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MTGGoldfish Podcast

MTGGoldfish Podcast

Every week get an in-depth discussion behind the latest news in Magic the Gathering, focusing on finance, competitive deck building and budget brewing.


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Everything Magic 30

Live from Vegas, the crew recounts their Magic 30 experience, joined by Brewer's Kitchen and BudgetCommander.
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75% of Players Don't Know Planeswalkers?

The crew talks early Jumpstart 2022 spoilers, the difference between casuals and enfranchised players and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Things That Could Kill Magic in 2022

The crew discusses post-Meatball Standard, a bunch of new Secret Lair drops and revisit an old Mark Rosewater article about things that were going to kill Magic by adding some 2022 updates!
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Insert Angry Magic 30 A Title Here

The crew discusses a huge ban list update, 30th Anniversary Edition and more Universes Beyond crossovers.
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Converters: More than Meets the Eye

The crew discusses a ton of announcements including a first look at The Brothers War, Transformers coming to Magic, Pioneer Challenger decks and more!
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How Do You Beat Hat Tribal?

The crew discusses Arena Championship I, Unfinity and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Are Warhammer 40k Precons the Best Precons Ever?

The crew discusses the full Warhammer 40k Commander decklists, pauper bannings and the upcoming Arena Championship I before answering #MTGFishmail!
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Is Meathook Too Good?

The crew talks Dominaria United Standard, Warhammer 40k spoilers, Lorcana and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Time to Dust Off Those Lilianas

The crew discusses the impact of Dominaria United in Standard, Pioneer and Modern, Disney making a new game to compete with Magic and answers #MTGFishmail.
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What's the Best Dominaria United Lord?

The crew breaks down Dominaria United, limited being solved to quickly and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Is Karn Top 5 Worst Planeswalkers Ever?

The crew discusses TCGPlayer being bought by Ebay, Dr. Who coming to Magic and Dominaria United spoilers!
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Is Lil' Giri the New Pikachu?

The crew talks the cost of Magic 30, it's exclusive Secret Lair Drop, delve into some Dominaria United news and answers #MTGFishmail.
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What's the Best Card in Modern?

With Crim internet-less Seth and Richard argue about which card should be considered the best card in Modern and answer #MTGFishmail.
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What Did Wizards Learn in 2022?

The crew goes in-depth on the new Explorer and Historic Anthology releases, discusses Mark Rosewater's State of Design 2022 article and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Acorns, Legends and Stickers

The crew discusses a ton of spoilers ranging from Dominaria United to Unfinity to Explorer Anthologies!
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The crew discusses TCGPlayer buying ChannelFireball, a Magic Online prize cut, Grinning Ignus seemingly dying for nothing and much more, before (of course) answering your #MTGFishmail.
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The Technology for Coverage is Here

The crew discusses Alchemy bannings, Fortnite coming to Magic and community-lead coverage showing off a huge Modern $30k in Syracuse before answering #MTGFishmail.
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Answering Life's Most Important Questions

The crew spends the entire cast answering life's most important questions, as submitted by all of you!
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Is Double Masters 2022 Worth $400 a Box?

The crew discusses Double Masters 2022, its relationship to Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate, the return of the greatest Brawl player in the world and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Where Are The Modern Cards In Double Masters 2022?

The crew discusses Double Masters 2022, an $800,000 Black Lotus, format popularity on Magic Arena and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Shrinkflation Comes to Magic

The crew talks Pioneer bannings, some Magic booster boxes offering less packs, a new Secret Lair drop and more!
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Stories from Commandfest Richmond

The crew talks about their weekend at Commandfest Richmond.
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Will Magic Players Buy Baldur's Gate?

The crew gives their first impressions of the full Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate set, discusses more spoilers cards and answers #MTGFishmail.
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The Best Standard Since War of the Spark?

The crew discusses the New Capenna Championship, the state of Standard and Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur's Gate spoilers!
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Do Four Packs Make a Booster Box?

The crew discusses a ton of upcoming Magic sets, Explorer bannings on Magic Arena and Warhammer 40k spoilers before answering #MTGFishmail.
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Santa is Fake and the Easter Bunny Doesn't Exist

The crew discusses Magic Arena's new explorer format, the rise of Ledger Shredder, some Secret Lair news and answers #MTGFishmail.
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How Has Capenna Changed Standard?

With Richard away Seth and Crim discuss the impact of #MTGSNC on Standard, an update to constructed events on Magic Arena, a new Secret Lair drop and answer #MTGFishmail!
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Diet Pioneer Comes to MTG Arena

The crew discusses the new Explorer format on Magic Arena, the cost of Magic going up, the return of Commandfests and answers #MTGFishmail!
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The Infamous Shadow of Mortality Dark Confidant Combo

The crew discusses Streets of New Capenna spoilers and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Mob Nixilis is Cracked

The crew discusses a ton of Streets of New Capenna spoilers!
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Paper Pro Tours Return!

The crew talks New Capenna spoilers, the return of organized play and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Go for the Eyes, Boo!

The crew discusses Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur Gate spoilers, creature types in Magic, Alchemy Horizons and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Arena Economy: No Changes

The crew discusses the stats of the Arena economy, win trading on MTGO, Halo in New Capenna and answers some #MTGFishmail!!
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Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Championship

The crew discusses the #MTGNEON championship, Alchemy spoilers and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Lurrus is Banned!

The crew discusses the Lurrus banning in Modern and Pioneer, the low play rate of Alchemy on Magic Arena, New Capenna spoilers and answers #MTGFishmail.
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The Death of Pro Magic Content

With Crim away dealing with internet issues Seth and Richard discuss the past, present and future of Magic content before answering #MTGFishmail.
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The crew discusses the Street Fighter Secret Lair drop, activist investors trying to split Wizards from Hasbro and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Kamigawa Makes Magic Fun Again

The crew discusses their first impressions of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty in Standard and limited, the possibility of Pioneer coming to Arena, Wizards huge 2021 profits and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Ninjas vs. Vehicles

The crew gives their takes on Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and discusses whether they think Magic cards are getting too wordy and complex.
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Who Playtested These Channel Lands?

The crew discusses last week's banned and restricted announcement and talks about a ton of Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty spoilers!
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Lurrus, Ragavan or Saga?

The crew discusses the recent Pauper bannings, makes predictions for tomorrow's B&R announcement, talks about Maro's Kamigawa teasers and more, before answering #MTGFishmail!
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What Does Magic Mean to You?

The crew talks about how Magic has changed and what it means to them today before answering #MTGFishmail!
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RIP SCG Coverage

With Crim's internet down Richard and Seth discuss a bunch of topics ranging from Alchemy to the end of SCG coverage before answering #MTGFishmail.
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Modern or Mortgage Payment?

The crew discusses a ton of news ranging from Daybreak Games taking over MTGO to the cost of Modern, before answering #MTGFishmail.
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Still Trippin': 2021 Spoiler Review

The crew looks back on their best and worst spoiler season predictions of 2021!
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Kamigawa is Back!

The crew talks early Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty spoilers, Magic Arena's first big Alchemy tournament and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Alchemy: As Richard Garfield Intended?

The crew shares their first impressions of Alchemy, discusses the Arena economy, a Reddit response from Richard Garfield on how Magic was intended to be played and answers #MTGFishmail.
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Alchemy with MTG Pro Andrew Cuneo

The crew is joined by special guest Andrew Cuneo to discuss Alchemy, it's implications to Arena, Standard and organized play!
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Izzet Time for Mental Misstep in Modern?

The crew discusses Unfinity, the Modern banned list and answers #MTGFishmail!
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Did Wizards Miss a Layup with Arcane?

The crew discussing Modern at MTG Vegas, new Secret Lair drops and answers #MTGFishmail!
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