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Monocle 24: Monocle on Design

Monocle 24: Monocle on Design

Everything you need to know about the world of design, from furniture to fashion and craft to architecture. Expect fresh stories, new finds and designers and all the latest news from the world?s most exciting studios.


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Extra: Go with the flow ? riverside revival

The banks of Oslo?s Akerselva River are experiencing a wave of change. Landscape architect and planner Ola Bettum explains how to redesign a riverside.
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Headline design

Oli Stratford of Disegno joins us for the design headlines. Plus, a visit to ?The Porcelain Room? exhibition in Milan, and we speak with the design minds behind family-run Italian furniture business Living Divani.
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Extra: Who was Corita Kent?

Director of Los Angeles?s Corita Art Center, Nellie Scott, tells us more about the ethos of artist, educator and designer Corita Kent, who worked in LA and Boston and was an influential figure in the pop art movement.
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Sweden?s design future

We meet some of the brightest up-and-coming designers at the Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair. Plus: a discussion with Sweden?s first national architect, Helena Bjarnegård, and we talk to Luca Nichetto and Robert Acouri, two of the minds behind new Paris-based brand and boutique La Manufacture.
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Extra: Does architecture always have to be a building?

In the 1960s and 1970s, groups of emerging designers across the globe began experimenting with architectural forms. Matthew Butcher and Luke Pearson tell us more about some of the playful projects by the avant-garde practitioners of the time.
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Drawing inspiration

We speak to Foster + Partners? art director Narinder Sagoo about the process of sketching new buildings. Plus: we visit the Danish Architecture Centre, and meet two friends channelling nostalgia into the design of Brooklyn?s Turk?s Inn restaurant.
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Extra: Rules and risk

Marjorie Allen was a postwar pioneer of the Adventure Playground movement in the UK. Her story features in ?Play Well?, an exhibition at London?s Wellcome Collection. We meet the exhibition?s curator, Shamita Sharmacharja, to learn more.
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Meeting Francis Kéré

An in-depth discussion with Berlin-based, Burkina Faso-born architect Diébédo Francis Kéré, reflecting on how his practise Kéré Architecture creates buildings with both a sense of place and purpose. Plus, we meet design fair Maison et Objet?s designer of the year ? lighting and interiors specialist Michael Anastassiades.
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Extra: Bright ideas

Designer Barbara Palatin Doyle shares her inspiration behind her lamp Charta Alba, and shines a light on a new collection of table lamps from Studio Palatin.
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Class acts

We meet the minds behind two new spaces designed to inspire creativity. Dutch architect Ellen van Loon discusses her design made with architectural firm Oma for Brighton College in the UK. And we also talk music-studio design with musician and producer Dave Okumu and architect Julius Taminiau.
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Extra: Cuba?s golden age of graphic design

Posters have always sought to persuade and this week we review the work of the Organisation of Solidarity of the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America which is the subject of a bold exhibition at London?s House of Illustration.
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Cover stars

Monocle?s creative director Richard Spencer-Powell and culture editor Chiara Rimella join Josh Fehnert for a review of the best-designed magazines on the newsstand. Plus: Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, on the Florentine trade show?s place on the global fashion calendar.
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Extra: Divine architecture: Our Lady of the Cadore

Amid the natural beauty of the Dolomites sits a remarkable work of human endeavour: the Church of Our Lady of the Cadore. Ivan Carvalho pays tribute and asks an architectural historian about this amazing structure.
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2020 vision

We look ahead to the standout design trends for the year ahead with architect Sir Peter Cook and design and craft writer Katie Treggiden.
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The best of 2019

A look back at the year in design, including discussions with architect Elizabeth Diller, the books of Irma Boom and how design can help tackle homelessness.
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Fashion 2020

Monocle's fashion editor Jamie Waters welcomes designer Paula Gerbase, buyer Dean Cook and fashion PR Adam Shapiro for an in-depth discussion on the future of the clothing industry.
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Extra: Mapping mid-century modern

We meet writer and author Dominic Bradbury to discuss his recently published architecture book, ?Atlas of Mid-Century Modern Houses?.
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Building better futures

We head to the World Architecture Festival to meet three minds pushing architecture forward ? Petra Blaisse, Kim Herforth Nielsen and Eva Franch i Gilabert.
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Extra: Moving to Mars

We?ve been cleared for take-off from the ?Moving to Mars? exhibition at London?s Design Museum. We hear from the show?s chief curator, Justin McGuirk, about space-age fashion and the difficulty of designing for life on another planet.
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Design Miami

Monocle?s design editor Nolan Giles heads to Design Miami to meet some of the most dynamic talents at the annual showcase. Including Australian designers Broached Commissions, curator Alice Stori Liechtenstein, artist and designer Daniel Arsham and mayor of Miami Beach Dan Gelber.
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Extra: What should a hospital sound like?

When Helsinki?s new children?s hospital was designed, its sound and acoustics were a major consideration. We hear how good sound design can make a huge difference for patients and staff in a stressful environment.
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Los Angeles special

This special edition of the programme is hosted by Monocle?s Carlota Rebelo in Los Angeles. She reports on what defines the Southern California aesthetic, a new streetlight competition and textiles from BlockShop.
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Extra: Perth Stadium

From Rotterdam to Milan, new stadiums are nearing completion. But can a stadium structure reflect its location? We look to western Australia to find out how Perth Stadium?s new parkland embraces its city.
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Toronto special

This special edition of the programme is hosted by our team in Toronto, unpicking Canada?s design credentials, from graphic design and architecture to the country?s fine roster of design festivals.
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Extra: In praise of shade

The planet is getting warmer and city residents are starting to feel the heat in buildings designed for cooler climes. Air conditioning is one ? somewhat wasteful ? solution but should architects and designers consider throwing some shade instead? Roll up, roll up, for our report on the merits of awnings.
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Greek revival

The Greek economy is improving despite a ruinous financial crisis, and today more Athenians are heading home and looking to help shape the city for the better. Our Athens-themed dispatch delves into three industries (from urban planning to fashion and hospitality) to see how design is offering new solutions in this ancient city.
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Extra: City security: Oslo?s new neighbourhood

Oslo is currently redesigning its government quarter. The administrative buildings here were damaged by a terror attack in 2011 and are set to be demolished to make way for shiny new replacements and large public parks to boot. We meet the architects behind the overhaul.
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London with Simon Jenkins

Author and historian Simon Jenkins talks to Josh Fehnert about how London came to look the way it does. Plus: Architectural historian Elain Harwood on the UK?s overlooked art deco buildings.
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Extra: Show stoppers

How do you redesign the familiar and the everyday? We visit London?s Ace Hotel, which recently invited Diego Faivre, Boaz Cohen and Shay Alkalay to refresh objects such as doorstops and rugs as part of the ?Custom Exercise? design project.
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Keeping it natural

We meet celebrated architect Tom Kundig, co-owner and design principal of Seattle-based partnership Olson Kundig, to discuss how his enthusiasm for natural materials flows into his work. Plus: Maria Cheung of London-based architects and designers Squire and Partners joins us to discuss how to design workspaces that are creative, productive and fun.
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Extra: Game changers

Mattel have released a new braille edition of classic card game Uno. Games expert Dr Michael James Heron explains design choices encouraging wider accessibility for the visually impaired in board games and card games.
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Bold futures

We head to Eindhoven to check out the best of Dutch Design Week. Plus: how the Cold War shaped Vienna?s architecture and Rob Dickins introduces The Architects Underground at the Royal Institute of British Architects.
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Extra: Seeing double

We visit Baltimore?s Post Typography to learn how founders Nolen Strals and Bruce Willen grew a successful design and branding agency from their beginnings as collaborators in the city?s music scene.
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The politics of pattern

We discuss the politics of pattern design with writer and curator Priya Khanchandani and architect Sam Jacob, whose exhibition at the Lisbon Architecture Triennale challenges established norms. Plus: staying in Portugal, we head to Modtissimo, the trade fair in Porto that shows off the nation?s best textiles.
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Extra: Best seats in the house

We speak to Russell Pinch and Oona Bannon of London?s Pinch Design about how to create furniture that?s elegant yet homely.
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Stanley Donwood

We speak to the artist, illustrator and designer about his new book, ?There will be no Quiet?, collecting his designs for Radiohead album covers over the past three decades. Plus: production designer Anna Rhodes on making music videos for artists including Kanye West, Rufus Wainwright and Laura Marling.
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Extra: ?Sound in Mind? with Yuri Suzuki

We speak to the sound designer and audio-branding specialist about his new showcase, currently at London?s Design Museum.
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Heart of glass

A visit to Venice Glass Week to speak with makers and experts such as Rosa Barovier and Simone Cenedese, who discuss their delicate and highly skilled work. Plus: Czech sculptor, glass and product designer Rony Plesl.
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Extra: The Antwerp Six

In the late 1980s a group of fashion graduates piled into a van with their collections, drove to London and took the British Designer Show by storm, forging the futures of the so-called Antwerp Six.
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Form, function and the future

We visit the Mingeikan ? the Japan Folk Crafts Museum ? to speak to its director-designer Naoto Fukasawa, who has used Japan?s Mingei crafts movement to inform his globally renowned products. Plus: we look at design?s future and the role of artificial intelligence with Daisuke Ishii, Sony?s chief art director, discussing the brand?s ?Affinity in Autonomy? installation.
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Extra: A higher power

In an increasingly secular society, designs for worship are changing to reflect the needs of parishioners, many of whom crave calm in busy cities. Monocle?s Design editor Nolan Giles takes a closer look at modern religious architecture.
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London Design Festival

We bring you the best from London Design Festival, including interviews with festival director Ben Evans, experimental designer Marlène Huissoud and Sir Ian Blatchford of the Science Museum, Italian furniture master Patrizia Moroso and sculpture designer Liz West. Plus Paul Cocksedge explains how he made his standout ?Please Be Seated? installation.
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Extra: ?Exploring the city?

Ahead of our full report from the event, we speak to Ben Evans, co-founder and director of London Design Festival, about how temporary spaces can inspire lasting change in a city?s design outlook.
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Under the covers

We welcome back design writer Katie Treggiden to run through the sharpest magazines and publishing projects catching her eye. Plus: our creative director Richard Spencer Powell talks about designing not only the latest edition of the magazine but a new soon-to-launch title from the Monocle stable.
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Extra: ?Creative Spaces?

We speak to Ted Vadakan who co-founded LA art-and-design brand Poketo along with Angie Myung. He talks about their new book ?Creative Spaces?.
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Istanbul?s design future

Monocle?s Nolan Giles explores an Istanbul neighbourhood that is being reinvigorated by design and pays a visit to the city?s Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture. Plus: we check out Design Week Helsinki and speak to Philippe Brocart, managing director of world-leading interiors fair Maison et Objet.
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Extra: Inner worlds

A look at hidden design and architecture that's tucked away from the street, as we speak with photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre about their project "Budapest Courtyards".
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Outside the box

Author Shiromi Pinto speaks to Josh Fehnert about her architecturally informed novel ?Plastic Emotions?, which details the relationship between Sri Lankan modernist architect Minnette de Silva and Swiss-French design icon Le Corbusier. Plus: in praise of courtyards and the latest design headlines from Katie Treggiden.
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Extra: Supermarket sweep

We check out supermarket design and learn why the architecture of one outlet in London, created by architect Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, is now protected as a heritage site.
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Landscape architecture, a portrait

Architecture prizes are many but what about an award for the all-important spaces between buildings? We speak to the founder of The Cultural Landscape Foundation to find out more. Plus: a look at the prints and textiles of William Morris, and a preview of the Design Biennale Zürich.
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