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MTGGoldfish Podcast

MTGGoldfish Podcast

Every week get an in-depth discussion behind the latest news in Magic the Gathering, focusing on finance, competitive deck building and budget brewing.


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We Tell Wizards How to Fix Modern

Modern is in a weird place and the Goldfish crew has some ideas about how to fix it.
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These Ixalan Cards Top 8ed This Weekend

The crew talks about some upcoming promos, the future of Standard, Lost Cavern of Ixalan's impact on various constructed formats and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Universes Beyond Tier List

With the crew waiting for Lost Caverns of Ixalan to release they tier list all of the Universes Beyond sets released so far!
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The Most Exciting Cards from Lost Caverns of Ixalan

Seth and Richard discuss their top Lost Caverns of Ixalan cards for various 60 card constructed formats!
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We Discover Lost Caverns of Ixalan

The crew talks Lost Caverns of Ixalan spoilers!
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Marvel is Coming to Magic

The crew discusses a ton of Universes Beyond news and how to fix Modern
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Drafting Just Got More Expensive

Seth and Richard discuss play boosters, a "no changes" ban list update and answer #MTGFishmail
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Is Magic Still the #1 TCG?

The crew talks Doctor Who, Magic's current place in the TCG universe, Arena Championship IV and more before answering #MTGFishmail!
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Is Ghalta Win More?

The crew discussing the upcoming Arena Championship IV and a ton of spoilers!
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MagicCon Vegas 2023

The whole MTGGoldfish crew gets together to talk about their experience at MagicCon Vegas live from the Westgate Hotel in Las Vegas!
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We Take the Wilds of Eldraine Survey

The crew talks a new My Little Pony Secret Lair, the state of MTG Arena and lets Wizards know what they think about Wilds of Eldraine by taking the new survey!
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Cascade and Naya and Golgari and Faeries

The crew talks about the impact of Wilds of Eldraine on various constructed formats and answers #MTGFishmail!
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The End (of Sheoldred)?

The crew gives their first impressions of Wilds of Eldraine Standard and talks Dr. Who spoilers!
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Can Eldraine Beat Sheoldred?

The crew gives their impression of the full Wilds of Eldraine set, discusses the future of Standard, checks out some new Secret Lair drops and answers #MTGFishmail!
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The Most Broken Eldraine Card = Spreading Seas?

With Richard sick and Crim without internet because of a storm Tomer joins Seth to discuss Wilds of Eldraine and answer #MTGFishmail!
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Did Commander Masters Flop?

The crew discusses the issues with Commander Masters, some new promos, anime Smothering Tithe and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Yee Haw, We're Cowboys Now

The crew breaks down today's surprising ban list update, a huge list of upcoming sets and more!
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Is Every Deck in Modern a Scam?

Seth and Richard discuss Pro Tour Lord of the Rings, power creep in Magic and Wilds of Eldraine spoilers!
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We Rate Doctor Who Cards, but Know Nothing About Doctor Who

With Crim traveling to MagicCon Barcelona, Richard and Seth try to figure out Doctor Who, discuss the current state of Modern heading into the upcoming Pro Tour, Commander Masters precon prices and more!
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Is It Worth Buying a Box of Commander Masters?

The crew discusses Commander Masters, when Pioneer will finally make it to Arena, how they would rebalance some cards for Historic and more before answering #MTGFishmail.
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What's the Best Titan in 2023?

The crew discuss the new Historic and Explorer Anthologies coming to MTG Arena, consider whether Jace, the Mind Sculptor could ever come back to Standard and answer #MTGFishmail.
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Our Picks for Worst Mechanics

With Crim in a boondoggle Richard and Seth discuss The One Ring being opened, it's impact on Modern, new Secret Lair drops and weigh in on the worst mechanics ever before answering #MTGFishmail.
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The One Ring to Rule Modern

The crew gives their first impression of Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, discusses some new Modern brews and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Is Universes Beyond the New Reserved List?

With Crim traveling Richard and Seth talk Lord of the Rings, Standard, Alchemy on Arena, the Ambassador program and more before answering #MTGFishmail.
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Smeagol Plus Crabs Equals the Answer to Modern

The crew discusses Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth, the current state of Pioneer and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Will Anything From Lord of the Rings See Play in Modern?

The crew shares their takes on post-banning Standard and discusses which Lord of the Rings cards could show up in Modern!
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Fable Free Standard!

With Richard away Crim and Seth discuss Standard bannings, Arena coming to Steam, the impending Lord of the Rings preview season and answer #MTGFishmail.
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Our Banning Predictions

The crew talks about Wizards new philosophy for bannings, shares what they would ban in Standard and more!
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Aftermath Flopped, Where Does Standard Go from Here?

The crew discusses Aftermath, the future of Standard and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Wizards "Fixes" Standard

With Crim away Seth and Richard discuss Pro Tour March of the Machine, some huge changes to Standard, a bunch of spoiler news and answer #MTGFishmail.
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Why are These Cards Banned in Modern? (Part 2)

The crew finishes their breakdown of the Modern banned list!
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March of the Machine First Impressions

Richard and Seth talk about their first impression of March of the Machine, discuss a wild story about how Aftermath leaked and answer #MTGFishmail!
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Cards that Used to Be Good in Modern

With Crim away Richard and Seth discuss serialized cards and delve deep into cards that used to be awesome in Modern, but don't show up anymore before answering #MTGFishmail.
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March of the Machine Praetor Ranking

Seth and Richard discuss Blade of Shared Souls in Standard, rank the Praetors from March of the Machine and answer #MTGFishmail.
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Battle(cruiser) Magic is Finally Here

The crew breaks down battles and talks a ton of new March of the Machines spoilers!
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Is Elspeth Better Than Wrenn, Actually?

The crew discusses March of the Machines early spoilers, an upcoming D&D Secret Lair drop and more before answering #MTGFishmail!
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Magic Just Printed the Rarest Card Ever

The crew talks Arena Championship II, Lord of the Rings and the impact of the 1 of 1 The One Ring.
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Why are These Cards Banned in Modern?

The crew dives deep into the Modern banned list.
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What Does Shadows Over Innistrad Add to Arena?

The crew is joined by special guest Joe Dyer to discuss today's Legacy bannings, breaks down the impact of Shadows over Innistrad to Magic Arena and more before answering #MTGFishmail!
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Would You Dig Through Garbage for Magic Cards?

The crew discusses Commander Masters, dumpster diving for Magic and more!
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Paper Magic is Back! (jk, more spoilers)

Seth and Richard discuss Pro Tour Phyrexia and a ton of early spoilers from March of the Machines!
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Phyrexia: All Is Standard

The crew discusses Phyrexia: All Will Be One Standard and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Phyrexia First Impressions

Seth and Richard discuss the Phyrexia: All Will Be One early access event, #DongGate, Dockside Extortionist and answer #MTGFishmail.
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Is Phyrexia the Best Set Since Eldraine?

The crew finishes up Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoiler season by discussing the full set, talks about Hasbro's layoffs and what they mean for Magic and answers #MTGFishmail!
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What's the Matter with Jace?

The crew talks Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoilers and speculates on what the new Battle card type might be!
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What Phyrexia Planeswalker is Best?

The crew talks Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoilers, an update on the D&D open gaming license and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Phyrexia: All Will Be Leaked

The crew discusses why a ton of Phyrexia cards leaked this weekend, discuss their feelings on various constructed formats heading into 2023 and answer #MTGFishmail.
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2022 Previews in Review

The crew looks back on their 2022 predictions to see what they got right and what they got horribly wrong.
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Holiday Fishmail Bag

The crew wraps up 2022 by spending the entire cast answering your #MTGFishmail questions!
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Is Phyrexian Obliterator Good in 2023?

The crew talks Phyrexia: All Will Be One spoilers, the Storm Scale and answers #MTGFishmail!
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