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The Rich Roll Podcast

The Rich Roll Podcast

A master-class in personal and professional development, ultra-athlete, wellness evangelist and bestselling author Rich Roll delves deep with the world's brightest and most thought provoking thought leaders to educate, inspire and empower you to unleash your best, most authentic self. More at:


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Straight Edge For Life: Punk Icon Toby Morse On Positivity, Parenting & Plant-Based Living

Don?t forget the struggle, the streets, or your roots, and resist selling out?such is the message from today's guest, Toby Morse. Toby, the frontman of the hardcore punk band H2O and host of the One Life One Chance podcast, is here to dispense a rebellious prescription of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). Inspired by the 1988 Lower East Side transgressive punk rock scene, Toby formed H2O, synonymous with Straight Edge and PMA communities. Committed to a plant-based, drug, and alcohol-free lifestyle, Toby defies societal norms in the music and tattooed subcultures. Celebrating individuality, he champions misfits, spreading hope for positive change among the youth.  Our conversation explores the profound significance of friendship, fatherhood, and the transformative journey within the hardcore punk movement. Toby advocates for a non-conformist lifestyle, aligning with his passion for animal rights and fostering positivity amidst societal challenges and social media acrimony. We delve into Toby's fitness regimen, cold plunging, and the pursuit of authenticity in podcasting. This conversation is uplifting, insightful, and gratifying?an exploration of punk ethos, friendship, and positivity. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up ?Today?s Sponsors: Bon Charge:  Use code RICHROLL to save 15% OFF ? AG1: Get 5 FREE AG1 Travel Packs ? Waking Up: Get a FREE month, plus $30 OFF  ? Roka: Unlock 20% OFF your order with code RICHROLL  ? This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp: Listeners get 10% OFF their first month ?
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Charles Duhigg: How to Unlock the Secret Language of Connection

Conversation matters?but it only matters if you understand the nature of conversation itself. But how can we improve conversation to better connect and solve the problems we face? Charles Duhigg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of The Power of Habit, shares insights on improving communication in his latest work, Supercommunicators. With degrees from Yale and Harvard Business School, Duhigg has contributed to prestigious publications like the Washington Post and the New Yorker. In "Supercommunicators," he explores the neuroscience and psychology shaping our interactions. Supercommunicators comprehend the scientific intricacies of human connection. They understand that we engage in one of three conversations every time we speak: What is this really about? How do we feel? And, who are we? The linchpin for establishing connections, deciphering unspoken nuances, and ensuring active listening lies in comprehending the underlying neuroscience and psychology influencing our conversations.  The discussion covers critical concepts like looping for understanding and the matching principle. We explore practical steps for navigating challenging conversations, highlighting the importance of physical mirroring and emotional matching in effective communication. Charles underscores the significance of connection, revealing that a thriving dialogue hinges on comprehending the other person's perspective rather than focusing on persuasion. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up ?Today?s Sponsors: Inside Tracker: Get 25% OFF all Inside Tracker tests ?  Camelbak: Use code RICHROLL for 20% OFF ? AG1: Get 5 FREE AG1 Travel Packs ? Go Brewing: Get 15% OFF with my code Rich Roll ?  Whoop: Enjoy a FREE 30-day trial  ?
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The Scarcity Brain: Michael Easter On How To Rewire Your Habits to Thrive with Enough

In a world saturated with comforts, overstimulation, and the perpetual allure of convenience, a crisis has quietly emerged. It is the pervasive influence of the ?Scarcity Brain? that wires our minds to crave more. Michael Easter, an author, investigative journalist, and UNLV professor, offers insights to rectify the craving mindset in his books, The Comfort Crisis and the New York Times bestseller Scarcity Brain. Michael reveals the driving psychological aspect behind our technological compulsions?exploiting the scarcity loop?comprising components of opportunity, unpredictable rewards, and quick repeatability. Our evolutionary origins in scarcity clash with our present reality of abundance. The conversation extends to Michael?s journey with sobriety, exploring the scarcity loop?s impact on addictive behaviors. It delves into strategies for reducing addictive behaviors, achieving balance with technology, and addressing the comfort crisis. We also discuss social media?s impact on the brain, minimalism, and technological addictions. Understanding the psychological loop can transform our relationship with the digital world, and recognizing these behaviors is crucial for positive change. The hope is that this revelatory conversation equips you with tools to identify scarcity loops, understand your interactions, and reverse these behaviors.  Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up ?Today?s Sponsors: LMNT: Get a FREE sample pack here ? Eight Sleep: Get $200 OFF the Pod 3 Cover ?  AG1: Get 5 FREE AG1 Travel Packs ? Squarespace: Use code RichRoll to save 10%  ?  On: Get 10% OFF ?
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Harvard?s Dr. Ellen Langer On The Mind-Body Connection, The Power of Mindfulness, & Why Age Is Nothing But a Mindset

Harvard?s renowned ?Mother of Mindfulness,? Dr. Ellen Langer offers an insightful assessment: the root cause of global challenges lies in mindlessness. With an illustrious forty-five-year career and the distinction of being the first woman to attain psychology tenure at Harvard. Her extensive work spans diverse topics, including the illusion of control, mindful aging, stress, decision-making, and health, challenging the conventional mind-body dualism in Western medicine.In her latest book, The Mindful Body: Thinking Our Way to Chronic Health, Dr. Langer delves into the transformative potential of mindfulness for improving health. This conversation dismantles the separation between mind and body, exploring the concept of mind-body unity. She dissects the power of belief, dispels the illusion of control, and offers a novel perspective on decision-making and manipulation. The discourse extends to the psychological construct of fatigue, demonstrating how mindfulness positively influences physical endurance.Advocating for a paradigm shift, Dr. Langer encourages liberating ourselves from past experiences and conventional wisdom. This transformative mindset, she asserts, unlocks untapped potential, fostering increased agency and empowerment. The discussion reveals intricate connections between the mind and body, providing practical tips and cutting-edge research to empower individuals to take control of their health and achieve enhanced well-being. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up ?Today?s Sponsors: Seed: use code RICHROLL25 for 25% OFF ? Birch: Enjoy 20% OFF + 2 free eco-rest pillows ? On: Get 10% OFF ? Momentous: Get 20% OFF OFF ? Waking Up: get a FREE month, plus $30 OFF ? This episode is sponsored by BetterHelp: Get 10% OFF your first month ?
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Harvey Lewis: The 47-Year-Old High School Teacher Who Ran 450 Miles and Broke a World Record

Last fall, Harvey Lewis captured the international spotlight at Big?s Backyard Ultra in rural Tennessee. The high school teacher broke a world record, running an astounding 450 miles in 108 hours?more than the distance from DC to Boston.  But?I implore you?don?t let his humility deceive you. Inside Harvey roams a myriad of animalistic tenacity ready to be unleashed. A beloved teacher at Cincinnati School for Creative and Performing Arts, Harvey redefines human capability with 27 years of ultra-running experience, 115 ultras, podium finishes at Badwater 135, and a five-time USA National 24-hour Team member. Today, we explore Big?s, including Harvey's readiness to run through another night, his approach to sleep deprivation, spirit animals, transcendence, and mindset. Harvey guides us through his coach-less training and the motivations behind his extensive running feats, racing for the Brighton Center, a Kentucky non-profit supporting families.  Additionally, Harvey?s fiancée, Kelly, provides exclusive insights into his personality and kindness, sharing charming details like stopping for lightning bugs and hosting popsicle parties. She discusses her ultra-running experiences and participation in Netflix's Squid Game Challenge. I immensely admire Harvey. He embodies humility, champions gracefully, and exudes a delightful presence?a hero the world needs. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: CamelBak: Get 20% OFF with code RICHROLL ? Bon Charge: Enjoy 15% OFF with code RICHROLL ? Squarespace: Get 10% OFF ? Plunge: Use code RICHROLL for 150$ OFF ? AG1: Free AG1 Travel Packs ?
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The Toxic Chemicals Polluting Our Water: Ken Cook On PFAS, Glyphosate, GMOs & More

Amidst the growing concerns over nutritional safety, there is a pressing need for increased awareness about making informed choices and living in a healthy environment. But how can we guarantee the safety of our food, water, and consumer products? Today, I?m speaking with Ken Cook, the President and co-founder of the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG). We delve into the organization's pioneering role in digital innovation. EWG?s user-friendly, science-driven tools empower American families to minimize exposure to potential hazards in food, water, cosmetics, and household products. Recognized as a prominent environmental critic, Ken sheds light on the influence of lobbying on environmental policy and the urgent need to rebuild trust in regulatory bodies.  Our discussion covers diverse topics, from harmful chemicals in personal care products to the divergent regulatory approaches between Europe and the US. Ken also addresses agricultural subsidies, the farm bill, and the pivotal role of consumer choices in driving positive industry changes. The episode concludes by highlighting EWG?s Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists, advocating conscious consumer choices, and recognizing the significant impact of young people in shaping a positive future. Additionally, practical guidance is provided for informed shopping decisions, encouraging using EWG?s valuable resources.  Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: INSIDE TRACKER: Get 25% OFF tests ? ON: Enjoy 10% OFF ? EIGHT SLEEP: $250 OFF ? GO BREWING: 15% OFF with code RICHROLL ? AG1: Free AG1 Travel Packs ? WAKING UP: FREE Month ? Peace + Plants, Rich
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The $2M Longevity Protocol: Bryan Johnson?s Biohacking Blueprint

Today we discuss, perhaps, the most audacious goal in the history of humanity and question: is death inevitable?  Bryan Johnson is a modern-day explorer who has dedicated significant resources over the last few years to arresting?and possibly even reversing?his biological age. In doing so, he is reframing the zeitgeist and revolting against our culture of self-destructive behaviors. Centered on Project Blueprint and the ambition to halt and potentially reverse biological aging, he challenges cultural norms that tend towards self-destructive behaviors.  Despite my initial skepticism, Bryan?s mission emerges as humanitarian. His ventures include Kernel, a brain activity monitoring company, and OS Fund, a science and tech venture capital firm. We explore Bryan?s exodus from Mormonism and his AI-centric vision for the future.  Amid critical press, I urge listeners to approach with discernment as Bryan delves into longevity science with emotional depth. It prompts profound contemplation about aging and humanity?s role in an imminent, unimaginable future.  Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: INSIDE TRACKER: Get 25% OFF tests ? ROKA: Enjoy 20% OFF ? BON CHARGE: 15% OFF ? AG1: Free AG1 Travel Packs ? WAKING UP: FREE Month ? This episode was brought to you by BetterHelp: enjoy 10% off your first month ?BETTERHELP.COM/RICHROLL Peace + Plants, Rich
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Breaking Hunger Habits: Dr. Jud Brewer On How To Fix A Broken Relationship With Food

As the new year unfolds, resolutions often falter, particularly those related to food habits. Acknowledge this truth with gravitas?most diets fail most of the time. Neuroscientist Dr. Jud Brewer challenges conventional weight loss wisdom, exposing the myth of willpower from a neuroscience perspective. In his third podcast appearance (RRP episodes 471 and 586), Dr. Brewer, Brown University?s Mindfulness Center director and School of Public Health and Psychiatry professor, delves into his latest book, The Hunger Habit. Drawing on two decades with thousands of patients, he advocates attention, mindfulness, and curiosity for healthier choices. Evolutionarily, our brains, seeking certainty, create habit loops with triggers, behaviors, and results. The reinforcing dopamine spritz forms a stubbornly resistant, recalcitrant loop. Dr. Brewer scientifically addresses breaking these habits. Today, we explore the neuroscience of habits, dopamine?s role, the absence of willpower in behavior change, and the importance of self-acceptance. Note: This discussion may be confronting for those with eating disorders; seek help at Dr. Brewer?s blend of Eastern traditions and hard science provides practical solutions. This episode is a must-listen if you?re wrestling with cravings or food compulsions. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: SEED: Enjoy 25% OFF ? ON: Get 10% off AG1: Free AG1 Travel Packs ? Peace + Plants, Rich
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The First Rule of Mastery: Dr. Michael Gervais On How To Stop Worrying About What People Think of You

Obsessive worry about what others think of you may keep you safe?but it will also keep you small. In our evolutionary past, belonging to a tribe was crucial for survival, as rejection posed a near-death peril. Although societal dynamics have evolved, our brains still assess how others perceive us, giving rise to the Fear of People?s Opinions. The crux of the fear hinges on the learned behavior of identifying ourselves as separate selves?masquerading like we are individuals in a social world?rather than recognizing that we are social animals who have learned to identify as separate selves.  Here to guide our dance through this carnival of life is Dr. Michael Gervais.  Dr. Gervais, a leading expert in human performance psychology, returns for his fifth appearance to discuss his new book, The First Rule of Mastery: Stop Worrying About What People Think of You, which is all about liberating yourself from the opinions of others. The rubric is to turn the spotlight inward, understand your purpose and values, and create a structure that aligns with them, muting the extraneous noise of the outside world.  With decades of experience in high-stakes environments, Dr. Gervais is toppling the pathologized psychology model. His clients include the NFL?s Seattle Seahawks, Olympic medalists, MVPs from major sports, world record holders, musicians, and corporate leaders. Beyond this, he hosts the instructive Finding Mastery Podcast and has been featured by every major media outlet. Today?s conversation delves into Dr. Gervais? transition from working with athletes to corporate leaders, emphasizing the power of vision and imagination, mental skills, the pervasive Fear of People?s Opinions, and the profound concept of purpose. I hope this conversation proves educational and formative on your intellectual journey. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Timeline Nutrition: Squarespace: Momentous: Go Brewing: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Survival Is A Creative Act: Suleika Jaouad?s American Symphony of Contrast?Cancer, Art, Music, & Life

What do you do when the power goes out? You improvise and turn it into a creative act.  At the age of 22, confronted with a leukemia diagnosis amid the tumult beyond her control, Suleika Jaouad made a profound decision to embrace the art of journaling. Deliberately opting to distill insights from her affliction, she endeavored to endure her newfound residency in a Manhattan hospital in a meaningful and aesthetically resonant manner while giving ink to the intricacies that proved profoundly challenging to articulate. What began as a daily journal evolved into Life, Interrupted, an Emmy award-winning column and video series showcased in The New York Times, chronicling Suleika?s experiences from her hospital bed.  Our conversation today revolves around her leukemia diagnosis at a young age, the relinquishment of independence and identity in the throes of illness, the transformative power of writing as both agency and healing, and the embrace of the tumultuous and uncertain in-between space that defines life post-illness. We also discuss her newly intimate Netflix documentary, American Symphony?a beautiful exploration of Suleika and her husband, John Batiste?s lives individually and together.  This is exchange is about what it means to live a creative life, to be in a creative, collaborative relationship, and how mindfully to navigate hardship.  I hope it will be a wellspring of inspiration for you. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: LMNT: ROKA: AG1: This episode is brought to you by BetterHelp: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Midlife is a Chrysalis, Not A Crisis?Chip Conley On Why Life Gets Better With Age

What if we framed midlife not as a crisis but as a transformative chrysalis?a liminal period where profound awakenings unfold? What if we saw it as an opportunity to shed old layers, unfurl our wings, and share the pollen of our wisdom with the world? Guiding us from pupa to butterfly, we have the Monarch himself, Chip Conley.  Returning to the show for the second time (Chip first appeared on episode 681), Chip founded the Modern Elder Academy, the pioneering midlife wisdom school dedicated to transforming aging. He is also a New York Times bestselling author. In his latest book, Learning to Love Midlife: 12 Reasons Why Life Gets Better with Age, Chip retools conventional notions of life in our 40s, 50s, and 60s. Drawing from the latest social science research, moving anecdotes, and enduring wisdom, he unveils 12 compelling reasons why life becomes more prosperous and fulfilling as we age. Today?s conversation revolves around how we conceptualize and define life stages, the concept of Age Fluidity, the age curve of happiness, and the importance of cultivating regenerative communities. We also explore Chip?s personal journey with cancer, the distinction between showing up and showing off, the role of being a conduit for ideas and collaboration, the essence of being a Modern Elder, the concept of age apartheid, and the value of generational dinners. For individuals seeking to infuse greater purpose and satisfaction into their professional journey, especially those who have dedicated a significant portion of their career to a specific path and are now pondering fresh opportunities, this conversation is a must-listen. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Bon Charge:  On: Whoop:  Eight Sleep:  AG1: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Limitless Power of An Alcohol-Free Lifestyle With One Year No Beer Co-Founder Ruari Fairbairns

Through the years, I?ve maintained transparency about my journey with alcoholism?a label I?ve embraced in the solitude of self-discovery. However, this characterization doesn?t resonate with most individuals. The majority of drinkers engage in a marginally excessive indulgence in alcohol. While this behavior may not be catastrophic in the traditional sense, it does raise discernible concerns. The persistent hangovers, lethargy, and resulting melancholy it begets become tiresome. The desire to desist is tangible, but the seamless integration of alcohol into social and professional settings renders the prospect of abstention seemingly insurmountable. Today?s guest found himself ensnared within precisely this behavior pattern. Ruari Fairbairns is a former oil broker from London who?after a falling out with booze?decided it was time to put the plug in the jug. The benefits were so profound that he later walked away from his career in finance to become a full-time advocate for an alcohol-free lifestyle. Ruari, alongside collaborator Andy Ramage (featured in episode 444 in 2019), co-founded a pioneering institution, One Year No Beer, in 2015, a subscription-based bastion of sobriety with over 100,000 global members. Beyond his role as co-founder, Fairbairns co-authored the UK bestseller The 28-Day Alcohol-Free Challenge. He also co-hosts the One Year No Beer Podcast, guiding listeners on a journey of wisdom and sobriety. In this episode, we delve into the gradual transformation of society?s relationship with alcohol, dissecting the negative repercussions on both mind and body. We explore the need for heightened awareness around alcohol, challenging the traditional narrative and embracing a healthier relationship with it. Ruari guides us through compelling discussions on stress, trauma, ADHD, emotional sobriety, and the pivotal role of community in the transformative journey. As we welcome the New Year and the possibilities it presents, I offer this conversation as an encouragement to consider the many ways in which alcohol continues to interfere with your health, hopes, and dreams. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: On: Go Brewing:  Birch: AG1: Squarespace: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Living Proof Challenge: Simon Hill?s 12-Week Protocol To Optimize Your Health, Fitness & Longevity

To welcome 2024, I'm joined by recurring podcast favorite Simon Hill?a nutrition expert, physiotherapist & host of The Proof podcast?to introduce The Living Proof Challenge: a no-cost, science-based, habit-building protocol designed to optimize your physical and mental well-being, reduce your risk of chronic disease, and promote longevity. This free 12-week challenge focuses on improving the most important markers with a sustainable structure stress-tested to uplevel well-being with staying power. Today Simon explains how the Living Proof Challenge works, the science he relied on to create it, and how it will inform your health, fitness, and longevity. We also discuss the 10 most important biomarkers for long-term health, the four key systems of the body this challenge is designed to address, and how you can optimize this challenge based on your own unique biology. Now is the time to take action for yourself. New habits are the product of new decisions coupled with the best tools. And Simon has provided us with just that. The Living Proof Challenge begins on February 1st, 2024. To learn more and sign up, CLICK HERE. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Inside Tracker: Eight Sleep: Momentous: AG1: BetterHelp: Plunge: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Best Of 2023: Part Two

We are here to grow. We are here to transform. This is our birthright. This is our purpose. As the year ends, I want to honor this truth by sharing wisdom gleaned from some of the brightest minds on the podcast this year. I?ve engaged with so many extraordinary changemakers throughout 2023. Reviewing the year in conversation brought powerful new insights?a reminder that these evergreen exchanges continue to inspire and inform. I have so much gratitude for all the guests who shared their wisdom openly, for my incredible team, for the enormous growth of the show over the last 12 months, and for the sponsors who keep this podcast going. But more than anything I am grateful for you, the listener. I don?t take your attention and support for granted. Thank you for taking this journey of growth alongside me. Here?s to an extraordinary 2024. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Squarespace: AG1: Indeed: Athletic Brewing: On: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Best Of 2023: Part One

It's time to reflect. Share gratitude. And indulge in tradition. Each year we close things out with our ?Best Of? series, a 2-part compilation of the most enlightening excerpts from the previous 12 months of the show. 2023 was packed with an astonishing array of guests?we learned from scientists and doctors conducting cutting-edge research in the fields of nutrition, longevity, and disease prevention. Artists and actors showed us the power of living a creative life. Athletes reported back from the outer edges of human capability. And individuals who experienced phoenix-like transformations gave us actionable advice on what it takes to truly change your life wholesale. For our devoted podcast fans, think of these next two episodes as a recap, a way to remind yourself of the most impactful lessons from your favorite guests. And for those newer to the show, may this episode entice you to mine through the catalog and dial-up conversations you may have missed or skipped. I believe in the power we all have to do, be, and live better. To step into our best, most authentic selves. And in turn, contribute positively to a greater world. May this episode inspire you to believe the same. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: BetterHelp: AG1: Athletic Brewing: Inside Tracker: Birch Living: On: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Leading Man Joel Kinnaman On Authenticity, Facing Fear & Honoring Your Creative Calling

Storytelling is our most powerful device to better understand the human condition. The creativity required to craft and share a story well told is both an art and a way of being. Joel Kinnaman is one such being. A star ascendant on screens big and small whose Hollywood career was born with his incendiary turn in 2011's The Killing, kickstarting leading roles in films like The Suicide Squad and RoboCop, and television shows like House of Cards, Hanna, and For All Mankind. The occasion for this conversation is Silent Night. Featuring Joel as a grief-stricken father hell-bent on revenge, it's an absolutely unhinged, John Woo-helmed vigilante actioner with a unique twist: zero dialogue?a conceit that showcases Joel's physicality as a performer. This conversation canvasses Joel's unique path from a wayward youth in Stockholm to one of Hollywood's most in-demand leading men. It's about his creative process, the importance of authenticity, and how his relationship with fear frames the success he enjoys today. Plus: an insane Nicholas Cage story and more. This is a fun hang?I hope you enjoy it. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: LMNT: AG1: Faherty: Timeline: Squarespace: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Chelsea Sodaro?s Biggest Victory Isn?t Kona?It?s Her Well-Being

We love to celebrate professional athletes as superheroes. But even world champions are human. Just 18 months after giving birth, in 2022 Chelsea Sodaro became the first American woman in 25 years to win the Ironman World Championship and the first Kona-crowned rookie since Chrissie Wellington?s victory in 2007. It was a new-mom-Cinderella story that travelled beyond the endurance press to the mainstream, positioning her as a powerful and inspiring voice for female athletes and young moms all across the world. But just as she reached the highest echelon of success, Chelsea began to face a challenge far more difficult than Kona. The periodic bouts with mental health that had visited her in the past came roaring back in the form of an acute anxiety disorder that made it difficult for her to leave the house, left her bereft, unable to train, and prone to suicidal ideation. Refusing to accept debilitation, Chelsea sought help for a problem her champion mindset alone simply couldn't solve. Today Chelsea shares her story with laudable openness and vulnerability. In this conversation we discuss the tools Chelsea relies upon to confront and manage her mental health struggles, why she decided to reach out for help, and why sharing her experience publicly has been and continues to be integral to her recovery.  In addition, we discuss Chelsea?s journey to triathlon, the current state of gender equity in the sport, and how we can better support female athletes and make sport more accessible to all. Chelsea also shares the mindset that has propelled her success and why she actively makes decisions based on love, joy, and possibility rather than fear. Note: Today we discuss mental health issues some might find confronting. If you are struggling, please raise your hand and reach out for help. You can call SAMHSA?s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP and if you are experiencing suicidal ideation, know you?re not alone. I encourage you to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1(800) 273-TALK. I have so much respect for Chelsea?s strength, courage, and vulnerability. Chelsea?s story is powerful. I?m proud to help amplify it. And our shared hope is that it helps those in need and serves to further normalize the discourse around mental health. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Peak Design: AG1: On: Momentous: Seed: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Mark Cavendish: An Intimate Conversation With The Greatest Sprinter In Cycling History

Even in your darkest moments, the potential for redemption lays in wait. Mark Cavendish is a living illumination of this truth?a man who bounced back from career-ending setbacks and a protracted battle with mental health to become the greatest sprinter in cycling history. Over the course of his storied career, Mark has taken home 55 Grand Tour stage victories, 162 professional victories, and has won an astonishing 34 stages of the Tour de France, tying a previously thought impossible-to-match record set almost 50 years ago by Eddy Merckx. At the pinnacle of his career, Mark suffered a debilitating crash, began to battle seemingly insurmountable health obstacles?a debilitating crash, disordered eating, depression, and Epstein-Barr?that took him out of elite performance contention for nearly five years. But instead of ending his career, Mark fought back. In an extraordinary comeback Tour de France in 2021, Mark won four stages and the green jersey nearly a decade after he had last won it?a meteoric rise, fall, and resurrection beautifully portrayed in the recent Netflix documentary, Mark Cavendish: Never Enough. This is a powerful and revealing conversation about grit, commitment, mental health, and the hard-wrought journey to success. In addition to discussing his new Netflix documentary, we recount the highs and lows of Mark?s incredible career, his battle with mental health, and his unique relationship with cognitive performance strategist Dr. David Spindler. Mark also shares his new relationship with goals, and how he manages the pressure to eclipse Eddie Merckx?s historic record by winning his 35th stage at the 2024 Tour de France, where he will compete against riders nearly half his age. I found Mark to be humble and grateful?a gentle champion with a firm grasp on what is truly important and why. My hope is that Mark?s story serves as a powerful reminder that taking responsibility for your mental health is crucial, and that no matter how far you?ve fallen, there is always hope to build a better future for yourself and others. Enjoy! Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: AG1: Birch: Babbel: BetterHelp: Whoop: Indeed: Roka: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Curiosity Is A Superpower: Legendary Film Producer Brian Grazer on Beginner?s Mind, Getting It Done, & Why Conversation Matters

There is nothing more powerful than a story well told. Woven into the very fabric of what makes us human, story fuels connection. It fosters empathy. And it holds the power to impact not just the individual but humanity at large. Few understand this better than Brian Grazer?a man devoted to the idea that when curiosity and conversation combine, great art is made. One of Hollywood?s most prolific film producers, Brian and his Imagine Entertainment partner Ron Howard are responsible for a litany of critically acclaimed, box-office hit films and television shows including Apollo 13, 8 Mile, Splash, Arrested Development, The Beatles: Eight Days a Week, and many more. His productions have been honored with numerous awards including an astounding 10 Oscar wins, 50 Emmys, and 11 Golden Globes. Today we explore Brian's unique approach to storytelling, why he believes questions are more important than answers, and why curiosity has been the ?superpower? that fueled his rise as one of Hollywood?s leading producers and visionaries. Curiosity is so central to Brian?s success in fact that he wrote a book about it entitled, A Curious Mind, which he has recently expanded upon in a newly released version. It was a thrill to sit down with a man that I deeply respect and admire. This conversation left me with a newfound appreciation of curiosity not only as an art form, but as a powerful driver of human happiness. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: Squarespace: Indeed: Momentous: On: Birch: Inside Tracker: Peace + Plants, Rich
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How To Be A Better Parent: A Primer On Mindful Parenting

I love being a dad. It?s been the greatest gift of my lifetime. But too often I grade myself in comparison to others and set myself against an idealized projection of what I imagine a perfect dad to be. While I do my best not to repeat yesterday?s mistakes and interrupt the misguided patterns I?ve inherited from past generations, I still wonder? How can I be the best parent I can be? This is the inquiry explored in today?s masterclass investigation, where I synthesize my thoughts with the most impactful and actionable advice from the parenting experts, psychologists, therapists, educators, and doctors who have graced the show over the years. If you are a wrangler of young humans trying to make the right moves or just want to better understand why kids think and behave as they do, then this deep dive is appointment listening. If the voices you hear speak to you, please consider going back to the original episodes to gain further insights from these amazing teachers. Many of the guests speaking about parenting have written valuable books that amplify their perspectives and philosophies. You can check out their respective episodes in the show notes. While I can?t offer you a prescription for perfect parenting, I hope this primer has given you some perspective on how to parent more consciously. My hope is that it serves you on your parenting journey. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: LMNT: FAHERTY BRAND: Timeline Nutrition: ON: Roka: Babbel: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The ?Ordinary? Man Who Did 105 Iron-Distance Triathlons in 105 Days

There?s nothing I love more than tales of ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things. But nobody who achieves the extraordinary is ordinary?and while upon first glimpse this real-life Forrest Gump may present as an everyman, he is anything but. Not only did today?s guest dare to best one of the world?s most impressive endurance records, he downright decimated it?and somehow made it all look ?easy?. In 2021, the Iron Cowboy James Lawrence completed 101 iron-distance triathlons in 101 consecutive days?a record I both witnessed and couldn?t fathom being broken in my lifetime. And yet not too long after, Sean Conway, a dad of two young kids from a small town in Wales by way of Zimbabwe, proceeded to complete 105 consecutive iron-distance triathlons, claims he could have kept going, and believes he could have done 200. In case you don?t quite grasp the enormity of this feat: Sean swam 2.4 miles, then proceeded to ride 112 miles on his bike, then ran a full marathon?26.2 miles, repeating this routine every day without missing a single day, for 105 days in a row. Moreover, Sean didn?t even begin his endurance career until age 30?a career in which he has quietly eclipsed more records than most realize. Today we unpack Sean?s extraordinary accomplishments, his 'terrier mindset', the 'ten pillars of endurance?, why he doesn't celebrate small wins, his unique lens on failure, and his reasoning for never, ever having a backup plan.   Sean is quirky, totally authentic, and chock-full of ludicrous stories lifted from a life that prioritizes adventure over security.  My hope is that his example inspires you to transcend self-imposed limitations and craft a challenge that is meaningful to you. Because we?re all capable of transforming our lives from ordinary to extraordinary. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Momentous: Peak Design: Timeline Nutrition: Roka: AG1: BetterHelp: Indeed: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Extended Bravey Universe of Alexi Pappas: Reinvention, Joy & Glitter

How do you ignite evolution? How do you find your purpose? And how do you have the confidence to pursue it? Here to imbue our lives with more joy, glitter, and play is the highly inspiring and energetic Alexi Pappas, back for round two on the podcast. If you missed her standout first appearance back in early 2021, Alexi is a former Olympic track and field athlete and Greek national record holder in the 10,000 meters. She?s also a poet, a performer, an award-winning filmmaker, and author of the critically acclaimed bestselling memoir Bravey. Her feature film resume includes some variation of writing, co-writing, directing, and/or starring in Not an Artist with RZA, Olympic Dreams with Nick Kroll, and Tracktown with Rachel Dratch. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The New York Times, Outside Magazine, and Sports Illustrated. And she?s recently penned a new version of Bravey (Adapted for Young Readers). My first exchange with Alexi centered on what it takes to execute at the highest level of sport and art simultaneously and the challenges she faced pursuing two very different dreams. Today we go further, exploring her new relationship with running as a former pro, her goals as a professional in the creative arts, and her soon-to-be-released new podcast, Mentor Buffet. We also discuss how she?s inspiring women and girls to fall in love with movement, mental health in sport, and how mentorship has informed her life and career. Alexi also drops some wisdom gold?sharing actionable tools for growth like her ?blank whiteboard rule?, something she calls ?glop?, and many more mindset gems. Alexi is a delightful and wise role model?and this conversation is more than time well spent. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: Athletic Brewing: Roka: Inside Tracker: Momentous: Squarespace: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Against All Hope: Former NBA Star Chris Herren on Addiction, Sobriety & Service

This is one of the most powerful conversations on the subject of addiction and redemption I?ve been honored to host in the eleven-year history of this show. Left untreated, addiction decimates everything in its path. I?ve lived through it. I?ve borne witness to its wrath in countless others. And I?ve walked the wreckage it inevitably reaps. But my story pales in comparison to what Chris Herren has endured?and survived to now share in service of helping others. Lauded as one of the greatest basketball players of his generation before he even graduated high school, Chris graced the cover of Sports Illustrated during his freshman year playing point guard for Boston College. Ousted courtesy of his outsized partying led him west to Fresno State, where he flourished for a flash under legendary coach Jerry Tarkanian, leading to stints in the NBA with the Denver Nuggets and Boston Celtics. It didn?t last (it never does) so he took his game across the European and Asian circuits, a ticking time-bomb awaiting detonation. Basketball simply couldn?t compete with alcohol, cocaine, and heroin. So it wasn?t long before Chris? nightmare turned him into into roadkill?an overdose he barely survived that would, inelegantly and eventually, lead to a rebirth and redemption. What has transpired in the 14 years since Chris got sober is a remarkable, phoenix-like journey of recovery and redemption that has transformed his life from utterly craven to one of extraordinary purpose, meaning, and selfless service as a leading voice on the topic of substance use prevention. Note: This conversation traverses difficult emotional terrain. If you are struggling, please raise your hand and reach out for help. You can find information about Alcoholics Anonymous (and meetings near you) at and Narcotics Anonymous at You can also contact SAMHSA?s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP. If you are experiencing suicidal ideation, know you?re not alone. I encourage you to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1(800) 273-TALK. If you are suffering from some form of addiction, this episode is a must-listen. Even if you?re not an addict, I encourage you to embrace this conversation as a means to better understand the affliction, as chances are you probably know someone in need of help. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Roka: ROKA.COM/RICHROLL Faherty Brand: AG1: On: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Ken Rideout?s Win-Or-Die Mindset: Controlling The Variables, Winning His First Ultra, & Why Discomfort is the Price of Admission To Greatness

How do you evolve into an unbreakable champion? Never set limits. Welcome pain. And be ready to die to win. This is the ethos of Ken Rideout, returning to the podcast to arm you with the tools you need to chase huge dreams and transform your life wholesale anytime, and at any age. An absolute force of nature, Ken overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles?a rough and chaotic childhood and later a battle with opiate addiction?to become one of the world?s pre-eminent master athletes. He consistently takes the podium at prestigious marathons, including a recent age group world champion title at the Chicago Marathon plus wins in the 50+ division of the New York City, Boston, and Tokyo Marathons. This summer Ken debuted his ultra career by not only completing the Gobi March, a grueling 155-mile, self-supported, 7-day stage run across the harsh desert terrain of Mongolia, but outright winning it by over 84 minutes. Today we unpack Ken?s extraordinary Gobi March win, his unique strategy in the race, and what motivates his beast-like drive. We also discuss the mindset tools, discipline, consistency, and humility that fuel his growth and help him get better, faster, and stronger in his 50s. Ken is one of a kind, bullshit-free, and 100% authentically himself. His vulnerability is refreshing. His perseverance is remarkable. And his message is powerful: nothing good happens when you?re comfortable. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Momentous: Babbel: On: AG1: BetterHelp: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Filmmaker Louie Psihoyos On Creating Weapons of Mass Instruction To Thrill?And Forge Positive Change

The James Bond of filmmaking, Louie Psihoyos is an Academy Award winning documentarian with a track record of putting his life at risk to create weapons of mass instruction designed to thrill?and forge positive change. One of the most interesting people I have ever met, Louie took home the Oscar for The Cove, an Ocean's 11-esque thriller that powerfully exposed the gruesome underbelly of the Japanese dolphin trade. Louie also documented the rise of the plant-based athlete in the James Cameron produced Netflix hit, The Gamechangers and powerfully drew attention to mass species extinction in 2015's Racing Extinction. Today he shares his remarkable story. Why he puts his life on the line for causes most urgent. And what he hopes to achieve as a result. This is a conversation about harnessing the power of story to spark action, ignite social change, and challenge cultural norms. It's an honor to share Louie's powerful perspective with you today?may it incite you to action. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: AG1: Peak Design: LMNT: Indeed: Whoop: Birch: Squarespace: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Cultivating Conscious Relationships: Julie Piatt On The Evolution Of Long-Term Love

How can you consciously evolve long-term relationships? Returning to answer this question and other spiritual, romantic, and philosophical inquiries is the high priestess herself, Julie Piatt. Longtime listeners are well-acquainted with my wife?s mystical ways with wisdom, but if this is your first introduction to the one who goes by SriMati, she is an accomplished yogi, musician, chef, and mom to our four children. She?s also the bestselling author of three vegan cookbooks, hosts the For The Life of Me Podcast, provides spiritual counsel via her Water Tiger community, and is the founder & CEO of SriMu, the best and only plant-based cheese you need to concern yourself with. Today?s conversation centers on intimacy in relationships. Through the lens of our twenty-three years together we discuss how to intentionally evolve a long-term relationship beyond calcified habits, routines, expectations, and projections?and summon the courage to truly see and allow yourself to be seen by and with your partner. We also discuss lessons learned from the front lines of start-up entrepreneurship through Julie?s SriMu adventures?plus thoughts on Wilco, Memphis, and more. But at its core, this exchange is about redefining how we relate to our loved ones so that we can experience the best of our relationships.  Special SriMu Offer: In a gesture of gratitude for listening and watching, Julie is kindly offering a special discount on her SriMu plant-based cheese. Visit and enter code RRPFAM13 to receive your 13th box FREE when you sign up for an annual subscription to any of SriMu?s 8-box offerings. You can also receive 22% OFF the new Ceremony Box which includes two 8-ounce Maclay chocolate mousse cakes, SriMu?s newest and first dessert offering, with the code MACLAY22. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Timeline Nutrition: Indeed: Birch: Inside Tracker: Whoop: Momentous: Roka: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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William Goodge: The Atypical Ultra-Runner Who Ran Across America In Style

Many have attempted the brutal 3,000+ mile transcontinental run across the U.S. Few have completed it. And even fewer have crushed it with the style and swagger of today?s guest William Goodge, who ran from Los Angeles to New York in a blazing 55 days and somehow made it look fun.  His endurance resume also includes running 50 marathons in 50 days, circumnavigating Lake Cuomo, Italy, and running from Land?s End to John O?Groats?all to raise funds for cancer research in honor of his mother. What I find most compelling about Will isn?t just his athletic accomplishments and the mission behind them. It?s that he?s actively defying the archetype of how ultrarunners should look and behave with an infectious energy and unique style that is completely his own. A former model sporting a muscled physique uncommon among endurance athletes, Will much prefers Paris Fashion Week and high tea at Claridge?s to camping. He?s keen to share his skincare routine with you and isn?t afraid to rock a Prada man purse. He cuts a different pose and has positioned himself as a powerful example to others who live outside the ultra bubble as to what?s possible in terms of manifesting potential.  Today we dive into Will?s journey, motivations, big achievements, and lessons learned from running across the states?including the ins and outs of the controversy that swirled around his transcontinental run. We also discuss his close friendship with podcast alum Robbie Balenger, the importance of diversifying the ultra-running community, and the magic that happens when you redefine your possible. Will is an absolute delight. I loved getting to know him?and I know you will too. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: BetterHelp: Seed: Inside Tracker: Indeed: Momentous: Roka: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Pixar Co-Founder Ed Catmull On The Art & Science Of Creativity, How To Do Your Best Work, Bring Out The Best In Others & Lead

Every once in a while there?s a generational thinker that emerges from the most unlikely of places. Someone capable of straddling the complexities of new industries without losing their grasp on historical and cultural perspectives. A person willing to forge new paths in new ways toward a brighter future for all. Ed Catmull is one such generational thinker. As co-founder of Pixar and later as President of Walt Disney Animation Studios, Ed played a key role in shaping a unique company culture of collaboration and creativity. He?s a mastermind of innovation, a pioneer of groundbreaking technology, and a leader when it comes to using great storytelling to forge a better world. If you?ve ever been captivated by the beloved films Toy Story, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Up, and WALL-E, you have Ed to thank for that. Today we discuss the leadership and management principles that built Pixar?s unique and successful studio. More specifically, we talk about the insights that fueled Ed?s career, the workplace practices he leverages to build creative teams, and his personal philosophy of embracing failure as a path to growth. We also dive into his fascinating life journey, one that included both personal and professional relationships with George Lucas and Steve Jobs. There is so much to be learned from Ed's story, including some wild industry insights during his stewardship at Pixar and Disney, where he navigated through the ups and downs of the entertainment industry, all while delivering blockbuster after blockbuster, garnering eighteen Academy Awards along the way. This is the stuff of legend. If you?re a creator or manager of any kind, or if you?re simply looking to glean wisdom from one of the most fascinating and accomplished people alive, then you?re in for a treat. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: On: Ag1: Faherty Brand: Athletic Brewing: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Divine Comedy of Pete Holmes: Spirituality, Creativity, & Growing Through Adversity

It?s time to grapple with the absurdity of life, the nature of reality, truth, consciousness, and the hard problems that perplex humanity. Here to add a healthy dose of humor, wit, and wisdom to this week?s inquiry is one of my favorite humans, Pete Holmes. A stand-up king with a cornucopia of comedy specials, including HBO?s Faces and Sounds, Dirty Clean, and the CBS sitcom How We Roll, Pete is best known as the creator and star of the semi-autobiographical critically acclaimed HBO show Crashing which he created alongside friend of the pod Judd Apatow. In addition, he hosts the You Made It Weird podcast and is the author of the bestselling memoir, Comedy Sex God. Pete is also working on a new comedy special worthy of your attention entitled, 'I?m Not For Everyone', which drops on Netflix October 24th. Today we talk about everything from spirituality to comedy, creativity, consciousness, fatherhood, and the many disorientations of mid-life. More specifically, we talk about how parenthood changes your perspective on life, why pain is the precursor to transformation, the nature of reality and the illusion of self, and why mercy is more powerful than forgiveness. Much has changed since Pete was first on the podcast back in 2019. This one is equal parts silly and spiritual, philosophical and funny. Prepare to have your noodle bent?and have some laughs along the way. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: LMNT: Faherty: AG1: Whoop: Inside Tracker: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Discovering Yourself In Tragedy: Steph Catudal On Love, Grief, Healing & Finding Meaning in Life?s Profound Moments

Your darkest moments will either break you beyond repair?or make you stronger. This was the choice faced by Steph Catudal as she navigated mortality, motherhood, and the search for self while her husband?beloved ultra-runner Tommy Rivs?battled a rare form of lung cancer that nearly took his life. Beautiful and heart-wrenching, Steph relates the intimacies of this experience in her New York Times bestselling memoir, Everything All At Once?an arresting, must-read perspective on trauma, rebellion, faith, tragedy and the painful struggle to identify one?s place in the world. If you count yourself among the millions deeply impacted by Tommy Rivs? brush with death and return to life?one of the most beloved episodes the history of this podcast?then today?s conversation is non-negotiable. This is a conversation about the big things in life: trauma, death, grief, pain, identity and faith. An artist with words, Steph shares the details of her complicated upbringing, the loss of faith that catalyzed a decade of rebellion, her journey with substance abuse, and the experience of very nearly losing her husband Tommy?juxtaposed agains the mirrored trauma of losing her father to lung cancer during her adolescence. This is about seeing healing as a never-ending journey?and the importance of assigning meaning to life?s profound moments. It?s also about how to cultivate gratitude?how to recognize love and beauty amid tragedy, while also holding space for pain, anger, and sorrow. In other words, how to allow everything all at once. I was very moved by Steph?s vulnerability?and the power with which she owns her story. May you find this conversation equally impactful. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: On: Momentous: BetterHelp: Babbel: Squarespace: Seed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Physiologist Drew Harrisberg On Everything Blood Glucose, Understanding Diabetes & Plant-Based Nutrition Fundamentals

A full-blown epidemic in the developed world, diabetes currently afflicts an astonishing 37 million people in the U.S. alone, and 1 in 5 Americans don?t even know they have it. An astonishing 96 million US adults (over one-third) have pre-diabetes, with the rate of Type 2 diagnoses among adults more than doubling in the last 20 years. To better understand this epidemic of metabolic dysfunction, I sat down with exercise physiologist, sports scientist, and Type 1 diabetic Drew Harrisberg. Diagnosed at 22, Drew shares his story, along with the diet and lifestyle changes he relies upon to thrive with his condition?changes he details and recommends not just for Type 1 diabetics but for anyone and everyone concerned about metabolic health and how to improve it. We go deep into the physiology of diabetes, the differences between Type 1, Type 2, and pre-diabetes, and what can be prevented or reversed versus managed through lifestyle, movement, mindset, and nutrition. We also discuss how diet and lifestyle impact blood glucose management generally, along with Drew?s take on the usefulness (or lack thereof) of continuous glucose monitors for non-diabetics. But perhaps what is most fascinating about this conversation is Drew?s experience searching for the optimal diet to manage his own condition, a journey that took him from Paleo, to Keto, to you guessed it, finally settling on a whole food plant-based approach to his nutrition?and all the why?s and how?s behind this decision. This episode isn?t just a must-listen for those that suffer from diabetes?because improved metabolic health is relevant to all. Enjoy! Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: On: Indeed: Birch: Momentous: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Make It So: Sir Patrick Stewart On Surviving Trauma, Staying Engaged & Lessons From The Artist Life

Beloved icon of stage and screen, my guest today is the singular Sir Patrick Stewart. The knighted Shakespeare thespian, captain of the Starship Enterprise, international treasure, and master storyteller is here and brings conversational delights lifted from 83 years of life. Today Patrick shares tales from his humble beginnings, how theatre saved him, and how childhood trauma informed his career and led to his passion for mental health advocacy. We also discuss legacy, longevity, honing your craft, the importance of mentorship, and his unique friendship with Sir Ian McKellen. We of course dive into some epic Star Trek stories and explore why the series is so indelible?which naturally led to thoughts on UFOs and the ghost that he is absolutely convinced took up residence in his Silverlake home.  The occasion for today?s exchange is Patrick?s brand new memoir, Making It So?an excellent read that traces the improbable story of his life from his humble beginnings in Yorkshire, England, to the heights of Hollywood and worldwide acclaim. They say never meet your heroes. I disagree. As a long-time Trekkie, this was a pinch-me moment. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to talk with a man I respect and admire tremendously. Enjoy! Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: ROKA: Peak Design: AG1: Inside Tracker x Hydrow: Modern Elder Academy: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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From ?I?ll Be Back? To Giving Back: Arnold Schwarzenegger Is The Influencer We Need

Today Arnold Schwarzenegger shares tales from his extraordinary life, how he reached the pinnacle of success in three different careers, and why his 4th act is leveraging his influence to forge a better world. The occasion for this conversation is the publication of his new book, Be Useful?a primer on the principles that catapulted him into a generational icon and why service is the path to meaning and purpose. This conversation covers the vision, work ethic, and salesmanship that Arnold deployed to become the world?s greatest bodybuilder, the top-grossing action star in Hollywood, and the highest elected official in California. We discuss reinvention, the importance of selling yourself, and how giving back became his paramount focus. We go deep on how he thinks about the influence he wields?and why usefulness and positivity are the antidotes to unhappiness and apathy. Arnold also shares thoughts on confidence, ego, and leadership. Why his friendship with James Cameron is so special?and how it led to Arnold?s work as a passionate environmentalist. Not to be missed, Arnold also tells the amazing story of how a giant bust of Lenin ended up in his office. Recorded in Arnold?s office?a museum of extraordinary artifacts?this is a must-WATCH episode. Open and vulnerable, this is the Governator like you?ve never before seen or heard him. Enjoy! Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: AG1: BetterHelp: Squarespace: Modern Elder Academy: Indeed: On Running: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy On America?s Epidemic Of Loneliness

I think it?s safe to say that many people are suffering, not just from major public health concerns and economic hardship, but also from loneliness?the prevalence of which has skyrocketed in recent years. Studies indicate that about half of U.S. adults have reported experiencing loneliness. The impact of this extends beyond a decline in mental health, increasing the risk of heart disease, dementia, stroke, and even premature death. It?s a problem today?s guest has officially labeled an epidemic?and has made his mission to ameliorate. Meet the 21st Surgeon General of the United States, Vice Admiral Dr. Vivek Murthy. Today Dr. Murthy explains how we arrived at this juncture of disconnection and why it is so vitally important to redress. We also discuss the compound effects of loneliness on our health as individuals and as a society, and what we can do to engender our lives with more connection, companionship, and community. It was an honor to host an important conversation with such an esteemed individual. I was deeply impacted by what he shared and suspect you may feel the same. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: Momentous:  On Running: Modern Elder Academy: Whoop: Inside Tracker:  Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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From Celebrated Pop Star to Olympic Hopeful: Cody Simpson On Chasing Big Dreams, Finding Himself & Lessons Learned From Sport & Stage

Imagine a young singer-songwriter of global acclaim?someone like Justin Timberlake or Shawn Mendes. Except this star also happens to be an elite athlete with an Olympic dream. It sounds like fiction. But this is the true story of Cody Simpson. Superstardom within reach, Cody Simpson put his guitar down and traded Hollywood for the black line at the bottom of a pool with one singular goal in mind: to compete in the Olympics. It's the story of a chlorine-soaked little kid who became a global star. He traveled the world, performed before massive crowds, modeled for luxury brands, even acted on Broadway and in movies and television. But something was missing. Out of an instinct for survival, he proceeded to do what many would consider unthinkable. He walked away from all of it. He couldn?t shake the feeling of what might have been had he not forsaken the Speedo for the stage and decided to do something about it. World-class competitive swimming is a sport in which the elite never dare to take more than a month off here and there. Not only did Cody return to this sport after a dormant decade, he quickly began to excel beyond any reasonable expectation, clocking world-class times in the 100-meter butterfly. Today we dive into the deep end of the pool and plumb Cody?s story. We trace his arc as a musician, what he learned as a performer that now helps him as an athlete, the whys and hows behind his Olympic dream, and how you can achieve two massive and wildly different goals in a lifetime. Note: This conversation was recorded back in May of 2023 on the cusp of Australia?s World Championship Trials. Alas, Cody narrowly missed qualifying for that team but is back in super-focused training. I coaxed Cody into performing a song at the end which you are not going to want to miss, so be sure to stick around. Enjoy! Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Timeline Nutrition: Roka: AG1: Athletic Brewing: On Running: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Build The Life You Want: Arthur C. Brooks on Happiness, Transcendence & Creating Greater Life Satisfaction

Everyone wants more happiness in their life, but most pursue it incorrectly, mistakenly believing it can be found in places like the promotion or the bank account. Instead, happiness is the by-product of pursuits less appreciated. Like the quality of your relationships with friends and family. Doing hard things. Creating value for others. And being in communion with the transcendent. Here to help us better orient our lives towards happiness is Arthur C. Brooks, returning for round two on the podcast. Arthur is a social scientist, in-demand public speaker, and professor at both the Harvard Kennedy School and Harvard Business School where he teaches courses on leadership, happiness, and social entrepreneurship. In addition, he is the creator of the popular How to Build a Life column for The Atlantic, and the author of 13 books, including the #1 New York Times bestseller From Strength to Strength. His latest offering?a book he co-authored with Oprah Winfrey?is entitled, Build the Life You Want: The Art and Science of Getting Happier which is filled with practical, social science, and neuroscience-backed practices to strengthen what he dubs the four pillars of happiness: family, friendship, work, and faith.  In this conversation, we discuss what happiness is and isn?t, how to experience more of it, and the concrete steps and practical solutions you can adopt to build a better blueprint for a more fulfilling future. Arthur is a treasure. I could have talked to him all day. This one is wisdom-packed and overflowing with life-changing and actionable advice. Show notes + MORE Watch On YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: Momentous: BetterHelp: Squarespace: Babbel: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Steven Bartlett on Mastering Business & Life: Outside The Box Lessons On Mindset, Ambition, Vulnerability & What Matters Most

Today we?re going to deep deep into the world of business leadership and personal development with a truly extraordinary person?entrepreneur, renowned speaker, investor, and the host of the UK?s No.1 podcast Diary of a CEO, Steven Bartlett. For the uninitiated, Steven is the co-founder of Flight Story, a marketing and communications company that works with some of the world?s most cutting-edge brands, as well as ThirdWeb, a San Francisco-based software company, and the venture enterprise FlightFund. He is the youngest ever host of Dragon?s Den (UK?s version of Shark Tank), he was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, and has delivered talks for the UN, SXSW, and TEDx. But Steven?s formal bio fails to tell the story of how an outcast kid with very little means who dropped out of university would go on to become not only a wildly successful entrepreneur whose ongoing concerns generate hundreds of millions in revenue?but also a genuine thought leader on everything from business and leadership to personal growth and well-being. Today Steven shares how his upbringing shaped the trajectory of his life, interspersed with diamonds on discipline, balancing ambition with self-care, and the power of intuition. We also talk about the challenges of celebrity, the relationship between insecurity and ambition, and many other impactful lessons that you can read about in Steven?s wonderful new book aptly titled, Diary of a CEO: The 33 Laws of Business and Life. This one is going to inspire, educate, and challenge you to think differently about success and fulfillment.  And it might just redefine your goals and relationship with ambition entirely. Show notes + MORE Watch On YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Peak Design: Birch: AG1: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Facebook Whistleblower Frances Haugen On The ?Chaos Era? Of Social Media & The Future of Public Discourse

Determined to bring transparency and accountability to Big Tech, in 2021 Frances Haugen risked everything to blow the whistle on Facebook. She copied tens of thousands of pages of documents that revealed that the social media giant had accidentally changed its algorithm to reward extremism. Even worse, Facebook knew its customers were using the platform to foment violence and spread falsehoods?and refused to fix it. Frances testified to Congress and spoke to the media. She was hailed at President Biden?s first State of the Union Address. She made sure everyone understood exactly what the documents showed. And she set an example for standing in truth and doing what is right for the greater good. Today we dive into the nuanced impact of social media on society. We talk about why algorithms prioritize extreme content and Facebook?s own complicity in radicalization and political violence around the world. We explore the tools available to combat these issues, including what Big Tech can do to prioritize user consent and reduce misinformation and hate speech. Note: If this exchange leaves you wanting more, Frances has written a compelling and comprehensive book about her experience entitled: The Power of One. Ultimately Frances left me with a surprising sentiment: the belief that we can have social media that brings out the best in humanity. This is a fascinating and important conversation. I hope you learn as much as I did. Show notes + MORE Watch on Youtube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: ROKA: On: AG1: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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The Unspoken World of Male Body Dysmorphia: Ultrarunner Tim Tollefson's Journey To Healing

We tend to think professional athletes live perfect, charmed lives. Genetically gifted, they effortlessly conquer physical challenges with confidence, propelled by physiques unattainable by mere mortals. From the outside looking in, Tim Tollefson is one such example.  One of the world?s most successful ultra-runners, Tim has a slew of impressive race victories to his name. These accomplishments matched with his winning smile and handsome looks would lead anyone to believe that he?s an exemplar of strength and health. But behind it all, Tim has waged a private, two-decade-long battle with body dysmorphia and disordered eating that not only compromised his athleticism, but completely debilitated him, producing a never-ending cycle of anxiety, loneliness, and self-hatred. Today Tim shares his experiences and the path he?s forged to reclaim his sense of self-worth and balance in a world (and sport) that pushes us to extremes. He opens up about his decision to go public with his struggles, the role of social media in perpetuating negative body image, the tools he uses to uphold a positive relationship with food and his body, and the power of community in the recovery process. If you are struggling with an eating disorder and are in need of support, please reach out to the National Eating Disorders Association. For a 24-hour crisis line, text ?NEDA? to 741741. In a world inundated with diet speak, honest and authentic conversations about food and loving our bodies are more important than ever. I have so much respect for Tim?s strength, courage, and vulnerability. This one is powerful. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: BetterHelp: Indeed: AG1: Squarespace: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Master of Change: Brad Stulberg On Rugged Flexibility & The Neuroscience Of Expectations

From global disruptions to individual life changes, transformation?both good and bad?is happening constantly. Here to offer us a path for embracing life?s inherent instability is Brad Stulberg?a sustainable excellence expert, human performance coach, and bestselling author returning for his fourth appearance on the pod. Today we talk about how to embrace transformation, cultivate resilience, and adapt to an ever-changing world. We also explore rugged flexibility, tragic optimism, adopting a flexible identity over time, how to navigate big life changes successfully, the perils of biohacking, and many other fascinating topics. Amidst the chaos and confusion of self-help, I find Brad to be a principled voice of reason. This conversation is overflowing with evidence-based, practical, and actionable life counsel. My hope is that some of the tactics shared help you not only navigate difficult circumstances but help facilitate the emergence of meaning and growth. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: Momentous: Athletic Brewing: On: BetterHelp: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Osher Günsberg Is Back After The (Psychotic) Break

Even in the darkest moments, there exists the potential for redemption, rebuilding, and the reclamation of one?s life. Today?s guest is a living embodiment of this truth. Meet Osher Günsberg?one of the most celebrated television hosts and media personalities in Australia.  Longtime listeners may recall Osher?s first appearance on the podcast over nine years ago (episode #76) where we discussed his journey to the big stage and his transformation from being a chubby kid to a plant-powered, marathon-running host of Australian Idol. Shortly after that conversation, Osher experienced a public psychotic breakdown that left him terrified, distressed and convinced the world was coming to an end. But rather than hide this experience and internalize his struggles with his mental health and substance abuse, Osher bravely began to talk openly about his recovery. Today he shares that terrifying experience in vivid detail, what happened, how he clawed his way back to sanity, and the hard-earned lessons he?s garnered along the way?which you can also read about in his powerful memoir, Back, After The Break. Note: Today we discuss suicidal thoughts and ideation. If that subject is too confronting, perhaps skip this episode. If you are struggling, please raise your hand and reach out for help. You can call SAMHSA?s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP and if you are experiencing suicidal ideation, I encourage you to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1 (800) 273-TALK. Osher demonstrated a huge amount of courage and vulnerability to share his story.  My hope is that his narrative serves as a powerful reminder that taking responsibility for your mental health is crucial, and the bravest thing you can do is ask for help. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: AG1: Peak Design: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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A World Champion Athlete & Oscar-Nominated Writer on Mindset, Performance & Persistence

With over 400 triathlons to her name, today's guest Lesley Paterson is a 3x XTERRA Triathlon World Champion and 2x World Triathlon Cross Champion. But if you asked about her greatest test of endurance, it wouldn?t be a race. It would be chasing an Oscar. For 16 years during her professional triathlon career, Lesley fought to secure and maintain the film rights to All Quiet on the Western Front out of her own pocket from race winnings. She wrote and rewrote the script, and despite the odds stacked heavily against her, never gave up on her dream of getting the movie made. After many years of starts and stops the film was finally released and took home four Oscars and seven BAFTAs?including one for best-adapted screenplay (this was Lesley?s first screenplay might I add). All of which is a testament to her patience, discipline, and hard work. Lesley?s relentless persistence is the focus of today?s conversation, along with the importance of self-belief, playing the long game, and the ?never quit? drive required to crush audacious goals. Delightful, engaging, and strong, I adore Lesley. There?s a lot to learn from this fiery Scottish lassie. Note: If you like this exchange, be sure to check out her book The Brave Athlete, which is packed with actionable practices to build an endurance mindset. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Seed: BetterHelp: Squarespace: Momentous:  Indeed: Babbel: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Food Is Medicine: Christopher Gardner, PHD On Using Diet To Prevent Disease

Here to guide us toward an evidence-based, rational model for nutritional health and teach us how to distinguish good nutrition science is one of the world?s leading and most innovative researchers, Christopher Gardner, Ph.D. Dr. Gardner is the Director of Nutrition Studies at the Stanford Prevention Research Center and a Rehnborg Farquhar Professor of Medicine at Stanford University. He's been researching the health effects of a plant-based diet for 20 years, and his research has provided significant and practical health insights to better inform our everyday dietary decisions. Today we dive into the following topics: What we know and don?t know about diet, weight loss, obesity, diabetes, heart & metabolic health; the diet wars: plant-based vs. carnivore vs. Mediterranean & low-fat vs. low carb; common misconceptions about protein requirements; the importance of personalized nutrition and finding a sustainable diet for long-term success; what makes a rigorous scientific study and why knowing a study?s funding source is important; what defines a healthy microbiome; and why diet is the most under-appreciated, underutilized factor in preventing disease. Dr. Gardner is an absolute delight. It was an honor to spend time with him. I hope you find his insights clarifying, informative, actionable?and perhaps even life-saving. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: ROKA: On: AG1: InsideTracker: Whoop: Athletic Brewing:  Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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ROLL ON is? ON! (+Chris Evans)

Welcome to ?Roll On??the semi-regular version of the podcast where we ramble on matters of interest across culture, sports, art, literature, politics, self-betterment, and more. My co-host is Mr. Adam Skolnick, an activist, veteran journalist, author of One Breath, and David Goggins? Can?t Hurt Me and Never Finished co-author. Adam writes about adventure sports, environmental issues, and civil rights for outlets such as The New York Times, Outside, ESPN, BBC, and Men?s Health. Today we exchange updates on personal goings on, discuss listener questions, welcome UK radio legend Chris Evans to the table, and share the whys and hows of my new creative partnership with Swiss sportswear brand On. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Timeline Nutrition: On: AG1: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Baratunde Thurston On Social Media Perils, Institutional Distrust & Why Empathy Is The Solution To Our Political Divide

Today's podcast guest is Baratunde Thurston?an Emmy-nominated writer, comedian, and cultural critic focused on the intersection of tech, democracy, climate change, and race in America. A generational voice in the media landscape, Baratunde is a former executive at The Onion, a writer for Puck News, the New York Times bestselling author of How To Be Black, and the host of both America Outdoors on PBS, and the podcast How To Citizen. Today we cover everything from the impact of technology and social media on society to the current perils of our democratic system. We also discuss the need for diversity and representation in media, the importance of community and belonging, nuanced conversation, and responsible media practices. We also address the rapid evolution of our media landscape and our declining trust in institutions across the country, what it means to be black in America, and how we can all become more active and informed citizens. I?ve been a fan of Baratunde and his work for many years. He is a witty and masterful storyteller and someone I respect for fearlessly confronting difficult problems with actionable solutions, enthusiasm, and consensus building.  This one is powerful. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: AG1: Birch: BetterHelp: Squarespace: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Kai Lenny: The World's Most Versatile Surfer On Adventure, Risk, & Turning Fear Into Fuel

Kai Lenny is the greatest and most versatile waterman the world has ever known. A Maui-born and bred athlete of extraordinary skill, he pushes the boundaries of possibility at the highest levels in not just surfing?performing maneuvers and aerials never believed possible with regularity?but also as a kiteboarder, foiler, outrigger canoer, and as big wave rider. Kai doesn?t just ride the world?s most fearsome waves?he conquers them. Like a maestro of the ocean who channels nature?s ferocity into art, he carves down 80-foot plus cliffs of water with physics-defying maneuvers previously thought only possible on small waves with a flair, joy, and an intensity that can only be described as balletic. He?s the GOAT and he?s here today to let us in on his crazy world, the visualization and mindset tools he uses to hone his craft, and what the future holds both for himself and the sport of surfing. There?s a lot to be learned from Kai?s experience, his pursuit of mastery, and his approach to physical, mental, and emotional excellence. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Momentous: GoMacro: Inside Tracker: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Tim Ferriss Is Changing His Mind: Mental Health, Psychedelics, & Transcending Productivity

A relentless experimenter and master of productivity, Tim Ferriss is the mega-best-selling author of The 4-Hour Work Week, Tools of Titans, and Tribe of Mentors. He?s also the host of the wildly popular Tim Ferriss Show?where he deconstructs the tools, mindsets, and practices of world-class performers across business, sports, and more. While Tim is known and revered for his wisdom regarding optimization and productivity, it?s his arc as a human that impresses me the most. He?s been through a lot. He?s grown considerably. And he?s shared his personal and professional struggles with a laudable degree of courage and vulnerability. Today?s exchange centers on Tim?s inward journey. How he grapples with anxiety and depression. The ways he learned to face difficult emotions. And the various modalities he has explored from silent meditation and psychotherapy to psychedelics. I hope you find this conversation helpful, and that it reframes how you think about, manage, confront, and heal your own emotional wounds. Show notes + MORE Watch on YouTube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Roka: AG1: Express VPN: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Judd Apatow On Comedy, Creativity, And Embracing Your Inner Weirdo

One of the most acclaimed filmmakers of his generation, today Judd Apatow graces the podcast to discuss his fascinating perspective on filmmaking, storytelling, creativity, and more. From directing This Is 40, Knocked Up, and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, to serving as producer for Anchorman and executive producer for Freaks and Geeks, Judd has made an indelible mark on Hollywood. Today we unpack the experiences, philosophies, and strategies that have shaped him into the unparalleled creator he is today. We explore his creative process, his approach to storytelling, the lessons he?s learned from working with some of the biggest names in the business, and how he pays it forward. This conversation left me with a newfound appreciation of comedy not only as an art form?but as a powerful means of grappling with the complexities of the human experience. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I did. Show notes + MORE Watch on Youtube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: BetterHelp: Timeline Nutrition: Momentous: Babbel: Whoop:  Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants,
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Spiritual Minimalism, Purpose, & Living A More Fulfilling Life With Light Watkins

Light Watkins is an expert meditation and spiritual teacher who gave up all his earthly possessions five years ago (save what he could fit into a small backpack) and proceeded to travel the world giving talks on happiness, mindfulness, inspiration, and meditation. Today he shares lessons learned from this experience, imparting wisdom that is equal parts profound and hyper-practical on how to prioritize and cultivate inner happiness, the importance of presence, following your curiosity, the joy of giving what you want to receive, and something he calls the ?freedom of choicelessness? that declutters your life decisions. I love Light. He is a wise and gifted teacher. My sense is that this conversation will leave you with more than a few life-altering profundities to ponder and practice. Show notes + MORE Watch on Youtube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: AG1: Squarespace: Indeed: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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Decoding Transformation: Contrary Action Is The Engine of Evolution

One of the first questions I was asked when I found myself in a treatment center for alcoholism was: do you want to change? Most sane individuals in my circumstances would respond of course I do. But only a mentally deranged addict like myself would need to pause before answering to consider the options. Luckily, I was blessed with pain so severe it eclipsed the very real fear I held about changing every facet of who I was as a person to get and stay sober. While in many ways pain makes the process of change easier, the truth is you don?t have to hit rock bottom to make a transformation. Change is always within your grasp if you can summon the willingness to ask for it?and most importantly, receive it. Today I venture out of my comfort zone once again to explore some thoughts on transformation in monologue format?sharing intimate details from my own personal story of addiction and lessons learned within the walls of rehab?in a podcast experiment I hope provides value.  Transformation demands a price?accountability, courage, vulnerability, and the willpower to take contrary actions to those you?ve taken historically. But the outcome?  A life beyond your wildest imagination. Show notes + MORE Watch on Youtube Newsletter Sign-Up Today?s Sponsors: Peak Design: Caldera Lab: Athletic Greens: Plant Power Meal Planner: Peace + Plants, Rich
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