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Islamic Feelings ?

Islamic Feelings ?

"Whoever relieves a Muslim of a burden from the burdens of the world, Allah will relieve him of a burden from the burdens on the Day of Judgement..." (Tirmidhi 1930) ?through the mercy of Allah, this platform is willed to be a source of relief for those seeking to heal while walking on the path of spiritual growth. together we hope to create a platform of sadqa jariyah while sharing advice, islamic knowledge & more. all socials, playlists & more can be found in the link below Support this podcast:


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5 tips for a healthy detachment from the dunya | islamic feelings

we have all heard how it's important to detach yourself from the deep love of the dunya & learn to prioritize your deen. however, learning how to do it in a healthy way is key. one place we all get lost is in the concept of thinking that we are in complete control over every single thing. this mindset can easily destory someone while creating a endless chase & love for the dunya as an individual imagines the idea of having authority over all his affairs. We are only capable of doing what's in our capacity, and even that is through God's allowance. stringing your hearts happiness on the contingencies of you successfully moving a mountain will only hurt you. another place alot of us get lost is in the pain caused by the dunya. pain is unavoidable. it is bound to happen at one point or another. pain is also one of the big factors that can either consume you deeply in the dunya or help you detach in a healthy manner. using pain to learn more about Allah & reintroduce yourself in a new light can be the best investment you ever make. no one can heal the way God does. This ep gives tips on how to implement exactly this :) ? socials and playlists can be found using the link on my page ? --- Support this podcast:
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Ask Imam Arshad: istikhara signs, marriage, divorce, abusive relationships, repetitive sins + more

today I had my first guest on my podcast & of course, it was Imam Arshad Anwar! I went on Instagram & asked you guys to send in questions for him to answer. this episode covers a wide range of topics from understanding istikhara islamically, how to break the habit of repetitive sins, dealing with abusive parents & even forced marriages. our community is having a drastic rise in forced marriages that are ending in abuse. Imam Arshad, who files divorces very frequently also shares the fact that majority of the divorces end due to abuse & incompatibility. In times like these, it's important to remember to ground ourselves to the islamic values of what should be done. ? all socials & playlists can be found using the link ? --- Support this podcast:
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live halaqa 11/1: advice for your hijab journey | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone! Here is some short clips from a live halaqa on dealing with judgement in regards to the hijab :) at some point, all of us have felt hopeless/unhappy in our hijab journey due to the judgement and lack of support we may recieve. It's so important to remember in moments like these to sit down & reflect on your real purpose for fulfilling such an obligation. It won't always be easy, but remember Allah SWT says: "O son of Adam, so long as you call upon Me and ask of Me, I shall forgive you for what you have done, and I shall not mind. O son of Adam, were your sins to reach the clouds of the sky and were you then to ask forgiveness of Me, I would forgive you. O son of Adam, were you to come to Me with sins nearly as great as the earth and were you then to face Me, ascribing no partner to Me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great at it" (at-Tirmidhi) ? socials & playlists can be found using the link on my page ? --- Support this podcast:
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tawakkul: Your protector & Your helper | islamic feelings

tawakkul (trust) is a big part of our faith as muslims. & while alot of us keep tawakkul in Allah SWT when things are going good, it's equivalently important, if not more, to keep firm & stronger tawakkul in Allah when things don't go your way. One of the big questions I ask myself everytime things don't go my way is "do I want to do this, or do I want God to do this".. and any person, who has even the slightest tawakkul will agree that letting God handle your affairs is the best choice. While we make our decisions on our limited knowledge, God makes it on his infinite. Accepting qadr & having faith in trying times isn't easy, especially when anxiety & fear is in the picture. so this ep is here to cover exactly that :)? Link in bio for my socials & more ? --- Support this podcast:
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a guide to sabr: 5 tips on how to have patience in hardships | islamic feelings

sabr is a concept that is widely talked about in Islam. Sabr is also something that isn't as easy as it sounds... "Having patience" in times of hardship can be one of the hardest aspects of the hardship within itself. while sabr is something we should grow to adopt in our lifestyle, it is also our gateway to a new start.. Allah opens & closes doors accordance to His wise knowledge & bearing sabr through the journey of understanding how to deal with grief, loss & sadness can be the same door that provides you with the fresh start you have been seeking for ????? ----------------------------------------------------- This episode was sponsored by " The Muslimah Collection"? a beautiful & unique online store that provides high quality & affordable clothing with a benefit of 100% of the proceeds going to charity. The Muslimah Collection has donated over $300,000 since their inception building over 15 wells in Uganda, 50 homes in Syria, relief camps in Syria and over 100,000 kilos of relief aid all over the world while providing beautiful & modest clothing. Donate & shop with "the muslimah collection" here: --- Support this podcast:
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wounds to wisdom EP 4: failed gatherings | islamic feelings

at one point or another, every human being has gathered different ideas, concepts, goals and more to drive their purpose, day to day life & root their happiness.. but what happens when everything you gathered fails on you? ?playlist with all episodes in order can be found in the link on my page ? "Know that this worldly life is no more than play, amusement, luxury, mutual boasting, and competition in wealth and children. This is like rain that causes plants to grow, to the delight of the planters. But later the plants dry up and you see them wither, then they are reduced to chaff. And in the Hereafter there will be either severe punishment or forgiveness and pleasure of Allah, whereas the life of this world is no more than the delusion of enjoyment." (57:20) ? --- Support this podcast:
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late night talks: relationship with regret, love and logic, storytime + more | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone! This week's episode covers a wide range of topics from understanding our relationship with regret, love/logic & more. One of the important concepts being how perspective drives performance. This also applies when we try to define success in the dunya. the most common definitions of success at a worldly level is to be at peace. reality is, no matter what you have, even if it's everything you dream of & more, you will never be 100% at peace for a long period of time in the dunya. the dunya will forever be changing, somedays you will win & somedays you will lose. regardless, learning to be content drives you to true success. content with the fact that things might go your way, be grateful. content with the fact that when things don't go your way, there is something better. content with the fact that this dunya is just a part of the destination, not the destination itself. Ibn Umar reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, ?Be in this world as if you were a stranger or a traveler along a path.? Ibn Umar would say, ?If you make it to the evening, do not wait for the morning. If you make it to the morning, do not wait for the evening. Take from your health for your sickness, and from your life for your death.? Source: S?ah?i?h? al-Bukha?ri? 6416? --- Support this podcast:
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18 life lessons I learned in 18 years | islamic feelings

from learning how to deal with redirection, building meaningful bonds and learning when to let go, this episode is filled with a wide range of life lessons I've learned in my 18 years. for some hearing "no" or dealing with redirection is one of the hardest things to face especially when you had an expectation. However, one of the biggest things I've learned is that "no" is just another step closer to "yes". You will hear lots of "no's" in your life, they only lead you to what is best. We all plan, but Allah is the best of planners & when you see Allahs plan being played out and it isn't feeling good to you.. remember that God makes his decisions with his infinite knowledge as compared to us. Some of my greatest redirections have created this podcast today. I pray this episode helps you in someway through your journey ? all socials & playlists can be found using the link --- Support this podcast:
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tea talk #4: advice for reverts, faith tips, book recommendations & more | islamic feelings

Welcome back to another tea talk episode !! This episode covers a wide range of topics from advice for reverts, some of my favorite book recommendations, imaan, prayer tips and more. Playlist & series can be found using the link on my page --- Support this podcast:
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Presents of paradise EP 3- a valuable story on overcoming shaytan | islamic feelings

Intention is something we always hear about. Not to mention, it's something alot of us struggle with. So this episode is a story that presents a beautiful example of how the same action can have a different outcome simply due to the intention. ??And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide for him from sources he never could imagine. And whosoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Indeed Allah has set a measure for all things.? (65:2-3) ?playlists with episodes in order can be found in the link on my page :) --- Support this podcast:
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live halaqa 9/13: a surface discussion on islam, mental health & culture | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum! Here is a shorter/edited recording on a surface level discussion regarding islam, mental health & culture. All socials can be found in the link on my page --- Support this podcast:
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practical tips #2: concentration in prayer | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone! Thank you for all the recent support on my podcast ? this week's episode is an addition to our practical tips series! playlists with all the episodes / series & socials can be found in the link on my page:) --- Support this podcast:
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Emotional investments: how to stop wasting time with the wrong people| islamic feelings

one of the biggest fantasies that people live in is this perception that one day someone is going to come in and save them from all their issues & heal them from the negligence they did by not emotionally investing in themselves. reality is, this is not true. we all have baggage that needs healing and help, but to sit in misery thinking that someone will come and save you is plain injustice to you & your future capabilities. when dealing with emotional investments, alot of feelings,hardwork & time is on the line.. but what happens if you feel confused if the person you are investing in is even right in the first place? this episode helps you navigate through the confusion of whether you are making the right choice or not ?. --- Support this podcast:
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Presents of paradise EP 2: how falsely being blamed for a crime showed a man the truth of his family

I uploaded the first episode of presents of paradise last week which shared the story of "bodies for wealth". This week's episode shares a real story of a man who had a beautiful family consisting of his wife & 3 kids. However, one night on his way home from work, he found himself in a situation being blamed for one of the biggest crimes a man can commit.. while the crime seemed like the worst thing in the moment, this was just Allahs way of showing him the truth behind his family... ??? all episodes and series can be found in playlists clicking the link on my page :) --- Support this podcast:
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Presents of paradise EP 1: bodies for wealth: how a woman changed her life | islamic feelings

one of the things that always raises my imaan is beautiful heartfelt incidents.. incidents where we truly learn how Allah is the best of planners. My new series " presents of paradise" is filled with real stories that were collected by an alim in a book during his years of studies through different shaykhs & more. this series is filled with stories that share how the worst situation ends up becoming the best ones.. from a woman nearly selling her body for wealth, a man falsely being blamed for a crime and realizing the truth behind his three kids, a man who's sadqah saved him under water & how the birth of unwanted blind child was a form of God's greatest mercy for his parents, this series is filled with beautiful heart moving REAL incidents. Maalik ibn Dinaar said ?Stories are the presents of Jannah".. with that being said, I hope you enjoy these presents just as much as i did ? --- Support this podcast:
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late night talks & games: unlearning habits, repeated duas, funny stories + more | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone!! It's been a while since I've recorded a more chill episode! This episode is a fun one where I decided to play a few games and talk about some important topics such as unlearning unhealthy habits & constantly making repeated duas etc. --- Support this podcast:
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disloyalty: cheaters,scattering yourself among people,loyalty to our unloyal desires|islamicfeelings

disloyalty has become increasingly normalized as a trait to be proud of since it makes one "strong" or "alpha", yet disloyalty only reveals the incapability of developing meaningful relationships. The one who cant be loyal to people is loyal to his desires & our desires are never loyal to us. This ep also talks about how there's no doubt that the effort & actions we put forth attract people to love & appreciate us more.. but an honest question that arises is "do the people in your life love you for you, or for what you can provide". --- Support this podcast:
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how to stop listening to music| tips to break the habit for good | islamic feelings

one of the big reasons why people struggle to quit listening to music is because they have mentally undermined the sin they are getting into. justifying listening to music or committing haram by saying  " the entire world does it" isn't going to take the burden off of you. this episode shares practical tips to help you stop listening to music while also shedding light on the accountability & discipline your new lifestyle without music requires. --- Support this podcast:
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practical tips #1: overstimulation & phone usage | islamic feelings

welcome to a brand new series!! this series is filled with small practical tips you can apply to your life. some of the episodes are islam related & some are just lifestyle related. with all the other series I have on my page that may be a little more longer, I wanted to add a new series that shares actual REAL tips you can do every single day. collecting these tips & doing them on a daily can truly change your life iA. this episode talks about overstimulation & phone usage! --- Support this podcast:
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"back home", abuse, marriage, sons, culture & more | islamic feelings

unfortunately it's no doubt that certain cultures value having a son more than anything else. it's even more unfortunate how some toxic cultures make women " valueless" until they give a son. for generations, these cultural traditions of having a son to " fix" a man has kept women in abusive and loveless marriages. while parenting is never easy.. it doesn't take a parent to realize that feeding into someone's narcissism & arrogance for doing nothing is not right. this episode talks about exactly that ? --- Support this podcast:
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tea talk #3: storytime, my hijab experience, hijab tips & more

Welcome back to another tea talk episode! My last tea talk episode was filmed all the way back in Ramadan! This tea talk episode covers loads of topics from a storytime, hijab tips & some of my hijab experiences --- Support this podcast:
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changing your thoughts & healing your trust

our thoughts and our abilities to trust go hand in hand. while most people round the ability to trust with their emotions, somethings have to be dealt with logically, & the ability to heal your trust is one of them. this episode covers ways to create a barrier between you and your thought process, stopping you from taking in negative thoughts and instantly subjecting those negative thoughts to yourself. this episode also covers how the ability to fix your thought pattern can help you relearn the concept of trust within yourself ? --- Support this podcast:
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emotional unavailability, right package at the wrong address, bitterness + more | islamicfeelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone! Welcome to a brand new season! After my short break, i have finally decided to start a new season & this is one of the most important discussions yet, battling emotional unavailability. being emotionally unavailable is damaging not just to those around you but to yourself first & foremost. most people head towards emotional unavailability due to feeling rejected or let down by others, leading this episode to also discuss how you can be the right package at the completely wrong address. choosing to fight bitterness & growing through your emotional flaws is what helps you become the best person ? --- Support this podcast:
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wind down with me - ep 2| islamic feelings

Welcome back to another wind down with me episode! This episode covers a wide range of topics from finance & business to haya and judgement etc. --- Support this podcast:
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when your past haunts you | islamic feelings

everyone struggles with something & whether that's in the past or right now, something inside of us tells us to let it go. Dealing with people who bring up your past and humiliate you is one struggle, dealing with your own self judgement on your past is another struggle. in the midst of all of this, we tend to forget that the one who's judgement matters the most is God's. And God does not judge incorrectly. God's mercy is big enough for all of us to be forgiven if we try to make the efforts to change. how do we deal with letting go and how do we deal with the guilt of our past haunting us? this episode shares insight on recovering from a painful past ? --- Support this podcast:
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unfiltered discussion on intention | islamic feelings

an unfiltered discussion on intentions, seeking knowledge & more --- Support this podcast:
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becoming a better muslim: EP3: pathway of suffering, spiritual sickness, love & hatred + more

as I grow older one of the things I've noticed is that humans tend to hate the things they have to let go because gracefully leaving what you love can be painful. often people mask their pain through hatred to make it easier to let go of what they love. hate is & always will be easier than love yet hate is never easier on one's self. hate is nothing more than a distraction from your healing. hate blinds you into thinking you've progressed as a human, when you've only chosen to get numb to what you truly feel. My new podcast episode covers exactly that, how the pathway to less suffering sometimes requires more suffering & how to avoid the suffering turning you into a bitter & hateful being. --- Support this podcast:
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wounds to wisdom: EP 3: when the secret is out| islamic feelings

we all have secrets.. but what would happen if those secrets were exposed? the good, the bad, the ugly.. let's talk about it ? --- Support this podcast:
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relocate an abuse survivor | islamic feelings

The Prophet, peace be upon him said: ?The believer?s shade on the Day of Resurrection will be his charity.? (Al-Tirmidhi). This small episode is to raise awareness on helping those around us. ? all donations go straight to the abuse survivor who is going to use the money to push start her moving process. ? --- Support this podcast:
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brutally honest lessons from my highschool experience | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone!! This week's episode is a personal one covering some of the lessons I learned in my highschool years. ? from Deen, islam & making friends, I hope these lessons find value in your personal life regardless of how old you are or where you stand in life. ? --- Support this podcast:
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"I wish...."| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. Today's episode is a very deep one. Alot of our lives are filled with desires & wishes, some which are light and some which are deep. Your wishes can either be your deepest passion or something that ruins your life through negativity. I went on Instagram and asked you guys to share your wishes, here is an accumulation of wishes ranging from success to trauma with advice & comfort xx --- Support this podcast:
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wind down with me ep 1| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. This week's episode is a little different. I have been wanting to just sit down and have a unstructured discussion for a while now. this episode is exactly that, filled with unstructured and raw discussions on whatever comes to my mind :) --- Support this podcast:
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prayer: the conversation of spiritual healing, mastering your prayers, intentions & more

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. One of the most common questions I recieve is "how I can be consistent within my prayers?" This episode is here to cover exactly that. --- Support this podcast:
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wounds to wisdom: EP 2 when the world drowns you| islamic feelings

when life takes you to the darkest place, who is to blame? this episode evaluates the concept of the world drowning you ? --- Support this podcast:
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you left a haram relationship, what's next?| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum!! Lots of you loved the discussion of haram relationships, so here is an episode that walks through the step by step ways to move on after a haram relationship. --- Support this podcast:
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wounds to wisdom: ep 1: your past..| islamic feelings

welcome to a brand new series ? wounds to wisdom ? this series is filled with short episodes discussing internal struggles and beyond under a few minutes ? a Playlist with all the shorts in one place can be found in my linktree. This short ep talks about our past. We all have something that haunts us or hurts us. This ep covers how to navigate through those emotions --- Support this podcast:
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Tea talk #2: How my podcast started, Q&A, hijab tips, age gaps, culture + more| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. This episode is another tea talk! You guys absolutely loved the last one and asked for more xx! This episode talks about how my podcast started, my Ramadan favorites, culture and community problems and more --- Support this podcast:
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how do you measure yourself? self success, self worth & self confidence | islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. Today's episode is filled with a deep discussion on how one can measure themselves. as humans, it's common to measure ourselves through academics, financial lifestyle or more. however, as all things come to an end.. the question still remains.. how do you measure yourself ? --- Support this podcast:
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"But I didn't ask to be born"| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. Today's episode covers a statement that almost everyone has said once in their life.. " But I didn't ask to be born.."this episode pinpoints how to navigate through these feelings & make the most of your life:) --- Support this podcast:
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fear of fearing| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. This week's episode is on the concept of fear & overcoming fearful thoughts while sharing personal experiences & stories. --- Support this podcast:
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cultural influences & religious upbringings| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum everyone! Today's episode pinpoints the war between cultural influences & religious upbringings. Alot of times our culture and the way the older generation was raised interferes with islamic beliefs. This episode helps sort through this narrative --- Support this podcast:
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tea talk #1: Ramadan, comparison of the Prophets of God, social media portrayal + more | islamic fee

Assalamu?alaikum everyone. This week's episode is different than usual! This episode is a wide range of topics from ramadan goals, to social media portrayal, comparison of the prophets of God in the Bible & Quran etc.. --- Support this podcast:
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getting cheated on in a halal or haram relationship, betrayal, redemption + more| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum! Today's episode is a very interesting topic in regards to getting cheated on in Halal or haram relationships. This episode pinpoints how to break a negative perception because of bad experiences & how to heal through the pain you went through. --- Support this podcast:
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burnout, letting go & losing what you love, FAQ on podcasts + more| islamic feelings

Assalamu?alaikum!! Today's episode is on a wide range of topics from burnout , letting go what you love & even a discussion on making money from podcasts! --- Support this podcast:
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Life lessons from my teenage diary| islamic feelings

One question alot of people ask me is what advice I would give to someone younger, or if i would change my past. today's episode is about just that as I read through entries that I wrote from when I was a pre-teen & on. --- Support this podcast:
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dealing with healing humiliation | islamic feelings

healing isn't for the weak so the weak won't understand. healing makes an individual appear broken on the outside while trying hard to become whole on the inside. people won't tell you what it actually takes to heal. they will share a superficial method on how they healed to avoid being honest about the fact that majority of the time their days ended in tears and distress. waking up on a random Wednesday and crying 3 months later after you thought you were over it isn't fun, having people call you sensitive and crying everyday isn't fun. healing isn't fun. it is scary. But it's worth it everytime.. This episode is focused on just that ? --- Support this podcast:
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-Q&A: eating disorders, living with purpose, seeking knowledge + more| islamic feelings

Todays episode is a Q&A that discusses how to seek knowledge, eating disorders, living with purpose and intention & so much more. --- Support this podcast:
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Are you your own enemy? Trust issues, self-manipulation & more | islamic feelings

today's episode discusses self-manipulation and self- gaslighting, trust issues & more ? --- Support this podcast:
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Who do you want to be in life?| islamic feelings

We are always asked, what do you want to be when you grow up? I think the real question should be WHO do you want to be.. In life you can be alot of things... a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter.. but the most important role is the one I talk about in today's ep ? --- Support this podcast:
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aidless accusations & hopeless help| islamic feelings

this episode talks about dealing with accusations and trying to help someone who doesn't want to change.?? --- Support this podcast:
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