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The Moment with Brian Koppelman

The Moment with Brian Koppelman

Interviews about the pivotal moments that fueled fascinating creative careers. Hosted by Brian Koppelman.


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Best of: Craig Finn 8/20/19

"Best of" From 2/6/18, Craig Finn on the state of The Hold Steady, Small r redemption and how to find God in Chicago
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Darrell Scott 08/14/19

Legendary songwriter Darrell Scott on finding his artist voice.
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Ben Mezrich 8/8/19

Ben Mezrich, best selling author, on finding your dream life.
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Best of: PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman 7/30/19

In this "Best of" episode, PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, the hosts of Reply All, discuss their creative partnership and their meteoric rise. They also discuss their own worries for the show, the collective work it takes to put out an episode, and finding the sweet spot to maintain their outsider status as they become a part of the mainstream podcasting culture. 
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Heidi Schreck 7/23/19

From Billions to Broadway, Brian talks to writer, actress and Broadway star Heidi Schreck.  Her play, What the Constitution Means to Me, was a finalist or the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for writing.
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Little Steven Van Zandt 7/16/19

Little Steven Van Zandt, legendary E St Band guitarist, great songwriter, all around inspiration on what keeps him going through the high and low times.
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Toad the Wet Sprocket - New Episode 7/9/19

Brian talks to the whole band, his friends for 30 years, about how and why they still do what they do.  Plus: great music!
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Jeff Gordinier 7/2/19

Writer and author Jeff Gordinier on his book "Hungry" and much more.
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BJ Barham 6/25/19

Musician BJ Barham, founder and lead vocalist/guitarist of American Aquarium, won't stop till he's rocked every single person in the room.
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Becky Lynch 6/18/19

WWE Superstar and Raw Women?s Champion Becky Lynch on her professional wrestling origin story and becoming ?The Man?. 
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Ed Levine 6/14/19

Author and food writer Ed Levine on his new book, ?Serious Eater: A Food Lover's Perilous Quest for Pizza and Redemption?, and much more.
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Andrew Carmellini 6/11/19

Chef and restaurateur Andrew Carmellini discusses food and craftsmanship. 
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Seth Green 6/4/19

Actor Seth Green discusses his feature directorial debut on the film ?Changeland?, as well as his myriad roles on and off-screen over the years. 
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Cal Newport 5/28/19

Georgetown University science professor and author, Cal Newport, on the intersection of technology and culture.
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Jar Farrar 5/21/19

Musician Jay Farrar talks about his life in music, both as a solo artist and as a member of the critically-acclaimed groups Uncle Tupelo and Son Volt.
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Richard Thomas 5/14/19

Actor Richard Thomas discusses his sixty year career in the entertainment business, including his Emmy-winning role as John-Boy on The Waltons.
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Jocko Willink 5/7/19

Podcast, author, and retired Navy SEAL, Jocko Willink talks about his life and philosophy.
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Steve Earle 4/30/19

Legendary singer-songwriter Steve Earle on his life and forty-year career in the music business.
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Ming Tsai 4/23/19

Legendary chef Ming Tsai on how being an athlete made him the chef he is now. 
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Anthony Mangieri 4/16/19

Anthony Mangieri, Una Pizza Napoletana pizza genius, and all around life genius, on how obsession fuels his work. 
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Amanda Palmer 4/9/19

Singer, songwriter, musician, and author Amanda Palmer on allowing yourself to say what you have to say.
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Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz 4/2/19

Television and film critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz on The Sopranos, Mad Men, and more.
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Julian Fellowes 3/26/19

Screenwriter and director Julian Fellowes on following his passion through to a career in film.
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Damian Lewis 3/19/19

Damian Lewis on the road that got him to Billions! 
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Marc Andreessen 3/12/19

Marc Andreessen, inventor of the web browser, on creativity and innovation.
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Soman Chainani 3/5/19

Soman Chainani on how a year spent lost in the wilderness (of New York) saves him and put him on the path to writing the best selling School For Good and Evil series. 
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Pam Houston 2/27/19

Novelist and memoirist Pam Houston on how she was saved by nature. 
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Brian Koppelman 2/21/19

Brian answers your questions about how to be your most creative self. 
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Will Guidara 2/12/19

Will Guidara, world famous restaurateur of Eleven Madison Park, on how and why to dream big. 
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Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden 2/5/19

Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, the filmmaking partners responsible for the movies Half Nelson, Sugar, and Mississippi Grind, look back at how they started making movies together, talk about their creative partnership, and discuss Mississippi Grind.
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Steven Pressfield 1/29/19

Steven Pressfield on fighting resistance and finding your best self 
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Josh Groban 1/22/19

Josh Groban on how he found his voice.
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Tommy Tomlinson 1/8/19

Tommy Tomlinson, author, on how to finally deal with being 460 LBS.
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Seth Godin 1/1/19

Seth Godin on an all new episode to get us ready for 2019!
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Geddy Lee 12/19/18

Rock icon Geddy Lee on being, Geddy Lee 
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Kevin Pollak 12/13/18

Legendary comedian and actor Kevin Pollak on how he took huge risks to break into the business exactly the way he wanted to.
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Rosanne Cash 12/4/18

Rosanne Cash on knowing yourself through writing
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Tony Gilroy & Scott Frank 11/27/18

Tony Gilroy, writer/director of 'Michael Clayton' and the 'Bourne' movies and Scott Frank, distinguished screenwriter best known for movies such as Get Shorty, Out of Sight, Minority Report, and A Walk Among the Tombstones.?
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Amy Koppelman 11/20/18

This week on The Moment, Brian Koppelman talks to his wife, Amy Koppelman, a novelist and screenwriter, about her book Hesitation Wounds and her recent film I Smile Back. The two discuss Amy?s lifelong battle with depression, the themes and characters of her stories, and how writing has, in many ways, saved her life. Plus, Amy talks about the letter she wrote to Philip Roth, why Per Petterson is one of her favorite authors, and how she overcame resistance from publishers and peers throughout her career.  
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Mike Birbiglia and Jen Stein 11/13/18

Mike Birbiglia and his poet wife Jen Hope Stein, on the challenges and rewards of working and parenting together as they created his hit one man broadway show, The New One.
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Brin Jonathan-Butler 11/6/18

Brin Jonathan-Butler on how writing saved his life.
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General Stanley McChrystal 10/30/18

General Stanley Mchrystal on waging war with honor, leading with strength and heart, and the value of emotional restraint.
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Nick McDonnell 10/23/18

Nick McDonnell, war correspondent, novelist, former child prodigy, on where to find honor in dangerous times.
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Sarah Kay 10/16/18

Brian Koppelman talks to Sarah Kay, the world famous spoken word poet
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Nicholas Morgenstern 10/9/18

Nicholas Morgenstern, the Willy Wonka of ice cream, on risking everything to chase a childhood dream.  
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Maggie Haberman 10/2/18

Maggie Haberman, NY Times Trump expert, on what it means to be a reporter in 2018. 
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Justine Bateman 9/25/18

Justine Bateman on what fame feels like, and the dagger of feeling it erode.
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Nicole Holofcener 9/18/18

Nicole Holofcener, one of Brian?s creative heroes, on why she and how she makes her groundbreaking films
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Bradley Tusk 9/11/18

Bradley Tusk, entrepreneur and author, on how he scored at the intersection of tech and politics.
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Dee Snider 9/4/18

Dee Snider, legendary rocker, on the power of believing in an impossible dream.
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