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Out of Space Games

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027: The Last Jedi and 2017 Movie Recap

Episode 27

Wow, it's hard to believe it has nearly been a year, but excited to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi and look back our favorite movies of 2017. We have some guests filling in our regular spots and look ahead to some of the bigger movies coming in 2018 as well. Thanks for listening!

00:48 - Guest Intros & First Impressions
09:42 - Last Jedi Spoilers
21:09 - Last Jedi continued
31:19 - Last Jedi continued
40:46 - Last Jedi last thoughts
46:43 - Guardians vol. 2
52:58 - Spider-man: Homecoming
1:00:08 - Wonder Woman, Justice League
1:13:05 - Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers
1:22:29 - Logan
1:27:50 - Lego Batman
1:35:08 - War of the Planet of the Apes, Dunkirk, It
1:43:35 - Get Out, Bladerunner 2049, various other movies
1:52:45 - Favorite movies of 2017 and looking to 2018
2:00:00 - Final Thoughts
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026: Still Kickin'

Episode 26

We're still kickin' it with episode 26 of our podcast. Starting off with a special tribute to our favorite Oscar winner, we end up discussing a ton of cooperative games like Pandemic Legacy, Mechs vs Minions, and some in-depth discussion revolving around Fireteam Zero and game design in general. We then take a glance at Netrunner before diving in to LCG design before closing out the show with a deconstruction of the Disney-movie strategy and taking risks in movies. Thanks for listening!

00:36 - Oscar-Winning Suicide Squad
04:36 - Pandemic Legacy
11:55 - Mech vs Minions
25:10 - Fireteam Zero
41:53 - Fireteam Zero continued
45:17 - Netrunner
57:02 - LCG Design
1:03:03 - Disney Tangent
1:08:29 - Tangent Continued
1:21:19 - Final Thoughts
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025: Rogue One and the New Year

Episode 25

We bring in 2017 with episode 25, starting with our Star Wars: Rogue One discussion and a look back at all the movies from 2016. Moving on to 2017, we talk about the newest trailers before moving to game talk with the Kingdom Death: Monster Kickstarter and Mechs vs Minions. The legacy games model becomes a focus before we finish with gaming resolutions for 2017. Thanks for listening!

00:54 - Rogue One
11:56 - Rogue One Continued
27:10 - 2016 Movie Recap
38:45 - Bladerunner, Alien: Covenant Spider-man: Homecoming
49:28 - War of the Planet of the Apes, King: Skull Island
56:14 - Kingdom Death: Monster
1:04:12 - Mechs vs. Minions
1:12:35 - Legacy Games Discussion
1:23:18 - New Year's Gaming Resolutions
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024: Strange Escape

Episode 24

We're back! Episode 24 brings a ton of content, starting with some Kickstarter board games before moving on to a recap of our first Escape Room experience! We've put in a live reaction recording and then talk some more about the relationship between escape rooms and board games before connecting to the popular legacy games format and the newly announced Netrunner campaign expansion following in the same vein.  Finally, we move to a Dr. Strange review, discuss some other shows and trailers, and end with some video game talk. Thanks for listening!

02:35 - Control, Manhattan Project
15:23 - Escape Room Reaction
41:17 - Escape Room Continued
47:23 - Legacy Games, Netrunner: Terminal Directive
58:43 - Dr. Strange
1:14:49 - Luke Cage
1:27:06 - Westworld
1:36:47 - Ghost in the Shell
1:43:28 - Battlefield 1
1:58:31 - Final Thoughts
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023: GenCon, Suicide Squad, and a Pig!

Episode 23

Episode 23 finally sees us talk our GenCon thoughts and the Suicide Squad discussion, so there's plenty of love, hate, and games to keep you entertained. We talk the Star Trek RPG, the Luchador Wrestling Dice game, Sharknado, and Chaosium's panels. As a bonus, you get to hear what it's like carrying a squaling pig! Thanks for listening!

00:54 - The Pig Story
04:01 - GenCon overview
06:38 - Star Trek RPG
09:16 - Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice
15:48 - 2 Rooms and a Boom, Sharknado
21:39 - Chaosium Call of Cthulhu Panels
25:30 - Running Call of Cthulhu at GenCon
42:30 - Suicide Squad
1:02:30 - Gotta Hate Games
1:12:17 - Star Trek Discovery
1:18:58 - Wrap-up
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022: Trekking Beyond Comic-Con

Episode 22

Episode 22 kicks off with our thoughts about the new Star Trek Beyond movie and a bunch of other Trek related news (it is the 50th anniversary) before moving to Comic Con trailer talk where we cover Marvel, DC, and some other studios' movies.  Please note this was recorded before Gen Con, the Suicide Squad opened, and before certain Star Trek Discovery details were released.  Thanks for listening!

00:49 - Star Trek Beyond
14:53 - Star Trek Beyond Continued
24:31 - Star Trek Discovery
29:29 - DS9, Axanar Lawsuit
36:15 - King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, Kong: Skull Island
42:00 - American Gods
45:33 - Marvel Trailers
51:59 - Justice League, Wonder Woman
1:02:30 - DC Continued
1:12:00 - Final Thoughts
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Gen Con 2016: Call of Cthulhu Panel

Gen Con 2016: Call of Cthulhu Panel

The Chaosium Crew celebrates the launch of the Call of Cthulhu 7th edition RPG at Gen Con 2016 discussing in-progress works, plans for the future, and answers a bunch of fan questions. Panel featured Mike Mason, Sandy Petersen, Jeff Richards, Paul Fricker, and Lynn Hardy.  Thanks for listening!

01:06 - What the game is
02:26 - New campaign "Children of Fear" with Lynn Hardy
04:54 - "Doors to Darkness" scenario collection for new Keeper's
06:02 - Production standards going forward (6:53 Sandy enters)
08:25 - Pulp Cthulhu
09:59 - Pulp Cthulhu Campaign "The Two-Headed Serpent" with Paul Fricker
13:44 - "The Tales of Sandy Petersen" by Sandy Petersen

Fan Questions
17:59 - Dreamlands plans?
21:06 - Why 2 books for 7th edition?
24:49 - Cthulhu Dark Ages?
25:48 - Breaking into RPG writing?
30:50 - How Sandy got into RPGs
33:21 - Will you be able to "regular" Cthulhu with "Pulp Cthulhu" rules?
34:42 - Best intro scenario for new keeper/players?
40:43 - Crowdfunding in the future?
41:41 - Additional "Pulp Cthulhu" content moving forward?
42:39 - Favorite time periods to run/write scenarios in?
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Actual Play 005: Horror on the Orient Express - Lausanne 1

HOTOE Episode 5

We get a little crazy with our Call of Cthulhu: Horror on the Orient Express Actual Play Episode 5! Our investigators finally board the Orient Express for a quick journey before stopping to gather information in Lausanne, running into some interesting characters and forcing the action on some locals. Thanks for listening!
Be sure to follow along with our handouts and other docs here!

The Call of Cthulhu RPG game system and Horror on the Orient Express campaign is published by Chaosium
Music from Sense Impacts by Chad Fifer and Horror on the Orient Express by Alex Otterlei
Sound FX from
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021: On T.I.M.E

Episode 21

Hot on the heels of E3, we start things off with some video game news with the major press conference announcements, Battlefield One, Resident Evil 7, and Death Stranding.  Jared then talks about his experiences with D&D 5e before we move into a non-spoiler boardgame discussion about T.I.M.E Stories.  As a bonus, we've also included an impromptu recording made immediately following a session of T.I.M.E. Stories with gut reactions and immediate feedback.  Thanks for listening!

00:47 - Press Conference Overview, New Systems
03:08 - Battlefield One
20:53 - Resident Evil 7
28:15 - Death Stranding, VR
34:40 - Jared plays D&D
45:46 - T.I.M.E Stories Discussion
56:45 - T.I.M.E Stories Postgame Reaction
1:19:00 - Final Thoughts
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020: Two Months Late

Episode 20

We recorded this one back in April, but there's plenty to catch up on as we talk Dark Souls and a Ghostbusters Kickstarter before shifting to movies as we discuss Dr. Strange, Hollywood Racism, the Magnificent Seven and Ben-Hur remakes, and some thoughts on the Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer.  Thanks for listening!

00:54 - More Batman vs Superman
04:28 - Dark Souls Kickstarter
15:49 - Ghostbusters
22:37 - Dr. Strange Trailer
31:52 - Ghost in the Shell, Hollywood Racism
45:39 - Magnificent Seven, Ben-Hur Remakes
52:49 - Star Wars: Rogue One Trailer
56:39 - Final Thoughts
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Actual Play 004: Horror on the Orient Express - France

HOTOE Episode 4

We're not dead!  Out of Space Games finally unleashes the long-awaited Horror on the Orient Express Actual Play Episode 4!  We apologize for the huge delay in podcast releases and promise to bring you the next one sooner.  Join our investigators and their adventures in France. Thanks for listening!
Follow along with our handouts and other docs here!

The Call of Cthulhu RPG game system and Horror on the Orient Express campaign is published by Chaosium
Music from Sense Impacts by Chad Fifer and Horror on the Orient Express by Alex Otterlei
Sound FX from
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Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War

Finally a movie we enjoyed!  Join us for our Captain America: Civil War discussion as we talk likes, dislikes, comparisons to the comic, and other observations.  Thanks for listening!
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019: Hot Fire!

Episode 19

We set out to just do a review of Batman vs Superman but ended up discussing a bunch of fun board games such as Burgle Bros and En Garde.  Plus, don't miss our freestyle raps as we discuss Legend of the Cipher: The Game of Hip Hop.  We end the show with some Chaosium organized play news and shout out the Zephyr: Winds of Change Kickstarter from our friends at The Portal Dragon.  Thanks for listening!

00:56 - Batman vs Superman
33:46 - Burgle Bros
38:44 - En Garde
42:49 - Legend of the Cipher: The Game of Hip Hop
55:40 - Final Thoughts
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018: Chimichanga

Episode 18

There's plenty of love and plenty of hate as the Out of Space crew talks board games, kickstarters, movie trailers, Deadpool, the Oscars, and more.  Thanks for listening!

00:37 - Pick the Lock
08:44 - Deadpool
19:03 - Captain America: Civil War
28:50 - Ghostbusters
40:22 - Bermuda Crisis: Discovery Dawning
46:09 - Mad Max Oscsars
54:43 - Final Thoughts
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017: New Year's + Keeper's Corner

Episode 17

Note: Keeper's Corner starts at 52:18.
The crew finally catches up to 2016 with our actual post-holiday episode, kicking things off with Great Fire of London before moving into some Ninja Turtles Kickstarter discussion and then movie/tv talk.  As a bonus, we bring you our first Keeper's Corner, where Jay talks about the ongoing Call of Cthulhu campaign from the Keeper's perspective.  Learn some tips, tricks or other interesting things we've done to make our roleplaying experience what it is.  Check it out, play some games, and thanks for listening!

01:05 - Happy New Year
03:06 - Great Fire of London
13:13 - Deadpool & Superbowl Trailers
20:08 - Civil War & More Trailers
28:27 - X-Files Reboot
34:14 - Ninja Turtles
43:31 - Tentacle Bento
45:46 - Feedback & Uncharted Talk
52:18 - Keeper's Corner
54:26 - Background, Changes, Optional Scenarios
1:01:52 - Keeping Style, Unforeseen Events
1:10:45 - Outro
1:13:38 - Final Thoughts
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016: Haterade

Episode 16

The normally cordial Out of Space crew gets their hate on for trailers, games, and movies alike.  Don't worry though, we also talk about plenty of things we liked including some cool board games like War of Kings and Codenames.  Thanks for listening!

00:55 - Star Wars Battlefront
08:31 - More Battlefront
17:12 - FF7 Remake
24:57 - Fallout 4
32:46 - Codenames
38:10 - War of Kings
51:37 - Jessica Jones
1:01:25 - Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice
1:10:21 - Star Trek Beyond, X-Men: Apocalypse
1:19:43 - Captain America: Civil War, ID4 Resurgence
1:29:12 - Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans
1:31:52 - Final Thoughts
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The Star Wars Special Episode!

The Star Wars Special

Out of Space Games brings you a special episode of our podcast focused on Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Passions run wild and all opinions are debated as we finally share our thoughts and feedback on the biggest movie franchise of all-time.  Please note that this is a spoiler filled episode and Dean's audio still has issues.  Thanks for listening!

01:58 - Initial thoughts
10:54 - Stuff we liked, Pacing
24:30 - Characters
37:43 - Special Effects
46:10 - Soundtrack, Throwbacks
52:17 - Ratings
1:01:00 - Wrap Up
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Actual Play 003: Horror on the Orient Express - London 3

HOTOE Episode 3

Out of Space Games brings in the new year with the Horror on the Orient Express Actual Play Episode 3!  This is our longest bit yet with our brave investigators running rampant through London as the action ramps up.  Join us as we make our final preparations in England.  Thanks for listening!
Follow along with our handouts and other docs here!

*Note: Apologies for Dean's audio

Music from Sense Impacts by Chad Fifer and Horror on the Orient Express by Alex Otterlei
Sound FX from
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015: Back to Normal (aka Random)

Episode 15

We are back to the regular podcast after a few weeks of Cthulhu, but we will continue to mixup the regular podcast and RPG as we move forward.  In this week's episode, we talk Sandy Petersen's AMA, Cthulhu Wars, some modern warfare in DVG's Warfighter, random tangents to the Legacy of Kain series, while also covering new games T.I.M.E. Stories and Pandemic Legacy.  Drop us a comment and leave a review.  Thanks for listening!

00:50 - Sandy Petersen, Cthulhu Wars, horror games
17:02 - Warfighter
27:06 - Kickstarter Updates, Denis Dyack
33:50 - Legacy of Kain, Cinematics
41:30 - Movies & TV
48:08 - T.I.M.E. Stories, Time Looper
55:56 - Pandemic Legacy, Cthulhu Actual Play thoughts
1:03:13 - Final Thoughts
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Actual Play 002: Horror on the Orient Express - London 2

HOTOE Episode 2

Join us for Episode 2 of the Horror on the Orient Express Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign as we find the investigators stranded on the mysterious Doom Train.  Please send us some feedback or leave a comment.  Thanks for listening!
Follow along with our handouts and other docs here!

Music from Sense Impacts by Chad Fifer and Horror on the Orient Express by Alex Otterlei
Sound FX and other music from
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Actual Play 001: Horror on the Orient Express - London 1

HOTOE Episode 1

It's finally here!  Out of Space Games brings you Horror on the Orient Express, a Call of Cthulhu RPG campaign, the actual play podcast.  Join us as we officially begin our adventure in 1920s London, but we can guarantee you it won't stop there.  Follow our brave investigators lead by their keeper Jay and find out what perils lie ahead.  Thanks for listening!
Follow along with our handouts and other docs here!

*Note: Don't read the time breaks below if you don't want anything spoiled.

01:29 - Special Abilities
07:10 - Scenario Background
15:35 - The Professor
17:58 - The Job
26:14 - The Room
40:22 - Police Station
44:21 - The Shop
53:17 - The Association
58:34 - The Hotel
1;00:38 - The Dinner
1:07:57 - The Toy
1:20:15 - Credits

Music from Sense Impacts by Chad Fifer and Horror on the Orient Express by Alex Otterlei
Sound FX from
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014: Lovecraft and Call of Cthulhu Actual Play Episode: 000

Episode 14

RPG character creation starts at 25:10.

In this week's episode, we discuss one of our favorite horror writers as we approach Halloween.  In addition to talking Lovecraft the man, we also discuss the mythos in general and a bunch of games and influences his work has inspired.  At the end, we finally start our Call of Cthulhu RPG by rolling some characters and filling in the backstories for our brave investigators.  Listen to the process of character creation and the hilarity when appearance rolls go bad.  Thanks for listening, and join us next time for the exciting start to our campaign!

00:50 - Intro to Lovecraft
16:48 - Mythos Board Games (Arkham Horror, Cthulhu Wars, Delta Green)
25:10 - Call of Cthulhu Character Creation
49:20 - Character Intros
56:26 - Final Thoughts

*Note: Some audio issues this episode
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013: The Unlucky One

Episode 13

Welcome to the unlucky episode... whatever that means.  We kind of go off the cuff and talk about a wide variety of topics from games to tv, kickstarters to movies in a jam packed episode full of discussion.  Some of the bigger topics we cover are Space Cadets: Dice Duel, the upcoming Spaceteam board game, a ton of Kickstarter arrivals including Kingdom Death: Monster, Warfighter Wave 2, and Coven.  In other media, we venture to Suicide Squad movie talk, the Marvel TV/Netflix universe, Resident Evil movies, The Flash before moving to TV reboots including Prison Break, X-Files, and Heroes Reborn.  Thanks for listening!

00:42 - Apologies and updates
02:00 - Space Cadets: Dice Duel
15:15 - Spaceteam Kickstarter
20:00 - Kickstarter Arrivals
29:45 - More Kickstarters
34:26 - Comic/TV talk
43:06 - TV Reboots
56:05 - Video Games, Shout Outs, Final Thoughts
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012: Zephyr Smorgasbord

Episode 12

Out of Space Games had the opportunity to demo an upcoming board game called Zephyr: Winds of Change from The Portal Dragon, and have plenty of thoughts and feedback, including a live session with one of the game's creators!  We move from there to digital card games and Hearthstone before diving back into deck building games, starting with an odd one called Barbarossa.  We end with some discussion regarding the newly released Journey: Wrath of Demons from Marrow Production.  No overall theme for this episode, but there's plenty of content and topics.

Note: we do still have some technical issues that are affecting audio quality, but are working on fixes.  Thanks for listening!

01:30 - Zephyr: Winds of Change
04:01 - Zephyr Live Impressions/Interview
14:11 - More Zephyr talk
27:36 - Hearthstone, Star Wars Card Trader
38:32 - Wizard World Con, Barbarossa DBG
47:59 - A games we're picking up (Legendary Encounters: Predator, Arctic Scavengers, Shadow Hunters)
51:15 - Journey: Wrath of Demons
1:04:10 - Final Thoughts
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011: It's Asymmetric

Episode 11

We discuss one of the really cool genres and exciting franchises as the Out of Space Crew talks about asymmetrical games!  Starting off with one of our favorite board games called Tomorrow before moving to the modern-day classic Cthulhu Wars, we end with Aliens vs Predator talk, both video and board game versions.  Not a ton of topics, but we get to dive deeper in each one.  Thanks for listening!

00:55 - What is asymmetrical?
08:07 - Tomorrow
16:49 - Cthulhu Wars
25:33 - Aliens vs Predator 2 PC
40:03 - Aliens vs Predator Board Game
49:25 - Quick Hits and Final Thoughts
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