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Connected is a weekly panel discussion on Apple and the impact of technology on our lives. With each co-host having a unique background ? and accent ? Connected provides a perspective that no other show can. Hosted by Federico Viticci, Stephen Hackett, and Myke Hurley.


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423: I Know What a Parrot Is

Myke returns to the show with some questions for his co-hosts. Then, conversations about Federico's Apple Frames 3.0 Shortcut, Stephen's ability to track his wallet and Elon's changes at Twitter.
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422: Rearranging Water in the Same Bucket

Stephen and Federico party like it's 2012, talking about cloud photo services, note-taking on the web, email clients and epiphanies.
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421: The Shins (The Body Part)

Stephen has some dongles, Myke worries about the neighbors and Federico doesn't enjoy piles.
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420: 2 Regular 2 Pro

Apple has announced a pair of new iPad and a new Apple TV. This week, Myke, Federico and Stephen talk through the news and try to make sense of the new iPad lineup.
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419: Federico Got So Upset He Quit The Show

Can Myke finally get Federico to talk about the Apple Watch Ultra? While we may want new iPads, what about a Pixel tablet instead?
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418: Grocery Shopping for Some Fresh New Bugs

On this episode, the guys discuss what academic honors they would like to receive, what happened at the beach house and the new update to Spark. Then, David Smith drops by to talk about the Apple Watch Ultra.
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417: He Stole My Barbecue Stuff

Stephen has an Apple Watch Ultra. Myke dropped his iPhone. Federico's security cameras came in very handy. Oh, and Stage Manager is still busted.
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416: The Stage Manager Manager Takes the Stage

This week, Stephen shares his iPhone 14 Pro impressions, Myke reviews tvOS 16 and Federico laments the state of Stage Manager.
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415: Grab an App From the Basket

Myke flew to America. Federico has reviewed iOS 16. Stephen did some work on his garage.
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414: I am Michael Jordan

Apple has announced the iPhone 14, 14 Plus, 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max. Also new: the Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8 and all-new Apple Watch Ultra. An update to the AirPods Pro was also thrown into the mix. This week, the guys cover the news and then see how their predictions looked after Apple's "Far Out" event.
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413: The Rickies (September 2022)

Apple is holding an event on September 7, so the Rickies have been called to order.
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412: It's Strong! It's Tough!

Apple has announced an event for September 7th, while also confirming that iPadOS 16 will ship later in the fall. This week, Federico, Myke and Stephen talk through the news, cover the Mac's inclusion in the Self Service Repair Program and explore a new Twitter client.
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411: on my phone ;)

The guys react to their original iPhone App Store purchases after discussing Stephen's M2 MacBook Air review, Federico's feelings about the betas and Myke's love of transparent objects.
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410: For Years We Forgot to Put the Percentage There

Stephen and Myke revisit sleep tracking and discuss the original iPad Keyboard Dock. They also cover changes in iOS 16 Beta 5, the Opal C1 webcam and Amazon's purchase of iRobot.
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409: We're Were We Are Where

Stephen plays the Bad Cop. Federico doesn't know anybody named Tony. Myke has some questions. Apple has an iPadOS problem.
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408: Oh! Tim Cook is in Here, Too!

This week, the guys tour some old Apple Stores, alter some AirPods and think about tracking their sleep.
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407: A Computer Desk With a Bed on Top

Roses are red, Myke's MacBook Air is blue He and Stephen discuss Apple Arcade, Apple TV, YouTube and betas, too.
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406: The iPhone is Touching You Back

M2 MacBook Air reviews are out, as are the 2022 Public Betas. This week, the guys explore both. Myke then pits Stephen, Federico and The Passionate Ones against each other.
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405: A Calendar Called "Secrets"

Federico has a review ahead of him, Stephen has launched a Kickstarter and Myke has returned to his role as Quizmaster.
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404: The Non

After handling some haunting follow-up, Myke, Federico and Stephen rank every iPhone ever.
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403: He Can't Stop Merging

There are new betas, new chargers and new versions of iWork apps out this week. Beyond covering those items, the guys talk about WeatherKit and calculate updated Hackett Numbers.
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402: I'm Starting to Have That Feeling Again

Federico and Stephen explore the new Books UI and some MacBook rumors, before celebrating the return of Clarus the Dogcow. Then, a discussion of Stage Manager's system requirements and a possible way forward for non-M1 iPads and how Apple could approach future WWDC keynotes.
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401: Mouth Bells

WWDC22 is underway. Now it's time to see how well Federico, Myke and Stephen did at predicting what would be announced.
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400: The Rickies (WWDC 2022)

WWDC 2022 is just around the corner, and the guys have come prepared with a series of Picks, Risky Picks and Flexies.
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399: Never Deal Abadhand

This week, a look back at macOS Monterey, a conversation about Apple's supply chain issues and the news that two out of three Connected hosts will be at WWDC.
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398: Moon is not a Number

This week, Stephen did something out of the ordinary, Myke tries to explain Apple Watch faces and Federico learns about Margherita pizza.
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397: Tier of Shame

To mark the death of the iPod touch, the guys gather around a shared browser window and rank iPods. Also on the docket: iPadOS 15, iPhone repairs and Jony Ive's pen.
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396: The Royal Nobody

Apple has shared more details about its live WWDC event next month and 1Password 8 has arrived on the Mac. After those topics, the guys perform an exit interview for iOS 15.
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395: The Sand Bucket Challenge

This week, the guys revisit Apple Watch charging and trading in devices before jumping into Apple's new Self Service Repair program and Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter.
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394: At the Intersection of This and This

This week on the show, Myke is having a bad time, Stephen wants to meet a robot and Federico has an exciting new trail to blaze.
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393: Roast my Desk

Stephen, Myke and Federico all have desks, and they all have opinions. Today, those things collide.
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392: That Looming Threat of an Identity Crisis

Some much-loved follow-up is discussed, as are the WWDC 2022 and Automation April announcements. Then, 2017's Mac Roundtable is revisited and the guys design some new AirPods for Apple.
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391: The Pleasure Stops Here

This week: clarification about Apple charging more for specific colors on their products, Markdown in Google Docs, the death of Touch ID and a fresh start for the Bill of Rickies.
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390: The Permanence of Objects

Myke has questions about the Mac Studio, Federico was right about Workflow and Stephen has some suggestions for the Bill of Rickies.
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389: There's No Shoe Here

After discussing the new features enabled by iOS 15.4, the Europeans tackle the questions raised by Federico's iPad Air review, what Apple's 'Studio' brand could extend to, and hands-on impressions of the Steam Deck.
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388: I'm a Creative Fountain

Apple has announced updates to the iPad Air and several iPhones, then launched an entirely new desktop Mac with an accompanying display. As a result, a new Keynote Chairman must be named.
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387: The Rickies (March 2022)

Apple is holding an event on March 8, so the guys have scrambled to put together a list of top-tier picks for this edition of the Keynote Rickies.
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386: Laptops? Too Complicated!

After blindly obeying a website written by someone else, Myke, Federico and Stephen dream up a new vision for the iPod touch, discuss Safari?s fading marketshare and wonder what foldable devices Apple could be working on.
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385: Federico Viticci and the Multiverse of Madness

Like, what even *is* an episode description?
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384: A Very Well-Known Ophthalmologist

After talking about pen podcasts and the biting lip emoji, Federico, Myke and Stephen give each other a tour of their smart home setups.
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383: The Jeremies (February 2022)

Before Federico guesses the names of this year's new emoji, the guys talk about Apple's recent betas and deal with some follow-up. Pour a glass of bean juice and enjoy!
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382: It Does the Nib Nib

Federico was featured in the App Store, Federico shipped an Obsidian plugin and Federico has questions about Elgato's new foot pedal.
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381: Roast my iPad Home Screen

This week, the guys offer up their iPad home screens for roasting after the unboxing of the year.
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380: Light, Fog, Aroma

The iPhone was announced 15 years ago. After the hosts recover from that shocking news, they talk briefly about the 2007 keynote, then move on to discuss some CES news. iOS 15's Photos widget and shameless Wordle clones are also discussed.
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379: The Rickies (January 2022)

It's a new dawn It's a new day There's a new Chairman For us And we're feeling good
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378: 2021 Year in Review: We Are Your Family

2021 is over, but we've got one last episode before the year ends for good. Let Federico, Myke and Stephen guide you through the last 12 months of Apple-focused tech news.
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377: Connected Café ??

It's time for our annual Christmas gift exchange round-robin, and then the boys get down to business with some competitive picks about what will happen in 2022. All that's followed by a game of 20 Questions, with the questions supplied by Connected listeners! Happy holidays to everyone.
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376: The Jape That Went Too Far

Myke has returned from vacation, armed with follow-up and listener questions. Meanwhile, Federico wanted the group to share some life lessons and Stephen has posted a video of the PodCabin.
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375: Scatter My Content to The Sea

Federico and Stephen are joined by John Voorhees to talk about the future of Craft and note-taking apps in general. The next wave of Apple silicon Macs is also discussed, as are vintage products the company should bring back with a modern twist.
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374: Myke's Advocate

Myke is on vacation, so Federico and Stephen are finally free to talk about the Mac and AirPower. Then, a Q&A session for the ages.
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