all, give a listen to this episode.  Wendy offers a guided meditation at the end!

In this episode, you will

Learn more about the rise of consciousnessUnderstand collective and personal traumaUnpack the power of the feminine rising and how we are seeing that in current timesExplore The energetic impact of Roe v Wade and Race, Gender, and the chakra systemThe importance of community in times of collective shifting. 

To receive guided healings from Wendy every month, join her School of Intuitive Studies Membership!:

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How Essential Oils Support Our Deeper Healing

In this episode, we cover: 

The benefit of essential oils in healingWhy do therapeutic pure oils matterHow essential oils can help shift energy and support your deeper healingHow the plants speak to us through the oils. 


One-on-one consultation with Lindsey:

Online SIS Membership Workshop:  

The Gift of Essential Oils for Healing, Shifting, and Transforming the Energetic and Physical Body:  July 6 @ 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET


A 6 Week Online Class: 

The Gift of Essential Oils for Healing: 6 Week Plant Essence Meditation and Education Series:  July 28- Aug 31 @ 11 am PT:

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Empaths, Narcissists, and the Path to Healing our 2nd Chakra

The dynamic between the Empath and the Narcissist is a common one, unfortunately, but there are reasons why this dynamic exists.

In this episode, Wendy gives an energetic explanation of why taking responsibility for our own healing as sensitive, empathic, and intuitive beings heal our relationship with empaths but also opens the door to our primal and collective wounds within the feminine nature of our bodies (no matter your gender).

 In other words, what underlies the dynamic between the narcissist and empath is a path to healing your 2nd chakra.   

In this episode you will learn:

Why normalizing that we have wounds opens the door to deeper healingThe patterns and dynamics between the empath and the narcissistHow these patterns may have formed out of primal wounds in the 2nd chakraHow the empath and narcissist relate to the wounded feminine and wounded masculine that we are all here to healThe true nature of your 2nd chakra power and how healing this power center heals your relationshipsHow the importance of vulnerability, emotions, truth, transparency, and responsibility heal the 2nd chakra.

To order a copy of Becoming an Empowered Empath, join my email list and receive a free guided meditation visit:

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The Importance of Mindfulness in Public Schools

About Amy Thomton:    Amy has been an academic educator in the public school system for the past 24 years. This year marks her 21st working for Denver Public Schools. She currently holds the position at West High School as their Student Support Coordinator, and specifically, their Social Emotional Learning Lead.  Amy brings Yoga and Mindfulness into the classroom to support their social and emotional learning. She also completed her 200 YTT with Breath for Change and her Children's YTT with the amazing women of Kids Yoga Guide, Yogiful, and Yoga Hive. Sharing Mindfulness and Yoga practices with those that may not traditionally have had these opportunities is her passion!

In this episode, Amy talks about teaching mindfulness to high school students in her public school to support their social and emotional learning. She shares what set her on the path of pivoting from an academic educator to supporting students with their social and emotional health in combination with their academic learning. Amy talks about the impact of the pandemic on students and the differences she?s noticed by giving them a safe place to express themselves.  She learned that 80% of her students practice the tools she has taught them on their own in their personal life.  Amy also provides a demonstration for us on 2 mindfulness practices that you can do for yourself or with your children.  Give a listen to this powerful episode!

You will learn:

The mindfulness approach from a public school perspectiveWays Mindfulness has supported students through the pandemicHow mindfulness helps students improve academic performanceThe roles of breath and visualization in mindfulness for studentsThe importance of safety and expression for their well-being and mental healthSo much more!

To learn more about Breathe for Change visit: and Kids Yoga Guide visit:

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Healing The Shame Blanket

Shame serves a purpose. Its job is to help us see where there is a part of us that is contracted beneath the feeling of bad and wrong. It becomes the blanket that keeps us from feeling deeper feelings, deeper truth, vulnerability or compassion for ourselves.  On an energetic level, shame contributes to taking on the energy of others, feeling a victim, codependency, and disempowered in the 2nd chakra.  Underneath that shame is a powerful feminine energy that is meant to heal and emerge.

In this episode, you will learn: 

Shame and the relationship to your 2nd chakraHow shame formed historically and in your early childhood bondingHow shame contributes to taking on the energy of others and overly-empathic experiencesHow to heal shameHow connecting to the power of your feminine (no matter your gender) heals the shame blanket

Give a listen! As always you can learn more about Wendy?s offering through her websites: 


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The Power of Grace, Guides, Angels, and Attuning to the Divine

What is Grace? Who are Spirit Guides and Angels? Why is attuning to the Divine important? In this episode, Wendy shares the sacred experience of connecting with Spirit Guides and Angels without negating connection to yourself.  She shares how developing a relationship with the Divine opened up her connection with Spirit Guides and Angels and helped her become attuned to hearing them.  

In this episode, you explore: 

An opening meditationThe power of Grace as a frequencyThe sacred process of the upper channelWho are Spirit Guides and AngelsThe power of the sacred heart for inner guidance and higher guidanceAnd more!

Wendy mentions her Intuitive Healer Training Program at the end of the show, which you can find here.  

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How to Develop your Intuition: Exploring 4 Aspects of Intuition

How do you develop your intuition? Is it fear talking or is it your intuition?  Wendy answers these questions and more as she discusses how intuition works in your body through 4 aspects. She also guides you through a practice to connect to your soul and tune into these 4 aspects. 

In this episode you will: 

Learn how to define intuition from a whole body perspectiveLean about the 4 aspects of intuition and corresponding chakrasLearn why the ego gets a bad rap but why we need itExperience a guided meditation to connect to the four aspects of intuition in your body. 

To learn more about Wendy?s programs or the Intuitive Healer Training Program, visit:

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How to Become an Empowered Empath

Wendy De Rosa is the author of Amazon best-seller, Becoming an Empowered Empath- How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries and Embody Your Intuition.  In this episode, she shares what an empath is, the difference between being overly empathic and empathetic, why we take on the energy of others, and the role of the lower three chakras in becoming empowered as an empath.  Join this rich talk so you can understand more about your empathic nature.  

Wendy shares: 

What she was observing in empaths that inspired her to write this book Her story growing up as a sensitive, intuitive child What an empath is and what an empath isn?tWhy do empaths take on the energy of othersHow to stop taking on the energy of othersThe role of your chakras in energetic boundariesThe gifts of the empowered empath

For more information on Wendy?s book visit: or directly on Amazon here

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How Do We Heal on An Energetic Level

Understanding your energetic system gives you a window into how the energy we carry contributes to symptoms on a physical, emotional, and mental level. In Wendy?s very first episode she shares with you how to heal and clear energy in the chakra system.  She also gives specific teaching on what happens to your digestive system when your 3rd chakra is taking in too much energy from the world around you. In this episode you will learn: 

Wendy?s story on how she transformed anxiety, depression, and panic by developing her intuitionHow the energetic system beneath your physical anatomy is a doorway to your deeper healing How to release energy and unprocessed emotions that store in your body as energy blocksTools for healing on an energetic level


Links to Wendy?s Books:

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