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Episode 10: Railroad Tycoon

Can’t believe that we’re making it to 10th episode! I want to say a huge thank-you to everyone who’s been very kind in supporting the series. It’s been fun! For this special occasion we’re covering my current favorite game: Railroad Tycoon. Railroad Tycoon is a train / pickup-and-deliver game designed by Martin Wallace and Glenn […]
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Episode 9: Bohnanza

We’re going classic this time and review the good o’le card game Bohnanza. Bohnanza is a trading / set collection game about beans that can play 2-7 players and its a very fun game to play. It is also one of the first card games that prohibits the player from rearranging the order of the […]
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Episode 8: Power Grid

In this 16 minute video I’m reviewing Power Grid in a bit more detail than the last few reviews I’ve done. Power Grid is the very first game I’ve purchased so this was a special review for me to do. It is a medium-heavy game of economics, auctions, resource management, and efficiency. As usual, I’m […]
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Episode 7: No, Thanks!

This time I’m taking a little break and go light in quickly reviewing the excellent card game No, Thanks! No thanks is released by ZMan games and is a quick 10-20 minute game with a reverse auction mechanism with a little bluffing aspect mixed in. Great fun! Download the episode here:
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Episode 6: Agricola

In this episode I’m doing a very broad / light review of Agricola. As usual, I’m reviewing the components, basic rules explanation and how-to play, and my overall thoughts on the game. Being a bit of a complex game I can’t get it done in 10 minutes, but 11! By the way, the goal of […]
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Episode 5: Chinatown

Got 10 minutes? Here’s a light review of Chinatown. Chinatown is an classic trading game that was recently reprinted by ZMan games in US. I’m lightly reviewing the components, how to play, example of trading, and my overall impression of the game. Sorry for the different lighting in some of the scenes – I had […]
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Episode 4: Wasabi!

Here’s a short review of Wasabi! Wasabi is a new tile-laying game by ZMan games for 2-4 players about making sushi. Or download the video here: Enjoy!
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Episode 3: Arkadia

Here’s my video introduction and review of Arkadia. Arkadia is a medium-light family game for 2-4 players about architects building the city & castle of Arkadia. You can also download it from the following places: Vimeo 3 Part Rapidshare: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 Enjoy! Game On!
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Episode 2: Galaxy Trucker

Hi everyone! I hope this second episode will be enjoyed as much as if not more than the first episode. We’re reviewing Galaxy Trucker. Enjoy! As usual, you can download the episode via right-click and save from here Episode 2: Galaxy Trucker via P.S. Some people commented that the link is not doing […]
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Episode 1: Notre Dame

Here’s the first episode of Basement Boardgamer! I’m reviewing Notre Dame. I admit there are some rough edges and it’s a bit too long ( 23 minutes, ) so please be gentle. My first time! I will strive to do better (and shorter) for my second episode. At the moment I’m still uploading the file […]
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