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The Talk Show

The Talk Show

The Talk Show features discussion about technology, Apple, Mac, iPhone, iPad, movies, directors, and the Web. It?s America?s favorite podcast. Hosted by John Gruber & Dan Benjamin.


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90: Phiwladelphia

John and Dan discuss Steve Jobs dressed as Willy Wonka, RIM and who really needs to wake up, mobile profits and design sense, the Pebble, and Ebert's greatest films list and a survey of great directors.
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89: The Escalators Only Go One Way

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the availability unavailability of WWDC tickets, analyst *estimates* and Apple's earnings, Google Drive, clicky keyboards, sitting and standing, and hoagies, subs, and grinders.
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88: I'd Get A Super Yacht

John and Dan discuss iOS text editors, Read It Later/Pocket going free, Pinboard, WWDC, The Android Lockdown, the future of Windows and Nokia, and the James Bond novels going Amazon.
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87: Don't Geotag Your Junk

John and Dan talk about the Flashback virus, Instagram, Facebook, privacy, the dominant platform, the General Lee, the 4-inch iPhone, and much more.
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86: Well-Intentioned Scumbags

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss Instagram for Android, Papermill (Instapaper for Android), iPhone wifi utilization, the iPad hotspot, the Lumia 900, the Mac Pro's future, and Readability.
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85: Pre-Amplified

Jim Dalrymple is back with Dan Benjamin to talk about journalist responsibility in the wake of Warmgate, international 4G and things Apple didn't think of, patents and trademarks and how much care Apple gives them when naming products, guitars, domains, and a major announcement.
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84: Daisey, Daisey, Give Me Your Answer, Do

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss how dinosaurs publish digital magazines, the speed and signal of LTE on the new iPad, and the Mike Daisey fiasco.
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83: The King's Thumb

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the pixels, speed, and battery of the new iPad and how they make it much more than a simple update, the iPad event, tradeoffs in iPad and iPhone design, and how to handle being spotted with a prototype in public.
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82: Not Your Normal Beard

John Gruber is on vacation so Dan Benjamin is joined by Jim Dalrymple of The Loop to discuss Apple rumors, 20 years of publishing and following Apple, the new iPad, iPhoto, the future of Apple, and much more.
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81: Coffee and Trucker Pills

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about whether Michael Knight's keyboard could replace the Apple Extended Keyboard, the upcoming iPad event and potential software demos, the future of One More Thing, whether Siri and LTE will come to iPad 3, and who will be on stage.
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80: Nobody's Cutting Our Eyeballs

John and Dan discuss the Nightline Foxconn report, fake Pokemon apps, Google's HUD glasses, lasik, cookies and privacy, the iPad 3, the MLB, and Nielsen/Arbitron ratings in the modern day world.
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79: 8:31 AM

On this truly Big Week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin are joined by John Siracusa to discuss Gruber's personal keynote, who Apple is competing with, the new features in Mountain Lion, the future of the Mac and iCloud, and being off the record.
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78: Wow, is that a Pen?

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about the rumors of iPad 3, Windows 8 on ARM, LTE hardware, and Google Drive, about the Super Bowl ad Apple didn't run, the Samsung stylus, and Path doing the wrong thing the wrong way.
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77: Caviar and Champagne

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the evolution of MacWorld|iWorld, the evolution and future of cameras and camera makers, the Y-Combinator startup caught red-handed, Final Cut Pro Updates, laptop bags, Super Bowl winners that make John sick, the inevitable Facebook IPO, search engines, and Apple factories.
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76: The Stink of a Loser

John and Dan discuss Thorsten Heins and the future of RIM, Verizon's new numbers, the camera-less Singaporean iPhone, Zeldman's accident, and the iPad 3 rumors.
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75: A Mute Point

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the iPhone ringer switch, the behavior of switches and buttons on smartphones, how many levels of volume you need, dedicated camera buttons, keyboards, Apple's upcoming education event, and some of the most important follow up ever.
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74: Don't Hide the Apple Monkeys

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about every single interesting thing at CES, employees and monkeys that Apple sends to the show, Steve Jobs' education pre-announcement, more iOS multitasking, taking Samsung into Enderle territory, John's predictions for 2012, Bond on Blu-ray, quantum leaping back to high school.
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73: A Donkey's Got Nothing To Lose

This week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the TSA, Siracusa's and The New York Times' possessives, financial transaction processors, Apple Geniuses killing flies with flamethrowers, an Apple announcement in New York, coin-op games, and bring the episode to a shocking conclusion.
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72: H.R. Fluffypuff

This week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin wonder about girl hobbits, updating HR FluffyPuff to Ice Cream Sandwich, transforming tablets, RIM and Baghdad Bob, all the Kindle Fires under Christmas Trees, John's driving record, and John makes someone a millionaire with whiteout diamonds.
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71: Hashcow

This week, John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about John's appearance On The Verge, the new Apple Store in Grand Central Station, John's pro-fact bias, rooting for underdogs, laggy interfaces in Mac OS X and Android, new Twitter, the titles and bits of Bond films, and Louis CK's indie content and success.
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70: Pre-Lit

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about CarrierIQ, the Penny, Starbucks, Apple's Grand Central Terminal Store, The Verge, Johnny Carson on David Letterman, the Apple TV rumors, and more.
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69: Half Wacko

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss game consoles, Retina Displays coming to the the iPad 3 and future MacBooks, a 15-inch MacBook Air, Zuckerberg's apology, the Carrier IQ scandal, the allure of free shipping, and the demise of Hypercard.
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68: I Skip the Turkey

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about the evolution and failure to evolve of print media as it tried to move to the web, independent and corporate journalism, the beginnings of Daring Fireball, classifieds, good vs. bad sponsorships, Android's lack of traction, the tablet industry, and Thanksgiving around the world.
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67: Half-n-Half

Dan Benjamin and John Gruber discuss the new AIM, MUJI gloves, the Kindle Fire, Steven Levy, the Macintosh llci, iTunes Match, the promised revamping of the Netflix iPad app, Siri and more.
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66: Stuck Watching the Seahawks

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss iCloud, streaming movies, Adobe killing Flash for Mobile, the future of the television industry, satellite TV and the NFL, the new Apple Store App and making purchases, and the Steve Jobs biography.
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65: Nerdy Stripper

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about the new Siri ads, compare iMacs and Mac Pros and discuss whether the Mac Pro is going away, christen the Most Serious Mac Gamer in the History of the World, Apple's new In-Store pickup and changing Org Chart, Gmail, GoogleTV, the decline of Sony and HP, what printer John should buy, and iPhone 4S battery life.
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64: They Had to Burn the Sheets

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about Richard Stallman, the Apple TV (and possible iTV), cable cards, cable television and network controls, iCloud, Dropbox, and plan for an upcoming episode about the Steve Jobs biography.
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63: Skyping a Deuce

John Gruber gets tech support from Dan Benjamin with AirDrop and the Finder's sidebar before discussing Markdown, Siri, Apple's earnings announcement, why John doesn't carry business cards, the Roboto typeface, Dropbox, iOS Twitter integration, the Çingleton Symposium, Badger Face, the Galaxy Nexus, iPhone cases, and more.
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62: El Presidente

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss iOS 5, the iPhone 4S, Siri, the new camera, RAM usage and battery life on the iOS platform, the conclusion of the 2011 baseball season, and hints about the next series of movie reviews. John also shares a recent dream, and grants permission to release the Bond segments as independent episodes.
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61: Worst Sleeper Agent Ever

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about the newly announced Kindles and whether they are too many of them, the iPhone(s?) to be announced next week, talking to your phone, and the last #5byBond film: Quantum of Solace.
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60: I Tip Profusely

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the Netflix split, Apple's upcoming iPhone 5 announcement, Tim Cook, Microsoft's 30% take, HP's webOS layoffs, Steven Speilberg's regrets, the magic of Amazon Prime, and Casino Royale.
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59: Siracusa Says It's True

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss John's plan for Microsoft, Windows 8, Metro, touch on the desktop, keeping legacy environments around, Windows everywhere vs. iOS everywhere, and the death of Star Wars.
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58: Detective Latchkey

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the Lost iPhone 5, iPhone 5 hardware, the iPod Touch's future, AT&T buying T-Mobile, Sprint getting the 5, HP splitting WebOS and burying it in a Brazil-like bureaucracy, Carol Bartz out as Yahoo! CEO, the Starz/Netflix Split, and Die Another Day.
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57: The Banana Window

On this special episode recorded while Dan was still on paternity leave, John is joined by guest host Merlin Mann. Merlin and John discuss Vegas, Disney, Pixar and more!
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56: That Day Has Come

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin (returning early from paternity leave) discuss Steve Jobs' resignation, his succession, and Apple's future.
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55: More Babies

With Dan out, Ryan Irelan fills in and talks to John about the Google purchase of Motorola Mobility, the HP TouchPad meltdown, getting traction in a competitive mobile market, what it all means for Amazon and Apple and, finally, why Dan should have more babies.
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54: Shenanigans

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss the iPhone 5 launch date, Walmart, Amazon'g Web-based Kindle Cloud Reader, iPhonegate, Mark Cuban, the new Airport Extreme, Lion's app-quitting behavior, the Apple IIGS, the New Apple, and The World Is Not Enough.
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53: Anniversary

John and Dan celebrate the anniversary of The Talk Show and the birthday of DOS by talking about iPhone prototype rumors, home buttons, TextMate, the shape of Macs, storage, and displays to come, and life after #5byBond.
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52: Keep It Secret, Dude

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin talk about Apple's new stuff this week: new mini, new Air, new display, new OS, new scrolling, new launching, and along with special guests Faith and Jonas, talk about a new #5by5Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies.
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51: iPhone Jr.

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss Vegas, Baccarat, the iPad HD/Pro, the next generation of the iPhone, Apple's recent numbers, make predictions about what's coming this week, and dive deeper into Goldeneye.
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50: Buttering Both Sides

John and Dan discuss the persistent rumors of fall iPhones and iPads, the awesome (but broken) glass on Dan's phone, managing John's email, Microsoft's Android profits, Google+, 115054901319079500672, and the next film in #5byBond: Goldeneye.
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49: We Gave Her a Nice Honeymoon

Filmmaker and Timothy Dalton-lookalike Adam Lisagor joins the show to discuss Apple's tumultuous introduction of Final Cut Pro X and License to Kill.
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48: Hard Stop

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss Amazon Tablets, the next iPhone, the Nokia N9, Stanley Kubrick's letter to projectionists, the FBI seizure of web servers, and the Dropbox security issue.
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47: Nice Shirt, Handsome

Dan and John discuss the latest post-WWDC Apple news, Project Spartan, Mobile Me's transition to iCloud, The Living Daylights, and more.
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46: I Float Above It

John Gruber reports in from WWDC as he and Dan Benjamin discuss OS X Lion, iOS 5, Twitter integration, and perhaps the most significant announcement from Apple, iCloud.
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45: Secret Horse-Doping Lab

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss Amazon's music downloads, Bill Gates and Microsoft, Eric Schmidt, the ASUS Padfone, Logical Punctuation, Apple's cash, their WWDC predictions, iOS Twitter integration, and a View to a Kill.
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44: I Only Eat Apples

Dan Benjamin and John Gruber discuss Mac Defender, the new Nook, fonts, and latest Apple and tech news.
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43: Free Radicals

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin ask whether Microsoft should have bought Sprint instead of Skype, talk about the value of a physical store, review the HP Veer, discuss the potential of WebOS and the next #5byBond, Never Say Never Again.
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42: Palming the Egg

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin discuss phone contracts, the iOS book and subscription market even though John isn't interested in it, the Skype bungle, Google I/O announcements and some #5byBond "FU" before turning their attention to Octopussy.
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41: Frigate

John Gruber and Dan Benjamin have some followup from last week before they discuss curse words, the situation room, the thickness of the white iPhone, why John prefers doing audio shows, syncing via iCloud (maybe), and the next installment of #5byBond, For Your Eyes Only.
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