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Gwen Jorgensen’s Champion Mindset: Big Dreams, Taking Risks & Following Your Heart

?It doesn?t matter what other people think. Not everyone is going to always support you 100% but as long as...

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How to Unlearn: Humble The Poet On Simple Truths For A Better Life

?We all have the unlimited power to shift our perspective, and with that the unlimited power to change the way...

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Annaka Harris On Consciousness

?Sometimes, we have to completely let go of intuitions that are actually giving us false information about reality.?  Annaka Harris...

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Amanda Palmer On Radical Compassion & The Power Of Vulnerability

?We will stay crippled in the darkness if we cannot feel compassion for the heart that is the darkest.?  Amanda...

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Toby Morse On Punk, Parenting & PMA

?The key to being positive and happy is doing what you love. I?m very lucky to still be able to...

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Titus Welliver On Gratitude & Great Art

?Gratitude and humility attract opportunity and success.?  Titus Welliver Hey it?s that guy. You know the guy, right? The guy with...

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Zach Bush, MD Wants You To Let Go Of Your Story

?The biggest problem we all face is the story that we tell ourselves of what our lives have been. It?s...

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Matthew Futterman On The Secrets of Speed & Endurance

?Where you?re born, how you?re born and how you grew up are not your destiny. You can change your destiny....

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Pro Boxer Mike Lee On Why Mindset Is Everything

?The more you can be in this present moment and control what you can control, the better off you?re going...

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Jeff Gordinier Is Hungry: Perfect Plates, Punk Rock & Prolific Prose

?You are here now. Make the most of it and change what?s not working. It?s crucial.? Jeff Gordinier Why is...

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Miguel McKelvey Is Reimagining The Workplace — How Design Fuels Human Connection

?What I really care about is connecting people.? Miguel McKelvey The tectonic plates of the workplace landscape are rapidly shifting....

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Dave Roll: Meditations On Character, Integrity & Leadership

?Character matters.? Dave Roll For reasons both obvious and perhaps less so, this week?s episode holds a very special place...

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Rebecca Rusch Is The Queen Of Pain

?Affecting my physical body is a way for me to reach inside my soul. Suffering allows me to access who I...

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Gemma Newman, MD Is The Plant Power Doctor

?Stay positive. Make a change for yourself. Tell others about your change. Feel good and hopefully, the message will spread.?...

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The Awakening Of Russell Brand

?If you have a spiritual life, it is for you. It is not something you should inflict on other people.?...

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Cal Newport on Digital Minimalism: Why Focus Is the New Superpower

?Simply put, humans are not wired to be constantly wired.? Cal Newport It?s become increasingly harder to just put the phone...

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Sanjay Gupta, MD On Chasing Health, Work-Life Balance & Responsible Journalism

?Human existence is but the blink of an eye. It doesn?t take much research to think about how we evolved...

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You Are A Superorganism: Ara Katz & Raja Dhir On The Power Of Microbes

?We are, by definition, an ecosystem. The microbiome reveals a more connected biology, radically transforming our approach to medicine, hygiene,...

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Andy Ramage On Creating The ‘One Year No Beer’ Movement & How Alcohol-Freedom Unlocked His Potential

?Quitting alcohol isn?t just for alcoholics.? Andy Ramage Over the years, I have openly shared my personal journey with alcoholism...

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Doug Bopst On Fitness, Faith & The Jail Cell That Saved His Life

?Always focus on how far you?ve come, not how far you have to go.?  Doug Bopst Admittedly, It?s a thrill...

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Jesse Thomas: Work Hard, Play Harder & Love Hardest

?There?s just no substitute for working hard.?  Jesse Thomas He?s one of the world?s most popular and accomplished professional triathletes....

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Pete Holmes: Comedy! Sex! God!

?Awareness is peace.?  Pete Holmes Comedian! Writer! Author! Spiritual seeker! One of my favorite people, Pete Holmes needs no introduction. But I?m...

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The Awakening Of Jeff Grant: From Addiction & Incarceration To Prison Ministry

?Guilt is about what you?ve done. Shame is about who you are.?  Jeff Grant An epidemic of colossal proportions, millions struggle...

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Freeze Solo: Colin O’Brady Is The First to Cross Antarctica Alone & Unassisted

?We all have reservoirs of untapped potential. The biggest thing standing in our way? Our minds.? Colin O?Brady Life has taught...

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Lisa Damour, PhD On Parenting Teens Under Pressure

?We run the risk now of raising a generation that is stressed about being stressed, and anxious about being anxious.?...

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Optimizing Spring Training: Chris Hauth Returns

?You are never going to be the same person you were yesterday because there?s always something you learned in that...

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David Sinclair On Extending Human Lifespan & The Science Behind Aging

?Nothing matters except making the world a better place after you?ve been here.? David Sinclair, PhD Everybody grows old. Everyone...

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The Strava Story: Building A Fitness Community Fueled By Emotional Connection

?If you sweat, you?re an athlete. It?s as simple as that.? Mark Gainey & Michael Horvath Riding up a local...

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Guru Singh On Positivity — Why Receptivity Is The Better Path

?Sometimes what appears to be negative is the most positive thing you can do. What appears to be ?safe? is...

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Kevin Smith On The Heart Attack That Saved His Life & The Art Of Prolific Creativity

?Don?t identify as an artist, be the art.? Kevin Smith About 610,000 people die of heart disease in the United States every...

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David Bronner On Cosmic Engagement, Conscious Capitalism & Cultivating Unity

?We?re systematically destroying the life in soil and bringing our crops to harvest with more and more chemical inputs and...

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Mike Posner On Making Art, Embracing Growth & Walking Across America

?I really try not to pay attention as much as I can to the reaction to the art. For me...

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Jack Dorsey On Solitude, Self-Care & Shouldering The Health of Global Conversation

?There?s no path towards evolution and making something better unless we can talk about it.? Jack Dorsey  Imagine shouldering responsibility...

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The Paradox of Passion With Brad Stulberg & Steve Magness

?There is both good passion and bad passion. And what direction your passion takes is largely up to you.? Brad...

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Nadia Bolz-Weber Is Shameless — Reconciling Sex & God With Grace

  ?God, please help me not be an asshole, is about as common a prayer as I pray in my...

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Brian Koppelman On The Artist Within, Nurturing Your Voice & The Importance Of Consistent Creative Practice

  ?Nobody has to give you permission to do the work that you want to do.? Brian Koppelman Today?s guest...

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San Quentin To Saved: Chris Schuhmacher’s Last Mile To Redemption

?I knew I had to take ownership of what I did and regardless of the circumstances, I was going to...

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Tom Bilyeu On Exiting The Matrix, How To Develop ‘Techne’ & Why Mindset Is Everything

?Once you realize that you can do anything that you set your mind to, how you spend your time becomes a...

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The War Inside: Combat Veteran Sarah Lee On PTSD & How Cycling America Saved Her Life

?The war inside is totally different from the one we were trained to win.? Sarah Lee  Imagine finding yourself in a...

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Eat Plants Not Animals: James Aspey Is Defending The Voiceless

?I went voiceless because they?re voiceless.? James Aspey  Why do we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows? Dr. Melanie...

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Todd Herman On The Alter Ego Effect: Unlocking The Hero Within

?There?s a big difference between interested and committed.? Todd Herman  What if I told you that one secret to success...

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The Queens Of EPIC5: Danielle Grabol & Melissa Urie On Girl Power Grit

?Everybody wants the finish line. Everybody wants a medal. But people don?t want to put the work in.? Danielle Grabol...

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Marco Borges’ Greenprint For Your Best Self & A Better World

?What is it all about? It?s about being healthier, happier, better to the animals, kinder to each other and the...

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Damien Mander: The Vegan Sniper On How Women Are Winning The War On Big Game Poaching

?Only one [species] has the power to determine what level of suffering is acceptable for all other sentient beings to...

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Dare To Be You In A World That Values Conformity

?Are you a fraud to society or a fraud to yourself?? Guru Singh Welcome to another edition Guru Corner featuring my...

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Kílian Jornet: Summiting The Mind Of The World’s Greatest Mountain Runner

?Conquering mountains is an ironic phrase. We are not conquering them. We can never pretend to be fighting nature because...

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Addiction & Depression: Johann Hari On Lost Connections

?The opposite of addiction isn?t sobriety. It?s connection.? Johann Hari Why are we seeing unprecedented rates of depressions? What?s behind...

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Winter Fitness & The Canon Of Consistency With Chris Hauth

?We?re able to give so much more when we take care of ourselves on a daily basis.? Chris Hauth Making...

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Zach Bush, MD On The Science & Spirituality of Human And Planetary Transformation

?If we don?t reconnect with nature, we will just destroy it again.? Zach Bush MD In my humble opinion, Zach...

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You Can’t Hurt David Goggins: Going Beyond Motivation & Why Mindset Is Everything

?You have to go to war with yourself before you can find peace? David Goggins I can think of no...

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