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Smart Women, Smart Power

Smart Women, Smart Power

CSIS Smart Women, Smart Power is a speaker series on women in international business and global affairs. The weekly podcast features leading women from the corporate, government, and national security worlds discussing top international issues. This podcast series is made possible with support from Citigroup.


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The Future of 5G

Host Beverly Kirk talks to Bonnie Glick, the former Deputy Administrator of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The pair discuss USAID?s digital strategy, the future of 5G in emerging markets and the threat of Huawei, and the role USAID plays in contributing to global network security. 
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Election 2020 Aftermath with Dana Perino

Beverly Kirk spoke with Dana Perino, anchor of The Daily Briefing, co-host of The Five on FOX News Channel, and former White House Press Secretary for a Smart Women, Smart Power event. The pair discussed the outcome and aftermath of the 2020 election, its potential impact on U.S. national security, foreign, and domestic policy, and her advice for starting a career in Washington. This event was sponsored by Citi.
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Global Maritime Security

Host Beverly Kirk talks to Vice Admiral Linda Fagan, Pacific Area Commander of the U.S. Coast Guard, about Arctic security, the threat of illegal fishing to maritime security, and Coast Guard operations and readiness during the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Investing in Women in the Workplace

Host Beverly Kirk talks to Charity Wallace, Managing Director of Global Women?s Issues at the U.S. International Development Finance Corporation (DFC), about how the 2X Women's Initiative's investments are empowering women economically and helping their businesses survive the Covid-19 pandemic.
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Vote Girl Vote

Host Beverly Kirk talks to "Vote Girl Vote" co-founder Kate Howard about her organization's effort to tell the stories of all the women who fought for the right to vote so that they are not lost to history. 
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Combating the Opioid Crisis in West Virginia

Nina Easton, CSIS senior associate (non-resident) moderated a panel discussion on the opioid epidemic in West Virginia and the impacts of Covid-19. She spoke with West Virginia First Lady Cathy Justice, Elaine Wynn, Board Chair, Communities in Schools, and Michele Blatt, West Virginia Deputy Superintendent of Education. This conversation is part of the Smart Women, Smart Power speaker series sponsored by Citi.
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PONI Pathbreakers: The Nuclear Nonproliferation Regime

On the final episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk talks with Ambassador Susan Burk, former Special Representative for Nuclear Nonproliferation, and Dr. Rebecca Davis Gibbons, assistant professor of political science at the University of Southern Maine and associate at the Project on Managing the Atom at Harvard?s Belfer Center. They discuss the future of the Treaty on Nonproliferation of Nuclear Weapons and their trailblazing careers in the nuclear community.
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PONI Pathbreakers: All Things Arms Control

On the fourth episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk talks with Rose Gottemoeller, the former deputy Secretary General of NATO and Heather Williams, a lecturer in the Defence Studies Department and Centre for Science and Security Studies at Kings College London, about the future of arms control treaties and the impact current events have had on the relationship between the United States and its allies.
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PONI Pathbreakers: Breaking the Nuclear Glass Ceiling

On the third episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, former Sandia National Laboratories Director Jill Hruby and Dr. Mareena Robinson Snowden, Senior Engineer in the National Security Analysis Department at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab talk about being pioneers in their careers, nuclear proliferation, and great power competition.
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PONI Pathbreakers: The Role of Congress in Nuclear Policy

On the second episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk talked about the role of Congress in nuclear policy with Madelyn Creedon and Augusta Binns-Berkey. They also discussed their careers and how nuclear policy fits into broader domestic issues. Madelyn is a part-time research professor of International Affairs and Chair of the Nuclear Security Working Group at George Washington University and a non-resident senior fellow at Brookings. Augusta is currently a professional staff member on the Senate Armed Services Committee. The views expressed in this episode do not reflect those of their respective institutions.
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PONI Pathbreakers: The Cyber-Nuclear Connection

On the first episode of the PONI Pathbreakers series, host Beverly Kirk spoke with Erin Dumbacher, senior program officer for the Scientific and Technical Affairs program at the Nuclear Threat Initiative, and Suzanne Spaulding, senior adviser for homeland security and director of the Defending Democratic Institutions project at CSIS. They discussed cyber deterrence and nuclear security, and their career experiences in a rapidly changing field. You can learn more about Erin?s work at NTI here and Suzanne?s work at CSIS here.
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The 19th Amendment 100 Years Later: A Conversation with Valerie Jarrett

Valerie Jarrett, board chair of When We All Vote; co-chair of The United State of Women; and senior advisor to former president Barack Obama, spoke with Beverly Kirk about the centennial of the 19th Amendment, the importance of political participation, especially among young voters, and the changing tides of gender equity in America. This conversation is part of the Smart Women, Smart Power speaker series sponsored by Citi.
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Women in Leadership in British Defense

Host Beverly Kirk chats with British Army veteran Angela Owen, founder of Women in Defence UK, about the importance of female representation and gender balance in Britain?s defense community, how her organization is engaging individuals and challenging businesses to achieve these goals, and how the Covid-19 pandemic is impacting the British armed forces and defense sector. 
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Benghazi and Turkey: Lessons in Government Crisis Management

CSIS senior scholars Dr. Alice Hunt Friend and Shannon Culbertson discuss lessons learned as government officials dealing with the 2012 Benghazi attacks and the 2016 attempted coup in Turkey.
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Future Strategy Forum: Covid-19 and Democracy and Governance

CSIS senior adviser Suzanne Spaulding hosted the discussion on how the pandemic and global responses will impact democracy, privacy, and trust in government across the world. The panelists were Ms. Camille Stewart Esq. (New America), Dr. Lainie Rutkow (Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) and Dr. Susanna Campbell (American University). Watch the full event here.
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Future Strategy Forum: Covid-19 and Grand Strategy

Host Beverly Kirk moderated the discussion on how and why this pandemic might change how the United States approaches its foreign policy, relations with allies and competitors. The panelists were Dr. Jennifer Bouey (RAND), Dr. Mira Rapp-Hooper (Stephen A. Schwarzman Senior Fellow for Asia Studies, Council on Foreign Relations), and Dr. Kori Schake (American Enterprise Institute). Watch the full event here.
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The Global Economic Impact of Covid-19 on Women

Host Beverly Kirk moderated a virtual Smart Women, Smart Power event with Jen Klein and Rakeen Mabud of TIME?S UP and Rachel Vogelstein of the Council on Foreign Relations. The group discussed how women are disproportionately affected by Covid-19, and how response efforts and policies need to incorporate a whole of society approach. This event was sponsored by Citi.
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Future Strategy Forum: Covid-19 and the Military

CSIS senior fellow Alice Hunt Friend hosted the 2020 Future Strategy Forum discussion on Covid-19's impact on military readiness, ongoing operations, and civil-military relations, including the use of the military in domestic crises. The panelists were Dr. Risa Brooks (Marquette University), Ms. Pam Campos-Palma (former U.S. Air Force), Ms. Mackenzie Eaglen (American Enterprise Institute), and Dr. Mara Karlin (Johns Hopkins University SAIS and Brookings Institution). Watch the full event here.
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Future Strategy Forum: Covid-19 and National Security with the Hon. Michèle Flournoy

The Honorable Michèle Flournoy, former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, joined CSIS?s Hon. Kathleen Hicks, PhD for a virtual keynote discussion during the 2020 Future Strategy Forum. The pair discussed the security issues surrounding Covid-19 from China and North Korea to disinformation campaigns.
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Partners, not Proxies, in Hybrid Warfare Environments

CSIS's Melissa Dalton, Counterpart International's Mehreen Farooq, and Laura Rosenberger of the German Marshall Fund discuss the need for the U.S., Canada, and their allies to develop a more coherent strategy for security partners in conflict situations. The CSIS project on Capacity Building in Hybrid Environments is made possible by the generous support of Canada?s Ministry of Defence.
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Covid-19 and Girls: Lessons from Ebola

Christen Brandt, co-founder and Chief Programs Officer of She?s the First, joined host Beverly Kirk to discuss how Covid-19 is impacting girls around the globe. They discuss the parallels with the Ebola crisis and what lessons learned can be applied today, and why this issue must be prioritized by the international community.  
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Covid-19 and Cities: Challenges and Cooperation

Los Angeles Deputy Mayor of International Affairs Amb. (ret.) Nina Hachigian joined host Beverly Kirk to talk about the challenges cities face in the Covid-19 pandemic, and why cooperation is a key component of response efforts. They also discuss how the pandemic is impacting national security and the role of women in security issues.
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Disaster Lessons in Cybersecurity

Host Beverly Kirk chats with Neill Sciarrone, founder of Trinity Cyber, about the importance of emerging technology during the COVID-19 pandemic and why cybersecurity has to be a priority during national emergencies and natural disasters.
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U.S. Strategic Defense in Cyberspace

Cyberspace Solarium Commissioners Suzanne Spaulding and Dr. Samantha Ravich discuss the commission's recommendations aimed at helping the U.S. protect itself from cyberattacks.
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Coronavirus, Quarantines, and Global Health

CSIS Global Health Policy Center Senior Fellow Katherine Bliss talks with host Beverly Kirk about her coronavirus quarantine, her work on GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations, and lessons learned during GAVI's development that may be useful as the world grapples with COVID-19.
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Avoiding Gender-Blind Decisions In Infrastructure

Host Beverly Kirk sat down with Grete Faremo, Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of the United Nations Office of Project Services (UNOPS). They discussed how gender-blind infrastructure around the world can sometimes hinder gender equality and what UNOPS is doing to make sure infrastructure projects are designed with women in mind. 
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Leadership in the 21st Century: A Conversation with Three CIA Deputies

In celebration of International Women's Day, Smart Women, Smart Power hosted a conversation with three CIA Deputies: Dawn Meyerriecks, Deputy Director of CIA for Science and Technology; Betsy Davis, Deputy Director of CIA for Support; and Sonya Holt, Deputy Associate Director of CIA for Talent for Diversity & Inclusion and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer. Beverly Kirk moderated the discussion which highlighted how leadership at the CIA has changed, the Agency's commitment to diversity and inclusion, and how the Agency will lead in the 21st century.  
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Marines on the Information Battlefield

Host Beverly Kirk talks with USMC LtGen Lori Reynolds, Deputy Commandant for Information and Commander of the Marine Corps Forces Strategic Command, about how the Marines are improving their readiness for information warfare and adjusting their strategies for operation in the information environment.
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Let?s Get More Girls in Security

Girl Security founder Lauren Buitta joined host Beverly Kirk to talk about how her organization has empowered hundreds of young women to join the national security field. Erin Connolly and Meaghan Burnes, two young women who have gone through the Girl Security mentorship program, joined the conversation to share what they?ve learned through the program.  
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The Future of Commercial Space

Col. Pam Melroy (USAF, ret.) joined us for a Smart Women, Smart Power conversation on innovation and the role of government in commercial space. Moderated by Nina Eason, Col. Melroy also discussed the importance of international partnerships and collaboration in space.
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Brexit ? A Complicated Transition

Brexit is on track to happen on January 31, 2020. Dr. Amanda Sloat from Brookings discusses the United Kingdom?s complicated transition out of the European Union with host Beverly Kirk.
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Why We Still Need NATO

Rose Gottemoeller, former Deputy Secretary General of NATO, joined host Beverly Kirk to discuss the importance of international alliances, NATO?s dedication to gender equity, and her experience as a lead negotiator for the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty.
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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020: Same Challenges Ahead?

Host Beverly Kirk sat down with CSIS experts Kathleen Hicks, Sarah Ladislaw, and Stephanie Segal to discuss the year?s security and foreign policy hot topics and what we might expect in the coming year. We talk everything from China, climate, and trade to populism, technology, and U.S. leadership on the global stage.
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Crisis Response and the Prioritization of Women and Girls

Janet Fleischman, CSIS Senior Associate (Non-resident) in the Global Health Policy Center joined host Beverly Kirk for a conversation about her latest report, which examines why women and girls? health and protection should be a top priority in emergency and international crisis situations. It also looks at U.S. policy on global health security.  
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Brave and Bold Heroes: The Kung Fu Nuns Story

Konchok and Migyur are Kung Fu Nuns from the Drukpa lineage of Buddhism in Nepal. They and Atlantic Council Senior Advisor Carrie Lee joined host Beverly Kirk to discuss Kung Fu?s role in promoting gender equality in the Western Himalayas. They also discussed their work on the environment and as first responders following the 2015 earthquake.
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Venture Capital, Social Impact and STEM Ed

Dr. Barbara Burger, president of Chevron Technology Ventures (CTV), joined guest host Melissa Dalton to discuss how CTV operates and how its work is impacting communities. They also discussed the importance of STEM education and finding allies.
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Bipartisan Roadmap for Syria-Turkey Conflict

Syria Study Group co-Chair Dana Stroul and Commission member Melissa Dalton discuss the group?s findings, the state of the Syria-Turkey conflict following the withdrawal of U.S. troops, and international influence in the region.
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Foreign Aid and International Affairs Spending

House Appropriations Chairwoman Nita Lowey (D-NY) and Ranking Member Kay Granger (R-TX) joined us for a Smart Women, Smart Power conversation on foreign aid and international affairs spending. Moderated by Nina Easton, the pair also discussed why it?s important to invest in women and girls worldwide.
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NatSecGirlSquad Talks Competent Diversity

NatSecGirlSquad Founder Maggie Feldman-Piltch explains how the group?s commitment to women in security and defense extends beyond career advice and networking and why ?competent diversity? is key to inclusion in the defense and security sector.
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Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender Equality

This panel discussion looked at progress being made toward achieving gender equality in developing countries and the challenges women and girls still face. The conversation features moderator Beverly Kirk and guests Zoe Dean-Smith, Amb. Mathilde Mukantabana, Johanna Nesseth Tuttle, and Astri Kimball Van Dyke.
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Women, Combat, and Selective Service

CSIS non-resident Senior Associate Monica Medina joined Beverly Kirk to discuss progress being made regarding women in military combat roles. She also talked about a court ruling from earlier this year that said excluding women from Selective Service registration is unconstitutional. That court decision is being appealed.
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Women Helping Women in National Security

Ambassador Bonnie Jenkins joined host Beverly Kirk to discuss how she navigated her career in the State Department and how her organization, Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security, is helping to increase the number of young women in the field.
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Failing Faster to Succeed

Liz Smith, Executive Chairman of the Board and former CEO of Bloomin? Brands and deputy chair of the Atlanta Fed, joined Beverly Kirk to talk about the importance of embracing your failures in the workplace, learning the lessons, and moving on quickly. They also discussed her mission of creating gender parity on corporate boards.
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Bankruptcy Courts and National Security

Cyber & Tech Attorney Camille Stewart talks with host Beverly Kirk about how U.S. adversaries access sensitive national security technologies and intellectual property through bankruptcy proceedings. They also discuss what?s being done to better protect information when companies fail.
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Security and Foreign Policy in Campaign 2020

The Smart Women, Smart Power Speaker Series hosted three Washington-based journalists for a conversation on how security and foreign policy issues will influence the upcoming campaign cycle. Moderated by Beverly Kirk, the panelists were Susan Glasser of The New Yorker, Jennifer Griffin of FOX News, and Lara Seligman of Foreign Policy.
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The Importance of International Institutions

A panel discussion of benefits and challenges in using international institutions as a tool of statecraft. The conversation features Dr. Esther Brimmer, Heather Conley, Naima Green, Dr. Kristina Spohr, and Dr. Mischa Thompson and was held at the Future Strategy Forum in April 2019.
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Nepal Earthquake Recovery Four Years Later

After an earthquake devastated Barpak, Nepal in 2015, Maya Pandey, a Virginia high school student born in Nepal, raised money to build a learning center to give Barpak students a place to study while their schools were rebuilt. Maya talks with Beverly Kirk about the process of building and sustaining the learning center and about how she?s also giving back to her community in Virginia. This episode is part of our Smart Girls, Smart Power series.
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Educating Girls: Building Kenya?s Future

Beverly Kirk talks with Dr. Kakenya Ntaiya about starting a school to educate young girls in her Kenyan hometown and keeping them out of forced early marriages. Two of her students also join the conversation to talk about their aspirations and goals.
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Why Women are a Smarter Investment

Katie Kaufman, Managing Director for Global Women?s Issues at the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC), spoke with SWSP host Beverly Kirk about the 2X Women?s Initiative and why investing in women entrepreneurs is profitable.
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China-U.S. Trade: The British View

Dame Barbara Woodward, the United Kingdom?s Ambassador to China discusses the current Washington-Beijing trade spat and its implications for the U.K. and the rest of the world. She also talks about 21st century diplomatic challenges and how most are related to China.
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